They Live in the Sky

By Trevor James Constable

Pertinent Excerpts From A Flying Saucer Classic Of The 1950s, Part V
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The UFO picture was still far from complete, even though the communications from Ashtar were filling it in quickly and with bold strokes. Sometimes shocked, sometimes nonplussed, I nevertheless found much that was contained in these communications to be true. In many instances, explanations came to hand for observed phenomena, although these were not always direct answers but rather signposts for the direction of one's reasoning power.

Some information had been offered about the various types of craft, now the question arose of the crews, what were the occupants of these craft like. . . in the case of the machines purported to come from the center of the earth?

Trevor: "By whom are these craft manned?"

Ashtar: "They have a variety of beings in their craft. They may be human type entities in the astral body, in every way similar to yourself. They may be elemental sub-human slaves of the astrals, or they may be astral monsters of a proportion and type likely to fill you with terror were you to contemplate them. In your measurement, many of them are gigantic, and horrible to behold. The craft may be manned by any or all of these creatures. . .

"The silver spheres frequently reported, especially those associated with reports of little men as occupants, are a type of craft launched from the carriers of the dark ones. There are several facts which govern the sightings of these things. In the first place, a combination of atmospheric conditions and the physical condition of the viewer may render them visible. In the case of the monstrosities seen by only one person, this may be the case. Certain physical conditions of the viewer may render them visible to one man when they will not be seen by another man beside him. Hence the common term 'hallucination'. But the man who sees these monstrosities is seeing something very real, and while it can be said that the experience is a subjective one in a sense, it is also a view into the unseen worlds which surround and interpenetrate your own. Great confusion is caused upon your surface by the varying descriptions of little green men, little men in various types of clothing and so forth. Believe me, it would take many books to fully describe the many types of elementals who dwell in the invisible realms."



There have been instances of pilots seeing some of these Saucer entities and going out of their minds as a result. One such incident, presented in what amounts to hearsay form in Major Keyhoe's "Flying Saucer Conspiracy", concerns an Air Force pilot in Hawaii. Sent up on a UFO scramble, he was alleged to have landed in babbling terror, after having seen the occupant of one of the UFOs.

The Pearl Harbor incident harks back to Oct. 8, 1953 when a voice suddenly cut in on a Salt Lake City radio station and proclaimed "I speak from a space ship. You cannot reach me, but I can, with ease, reach you. If you saw me, I should be so horrible in your eyes that you would be scared to death."

Trevor: "Are the dark ones craft propelled by the same propulsion system as yours?"

Ashtar: "No. They use an electromagnetic drive on some of them. Others are propelled by a jet and hydraulic system. That their propulsion systems are less than ours is indicated by the fact that they have a maximum speed of 3500 mph in your measure. The different propulsion systems give rise to the different light manifestations, although these are a rule of thumb and not an arbitrary and fixed method of identifying the different types. They also have discoidal machines similar to our ventlas."

Trevor: "On occasions, elementals have been seen stealing water, or water has disappeared in large amounts following Saucer sightings. Why is this?"

Ashtar: "Water is a valued commodity in the center of the earth where they dwell. One of the reasons they come to your surface is to steal water, which they do from lakes, rivers, reservoirs and tanks as convenience dictates."

I first stumbled into the concealment aspects of the UFO at the Spacecraft Convention held at Giant Rock, California in 1956. My attention became drawn to a section of the sky beyond the head of Frank Scully, who was speaking at the time. I saw several clouds appear and disappear in a strange fashion, for they hung motionless and unaffected by the wind that blew quite strongly. I noticed that the vapor trail of a high flying plane was rapidly dispersed, while these clouds continued to materialize and dematerialize.

I took off on foot across the desert for perhaps a couple of miles, until I came to a point just below the clouds. One thinned out and began to disappear. I perceived a reddish glow with a rotary effect within it for a few brief seconds. Then, about a minute later I perceived the reddish glow once more, but it was obscured almost instantly by a condensation of vapor which gave the appearance of a small cloud. . . From this series of events I deduced that as the craft became visible, for some reason or another, it was capable of condensing water vapor around itself, remaining invisible to the eyes, even though it was probably at our visual frequency, inside the cloud. (To be continued in the Sept-Oct Journal)

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They Live in the Sky

They Live in the Sky: Invisible Incredible UFO Around Us

by Trevor James

"Is there extraterrestrial life of any kind? Are there intelligent beings in outer space who can communicate with humans? Are flying saucers real? These questions, and many others of equally fascinating nature are approached, and answered affirmatively, from a completely new viewpoint in this book.

"The author describes his own telepathic contact with an invisible being, and how, at the suggestion of this invisible intelligence, he began experimenting with infrared film in conjunction with elementary principles of spiritual science. Mr. James makes no claims to having boarded or flown in flying saucers, but instead effectively advances the theory of invisible but real creatures and craft in our own atmosphere.

"The book is at once iconoclastic and intellectual — it shatters many dangerous myths and misapprehensions which have hitherto caused enlightened people to shun the UFO phenomenon, at least in public. In place of the popular dogma of 'saucery' it offers new methods of investigation based upon the twin premises that these UFO are predominantly invisible and that man is a spiritual organism."

They Live in the Sky (amazon.com)
Los Angeles: New Age Pub. Co. / Saucerian Press, 1958.