Index of Vol. XLI [1985]

011985January & FebruaryNEUTRICITY, THE NEUTRAL CHARGE IN CRYSTALS, by J.G. Gallimore • SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE - from Manhattan's "The Vatican Billions" and with CQC by the Editor • WHERE ARE THE RIFE MICROSCOPES?, by Edith Kermit Roosevelt • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part VI, by Trevor James Constable • THE KEYS OF ENOCH, Conclusion, by Gladys Iris Clark • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Occult Causes of Degenerative Diseases, Starvation In Africa and Mengistu, The Great Storm Of The Late 1980s, Who's In Charge Here?, Images Of Hyperspace, The Hyperspace Bioenergy Transmitter, Push-Pull The Cosmic Pulse Of Life, UFO Descriptions Far Out And Spacey, The Simple But Effective Balance, The Horror Of The Insectoids, Earth To Become A Holy Planet, "Abintra" To Overcome Insectoid Trauma, and BSRF Literature
021985March & AprilTHE PROCESS OF INDIVIDUATION, by Itzhak Bentov • ANOTHER VIEWPOINT ON THE HEMET MAZE, by John Rafter, from La Pintura • THE GOD OF THE ROCK AND HIS PRIESTHOOD, by Geoffrey Hodson • LECITHIN THE GLAND NOURISHER, by Kay Mullendore • THE DISASTROUS DESCARTES, by Liam Brophy • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part VII, by Trevor James Constable • SEXUALITY AND CREATIVE IMAGINATION, by Michael H. Bradford • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Telepathy Beyond Coincidence and Paranoia, We Are Being Manipulated By Satan, The Violence Of Right-Wing Mystic Fanatics, Clinic Violence Must Be Stopped, The Emotional Scars Of An Unwanted Pregnancy, Absolutely Without Sympathy, Set In Concrete, Woman Power A Threat To Hierarchy Power, And The Bishop Gets Picketed, Live By The Sword, An Air Force Base On The Moon?, The Secret Shuttle Trip, Vanishing Within Seconds, Instantaneous Spatial Transference, Don't Rule Out The Pentagon, "Alternative 3" Colonies On The Moon And Mars, Martyrs To The Ultimate Survival Of The Race, So What's New?, Bridging The Abyss Of Deep Space, Joint Service And Sexual Equality, Space Wars Will Be Used, Maybe It Is Called Aurora, The Annual Report, England Anyone?, and BSRF Literature
031985May & JuneCAN RAPE PRODUCE CANCER?, by Robert Mahany • FREE ENERGY IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD, by Herman Meinke • FREE WILL AND WHAT SOME PEOPLE DO WITH IT, by David Patterson Hatch • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part VIII, by Trevor James Constable • ASHTAR and His Command Insignia • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Huge Cloud-Covered UFO Seen By Thousands In Spain, Van Tassel's Integratron Now Open To The Public, The Wrong Way Satellite Of September 1960, From 4-D To 3-D Visiblility, Those Harmful Thought-Forms, "Far Above My Ability To Understand", The Under Water Atlantean Pyramid Near Bimini Island, "Psychic Super Tot Baffles Scientists", Every Human Has One, The "Stigmata" Of The Dweller, Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright, Th Inevitable Degradation, A Public Confession To Columnist Ann Landers, Me And My Shadow, Man's - and Woman's-Creative Bungling, Solar Angel Versus Lunar Angel, Beyond Your Fondest Dreams, Oh Grave Where Is Thy Sting, and BSRF Literature
041985July & AugustA MAGIC RITUAL OF REVENGE, by David Patterson Hatch • PEACE, PEACE WHEN THERE IS NO PEACE!, by Harriette and Homer Curtiss • THE EFFECTIVE IMPOVERISHMENT OF THE FARMER, by Eustace Mullins • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part IX, by Trevor James Constable • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Chief Rolling Thunder Rolls His Thunder and Lightning, The Gods Respond, The Abject Yet The Most Dangerous Of Slaves, The Vastness Of The Hidden Powers Of Nature, Give Life And You Get Life, Saving The Life Of An Orphaned Indian, The Rothschild Motto, The Prime Cause Of The Revolutionary War, The Bankers' War Of 1812, The Wheel Of Fortune Continues To Turn, The Martyrdom Of Justice Mahoney, The Sacrifice Of Two Dozen Democrats, The Martyrdom Of Senator Harrison Williams, Justice Department Style Justice, Chrysler's Next Unit May Be A Bank, Who The Hell Made Those Rules?, A Dedicated Servant Of God-The-Destroyer, The Wall Street Mafia, Corporate Raiders, Securities Secured From Income Tax, and 1985 Conventions
051985September & OctoberTHE "MAGA-GRAVITY" BAND OF THE ONE FORCE, by the Yada di Shi'ite, with CQC by Meade Layne and Riley Crabb • THE TORUS OF TIME, by T.B. Pawlicki • THE DOUBLE TORUS OF TIME AND SPACE, by Barbara Hero • THE BIMINI BULGE, by Micca, Through Lucy Colson • NEW HORIZONS IN FIELD THEORY, by William J. Hooper • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - We're Long Gone On The Occult, The Pinched Nerve Syndrome, What Says The Yada?, The Reincarnated Assassins Of Seven Hundred Years Ago, Lebanon's Holy Warriors, A Bleak Future For South Africa, The Continued Application Of Lithium, The Corporation Behind The Religious Facade, The Dweller On The Threshold, The Burning Ground Of Pluto, The President Giveth And The President Taketh Away, Separation Of Church And State, Backed By The President!, In Memoriam: Judith Miyama Crabb, Who Wants To Be A Shadow On A Rock?, Peace The 21st For This Little Experiment Called Earth, and BSRF Literature
061985November & DecemberTHE BOY, LIONEL, BECOMES THE BABE, by David Patterson Hatch, from "Letters Of A Living Dead Man" • SOLVING THE CANCER ENIGMA, WITH HUNA, by Robert A McLellan • A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM MARY - Glenn Channeling, from the "Anchor Of Light", August 1985 • MAGNETIC FORM RESONANCE or TOPOLOGICAL ELECTRONICS, by G. Patrick Flanagan Ph.D. • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, Part IX, by Trevor James Constable • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - No To Drugs And Yes To Self-Control, "External Pressure" A New Name For Flying Saucers?, We Get Letters, The Rider Theory Of Space Propulsion, Women's Lib And The Church, Losing The Women's Voice, Mind-Altering Surveillance At Denver?, Jesus Rides A Flying Saucer?, Angelic Pilots, Evangelical Ecstasies of Ignorance, What Says Van Tassel?, Square Moon, Square Sun, "Boringly Predictable" New Zealand, The Secret Of Nuclear Explosions, We Hear From Bruce Cathie, Superman?-How About Klark Kent!, The Law That Never Was, Naval ELF Warfare-On Us!, Australian Radionics Contact, Forgive "Seventy Times Seven" and BSRF Literature
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