Index of Vol. XLII [1986]

011986January & FebruaryMY SEARCH FOR RADIONIC TRUTHS, by R. Murray Denning - Reviewed by Alison Davidson • INTEGRATION OF THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE EARTH, by Ellen V. Wilmont Ware, From the "PENDULUM" November 1953 • THE LAKHOVSKY MULTI-WAVE OSCILLATOR, by Klark Kent • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Your New Director, How I View The World, Newton's Laws Are Full Of Flaws, Scientific Idiocy, New Light On The Changing Face Of Mars, Life From Inorganic Material, Green Areas Betoken Martian Life, Psychotronics Cruise, The Further Adventures of Elaine Peick, Rainbow Toner Update, Letter From Riley, No Need To Know, Living In The Dark Ages, The Link, East Of Tomorrow, Color Changed Her Life, Spectro-Chrome Metry Contacts, Bridge To Infinity, The Cameron Aurameter, Experimental Anti-Jet-Lag System, Implosion
021986March & AprilUNDERSTANDING THE ROTATING MAGNETIC FIELD, by Eric P. Dollard • COSMIC BLUEPRINT, Part I, by Trevor James Constable • ADVANCED ELF PULSE GENERATOR, by Peter A. Lindemann • THE SECOND CHANCE, by Albert Zock • MYSTERIOUS RAYS FROM HUMAN EYE - Reprinted from Popular Science, January, 1922 • INTEGRATRON II, by William F. Hamilton III • PARASENSORY TESTING, by J.G. Gallimore • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Pollution, The Inner Smile, Editor-At-Large, An Explanation, Cosmic Humanism, The Light Bulb, The Baran Papers, Shavertron, Authorities, Inner Circle, Karma, The Great Teacher, Rays In Photos Tell Whether Subject Lives, Our New Cover, An Occult Approach • Fear, Dinshah's Platform, Contacts, Science Corner, 1985 Annual Report
031986May & JuneQUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS, A TRAP FOR THE UNWARY, by Riley Hansard Crabb • IMPLOSION AND THE DERWISH DANCE, by Albert Zock • COSMIC BLUEPRINT, by Trevor James Constable • BUILD YOUR OWN RADIONIC TUNER, by Peter A. Lindemann • THE TESLA OSCILLATING CURRENT TRANSFORMER, by Eric P. Dollard • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - A Clip, A Quote, A Comment, Tools, Gnostics, Rife Microscope Update, Hiranya Coils, Contacts, Space Shuttle, Flying Saucers Over Argentina, 1986 Catalog, Tesla Book Company For Sale, MWO Update, Golden Ratio Antennas, Giants
041986July & AugustCONSCIOUSNESS-WITHOUT-AN-OBJECT, by Franklin Merrell-Wolff • HOW PENICILLIN AND OZONE WORK ON AIDS, by Albert Zock • ELECTRON THERAPY RESEARCH, by John Crane • RADIONIC ANALYSIS: A THEORETICAL APPROACH, by Peter A. Lindemann • COSMIC BLUEPRINT, Part III, by Trevor James Constable • THE ORGONE ENERGY BLANKET, by Klark Kent • MIND CONTROL IN THE U.S. by STEVEN JACOBSON, by Book Review by Robert Larson • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Radionics In Poland, ELF and Color, EEG Entrainment?, UFOs In The News, Ether Ships, End Of Time, Qabalistic Interpenetrations, Cycles and Densities, The Time Sphere, Pattern Of Life, Implosion Garden, Living Sphere, Energy Insights, Searching For An Answer, Bechamp Or Pasteur?, Contacts, Bio-Electric/Magnetic Ionic Stabilizer
051986September & OctoberHEALTH AND HEALING, by R. Murray Denning • OZONE TOXICITY, by Merlin • ELECTRON THERAPY RESEARCH, Part II, by John Crane • RADIONIC ANALYSIS: A CLASSICAL APPROACH, by Peter A. Lindemann • THE ORGONE ENERGY BLANKET, Part II, by Klark Kent • COSMIC BLUEPRINT, Part IV, by Trevor James Constable • OBSERVATIONS OF THE ETHERS, by Tom Brown • SECRET OF THE TESLA SHIELD, by William F. Hamilton III • THE BIO-ENERGY TRANSMITTER, by Dr. John Baron • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Update From Argentina, UFOs From The Past, General Update, What's Happening At The Integratron, Triangle Of Light, Travel Anyone?, Contacts
061986November & DecemberARCHITECTURE, by Athon Veggi • INTRODUCTION TO THE ART OF DOWSING, by Harold & Gerald Estep • THE STATUS OF BIOTURBINE DEVELOPMENT, by From "Welte Spiral" March 1963 • FREE RADIONICS • FREE PYRAMID ENERGY • FREE GOLDEN RATIO ENERGY • THE ORANUR EXPERIMENT, by Klark Kent • DIPOLAR VORTEX THEORY, by C.W. Deans, M.Sc. • ELECTRON HEALING, by Merlin • WOLF OIL WORKS!, by Merlin • NEW BSRF PRODUCTS, by Peter A. Lindemann • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - One Down . . . Many To Go, Integratron Update, Contacts, Confront The Facts, Definitions, 1987 Catalog Info, Mystifying Flames
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