Project Lunaria

"Now a word about the Bad Guys, the Men in Black, who are most appropriately called the Lunar Mafia because that appears to be their home base -- as well as the interior of the Earth..." — Riley Hansard Crabb, "Flying Saucers & Harmony with Nature"

Riley Crabb's Saucerian Lecture Series

  1. "Flying Saucers and the New Consciousness" (1958)
  2. "Flying Saucers and the Coming Space Probes" (1958)
  3. "Flying Saucers and America's Destiny" (1959)
  4. "Communication with Flying Saucers (and Their Occupants)" (1960)
  5. "The Reality of the Cavern World" (1960)
  6. "Flying Saucers on the Moon" (1960)
  7. "Spacecraft From Beyond the Sun" (1966)
  8. "Who Flys the Saucers?" (JBR 23:7, Dec. 1967)

Articles and Correspondence

    Men in Black

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  2. Riley Crabb, "Albert Bender, Flying Saucers & the Three Men" (A Review in Four Parts)
  3. Riley Crabb, "An Anxious Asker Answered: About the Men in Black" (JBR 19:8, Nov. 1963)
  4. Riley Crabb, "The Men in Black Are Stuck With Us (And We Are Stuck with Them)!" (JBR 25:1, Jan-February 1969)
  5. Cavern World

  6. Raymond Bernard, "Underground Exploration in Brazil" (RR 15:6, Nov. 1959)
  7. Charles A. Marcoux & Riley Crabb, "Underground Exploration in Arizona" (RR 15:7, Dec. 1959)
  8. C. Lois Jessop, "Malta, Entrance to the Cavern World" (JBR 17:2, March 1961)
  9. Riley Crabb, "Cavern World at Gibraltar" (JBR 30:5, Sept-October 1974)
  10. The Dark Forces

  11. Riley Crabb, "Inspired by the Dark Forces: CQ&C On The Rise and Fall Of Hitler's Third Reich" (1971-74)
  12. David Israel, "The Reptiles That Walk Like Men" (JBR 40:5, Sept-October 1984)

Further Reading

  1. Gray Barker, "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers" (1956)
  2. Trevor James, "They Live In The Sky: Invisible Incredible UFO Around Us" (1958) — reviewed by RHC
  3. Albert K. Bender, "Flying Saucers and the Three Men" (1962) — reviewed by RHC
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