Morris K. Jessup, photo portrait.



March 2, 1900 - April 20, 1959

April 20, 1974 will mark the 15th anniversary of the passing of one of the top Flying Saucer researchers of the 1950s, M.K. Jessup.

He left the field of research -- at the physical level -- just when we were getting ready to take over directorship of Borderland Sciences Research Associates; but in the material which follows in the next seven pages, we believe there is a strong indication that Jessup continued right on with his studies of the UFO phenomenon. Beyond that, it seems likely that he has been in telepathic rapport with those of us who have remained in the flesh, guiding and inspiring those who continue to search for Light in this area of human experience.

Did Jessup actually commit suicide by his own hand? Or was it murder, arranged by government agents in cooperation with Invaders from outer space? This is one of the mysteries of the Flying Saucer phenomenon to which there is no definite answer yet. We do know there is a war going on for control of the planet, and for control of the hearts, minds and bodies of the human beings who inhabit it. There is no doubt in our minds that Jessup was a casualty of that war, one of many who have given their lives in the search for Truth.

The world-wide Saucer flap of 1973 indicates that the battle of Armageddon is accelerating, and, of course, victory will go to the Forces of Light. To better understand how and why this must be so it would be well to review the work of early UFO researchers like Jessup, his "UFO and the Bible", for instance, Citadel Press, New York, 1956. Then there is his "UFO Annual" for 1955, 375 pages of sightings for that year alone! Citadel Press, 1956. Then there is Jessup's famous "The Case For the UFO", Citadel Press, 1955, with its review of sightings and the sections: Meteorology Speaks, History Speaks, and Astronomy Speaks. Speaks of what? Why the reality of Visitors from outer space, of course! Perhaps Eric Von Däniken used this as a guide in his search for the Chariots of the Gods.




By M. K. Jessup

This message from the departed UFO researcher had to come through a physical medium; so, a fair amount of open-minded skepticism toward the material should be maintained. The medium was part of a Rescue Circle dedicated to helping earth-bound souls release themselves from the binding forces of past life associations. The method was ordinarily deep trance. The conversation between the Rescuers and the obsessing entity was either tape recorded or transcribed in shorthand, in a 1963 session.

But in this transmission, Barker writes, the medium was conscious. Vocal cords, mouth and tongue "were seized by a powerful force and made to form and utter the words. The voice of the medium was only slightly changed". At their previous sitting the group had been in contact with a soldier casualty of the Korean war. They expected to be in touch with him again, but before the lights could be dimmed for the sitting this power seized the medium and the message began before the tape recorder could be turned on and warmed up.

". . . if you can hear me or not. If you can hear me, concentrate mentally and I will feel the contact. It is very difficult to contact our world. Yes, I am speaking to you and you hear me. I can feel that. This message is being augmented technically in a way you would not understand, or in a way that I would fully understand."

One of the sitters must have mentally asked the communicator, "Who are you?"

"It is not wise to say who I am. Otherwise I might not get through again. This is like a visit to friends, as if one were being visited in prison. Though I am not in prison in any sense. I am quite happy, but get homesick. I am told by others (on the Etheric plane) that revealing my identity would do no good for the research to which I was so dedicated during my days on earth."

Another pause on the tape while Jessup picked up another mentally posed question, "What kind of research?"

"The research on Unidentified Flying Objects, or perhaps simply Flying Saucers, to you. I was well known for my work in this field. And I do think I have a few of the answers now that I did not have before. I cannot answer many of the questions I proposed in my writings on this subject, for this was on a, well, what you would call [3] a physical level as you would understand it. I was concerned whether the objects were coming from some other planet in the usual sense you would think of. Let me say in the same way you would consider your building a rocket ship and taking off for and landing on Mars.

"This all may well be true, though before I came here I was beginning to believe we were not having any such physical visitations. Let me say the visitations you are having are nevertheless real. I am on that particular plane now and everything is very real around me. I have been transported in the Saucers and I know they are solid. When you crack your shin bone on a railing you know it is solid."

"When did you die?" a sitter asked aloud.

"There is some question in my mind if I really died. Because I was there one moment and somewhere else the next. I could still see my body and it was very much alive. They made it appear as if I were dead. I think I died some time afterward, but there are more important things to discuss; for I have limited time."

If this is Jessup, the reference to "they" would seem to indicate that his apparent suicide was arranged in that Coral Gables, Florida park in April 1959. His body was found in his station wagon at 6:30 p.m. on April 20th. A hose from the exhaust pipe to the closed interior was enough to account for suicide as far as the local coroner was concerned.

"If you didn't die there is a lot to straighten out," observed a sitter. "If you could tell us where you were when you died or whatever happened to you, maybe we could understand what really happened and inform you about it. We have helped many people who are on other planes and don't understand what has happened."

"I am told that to get my message best understood I should not dwell on subjects such as this. Some mysteries must remain mysteries for now. Anyhow, this does not seem to be very important. Do not think of me as an impotent genius who knows everything. On earth I had an IQ of around 150 and that's what I have here -- but of course we do not have that kind of test here. Let me continue in my limited time allotted.

