Index of Vol. XL [1984]

011984January & February". . . UNTIL YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF", by Captain Avalon • THE MOST EXCITING AND CHALLENGING SUBJECT IN THE WORLD, by Mrs. R.B.J. • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part II, by Trevor James Constable • VIM, FLYING LESSONS FOR MANKIND, Conclusion, by Lia Delissant • THE WORLD POWER GRID SYSTEM, Part III, by Riley Hansard Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Ground Zero Pairing Project, "The Bridge To Infinity" Is Finally Available, Shimmering White Like Something Out Of A Fairy Tale, Satellite Surveillance Classified Top Secret, Don't Lean Against The Pillars Of The Temple, What Says The Yada?, The Law Of Compensation Is Still On The Books, The Functions Of The World Power Grid, JFK's Ghost Haunts Film Set, The "French Connection" With The Assassination, "Appointment In Dallas" The Second Gun, The Way The Company Operates, It Will Never Be Properly Investigated, Live By The Sword Die By The Sword, The Sick-Making Institutions Must Go Too, Another Example Of Job 3:25?, Flying Saucer In Las Vegas, Nevada, Those Cavern World Portals Are Still Well Guarded, Friendly Advice From Max Heindel and Ashtar, Literature
021984March & AprilTHE TERRORIST, OUR HERITAGE FROM ATLANTIS, by Vaughn Shelton • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part III, by Trevor James Constable • ASTRAL STEEL IS REAL STEEL, by Robert A. Monroe • THE WORLD POWER GRID SYSTEM, Part IV, by Riley Hansard Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - That Astral Travel Frequency Is A Lulu!, The Dividing Of The Way, Lilith And Her Dominating Passions, The World Of The Earthbound, Time Travel Tibetan Style, Pagan Power Is Ruthless, An Extraordinary Story About Incest, A Call For Psychic Self-Defense, Guidance For This Century, Better To Marry Than To Burn, MIRO Hoist By Their Own Petard, Speaking Of Reagan: His Space Station Proposal, Speaking Of Reagan Budget Cuts, And Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Including Himself, And Of ELF Waves Nazi Style, Externalization Of The Hierarchy, One Member, Borderland Research With A TENS Device, Physical Reaction To Mind Manipulation, Back to The Drawing Board, Spooks!, A Contest of Wills, Selfish Use Of Tamper Ray Power Has Its Price, Pairs Skating A Russian Domain, BSRF Literature
031984May & JuneTHE COSMIC PURPOSE OF FREEMASONRY AND CATHOLICISM, by Max Heindel • THE POSSIBILITY OF LUNAR HABITATION, by Tom Brown • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part IV, by Trevor James Constable • THE WORLD POWER GRID SYSTEMS, Part V, by Riley Hansard Crabb • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Lucifer vs. Jehovah According To Blavatsky; Rita Milla Case (They Did Not Marry and They Did Burn!, Power Without Responsibility), Clipping on Lebanon ("Liquidated By Our Own People"); At Last A Portrait Of The False Christ Looeamong; 1500 Earthquakes In Two Months; Women's Lib In Jordan; That Cash-Landrum UFO Case Again; Schizophrenia and ELF Waves; Home Defense Against The Russian Woodpecker; CQC on Ronald M. McRae's "Psychic Warrior" (Speaking of the U.S. Psychotronic Association, Yada di Shi'ite comments on "Our Statistical Approach To Psychism", Not Visions But Remote Viewing, Radionic Instrument A "Multispectral Image Analyzer", Acknowledgement Of Russia's Lead In Psychic Research, Tantric Buddhism vs. The United States Navy, A Good Example Of Russian Mind Control, Using Mind Control To "Remote View" the Future, The New Bible Oahspe On Remote Viewing, The Organized And Rhythmic Heavens); Localizing The Grid Line Crossing Points; Bruce Cathie Believes We Have Manned Bases On The Moon; Power Without Responsibility Again By The Air Force; Coverage of Gerson Cancer Therapy; Saucer Smear on Comes The Dawn On Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens; World View 1984 and Other Conventions.
041984July & AugustTHE ULTIMATE COMPOUND -- LITHIUM, by Haroldine • FURTHER NOTES ON THE PLANETARY GRID, by John Sinkiewicz • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part V, by Trevor James Constable • TRANSFORMATIONAL MEDICINE, by Marcel Vogel • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - A Proven Free Energy Generator, Peace the 21st-A Thought-Image of Peace, The Alternative To War Is Peace, The Power OF Positive Thinking, On The Verge Of Ruin, Eeman Screens Might Help Too, Shirley MacLaine: UFOs And A Startling Coincidence, More Wanted On "The Regent Of The West", Air Force General Killed In Crash Of Secret Test Craft, School Prayer Advocates Know Not What They Do, Big Brother Is Watching, The Protective Power Of Eucalyptus Oil, What Says The Yada About Priestcraft?, Ah, Those Potent ELF Rates, "On A Slide Of Light", Pyramid Stones Are Man-Made, A Warning About Finished Crystals, Is Rockefeller Dumping Reagan?, Reagan Will Find Out Who's Boss, Hydrogen Power And Its Problems, Report On The Integratron, and BSRF Literature
051984September & OctoberTHE REPTILES THAT WALK LIKE MEN, by David Israel • HE PAINTS THEM AS HE SEES THEM-Austin Spare • THE INNER SPACE CONNECTION - from "The Outer Space Connection" • OUR ALLIES FROM THE FUTURE -Through Robert Shapiro • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Break With The Past, Break With The Present, The President Went Back To Sleep, There Is Some Good In Capitalism, From United Nations To United Planets, See Ya Tomorrow!, Spacemen Gave Crop-Growing Secret, Regular Protection Is A Must and the Prayer Machine, Women's Lib At the Top, Our Lying President, Bow Your Head To the Blast, Do The Dodgers Need Another Hex Removed?, Especially In Washington, Livermore and Amarillo, Loyalty To The Planet Which Shelters You, Peace Through Lithium Crystals, Positive Results For A Negative Capricorn, Those Born-Again Christians Will Love You To Death, The Accelerated Depreciation Of Judgement Day, and BSRF Literature
061984November & DecemberTHE KEYS OF ENOCH- Review by Gladys Iris Clark • THE SUBVERSION OF EARTH EVOLUTION, by Michael Heleus and with CQC by the Editor • THE MARTIANS COME IN PEACE, by an Austrian Believer • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Their Agents Are Everywhere Even In Denver, Earth's Second Moon Fowser, Reagan The Aquarius/Scorpio Man Of Destiny, Reagan's Scorpionic Intensity, More On That Underworld Behind-The-Scenes Influence, Cthulhu Gods Fallen Hierarchies From Ursa Major, Do You Know Who You Were?, Most Important Flying Saucer Meeting Of 1984, Go West Old Man, Obituaries, Too Much Of A Good Thing, Undeniable Signs In The Heavens, A Peace Agreement With Meaning, School For Living, Self-Diagnosis And The ELF, Why Radionics Is So Comparatively Successful, Pulsed Color And The M-Field Carrier Wave, Would-Be Assassins By The Gross, The Essence Of The Cabala, Religious Right The Ultimate Jesuit Sophistry, The Religious Whiplash Of Fear, The Magnetic Crack Where Time Stands Still, The Absolute Need For Daily Psychic Cleansing, and BSRF Literature: The Other Meaning of Christmas
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