Index of Vol. XXXIX [1983]

011983January & FebruaryTHE HEMET MAZE, AN INDIAN PLACE OF POWER, by Carl and Pam Parsons • THE LEFT-TO-RIGHT TIME SEQUENCE, by Jose Silva, with Illustration • LOGGING CONVERSATION WITH THE DEAD, by George W. Meek • ". . . ALWAYS ATTENDED BY AN UNSEEN PRESENCE", by Charles Lingford • CONTROLS, FROM THE PERSONAL TO THE PLANETARY - With CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Possibilities of Peace (report from Astara Convention of Nov. 5-7, 1982); ELF Waves, EEG Entrainment, Psychotronic Warfare and Welfare, Computer Controlled ELF Generator, ELF Harmonizer; The Earth Grid and Psychoactive Frequency 7.812 Hertz; No Freedom of Information Here, But There Is From the Other Side, Are You True-Minded or Are You Nice-Minded, The Cry For Light Was Answered (Those Investigating Scientists Forty Years Ago, They Had No Choice, Can A Christian Obey Orders To Kill Non-Combatants?, Catholic Bishops Turned Liberal? Heaven Forbid!, President Reagan's Underhanded Diplomacy); Another Martyr To The Flying Saucer Phenomenon, A Famous Contactee Discredits Herself, Producing the Right Crystals In the Tropics (Consummation Of The Spiritual Marriage, The Seven Sub-levels Of the Physical World); Transmission of Power Without Cables or Wires; The Post Office Can Now Ban the Bible From the Mails; The Least Reported Story of 1982; The Department Of Utter Confusion, The Nuclear Freeze Movement Now Has Its Martyr, and BSRF Literature
021983March & AprilA WAY TO PEACE, THROUGH ELF WAVES, by Dr. Andrija Puharich • THE GREAT TRADITION OF BORDERLAND SCIENCE with PROCLUS, by Robert Temple • NATURE WAS MY TEACHER, by Viktor Schauberger • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Human Possibilities, An Invitation From Siberia, Sacrificed To The Cause, Their Natures Are Utterly Unlike, Deuteronomy 2:30-35 Revisited, The Man Who Saved Jews, More On Those Russian Experiments With Parapsychology, An Elite Corps Of Psychic Warriors, Abusing Their Profession, And Discrediting Research In America, The "Not-So-Amazing" Randi Buffaloed, The Curse Of Geronimo, The Blessing Of Ashtar, New Breed Auto-Immune Program, Homeopathy Under A New Name, A Prophet With Honor But No Satisfaction, A Champion Of The Oppressed, Death Of A Passive Woman and Birth Of A Strong Feminist, 1982 Annual Report, The Bible Cannot Be Banned From The Mails Yet, Flying Saucer Convention At Tucson, West Coast Conference Of American Society Of Dowsers, and Orange County Chapter
031983May & JuneTHE DEADLY HARM TO UNBORN GENERATIONS, by the Yada di Shi'ite • THE VALEDICTORY OF AN ATOMIC PHYSICIST, by George Kistiakowsky • "NOW AND IN THE FUTURE WE ARE GOING TO PREVENT A NUCLEAR WAR ON EARTH" - Compiled by G.B.A. • A REICH CLOUDBUSTER CAN NEUTRALIZE ATOMIC WASTE AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS, by Richard Clark • THE DESTINY OF OUR NATION, by the Comte de St. Germain • NATURE WAS MY TEACHER, by Victor Schauberger and A. Zock • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - That Edwards AFB UFO Landing Of 1954 Gets Support, Flying Saucers Have Indeed Made People Uncomfortable, They Spotted The UFO That Visited Ike, From Weightless UFOs To Weightless Cosmonauts, The God Of Anti-Gravity Losimon, The Challenge Of The Cabala, Earth The Prison Planet, A Positive Charged Moon, Dowsing With The Human Aura, "The World Isn't Ready For It Yet", Conscious Manipulation of the Fires, Our Atlantean Karma, The President Stands Up To The Bankers, Try The Rife Balancing Harmonizing Rates, The Tape-Controlled Rife Frequency Generator, Oh My Aching Lumbago, Moongate-Suppressed Findings Of The U.S. Space Program, Deadly Harm To The Present Generation, The U.S. Psychotronics Association Conference 1983, and BSRF Literature
