Space Ship, Planes and
First Entry into Rainbow City

By Gladys Hefferlin, from The Hefferlin Manuscript

Controlled Mental Communication was the means by which I gathered information from Emery for our articles on Space Flight, Rainbow City in the Antarctic, and the Ancient Three from Mars. It was this telepathic communication which played such an important part in all of our subsequent activities.

Now, prior to our first meeting with Emery in San Francisco in 1927, Mr. Hefferlin had been doing much research work on advanced type motors. The result of that work was the GHYT No. 1, which is a gasoline, hydraulic, turbine motor. Mr. Hefferlin also devised a method whereby the electrolysis of water could be instantaneous instead of the slow, cumbersome method normally used.

When we first met Emery in 1927 Mr. Hefferlin was busy even then on the first tests of small models of the Circle-Winged Plane -- 20 years before anyone heard of Flying Saucers! You will find in the September 1946 issue of Amazing Stories Magazine, full descriptions of the Circle-Winged Plane, GHYT Motor No. 1, and the method of instantaneous electrolysis of water, called "Burn Water For Fuel".

Also in the same issue is an article entitled "Power", which describes very briefly an electronic device which condenses high frequency into a tight spiral beam, to be used as a weapon of offense or defense. This instrument we call No. 3. It is the only known defense against the atom bomb; for it can be radar controlled and blast the bomb out of the sky before it ever reaches earth. All of these things were created by Mr. Hefferlin. Because we had no funds to develop them ourselves, Mr. Hefferlin wrote the articles which were published in Amazing Stories. The electronic instrument, No. 3, also plays a part in this story.

Emery left San Francisco and we left shortly thereafter. His path carried him into Asia and Tibet. Our path carried us into the Rocky Mountain states and farther east. But when communication between was resumed in 1935, Mr. Hefferlin still had not been able to proceed with the production of the plane, the motor, nor No. 3, due to lack of funds.

In the spring of 1940 Mr. Hefferlin turned over to Emery the plans for the Plane, the Motor and No. 3. Emery built the first circle-winged plane in southwestern Illinois, financing it himself. Because Europe was already at war and America might be dragged into it, Emery contacted the Army Air Force High Command in Washington, D.C., hoping that they could use the plane, but they were [5] not interested. Emery took the plans to Hungary. It was thought that the plane might be a strong factor in the defense of Hungary. So funds were furnished by the government of Hungary to build another plane with further developments, that could be used in space as well as in the atmosphere. Also, electronic instrument No. 3 was worked out by the best engineers of Hungary, with Emery supervising. He carries the plans with him at all times.


No. 3 was developed on the long tube for weapons and on the flare type for lifters and propulsors and repulsors for the Space Ship -- which we also call the No. 3 ship -- and a large bowl effect which is placed on the tap of the space ship. That was to give power from all directions, for lifting, propelling, repelling, for general maneuvering in air and space, and for actual defense of the ship itself. Tests were made with the No. 3 weapon units. Because they were so very deadly, the Regent of Hungary ordered Emery to take the ships out of Hungary so the Germans would not get them.

Emery flew the space ship back to America and a Hungarian pilot flew the No. 1 Circle-Winged plane back. Hungary was in difficulties due to the war, and was unable to supply funds to care for the ships. Emery used up all his money housing the ships and they became a burden to him.

At the time of Pearl Harbor Emery again offered the Circle-Winged Plane to the U.S. Again they were not interested. Emery appealed to his powerful friend in Tibet, the Grand Lama of the Temple in the Valley of Harmonious Peace, which we call "Shangri La". And the Grand Lama opened the valley to Emery and permitted the ships to be housed there, where they would be safe.

Later they were given to the Ancient Three to be used in their work. The Ancient Three ordered that the Circle Winged Plane be reconstructed, changing the pilot blister to the very center of the top, instead of having it in the nose of the ship as it was in the first ship built. Mr. Hefferlin gave to the Ancient Three the modifications of GHYT Meter, using water electrolysis which makes it a fuelless motor. The motor is called GHYT No. 2. It was incorporated into the ships that were built, and others which are being built. And the Space Ship is also powered by the GHYT Motor No. 2.

