Underground Exploration in Brazil

by Raymond Bernard, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

July 6, 1959

Dear Dr. Layne:

For twenty-six years, two-and-a-half times as long as Ulysses, I have searched for the terrestrial gods I have felt within me must still exist -- the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, and the Hyperboreans before them. I have felt that they have not completely abandoned humanity and dwell somewhere in seclusion. I thought I was looking for a terrestrial paradise where I could gather vegetarians and finer people and start a Utopia on earth, but the coming of the Atomic age and the increase in radioactive fallout discouraged me.

As fallout increased my enthusiasm about a terrestrial paradise in this poisoned world diminished and my attention was more and more directed to the mysterious tunnels that exist all over this part of South America. At the coast of Brazil they go under the ocean in the direction of Atlantis and connect this southern coast, from Rio de Janeiro down to Porto Allegre, with Matto Grosso and continue on to the Andes. Who built these tunnels and why were they built?

Colonel Fawcett searched the high Matto Grosso plateau for lost Atlantean cities. But he did not consider the possibility of Atlantean nuclear warfare which poisoned the earth's atmosphere, and that they constructed cities not on top of the earth but under it, connected by tunnels, and with an air filtering and purifying system. The Atlantean cities which he sought on top of the earth in Matto Grosso were inside it. It is claimed by Professor Henrique de Souza, archaeologist and head of the Theosophical Society of Brazil that Fawcett entered a tunnel leading to an inhabited subterranean city where he is captive and still alive. For some time I have continued Fawcett's search for the lost cities of Atlantis.

About two months ago a party of explorers I sent out entered a tunnel in this same area. It was completely lined with stone blocks. It was quite dirty and gave evidence of not having been used for a long, long time. After a day's hike they slept and got up to hike again. Now the tunnel was perfectly clean, giving them the impression there were inhabitants beyond! They walked a second day and slept. The third day of walking brought them to the sound of voices, speaking loud. This frightened them and they returned.

Some distance back a branch tunnel attracted their attention. (Apparently the group had returned to the surface. Ed.) Inside this they saw a little man who looked much like the traditional dwarf, with a long white beard. He didn't see them but again the group got frightened and returned to the surface and home. After telling me this I encouraged them to return and enter this tunnel. They did. Again it was a long, long walk but after two-and-a-half days they came to steps in the tunnel leading downward. At the end of the third day they came to an immense cavity with an illuminated sky. This gave off a yellow phosphoresce which illuminated below a city of houses. They saw many small men, women and children, who were crying loud enough to be heard.


One member of the party got frightened, so they returned. They are not anxious to return to the city of dwarfs lest they be held prisoner. I believe the dwarfs do not want surface dwellers to publicize the existence of their city. This might lead to intrusion and trouble.

My researches have shown that in addition to subterranean cities not far below the earth's surface, there exists a Subterranean World of Agharta in the center of the earth. This subterranean world, whose capital is known as Shamballa, is well known to Tibetans and the people of Mongolia.

One of my explorers, an Inca, explored a 300-foot vertical tunnel, descending by rope. At the bottom he came to a door which automatically opened. Behind it stood an eight-foot Atlantean, protected by a plastic-like substance from radioactive outside air. He spoke to the Inca through a loud speaker, saying that he came from the center of the earth by means of an "electronic vehicle." The Inca was also told that flying saucers were sent from the interior of the earth to the outer atmosphere to halt nuclear tests. Charts prepared by underground Atlantean scientists indicate that air pollution by radioactive fallout will become so bad that the human race will not survive on earth for longer than ten years. All that can be done is save a few worthy individuals by bringing them into the tunnel opening we discovered, which is one of the four entrances to Agharta in the entire world.

Since it is my work to save a remnant of the American people, and since I will soon locate inside the transparent screen behind the secret door, (After an elevator is installed. Ed.) where I my breathe air free from radioactivity, if you wish to cooperate with me and act as a U.S. representative and have faith that what I say is true, write me and state the extent to which you may help in this last minute effort to save a remnant of mankind from the universal destruction now in progress, to end in ten years.

Cordially,   Raymond Bernard                  
PO Box #85, Joinville, Sta Catarina, Brazil


Some Associates will find the good Doctor's letter fascinating reading, others will probably criticize us for wasting space on a fantastic piece of propaganda crudely pulled together from the writings of Richard Shaver and Robert Dickhoff. There was far more in the letter than I have used here, but you have the "message." In the last RR I mentioned the gimmick of asking us to send our photos down to Bernard for the Atlantean's approval. When Raymond sends us a photo of the eight-foot Atlantean for our approval I might run it in Round Robin! In his most recent letter Dr. Bernard offers BSRA a tract of free land in his 1,500 acre paradise on the island of Santa Catarina, if we will move down there. It'll never happen.

There is truth in the Shaver Mystery, but for the uninitiated to try to prove it is a dangerous thing. Usually reliable sources such as the Inner Circle of Mark Probert have verified son's aspects of the Mystery, with statements which tend to discourage curiosity. Trevor James received the same blunt warning from his contact, Ashtar, concerning the existence of a degenerate, astral race at the core of the planet: "I give you this information that you may be aware of their existence. I enjoin you to forever close any researches into this activity, in the interests of your own safety."


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