"I saw my body before it had died and I saw its discovery. That is all I can remember. Then I was in a craft, a Flying Saucer if you please, and I was flying away from the city in which I had lived. Gradually the view of the city faded, as if I were changing existence, and I found myself apparently in space. A great window encircled the entire interior. This great circular window varied from translucence to complete transparency, though interspersed in the window were small circles of varying transparency. The window was about five feet in height. The window then gradually faded to an entire translucence, and finally to opacity. The small circles remained translucent or [4] transparent, though constantly changing. I guessed these might represent the traditional portholes which saucer sighters have reported."

"Who was piloting the craft?" Another mental question.

"A man, obviously a normal earth man, dressed, as I remember so clearly, in a T-shirt and gray work trousers. This man did not tell me who he was; but immediately called me by my first name and assured me that no harm would come to me, that he was only following orders, which would be for my own good as well as for the good of mankind.

"This man refused to tell me where we were going, but asked me several questions about what I had been doing and what had been going on in the world. He gave me the impression of one who had been away from earth a great while. The craft apparently ran on an automatic piloting system; for although he sat before the controls, in a large swivel chair, he paid little attention to these controls, and kept his chair turned toward me, where I was sitting, on a ledge that encircled the interior, at the base of the window.


"Soon the window became transparent and I discovered a change had taken place in the outside scene. While I previously had the impression of traveling in space, it now appeared that we were flying through clouds or vapor, and it was very much like being on an airliner while climbing or descending through clouds. In fact I remember feeling slight bumps as one experiences when an airliner hits turbulence, though this was very slight.

"A most beautiful country then met my view. This would be impossible to describe, even [if] I had more time to do so. Our descent was so rapid that I got very little view of it anyhow at that time, and we landed. We landed in a courtyard connected with a very large building, which I can best describe as being made of metallic glass, the same varying translucence as in the window being present.

"I was met by three people about six feet in height, very beautiful people, all male, dressed in odd costumes of spun glass-like appearance. Nothing like a ski suit, I might add, having read of such earth contacts, but more like a uniform. These people smiled, called me by name and told me to come with them.

"I was taken into a large conference type of room and seated very comfortably. Shorter people, not as beautiful and of a distinct negroid or mongoloid appearance -- though their skins were very white -- entered bearing several trays containing food and drink. I will not dwell on this, except to give you some of the details you mentally ask. The food was not recognizable but tasted similar to food I was used to, though could not be identified exactly as to state. The food at that time was mainly in briquette form, as if it were processed food. A large melon was served which tasted similar, but not exactly, like watermelon or other kind of melon I had known. The food was not the most delicious I had ever eaten, but I discovered that I was very hungry and devoured all of it. The drink I was served [5] was a blue liquid with an obvious fruit juice base, but with some fermentation and an effect not unlike what a light alcoholic content would cause.


"These three individuals sat with me as I ate and informed me I was chosen for a definite role which I could assume if I so desired. I was told that I could not return to where I had come from because my body was now dead. If I did not care for the work which they had selected, I could choose some other type work, or do nothing and go on living there, which I was then told was Venus. If I cared to carry out the work, which would be most difficult, great spiritual rewards would accrue to me. This occupation, I was told, involved work with human beings on earth.

"Some of this work I do not yet fully understand. A minor work in which I have been engaged has consisted of mental contact with an earth scientist, who does not realize such contact exists. This scientist has written a book, a very good book, and I believe part of its merits are due to my guidance. I was not able to get through to the collaborator of this book however.

"I am still going to school, so to speak, and will for quite some time. This education involved philosophy of sorts, which I believe to be the type of re-education all earth people must have if they would avoid consequences of a catastrophic nature. Along with my schooling I have had a great deal of pleasure in visiting my adopted planet and learning something of the ways of living there and of the technology there.

"Where are you now?" asked one of the sitters aloud.

"This is a difficult concept for me to understand or to communicate to you; for I do not believe the frame of reference would be the same. This is not some kind of fourth dimension, which I still believe to represent time, but a state of existence very close to yours, but only slightly removed from your physical existence."

Here Jessup reveals the great barrier to understanding the Flying Saucer phenomenon: the fact that 3-D solid physical worlds can still be invisible and intangible to us! The matter and energy of these "worlds" is just enough out of phase that it doesn't register on our five senses. Meade Layne and the Inner Circle chose the term Etheric in the early days of Saucer research to cover this other matter-energy system. In occult science the Ethers are generally understood to be the four higher sub-levels of physical matter: Fire or Chemical Ether, Life Ether, Light Ether and Reflecting Ether; but as Venus Etheria obviously also has the usual solids, liquids and gases, these would have to be included in a chart of their physical, 3-D world. In the Theosophical and other occult teachings Venus is said to be a whole round ahead of us in evolution. This would mean that all the matter of that planet is in a more refined state, is [6] vibrating at a slightly higher rate. Simple charts might help.

The pilot of a Venusian Saucer has only to shift the phase of himself and his craft slightly to become visible to normal sight.