In the fall of 1942 Emery was ordered by the Ancient Three to fly the space ship to the Antarctic continent, and there he would find a city in a small valley that entirely surrounded by ice-walls that were about 10,000 feet high. With a select group with him, Emery flew to the location designated and found the city built of all colored plastics, which we call Rainbow City. Buried under the ice are six other cities, each of which is of one individual color, [6] such as the Blue City, the Gold City, the Green City, etc. But only Rainbow City is clear of ice. Exploration and examination of the city began immediately. All the buildings and streets and roads leading out of the city to the little villages in the valley, are all made of the plastic which is of all colors.


Rainbow City became the headquarters of the Ancient Three, who were, who are and who will be; and of the small group they had with them at the time of finding the City.

Since then, more people have been added to the group, now making up a community of about 2,000 people, who are engaged in research work of various kinds, seeking to learn what they can of the city and its workings, the working of the machines of all kinds down there, and the operation of the Portals. And of the huge underground railroad system, of which the chief terminal is in an underground city immediately below Rainbow City -- which is the only underground city on the Antarctic continent. And the huge, underground tunnel system through which the trains run, and which penetrates the world in all directions.

The tunnel system has terminals at various points, into which the dual -- one above the other track -- main and trunk lines of the railroad comes. But aside from the underground city under Rainbow City, and these terminals that are like huge underground depots, there are no cities linked into that underground railroad system. All terminals are now empty of life, except as the Ancient Three order a party into one or another for checking the supplies stored in them. Or to map the tunnel system and see where that tunnel meets the surface. There are no connections whatever between these tunnel terminals and the railroad system, and any underground city mentioned by any other groups. That has been thoroughly by the Ancient Three.

Now, from these terminals go single track tunnels to feed localized areas, which were on the surface of the planet at the time the railroad system was in use. Those ends are now buried under hills, or smothered by dirt, with the exception of one in the mountains of Wyoming, which opens out on the side of a mountain, and one tunnel end to which Shangri La has access.

In the summer of 1947 the Circle-Winged planes were on a mapping expedition for the Ancient Three, to see and photograph the kind of terrain which now covers the tunnel mouths. These circle-winged planes were seen in the air by numerous people and were promptly dubbed Flying Saucers. All other strange air vehicles were also dubbed Flying Saucers. There are other ships in the air which are not native to earth. They do not belong to our group. We have no positive information on them. They might belong to Guardians from another system or to the ancient enemy of mankind, the Snake People!



The Hefferlins were not the first on the Flying Saucer scene. Charles Fort preceded them by a couple of decades; but the fact that W.C. Hefferlin was dreaming of space flight and even designing a Saucer-shaped plane in the 1920s puts this couple in the forefront of the pioneers along with Richard Shaver. But like his Dero material, how much is fact and how much is fancy is impossible to determine even at this point in the 1970s; nevertheless, the fact that New Zealander Bruce Cathie comes along with his UFO Grid Theory in the 1960s and pinpoints a couple of Pole Grid Points in the Antarctic is significant. It isn't likely that Cathie ever heard of the Hefferlins and their fantastic Rainbow City story of 20 years earlier; but Point A in the vast Antarctic wastes is close enough to the location as given by the Hefferlins, from their contact Emery, to encourage closer investigation; and it seems likely that both Russian and American search teams may have had some such a specific objective or location in mind when they criss-crossed this huge area with tractor parties and planes.

Once the reality of Flying Saucers had been established and accepted by authorities in the early 1950s, then the leaders of military operations would be alerted to the probability of space ship bases in the remotest parts of the earth, in the deep undersea trenches, and on the moon. Civilian Saucer researchers plotted the courses of UFOs seen in the New Zealand and Australia areas. Some of those courses pointed toward the Antarctic. As soon as this possibility was made public, the researchers suffered harassment, enough to force some of them give it up entirely. Supporting data for the above propositions must be in the secret files of intelligence organisations, both military and civilian, of Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India and smaller nations as well. Their problem in interpretation of their data is the same as ours, it takes an occultist with a working knowledge of Cosmic forces to make sense out of it. The Flying Saucer phenomenon in the dim light of everyday, 3-D consciousness here on the surface of the earth is illogical, irrational and therefore unbelievable; nevertheless the UFOs are here as a fact of life.