041983July & AugustBISHOP AMY KEES, A DAUGHTER OF ISIS AT WORK, by B. Ann Slate • PENDULUM ANALYSIS, THE ENERGY FIELDS OF THE BODY, by Anikki Talikka • PERSONALITY ADJUSTMENT GUIDE, by Gerald Bringle • THE UFO CONNECTION, HOW MANY INVESTIGATORS HAVE IT?, by Barbara Schutte • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - She Has The Answer To The Problem Of UFOs, MIRO Gears Up For 1984 In 1983, America's Siberia Courtesy Of The U.S. Senate, Restricted To Our Postal Zones?, Time For The E.T.'s To Come Out Of The Closet, From Stars To Comets, IRAS-ASAKI-ALCOCK, A Sidereal Idiot, Contra Gravity By Hypnosis In California, The Father Of Russian Flying Saucers?, UFO Coverup Ruins Lives Of Three, The Micro-Wave Oven Effect, The Military Escort of Helicopters, The UFO One Of Our Own?, ELFWave Protective Generation At Home, Parles Vous Francais?, Report From The Electrinium Foundation, No Atomic Waste In Space, The Holy War For Drug Money In Lebanon, Establishing A Macho Image Abroad, Anyone For Pagan Magick?, The First Planetary Congress, and BSRF Literature Including Old Journals
051983September & OctoberTHE WORLD POWER GRID AND ITS MANY APPLICATIONS, Part I, by the Editor • INSTRUCTIONS ON TAKING DIVINE POWER - from the Book of INRI • THE GREAT MAGICAL AGENT, by Eliphas Levi • WHEN KIDS KILL THEIR PARENTS, AND WHY - from "Newsweek" and "Franchezzo", with CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - A Woman For Inner Space As Well, Free Electrons In A Magnetic Field, Magnetic Detectors Are Too Weak, The Anti-Mass Field Of A Flying Saucer, Silva Mind Control or Transcendental Meditation?, Released For His Next Government Assignment, The Official Evil Use Of Mind Control, Details Of Mind Control Operation, Programmed To Self-Destruct If Necessary, The Crystal A Mind-Control Adjunct, Who Owns America?, Wall Street Has It Both Ways, "Live Each Day As Though It Were Your Last", A Most Unusual Jesuit, Father Drinan, A Marine Corps General Commits Apostasy, The Rape Of Central America For Wall Street, Beware The Parsitical Activities Of Certain UFO Entities, Embalmed Space Entities Are Real Says Jackie Gleason, No Cash Registers or Confessionals In Space, We Want The Bodies Of ETs, No Longer In Contact With ETs, Ah Those Air Force Flying Saucers, Proposed Trip To The Planet's No. 1 Oscillator and BSRF Literature
061983November & DecemberTHE AWE-INSPIRING MAJESTY OF THE GREAT PYRAMID, by Elaine Peick • VIM, FLYING LESSONS FOR MANKIND, Part I, by Lia Delissant • SUBTLE ENERGY: A CHALLENGE FOR RESEARCH, by James Faubel and Willard Frank • THE WORLD POWER GRID SYSTEM, Part II, by Riley Hansard Crabb • THEY LIVE IN THE SKY, by Trevor James Constable (Review) • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Is The CIA Running The Church? Or The Church Running The CIA?, Is President Reagan A Knight Of Malta?, A Master Of The Occult Hierarchy At Work, A Friendly Visitor Extends Greetings To An Associate, The Contactee Analyzes The ET, "The Nature Of Reality", Anti-Gravity, "The Tribulation" Of The Judgement Day, Zapped By Captain Faust Of The U.S. Air Force, Was Capt. Chon Of KAL 007 Zapped?, Zapped By Citizens' Band Broadcasts, Another Black Eye For Flying Saucer Research, Wendelle Stevens Disappears Unmysteriously, Great Gaps Where Virtues Should Be, Graphic Illustrations Stay In The Mind, Proof Of The Jackie Gleason Story, Needed: One Crystal, Aura Magnetic Network, A Guide To Inner Earth, and BSRF Literature
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