They Live in the Sky

By Trevor James Constable

Pertinent Excerpts From A Flying Saucer Classic Of The 1950s, Part VII
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"Should aircraft of yours be sent against them (the Flying Saucers of the Fallen Hierarchs from Dubhe? The Lunar Mafia?) they will be destroyed by the agency of a heat ray," said Ashtar to Trevor in regards to his query about the intentions of the "dark ones".

With this reference to a heat ray it seemed to me that Buck Rogers was coming home to roost. To preclude the possibility that such things could be used is the worst kind of dogma. . .

Trevor: "Is this heat ray the one which has been reported in some attacks on earth aircraft?"

Ashtar: "Yes, it is a heat ray which has been used to interfere with ignition systems and to start extensive fires in various parts of the world."

Trevor: "Many investigators are anxious to know why the dark forces cause these crashes of planes and collisions causing loss of life. It is not readily apparent to us, nor why or exactly how it is done."

Ashtar: (After a pause) "First let me say that the dark ones are highly desirous of causing destruction of airplanes and do so frequently. They would, if it were possible, bring down many more of them if this action would not result in their being detected by some of your people. The reason for this airplane crashing is really very simple for one who has grasped the concept of astral and etheric realms beyond the physical. Frequently, the astrals desire some particular person for a special purpose, perhaps a technician, an engineer, or one of special skill or talent. They wish to abduct him, in other words."

(John Keel gives a chapter to selective abductions in his Fawcett paperback, "Our Haunted Planet", 1971: "In Antarctica an American scientist vanished without a trace on May 7, 1965. He was Carl Robert Disch, twenty-six, and he was assigned to the Byrd Station, operating equipment to investigate VLF (Very Low Frequency) radio noises for the National Bureau of Standards. He set out to walk from his hut to the main station a short distance away, following a handline that was strung as a guide for the path between the two points. When he failed to appear after 45 minutes, the other scientists went out searching for him in tracked vehicles.

("'If Disch had fallen and was lying in the snow,' Ron Sefton, the [15] leader of the Byrd station explained to William J. Parkinson of the Baltimore 'Sun', 'the huskies would have seen him long before the searchers did. Similarly, if he had fallen and was covered by drifting snow, the dogs would have sighted the mound and rushed out to investigate it. That's the way huskies are.'

("The search went on for three days and covered a 55 mile area around the hut. Disch's own dog, a husky called Gus, disappeared shortly afterwards. Some of the searchers claimed they saw mysterious lights and heard engine noises in the distance. Antarctica, of course, is uninhabited except for a handful of international scientists who work very closely with one another.")

"After an airplane crash," continued Ashtar, "when the person concerned is released from his physical body after his 'death' his astral form is seized and taken to the nether regions. (This suggests the Lunar Mafia rather than the Insectoids. RHC) The crashes are brought about by several agencies. First, instrumentation failure, resulting in collision of one kind or another. Secondly, production of fire, usually in the vicinity of the fuel tanks. Thirdly, complete suspension of the entire electrical system in the airplane. Fourthly, the use of the force field of their own craft to induce structural failure."


The well-known Walesville case is very definitely an instance of this heat ray. A Starfire jet fighter, chasing a UFO near Utica, New York was subjected to a ferocious heat which almost drove the pilot and observer insane and forced them to bail out of their fighter. The jet crashed into the village of Walesville with some loss of life. These airmen are fine young men, well-trained and equipped with the best that the United States can provide. To make such men bail out of a plane over a populated area, the heat had to be fantastic. There was no question in this case of the UFO not being visible, for they were chasing it! It is also an instance of someone living to tell about what happened. Could there have been other instances similar in which there were no survivors? The UFO hovered above the scene of the crash, as large as life, glowing brilliantly.

Word recently reached me of yet another abduction of pilots from a jet trainer out of Bolling Field, Washington, D.C. The trainer took off with two occupants, and three hours fuel. Given up for lost, the jet trainer suddenly appeared over the airfield six hours later, landed and skidded to a halt at the end of the runway. There were no occupants!

