They Live in the Sky

By Trevor James Constable

Pertinent Excerpts From A Flying Saucer Classic Of The 1950s, Part IV
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"And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years. And cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled and after that, he must be loosed a little season." Revelations 20:2-3.

At about the same time I received the information concerning the fireballs, especially that portion which stated that all did not come from the same craft, I came into contact with the now famous Shaver Mystery. . . and his claim that entities identifying themselves as the "dero" are an underground race living today within our planet. . .

Trevor: "A question that has greatly disturbed me, concerns the presence of an underground race on this planet. I would appreciate any information you can give me."

Ashtar: "At the core of your planet there dwells a greatly degenerated race, an astral race, which is degenerate not so much in science, but in every moral respect as you know and understand it. They are capable of space flight within the astral regions around the earth, but are earthbound. They are the forces of Eranus, whom you call Satan. They emerge at the South Pole. On your surface they have allies who are without morals and without mercy. I give you this information that you may be aware of their existence. I enjoin you to forever close any researches into this astral activity, in the interests of your own welfare. Be on your guard; always be careful and vigilant."

Trevor: "These astrals from the earth's core are, I take it, the Dero of legend?"

Ashtar: "No. The Dero are no longer confined in the caves of legend and story, but are reincarnated upon your surface. Many of your eminent scientists, driving forward with the perfection of ever more prodigious blast forces, are reincarnated deros. Because of their prior lives as cannibals and degenerate beings they are prone to exert themselves for destructive ends, since they fall easily under the astral influence."


Gustave Dore, engraving, Satan falling to Earth, for Milton's Paradise Lost.

Satan approaching the confines of the earth, according to Gustav Dore's artistry. This was after Satan guided the unfortunate inhabitants of the planet Maldek to their doom. Millions of Maldekians fell with Him and are facing the same crisis, and the same choice -- again -- now!

At this point we might mention the stories related by Gray Barker in his book "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers", concerning the black-suited men. These worthies apparently paid unscheduled visits to Saucer investigators with the idea of shutting them up when they got too near the truth.

In my view, some of these Saucer investigators may have stumbled on this center of the earth concept, probed into it, stirred up these forces and consequently been handled harshly by their earthly representatives. These black-suited gents would probably be the "allies on your surface who are without morals or mercy". . . They endeavor in every case to fill those they visit with fear. . . This is a side to the UFO which is best left to those who not only know how to deal with these forces, but are authorized to do so.

Trevor: "In our solar system are there any other physical beings like us?"

Ashtar: "No. All beings on other planets in your solar system are etherics. On your planet, as you now know, there are two kinds of beings, physical and astral. Outside the earth-moon system in your solar system, all are etheric."

Trevor: "How far from the surface of the earth in our measure do the astral regions extend?"

Ashtar: "125,000 miles. Within them, the astral beings are confined. At certain times of the year, travel to the moon is possible to the astrals when the astral shells of the two bodies overlap. When these two shells separate however, any entities on the moon are cut off from the earth until the next time the astral shells overlap. No physical or astral entity can go beyond the earth-moon system."

Trevor: "Three dimensional craft have been seen in addition to the others described in these contacts. They are believed to be of a mechanical type. Are there such ships and where do they come from?"

Ashtar: "Yes, there are such ships. They come from the continent you call Antarctica. Before the Lemurian flood and rebalancing of the earth on its present axis, this was a great civilization. It [14] was frozen quickly and its splendor swallowed under the ice. One city remains above the ice with a few dwellers. They have these craft and there are also some in Tibet. These dwellers are entirely separate from the forces in the center of the earth and plan hostility to no one. Mechanically propelled, these craft also outperform earthly aircraft."


Trevor: "What is the nature of the astral regions around the earth?"

Ashtar: "The astral world is divided into two broad sections. First there are the bodiless entities from your surface, the so-called dead people, who must become incarnate again in order to pass completely to the etheric state. Some of these entities are waiting what will be their last incarnation. Others are those who have had their carnate existence ended abruptly or accidentally, such as criminals or soldiers. All these entities have in common the intense desire to become fleshly once more, in order that they may qualify to be no longer earthbound, when their incarnations terminate. This is the Garden of Waiting.