The existence of ice-locked, ancient cities on the Antarctic continent is now too far fetched IF you can believe that the North and South poles have not always been in the same place. Thus the Antarctic continent might once have been very livable. It is an exotic idea that one of those ancient cities is ice-free and has been maintained as a space base for who knows how long -- and secret -- until mankind developed the necessary technology to penetrate the wilderness and unlock some of its secrets.

But, until the "powers, thrones and principalities" of the earth will yield up their secret knowledge, we researchers will have to patiently sift through the bits and pieces of information leaked out to us from time to time by the watchful Mahatmas of the Himalayas.





Emery guided the space ship down into the park belonging to the Temple at Rainbow City. There was sufficient room between the huge trees for him to maneuver the ship safely. He was amazed to see the huge structure towering before him into the air and capped by a pyramidal structure, whose base was the same size as the Temple. Lights were shining on the outside of the Temple and in every street in the Temple plaza.

As Emery and the small group with him moved to the Temple, they were not sure that their eyes were clear. For everything was be conglomerate mass of colors set in the oddest ways. All the colors of the rainbow were used in the plastics which made up the streets, the buildings and the Temple. Yes, there were bright reds, screaming oranges and violent purples, too -- but sparingly. The predominant colors are the softer, more subdued tones. All in all, the effect is not at all harsh, but is very pleasing.

The group entered a door set at ground level in the Temple wall, which opened onto a short flight of steps that led down into an anteroom that was below the first floor level of the Temple. This in turn led to a large room with carven, upright pillars and tables with what appeared to be lamps upon them. Books were lying on the tables and other books were stacked in racks. There were chairs placed about the tables.

Everything was of larger than normal size, indicating that the people who built these things were around eight feet tall, at least.

Over at the side of the room was a huge, chair-like thing with great arms, with what appeared to be a keyboard covered with queer characters set into the arms. Hanging from a hook on the back of the chair was what appeared to be some form of a book. The back of this chair towered high into the air, and there was a strange, bucket-like cap set in upright slots so it could be raised and lowered over the head. From this sliding piece, and from the foot rest, many strands of wire were gathered into cables which went into a wall behind what seemed to be a control board; for it was covered with knobs and levers and pointers on what seemed to be graduated dial faces.

All of these things were strange -- yet hauntingly familiar. But the strangest things of all was the soft, artificial light which glowed in the room, casting no shadows. There was nothing in the dark in that room. Everything was illuminated.

Emery and those with him had touched nothing as yet; for it was all too unknown at the moment. Yet curiosity drew them on. Emery examined one of the lamp-like affairs, but he found no indication of a switch or button. The base was set firmly into the table so it could not be moved -- or it was exceptionally heavy.



Emery put his hand on the shade of the lamp and it turned very slightly under his hand. He pushed harder and a stream of clear, brilliant light fell in a circle upon the table-top right over the book lying there.

He opened the book at random and a voice issued from the book, speaking in an unknown language. The pages were covered with strange characters and as the voice continued speaking, little light illuminated groups of the characters, then passed on to the next group. With the rhythmic voice speaking and groups of characters being successively lit up, Emery surmised that the voice was speaking words of the text. Later, he learned that his surmise was correct.

He examined the pillars. Upon the first was carved a representation of this solar system, with the third and fourth planets in colors -- the third green and the fourth red. Leading from the red planet was a group of elongated dots and other marks that looked like pointers headed toward the base of the green planet.

On the same pillar was a series of markings (straight lines) in arithmetical order, after each group appeared a character, evidently depicting the numeral system. There were circles divided into different ways, and characters in relation to them. There were squares and triangles and cubes, with different sets of characters following.

At this place I shall insert information which we learned later on; for I shall not refer to this again. This information is translated into terms familiar to us. (All information transmitted mentally must be couched in pictures, words, or thought-concepts with which the receiver is familiar. Otherwise the receiver has no equivalent vibration in his mind.)

The count is based upon the number seven. The circle is always divided by halves, quarters, eights, sixteenths, etc., not by twelves. In certain equations they use "seven over seven" in physical constants. They have no term equivalent to our "square root of minus one".

In other equations where they use mental and spiritual constants, the Use the term "ten over seven". There is another term that is used, "eleven over seven". The term we know as "pi" is always translated "twenty-two over seven". But I cannot clarify that term; nor can Emery transmit it in terms equal to my understanding.

