They Live in the Sky

By Trevor James Constable

Pertinent Excerpts From A Flying Saucer Classic Of The 1950s, Part III
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The information that follows, and the comment on it by myself is presented with the sole purpose of attempting to clarify the murkiest aspect of the UFO mystery for all who earnestly seek the answers. With the earnest seeking, it is almost mandatory for the truly sincere person to be intellectually bold enough to realize that the superphysical is very real. . .

The messages are authentic communications through a form of telepathy, by myself, with an unseen intelligence or intelligences. In every case I was fully conscious and at no time was I under any form of control, seen or unseen. I had the power to instantly terminate any contact at any time, and the power to interrogate the invisible communicator in the course of the communication. . .

To the best of my knowledge I have no telepathic power whatever with other human beings, and it is my present view that this system of communication used by these intelligences is simply tuned to the personal frequency of the human being and the intelligence passed in this way. No person should conclude that any special ability is required. . . Immediately upon terminating each contact the messages were compiled into written form as close to verbatim as possible. Later communications were taped, but none of these are now available and any tapes offered for sale using my name in this connection are bogus. . .

Trevor: "Are you etheric beings or are you possessed of a fleshly physical body such as mine?"

Ashtar: "I am etheric. I do not have a fleshly body like yours, bounded by flesh. But it is possible for me to make my being visible to your optics by certain changes in the vibratory rate."

Trevor: "This would mean that you are normally invisible to us?"

Ashtar: "Yes."

Trevor: "As you are an etheric being, are other etheric beings visible to you?"

Ashtar: "Yes, although not exactly in terms of optical vision as you know it."


It was about eighteen months after this communication had been received that I gained a rather startling proof of its validity. Realizing early in the game that an understanding of at least the rudiments of occultism and other aspects of philosophy were vital, I had pursued various phases of these subjects in the role of an investigator.

I paid a call on a distinguished European lady in Los Angeles with an international reputation as a seer and psychic. Discussing various aspects of her faculty with me and answering my questions, she suddenly sat bolt upright in her chair. "Have you ever had any contact with any non-physical beings?" she asked with a smile. I replied that I believed I had, but not be completely sure.

She then said, "There is a magnificent looking being standing beside you, and he communicates to me that his name is Ashtar. Do you know him?"

I replied that the personality was familiar and she gave me a full description of him as she saw him clairvoyantly. Seven feet tall, extremely stern, helmeted and giving the impression of being a sort of military man.


This was extremely interesting insofar as Ashtar had described himself as the "Commandant, Vela Quadra Sector, Realms of Schare, All Projections, All Waves", and therefore would probably be a military type of being.

Since I had not told her anything of my own activities in the UFO field, and she had never previously met me, I considered this incident to be a somewhat remarkable indication that Ashtar, in describing himself, had in fact told the truth, insofar as we could establish that truth. I saw nothing myself, being possessed of only ordinary sight. . .

Trevor: "From your statement that you are etheric, am I to presume that you have evolved beyond the stage of a physical and astral body?"

Ashtar: "Correct. I do not possess a physical casing of the dense type such as yours. I am definitely etheric as are all people on other planets in this solar system. (The Rosicrucian chart on page 1 of the Jan-Feb Journal illustrates this.) However, this does not mean that we are invisible to each other as we are to you under normal circumstances. We see each other and live much as you do, but we do not have this dense physical casing which you possess.

"The advantages, benefits and comforts of this living are enormous, and the irritations of the fleshly envelope are most uncomfortable. Unless we choose to convert the vibrational frequencies of our bodies to one which is visible to your optics, we remain invisible to your people. Highly evolved people, with a good 'psychic eye' as you call it, can sometimes see us in vaporous form, although [11] we may be invisible to other earthlings in the same location. When your clairvoyants travel to our civilizations on other planets, they see and are able to interpret our lives because they are not using their physical eyes but their astral or psychic sight, to which we are visible just as though we were physical."

Trevor: "When you become visible to our eyes does the person who sees you know that you are a 'converted etheric'?"

Ashtar: "Not as a rule. The conversion can be made so completely that a physical person encountering us thinks that we, too, are physical."


Trevor: "What of those who claim to have been up in your craft?"