Another great problem for us is to distinguish between the kind of objective existence Jessup found himself in after his passing there in Miami in 1959, and the subjective Astral state most humans find themselves in after their deaths. Dedicated Saucer researchers have to live with this problem until they learn the difference. Go back and read again the first two paragraphs of this article, in which the two different kinds of control of the medium are described; perhaps some Light will come.

"I believe that when the philosophies of earth people are changed," Jessup continued, "the mere difference in thinking will tend to connect this world and yours on a plane of reality. Remember what I said about my IQ. It is still 150. I am still a poor card player; yes I'm afraid I introduced the game to some of my colleagues and still could not fix a vacuum sweeper in your home if it went bad."


"What do you and the people you are with believe about God and religion?" asked a sitter.

"I am still attending school, so to speak; and can yet see only glimmerings of the realities involving deity, which I would prefer to call it. Let me say that from the knowledge which has been imparted to me I would say that man's greatest sacrilege is the practice of creating God in his own image; and that this anthropomorphism is not only ridiculous, it is as sinful as cheating your neighbor, or maybe even more so. I do not understand what or who God is; for you cannot find it by seeking this ultimate image. You will find more of an approach to deity in your every-day living than you will in abstract contemplation or going to church.

"Before I go let me note that the best way to approach my present world involves the lessening involvement with your own physical world. This is a very practical matter and is easily begun. Reduced to very simple language, let me say that you cannot fly to Venus overnight, [7] but you can begin to note what you would term 'spiritual values' more than you would note 'physical values' such as occupation with automobiles, fine homes, preoccupation with physical sex, and so on. Once you get away from the physical involvements with your world mentally, you will find that it gradually melts away and you are in an entirely different environment. The world you are seeking is that of an intense 'spiritual' one recaptured physically on the next higher plane, but I don't believe I have expressed this concept very clearly."

Here again, you see, Jessup or the communicator, whoever he was, makes a very clear distinction between the objective, Etheric-physical level of being on which he found himself after death, and the subjective, purgatory-heaven state in which the average mortal finds himself after his transition. Jessup could not have done this by himself without long and strenuous training in occult science; so it must have been done for him without his knowledge or consent by his Master.


"Anyhow, if this represents oversimplification, it is on the right track. Have you ever been driving along in your car, and voluntarily given some other driver the right of way, such as helping him out into the lane of traffic, for example, when other cars behind you would likely not do so? This represents a slightly less involvement with your own physical world. Did you notice, how the sun shone more brightly, how the scenery, if even momentarily, became more beautiful?

"To a very slight degree, your physical world changed. Think how much it would have changed had you emphasized your lack of physical involvement to a greater degree. I want to caution you not to go hog-wild into such an attempted development, without the proper guidance. Remember that the words I have spoken represent oversimplification."

"Are the Saucers such as you traveled in to Venus still visiting us?"

"These visits have been going on for centuries, and will continue. They have not been too meaningful until recently. These are I not necessarily exploratory craft. But to an increase in the awareness of human beings who, despite what you may hear and think, are nevertheless rising in consciousness, these craft are seen more than previously. I think you realize though that not everybody sees these Saucers.

"Have you noticed that most people who tell you of seeing Saucers are people who, if you think about it, seem to have a greater awareness than the average individual? In fact usually they are spoken of, in the press, and by their neighbors, as people who have great reputation for truth, and are extremely well thought of. If you think about this you may be able to deduce a part of what I am [8] saying about a general increase in awareness.


"Yet these Saucers are not seen generally. I do not think, for example, that the President of the United States sees them or is aware of them. You will find that there is indeed something unique involved between the people who see the Saucers and those who do not see the Saucers. I never saw that I could distinguish as a Saucer without doubt while I was on earth, though I constantly searched the skies for them."

"Why are you on this plane then, with obviously increased awareness and a higher level of consciousness, if you did not see this before and could not see the Saucers before?"

"This I do not understand and I believe I am where I am because of some technology developed by the Venusians."

But it is also taught in some occult lodges here on earth.

"Do you think the earth is going to be destroyed by atomic bombs?"

"I have asked about this, but my teachers either do not know or will not tell me. They do not seem to be gravely concerned about the matter. It is my impression that they believe they can prevent this, either by some means of their own which are technical, or by the education of earth man."

"Are the Saucers going to land at any time and reveal themselves?"

"That depends upon what kind of Saucers you are referring to. As an intelligent man who knows something of the universe on a plane of earth level, I believe that the earth has been visited many times in the past by intelligent beings of your level, and that earth may, be visited again. I do not believe the people of my present existence will make such a landing, or whether they could if they wanted to at this time. Anyhow, I am not permitted to reveal everything and information of this nature must be imparted gradually. Let this information be known to UFO circles if they are interested in hearing it; I must go now and I thank you for listening."

* * *

Barker writes that control of the medium ceased immediately and that he or she remembered most of what had been said. The group was so excited by this new kind of communication that no rescue work was attempted that evening. "The Strange Case of Dr. M. K. Jessup" may still be in print, write to Gray Barker, Saucerian Books, PO Box 2228, Clarksburg, West Virginia 26302. Our own "M.K. Jessup, the Allende Letters and Gravity" is still available for $1.50 from BSRF Headquarters, Vista.


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