Also on the same pillar were a group of characters, the same kind which appeared in the Talking Book. That was evidently the alphabet. Close by that pillar was a table with many piles of books upon it. Each pile carried a little piece of plastic with [11] a carven character on it. Comparing the characters on the plastic with the characters in the counting system, Emery discovered that each pile of books was numbered in arithmetical order, beginning with No. 1.

Inasmuch as it was vitally necessary to learn the language so they would be able to understand the many things there in Rainbow City, Emery, as leader of the expedition, set every one to work studying the books in the first pile. The group made there headquarters in the Space Ship during this first period of study. (The Ancient Three did not go to Rainbow City with that first expedition.)

These first books were silent but they were definitely primers in the way they were compiled. There were the separate characters used in forming the words. There was a picture of the solar system and it had its name. The various planets were pointed out, each with its name. There were pictures depicting the Temple structure, with its name. Then a single house, with its name, and another term below it. There were other structures with a name attached to each, and the same term under each. Emery judged that the specific name for the structure was the first one; then the general term under which structures of various kinds were grouped.

There were many other nouns pictured and named. Then, they turned to the verbs, pictures of action, and their equivalent terms under each picture. There were also simple arithmetic problems, such as addition tables, each with its simple marks showing the addition, and what they counted; then the symbol that represented the group number.

When they had finished with the first set of books, they went over to the second set. These were duplicates of the first set, with the one addition of voice. The alphabet was repeated, each letter repeated several times by voice and illustrated before the next letter was sounded. Then the alphabet as a whole was repeated. The words under the pictures were sounded distinctly, and the words illustrated at the same time, also the verbs. Then the simple numbers were sounded, and the simple addition tables, and simple subtraction tables. Is it any wonder that we have said in other articles that the city had been left in preparation for a return of Mankind some day?

Fortunately for Emery, he had a knowledge of a number of European languages, as well as a knowledge of Oriental languages. He learned that the root words of certain sacred Asiatic languages were basically the same as the root words of this ancient language of Rainbow City. When he discovered this, he was much surer of his learning of this original language and it was much easier for him to help the others learn.

The talking books gave them pronunciation and inflection, and [12] led into other books more technical and deeper in many subjects, including mathematics. There are many subjects there that no one has touched yet because there are not enough people to cover all subjects, and their time in Rainbow City has been so very short -- only six years at this writing.

After the group had studied quite a ways in the books, they read the instruction book on the chair-like machine, and than followed them. They each sat in the chair with their hands fastened down on the arms. The huge cap was lowered over their heads and the power turned on. This machine sent a gentle vibration throughout their brains and nerves, and they found that later they could continue the learning of the language with greater ease and with greater flexibility in speech. Also that their comprehension of the contents of the books was greater.

Now, all this learning took some time, before they were ready to go farther in the exploration of the Temple and the City.



By W.C. Hefferlin

All of us are familiar with brooks, lakes, seas, etc. The world is full of an inexhaustible supply of water, to drink and to enjoy, but to burn it! Well, some jokes even mention that, too. Yes, for centuries back, even too far back to find the beginning, water has been one of our important prime movers. Inventions and processes beyond count have been and many still are, used much in the original style, from before the first water wheel to tide motors and steam engines of all types. Steam turbines today generate electrical power to drive huge seagoing ships. The latest locomotive used on railroad trains is driven by a steam turbine!

Water is used to put out fires and the fire department is quite familiar to most of us. Water is used also to help keep us cool. But something that will stop flame and heat will also burn? No, that's not double talk; it's true. Any high school student taking physics knows the possibilities. How?

Examine the nature of water. Its chemical symbol is H2O, which means that two parts of Hydrogen and one part of Oxygen (that stuff we breathe) are in combination. Hydrogen is a gas, very explosive, and has been used to lift balloons and Zeppelins. In the presence of oxygen it will burn violently. There have been developed down through the years many methods of extracting either or both from water. One of the simplest, but slowest, methods is known to students as Electrolysis of Water. This is done by running about 12 volts of direct current electricity between platinum plates in a vessel of water containing a trace of acid in solution. Hydrogen will bubble off one plate and oxygen off the opposite plate. We refer you to Hoffman's apparatus familiar to all physics students [13] and the following laws of electrolysis that were established by Faraday a century ago.