Ashtar: "In our contacts with earthlings we have to be careful not to go beyond their understanding. In these instances, the ships and all entities within them are converted to a vibrational level at which they had the substance of physical things as known to you. Whether the experience was physical or astral is not known to some people who had the experience."

Trevor: "The astral and etheric concepts are difficult to grasp at first."

Ashtar: "Persist and have faith. There is much to learn."

Trevor: "I wish to ask a question or two concerning etheric substance."

Ashtar: "We will be glad to answer whatever we can for you. We wish to arm you with as much knowledge as possible, and are limited in this only by your power to assimilate it. I do not wish to talk over your head but we will supply you with knowledge to the limit of your understanding."

Trevor: "I am puzzled by the concept of etheric matter. For example, there is one case on record where one of our jet aircraft flew right though a space ship without hitting anything solid whatever. Are your ships made of a vaporous substance or are they a different form of earthly matter?"

Ashtar: "We have all the elements you know on earth and many more. The etheric form of these metals differs in its atomic and molecular structure from earth-made metals. For example, the distance between the nucleus and the orbiting electrons of the etheric iron nucleus is much greater than in iron as you know it on earth. This permits the atoms of earthly steel to pass right through the atoms of etheric steel in such a way nothing happens to either form of steel. The etheric form of steel enjoys a higher vibratory rate than earthly steel and therefore is not apparent to earthly vision, or if you prefer, physical eyesight. Under certain circumstances it becomes visible, as in the presence of certain atmospheric gases of Shan (earth) or at will in accordance with the desire of the controlling intelligence. No matter how great the mass of the etheric substance, [12] even a space ship measuring many miles across in your measure, physical matter cannot damage or injure it or its contents."

Trevor: "When you speak of making etheric matter visible at will, is this the way that George Adamski was permitted to take his now famous photographs?"

Ashtar: "Yes. Ether ships, as they have been called on your surface, have been made visible to and for certain individuals, selected, upon your surface of whom Adamski is one. Normally, the ships are part of the invisible world."

Trevor: "If one were to develop astral vision, or the psychic eye, would he be able to see the ships?"

Ashtar: "No. Not unless the vibratory rate of the ship were converted to the vibratory range of astral vision. Remember, the etheric vibratory rate is higher than the astral. Very few physical humans have some perception of the etheric, but they are not normal people as you know them and for the most part dwell in very secluded places. As a general rule, perception of the etheric through vision cannot-be accomplished except through the will of the etheric, converting etheric substance to a vibratory level where it is physically visible."


Trevor: "Is the puzzling phenomenon of the fireballs dropped from your craft?"

Ashtar: "Yes."

Trevor: "What is their purpose?"

Ashtar: "The fireballs are nullifiers for certain radioactive effects which your scientists do not even know they are releasing. These nullifiers prevent the poisoning of your people, and are released upon the orders of our Heavenly Father. We cannot intervene actively in the cessation of such experiments but we must do all possible to prevent the wanton destruction of human life resulting from these experiments."

Trevor: "It has been noted that the air contains a large percentage of copper after these fireballs have been seen."

Ashtar: "This is true. It is part of the fireball's function. For the most part, these fireballs are seen in the vicinity of atomic installations and laboratories. But not all fireballs are ours, and all do not have the same purpose."

The implication of this message is clear: More than one faction must be at work, for 'not all fireballs are ours.' Soon I was to learn the truth of this, and in learning this truth, to gain information which unraveled many of the unsolved mysteries of the UFO. (To be continued in the next Journal, with excerpts from Chapter Three, "Foes".)

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They Live in the Sky

They Live in the Sky: Invisible Incredible UFO Around Us

by Trevor James

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"The author describes his own telepathic contact with an invisible being, and how, at the suggestion of this invisible intelligence, he began experimenting with infrared film in conjunction with elementary principles of spiritual science. Mr. James makes no claims to having boarded or flown in flying saucers, but instead effectively advances the theory of invisible but real creatures and craft in our own atmosphere.

"The book is at once iconoclastic and intellectual — it shatters many dangerous myths and misapprehensions which have hitherto caused enlightened people to shun the UFO phenomenon, at least in public. In place of the popular dogma of 'saucery' it offers new methods of investigation based upon the twin premises that these UFO are predominantly invisible and that man is a spiritual organism."

They Live in the Sky (amazon.com)
Los Angeles: New Age Pub. Co. / Saucerian Press, 1958.