Trevor James Constable

Ufologist and Reichian researcher Trevor James Constable is author of “The Cosmic Pulse of Life” and several other books on borderland subjects. He has done extensive work studying weather manipulation, and, prior to his retirement from service, Constable was a licensed Radio-Electronics Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine, having previously served in the New Zealand and British Merchant Marines.

The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power behind UFOs

The Cosmic Pulse of Life

Awesome scientific discoveries that have been suppressed, an advanced technology for the future: radionics, etheric forces, orgone energy, and the history of spiritual science. Etheric Forces…. Cosmic Energies which regulate and shape life on earth. Discover how to tap into this universal stream. Orgone Energy…. A mass-free, all pervading energy, one aspect of the Etheric Forces. Free energy awaiting humanity’s enlightened advancements. Cosmic Electronics…. Simple geometric arrangements of materials which can detect and distribute living energies anywhere in the universe — without any physical connection!! Living UFOs…. Plasmatic inhabitants of our atmosphere… hidden from ordinary view but visible to anyone using the simple photographic techniques described in this book! A real cult classic. Includes 40 pages of illustrations!

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Loom of the Future: The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor James Constable

Loom of the Future

Discover the history and background of Trevor James Constable’s pioneering work in Etheric Weather Engineering and Smog Reduction. Using technologies and energies noticeably absent from modern scientific textbooks, Trevor has leapt the philosophical hurdles and developed a technical access to the etheric forces underpinning the weather organism. Never before has such dramatic work been so well documented and presented. No etheric technology has ever before been proven to this degree. Uncover the developments and disappointments of a quarter century at the forefront of etheric technology. The documentation in this astounding book includes: Dozens of historic photographs describing the evolution of Trevor’s weather engineering instruments; Official weather radar maps and photos describing the dramatic effects of biogeometric instruments; TJC’s incisive and thought provoking insights into the current world situation, and; A clear delineation of the etheric formative forces. This book will fill you with awe at the tremendous potential of a humanity capable of comprehending the purpose and function of the Etheric Life Energy. Illustrated.

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Etheric Weather Engineering on the High Seas

Etheric Weather Engineering on the High Seas

A Video with Trevor James Constable

The revolutionary weather control of Tomorrow is demonstrated as Trevor Constable takes you with him on shipboard to that mighty laboratory of maritime Nature, the North Pacific Ocean. Using simple geometric instruments, with no radiation or chemicals, Constable objectively demonstrates that the ether is indeed an incredibly subtle yet tremendously powerful PHYSICAL FORCE. Before your eyes, the ether undergoes a spectacular resurrection. Deluges descend in response to the pioneer’s application of the ether’s laws. Time lapse video tape provides visible, compelling proof of this reality, the master key to controlling and engineering the weather, and therefore ultimately, CLIMATE. Includes documentation of U.S. government weather maps and shipboard radar. Two and a half decades of quiet pioneering produced the revolution in physics and technology portended by the scenes on this videotape. Enlightening and entertaining for all.

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Orgone Energy, Weather Engineering, The Law, and The Environmental Crisis

Orgone Energy, Weather Engineering, The Law, and The Environmental Crisis

Lost Weather Research (1974)

An introduction survey of local, regional, national and planetary control of weather, through the manipulation of the primary energy continuum. Presented with supporting documentation. This survey is to inform persons concerned with weather modification techniques – be their concern technical, legal, social, environmental, or legislative – of the current capabilities and significance of orgone energy weather engineering.

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