Trevor: "We have been puzzled by the abductions of whole airplanes and crews periodically. There are some things we would like to know. First, do you ever for any reason take human beings off this earth, or abduct them so to speak? Secondly, why are these airplanes taken?"

Ashtar: "First, our laws forbid us to interfere in any way with the life of any entity. We cannot bring about a physical death wittingly under any circumstances. Everything must proceed in its Universal plan, which we are bound to carry out. However, the dark ones do not live by these [16] laws and prey upon mankind freely, seeking vehicles for themselves by any method they know. They do not hesitate to bring about the 'death' as you term it, of any entity if it serves their purpose. We have nothing to gain or learn by taking your machines.


"They have several reasons for the abductions of airplanes and crews. First, they may desire the actual physical material of which the machine is constructed, for purposes of their own which don't concern you at the moment. Secondly, they may desire the entities in the airplane for purposes of their own, regarding which I shall presently tell you nothing. Thirdly, they may desire both of these two things in combination.

"The advancement in flight of earthmen is moving steadily towards the 3500 mph which is the limit of their present attainment. They are interested in seeing what you are doing and how you are doing it. The increasing mastery of the science of flight, soon to make extra large forward steps is concerning them greatly. All this is a little beyond your present understanding, but eventually you will piece it all together and know the whole Truth." (Received in September, 1956)

"I wish to alert you to the forthcoming renewed attacks on your planes which will be carried on by the dark ones. Keep careful watch on these reports."

I resolved that I would watch the news with great care. I was disturbed by what happened. The reader must decide for himself whether or not there is any value or virtue to what I have recorded:

Sept 17: Lockheed high altitude U-2 research craft reportedly exploded and crashed near Kaiserlautern, Germany. The J-57 powered jet was in Europe conducting tests on clear air turbulence, convective clouds and jet streams at altitudes of 50,000-55,000 feet. The pilot was missing and feared dead.

Sept 18: Madera, Calif. B-52 Eight-jet bomber bursts into flames in mid-air. Five men killed, pilot escapes, together with another man variously described as a maintenance expert, etc. Earlier in the year (1956) another plane of the same type exploded in flight near Tracy, Calif with malfunction of the complex electrical system blamed for the crash.

Sept 22: Eindhoven, Holland. Jet fighter crashes into thickly populated area. Pilot and civilians killed.

Sept 22: San Bernardino Cal. Jet fighter crashes on Mt. McKinley in San Bernardino Mountains. Pilot escapes but crash starts worst fire in the history of the area.

Sept.24: Mt. Yale, Col. Air Force C-47 crashes into the north face of this mountain at 10:30 a.m. Twelve occupants killed instantly.

Sept 25: Tallahassee, Fla. Two jets collide over the city with all occupants killed in both planes.

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They Live in the Sky

They Live in the Sky: Invisible Incredible UFO Around Us

by Trevor James

"Is there extraterrestrial life of any kind? Are there intelligent beings in outer space who can communicate with humans? Are flying saucers real? These questions, and many others of equally fascinating nature are approached, and answered affirmatively, from a completely new viewpoint in this book.

"The author describes his own telepathic contact with an invisible being, and how, at the suggestion of this invisible intelligence, he began experimenting with infrared film in conjunction with elementary principles of spiritual science. Mr. James makes no claims to having boarded or flown in flying saucers, but instead effectively advances the theory of invisible but real creatures and craft in our own atmosphere.

"The book is at once iconoclastic and intellectual — it shatters many dangerous myths and misapprehensions which have hitherto caused enlightened people to shun the UFO phenomenon, at least in public. In place of the popular dogma of 'saucery' it offers new methods of investigation based upon the twin premises that these UFO are predominantly invisible and that man is a spiritual organism."

They Live in the Sky (amazon.com)
Los Angeles: New Age Pub. Co. / Saucerian Press, 1958.


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