"I. That the mass of an electrolyte decomposed by an electric current is proportional to the quantity of electricity conveyed through it.

"II. When the same quantity of electricity is conveyed through different electrolytes, the masses of the different ions set free at the electrodes are proportional to their equivalents."

Quotes from pages 329 and 425, Carhart & Chute Physics, Copyright 1912. Michael Faraday was born in 1791 and died in 1867.

This process had never been speeded up until the fall of 1921, when following a hunch and with some reasoning attached a new and different method was evolved and first tests made with a simple setup. A glass laboratory vessel was used, commonly called a thistle-stemmed contort flask, one Bunsen burner and a High Frequency Tesla coil, one rubber, two-hole flask plug and one glass valve inserted in the rubber plug, two wires, steel wool, and some water.

Now we are ready for the simple test. The flask bowl was half filled with water and held by a bench stand and clamp at a 45° angle. One wire from one pole of the HF coil was was slid down through the thistle neck into the regular neck of the flask; the other wire from the opposite pole of the machine was inserted into the regular flask neck through the rubber plug at the neck's upper end. The Bunsen burner was lighted and placed under the bowl of the flask to boil the water. When the steam was showing inside the flask the HF coil was turned on, causing an electrical spark to jump between the wire ends or electrodes inside the flask and through the steam.

A red color showed at one end of the discharge, the cathode or - end, indicating hydrogen; a blue color showed at the other end, the anode or + end, indicating oxygen. The glass valve in the rubber plug was opened, but no flame could be lighted from the gas rushing from the valve. Next a small bunch of steel wool was placed between the inside wire ends but separated from them. Then the HF current was turned on again. The first discharge area color remained the same, but the second discharge color area in the flask showed very brilliant red and blue colors. Still gas coming through the glass valve could not be ignited. So then a second steel wool bunch was inserted in the flask neck and separated from the wire and other steel wool. Again the HF current was applied and at first and second discharge areas the past colors were noted in their respective order. But at the third discharge area there was only one color, yellow-white. It was burning!

Still we could not ignite a flame from out of the valve. So the valve was closed, the heat removed, but the HF current remained on and the third area watched. The steam content of the flask grew less as the flask cooled down, when suddenly -- BANG!

The neck of the area at the third discharge was gone, rubber [14] plug and glass valve. We never did find even the rubber plug. Maybe the janitor did.

The rest of the neck and flask were unharmed. But a razor blade could not have cut wax any smoother than where the third area started. That proved that instantaneous electrolysis of water was a fact and our hunch was right. Plenty of hydrogen and oxygen were available in a hurry!

When hydrogen is burned in the presence of oxygen it produces a very high temperature flame and there and there are no fumes. They just combine and form water again! The possible uses of this fuel can be expanded far and wide, from heating the furnace to cooling the refrigerator; from running the auto to driving an air ship.

A small and compact unit could be made and installed in a submarine. One emergency use inside a submarine would be to furnish oxygen to the air and hydrogen to the buoyancy tanks to raise it. And any water -- salt, fresh, dirty -- will do for awhile in an emergency.

* * *


Associate Jean Wise sends us this quote from Cushing Smith's "I Can Heal Myself and I Will". In view of Ex-president Nixon's current ailment borderlanders should find this appropriate:

"Bloodclots (phlebitis, thrombosis) are inseparable from 'blood-relationship' as understood in metaphysics. . . the inheritance of mental characteristics leading to it must be recognized and destroyed. The nature of blood clots or thrombosis is obstructive, restrictive, and movable from place to place. Hence, the inference that similar mental characteristics relating to family situations are involved. Disagreements, schisms, shifting convictions between individuals are to unhampered love what blood clots are to the circulatory system. Whatever it is that clots the blood has its origin in mentally coagulating abnormalities in family relationships, which at any time may stab the heart or the most sensitive or susceptibile member. Sometimes similar situations may develop betwen close friends, lovers or business associates. . ."

Outwardly, the Nixon family has presented a united front to the world during the crisis of his resignation and retirement to San Clemente just a few miles up the California coast from us here. But Cushing's shrewd observations above remind your director of the sick person who comes here and protests that he doesn't know of anything wrong he is doing to himself. To which I reply, "I hear you but your body speaks louder than you do!"