A Borderland Sciences Review in 10 parts.


Invisible Incredible UFO Around Us

Pertinent Excerpts From A Flying Saucer Classic Of The 1950s

Photo of Trevor James Constable, author of 'They Live in the Sky' (1958).

Trevor James at the 1957 Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention.

Part I: The Truth About Flying Saucers • Technical Superiority of the Aliens • "No Room At The Inn" • The Telltale Change of Personality

Part II: An Overpowering Impulse • Conscious Mediumship, the Best Kind

Part III: Ashtar Speaks • Guardian Commander of Cis-Lunar Space • Working Within Human Limitations • Cleaning Up the Nuclear Fallout

Part IV: The Dero • The Kingdom of the Earthbound • There is a Lunar Mafia, the Men in Black

Part V: Spaceship Crews & Silver Spheres • Unpalatable Monsters

Part VI: Shan Chea • Astronomy's False Framework • Atomic Blasting Effects, Another View • The Air Drop Blast of 1956 • Annihilation on the Lower Astral Plane

Part VII: Destroyed by the Agency of a Heat Ray • The Walesville, New York Tragedy • The Reasons for Abductions? Censored!

Part VIII: Crash Reports • The Dangers of Indiscriminate Mediumship • The Need for Occult Science • The Highly Importance Difference Between Astral and Etheric

Part IX: Andolo Speaks • The Struggle to Get Photographic Evidence

Part X: Andolo Continues • Adventures in the Desert • Spaceman, Friend or Foe?


Also of interest: "Hostile Spacecraft", the inimitable Gray Barker's review (by way of interview)

They Live in the Sky by Trevor James

They Live in the Sky: Invisible Incredible UFO Around Us

by Trevor James

"Is there extraterrestrial life of any kind? Are there intelligent beings in outer space who can communicate with humans? Are flying saucers real? These questions, and many others of equally fascinating nature are approached, and answered affirmatively, from a completely new viewpoint in this book.

"The author describes his own telepathic contact with an invisible being, and how, at the suggestion of this invisible intelligence, he began experimenting with infrared film in conjunction with elementary principles of spiritual science. Mr. James makes no claims to having boarded or flown in flying saucers, but instead effectively advances the theory of invisible but real creatures and craft in our own atmosphere.

"The book is at once iconoclastic and intellectual — it shatters many dangerous myths and misapprehensions which have hitherto caused enlightened people to shun the UFO phenomenon, at least in public. In place of the popular dogma of 'saucery' it offers new methods of investigation based upon the twin premises that these UFO are predominantly invisible and that man is a spiritual organism."

They Live in the Sky (amazon.com)
Los Angeles: New Age Pub. Co. / Saucerian Press, 1958.

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