"There are also the monstrosities and phantasmagoria which are degenerate thought forms. The other great section of the astral world is the astral regions of evil, which surround and interpenetrate the earth, inhabited by beings who are forever discarnate and forever earthbound by decree of the Great God of the Universe. These beings cannot enter the Garden of Waiting. It is against these forces that we of the etheric world are warring."

Trevor: "What form does this war take? Is it a clashing of space ships in combat?"

Ashtar: "This is not a matching of violences, as you suggest, but a battle for the control of earthly minds. Our purpose is to overcome the destructive influence, the physically violent influence which the dark ones seek to exert over mankind. Our purpose is to nullify the astral influence by restraining beings devoted to destruction and to physical violence. The dark ones seek to relegate the whole world to the darkness wherein they dwell and have power, and thereby increase their influence further. Our task, as decreed by the Heavenly Father, is to nullify, overpower and banish the work of the dark ones by good influences upon humanity. This is the true nature of the battle rather than spacecraft versus spacecraft."

Trevor: "What is the nature of the core of our planet? Is it solid? Or is it hollow?"

Ashtar: "The center of the earth consists of matter of a density comparable to air, although it is not air. You would term it hollow in your expression. It is here that the forces of Satan dwell. Near the South Pole they emerge in their craft and circle the planet. Clumsy and primitive by our technology, their craft are still greatly advanced over yours, and they are easily able to outperform and to outmanoeuver mechanical craft of physical manufacture. They are [15] considerably faster, being capable of speeds in excess of three thousand miles per hour."

Trevor: "How far above the surface may the dark forces penetrate and can physical man penetrate this far? That is, will man ever be able in physical form to penetrate this far?"

Ashtar: "The limit of their altitude attainment is 125,000 miles. Physical man is also limited to this extension. In the upper portions of it however, man in the physical form will exist only with extreme difficulty and after years of training and development. As previously described, when the moon's astral envelope or aura overlaps with that of the earth, commerce is possible. At times of contact the astral entities from the core of Shan travel to the moon."


Trevor: "What is the nature of life on the moon? Are the moon people physical or astral?"

Ashtar: "The moon people are physical in form and astral in allegiance. They are allied with Satan."

Trevor: "Are these craft from 'downstairs' comparable to the Atlantean machines?"

Ashtar: "They are almost identical with those craft. They are, of course, made of a material that is akin to but of a higher vibratory form than your own matter. They are, therefore, not normally visible to your optics."

Trevor: "Is there any broad general method by which the etheric or friendly craft can be distinguished from the astral machines from the center of the earth?"

Ashtar: "As a general rule you may conclude that all cigar-shaped craft are potentially hostile to your people. These are the craft from the center of the earth which have carried out and are carrying out hostile acts. Our craft are for the most part heel-shaped or disc-shaped. This is a rule of thumb as you term it, for distinguishing between them."

Trevor: "Are there any basic rules, even if they are broad rules, by which the various craft can be identified when they appear solely as light manifestations?"

Ashtar: "There is a broad general rule which may apply for the purposes of identification. It is not exact, but is a rule of thumb. The true interplanetary craft, the ventlas of our forces, will appear to your optics with a manifestation of colored lights, usually green, red and white. They will sometimes appear constantly red and green, other times they will appear to be flashing. Those of the satanic forces seldom exhibit color, but come with white or bluish white manifestations. This should aid you in selecting the ships with which you might have contact." (To be continued with excerpts from Chapter Four: "Green Men, Monsters and Skeptics")

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They Live in the Sky

They Live in the Sky: Invisible Incredible UFO Around Us

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"The author describes his own telepathic contact with an invisible being, and how, at the suggestion of this invisible intelligence, he began experimenting with infrared film in conjunction with elementary principles of spiritual science. Mr. James makes no claims to having boarded or flown in flying saucers, but instead effectively advances the theory of invisible but real creatures and craft in our own atmosphere.

"The book is at once iconoclastic and intellectual — it shatters many dangerous myths and misapprehensions which have hitherto caused enlightened people to shun the UFO phenomenon, at least in public. In place of the popular dogma of 'saucery' it offers new methods of investigation based upon the twin premises that these UFO are predominantly invisible and that man is a spiritual organism."

They Live in the Sky (amazon.com)
Los Angeles: New Age Pub. Co. / Saucerian Press, 1958.


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