Inspired by the Dark Forces

CQC On The Rise and Fall Of
Hitler's Third Reich
Part IX
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We made a mistake in Part VIII of this rambling review of planetary, solar and cosmic evil. We gave Kabalactes as the name of the false Christ guiding the great organized priesthood of the Western world. According to Oahspe the name of this elemental god -- or devil, if you prefer -- is Looeamong.

Kabalactes is the false Buddha. The false Brahma is Enochissa. Thoth is the name of the false Mohammed worshiped so blindly by the Muslims. The Confucians had their false god in China, the Shintoists theirs in Japan, and so on.

It is these elemental deities who have played on the selfish spiritual ambitions of mortals, layman and priest alike; so the holy wars between the faiths have raged across the face of the earth. Countless millions have been slaughtered in the names of their gods and saviors. Currently we have the 26 year holy war in Vietnam. Recently the fanatical slaughter in Pakistan, and of course the face-off between Jew and Mohammedan in the Middle East.

The Ever-Present Creator (Solar Logos?) who dictated that mine of information, Oahspe gave these figures for enslaved human souls to the world religions in the 1880s:

"Of Brahman spirits in the lowest of (Astral) zones as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than four thousand millions.

"Of Budhist spirits in the lowest zones as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than seven thousand million.

"Of Ka'yuan (Confucian) spirits in the lowest zones as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than three thousand million."

Obviously, the Confucian religion no longer has a physical base in China. The hoarded wealth of the centuries in its temples was taken ever by the Red government for the building of the new China. The priests had the choice of starving or of going to work, producing something useful for society. Confucian religious fanatics on the Astral plane, desiring to incarnate again, are not likely to find suitable parents in the China of today.

"Of Kriste'yan spirits in the lowest of zones, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than three thousand million."


The Russians threw off their chains of religious slavery to the false Christ, Looeamong, with the revolution of 1917; and the physical base for the Eastern branch of Catholicism was destroyed. It was Hitler's purpose, as the conscious agent of Looeamong, to reestablish that base when he ordered the invasion of Russia in 1940. Mohammedanism in Russian Turkestan would have probably been reestablished, too, if Hitler and his hordes of fanatics had succeeded in reversing the tide of history. Ten years earlier the Red Army had taken over the mosques and temples, converting them to public buildings, confiscating that wealth which had not been buried or shipped out. There were 39 monasteries in Samarkand. The priests were given a choice: either come out and go to work as an honorable member of society, or be walled up and starve to death.

"Of Mohammedan spirits in the lowest zones, as wanderers on the earthy there are this day more than two thousand million.

"Of Jewish Spirits in the lowest zones, as wanderers on the earth, there are this day more than thirty million.

"And of other spirits, idolatrous and otherwise, even on the earth, more than twelve thousand million. . .

"They inhabit mostly the oldest cities, and places of filth and indecency; nevertheless, they also inhabit the palaces of kings and queens and emperors and popes and priests and rich men.

"In the first zone there are hundreds of millions of spirits, strolling about that are earth-bound, crying out: I want to go to Brahma, I want to go to Budha, I want to go to Jesus, I want to go to Kriste.

"And I send my heat of high-raised spirits to them saying: Come ye, to the highest zones, and be clothed and fed, and learn to clothe and feed others, for this is the way of resurrection.

"But they will not believe, but turn away in stubbornness of heart, even as ye of the earth, saying: Nay, I will rise only by prayers and confessions. I want to be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and rise and sit on the right hand of God.

"And there are hundreds of millions who, being dead, know not anything; but, through belief in a judgment day, went to sleep, and are waiting for the trumpt of Gabriel to call than forth.

"And I send my exalted ones to them to awake them up, and call them up; but they are hypnotized with their faith, and they relapse again and again, for years and years, for hundreds of years! Fulfilling Wisdom's mandate, that whatever is bound on earth shall be bound in spirit life.

"And, even as one drunken man on earth enticeth another to drunkenness, so are there hundreds of millions of idolatrous spirits, who return to mortals and persuade them to their same doctrines and to their same debaucheries." (Continued, next RR.)

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