It was about this time that friends introduced him to the Alice Bailey books, including the one on "Telepathy". After reading that he decided to give himself two years to prove to himself that he could communicate directly with another mind. He wanted to have absolute proof.

To obtain this he built two copper rooms, to shield out any form of electricity from going through the walls. Such rooms are called Faraday Cages. He became acquainted with the well known medium, Eileen Garrett. She volunteered to become a subject for telepathy experiments at his laboratory in Maine, originally a barn, donated by an interested friend. Financing was arranged and research began on sending messages between the two Cages, with a subject in each. Dr. Puharich proved that information could be exchanged in this way with no electrical linkage between the rooms, with both telepathy and clairvoyance. He also proved that a good clairvoyant could look out into space and predict a cosmic pulse before it hit one of his recording instruments -- which is precognition!

This research went on between 1950 and 1955. He still wanted to know what was really happening inside the brain. Then came the opportunity [2] to work with the Dutch psychic, Peter Hurkos. It was a fall from a ladder while painting a house that suddenly opened Hurkos's psychic abilities -- a violent blow on the head. Among other things he could psychometrize a picture inside a sealed envelope. Hooked up to electronic metering equipment Puharich found that when Hurkos was most successful -- in locating missing people, for instance -- his brain produced an ELF wave of 8 Hertz (cycles per second).


Continuing his experiments Dr. Puharich had the opportunity to work with a Yogi in 1956. Here he found a subject who could consciously control his brain waves, deliberately shifting himself from one level consciousness to another. From this Andrija came to realize that people could be trained, with bio-feedback, to produce the 8 Hertz and other ELF waves consciously.

In 1962 his research shifted to psycho-kinesis when heard of Arigo in Brazil. There he saw this psychic surgeon shove a knife into the eye of a patient, with no pre-preparation of any kind, and operate -- with no pain to the patient! -- removing cataracts. Puharich made several visits to Brazil to research Arigo. While doing his healing work Arigo's brain, too, produced that tell-tale 8 Hertz wave.

It was in the early 1960s also that Puharich met with his friend, Aldous Huxley, in Tecate, Mexico. There Huxley's wife, Laura, was doing psychic healing. She would make magnetic passes over a woman and heal her of her heart trouble. These passes produced huge waves or vibrations of eight cycles per second in the patient, and Andrija found that Laura's brain rate was also 8 Hertz. One brain could entrain another! At last Dr. Puharich had found the answer to his long quest. He now knew that if his brain sent out a certain energy the dog would receive it and be entrained by his signal. This is what had happened between the dog and him on his milk route as a young man.

On July 4, 1976 the Soviet Union unleashed a new weapon on the world. Nikola Tesla had shown in 1901 that a person could transmit power across the earth through the ground. The Russians were emitting an 11 Hertz signal (cycles per second) across the world. This powerful signal upset radio communications everywhere. Many nations protested. The U.S. Air Force identified 5 different frequencies in this compound harmonic the Russians were sending through the earth and the atmosphere. The intention was to affect a change of consciousness in mankind. The Extreme Low Frequency waves will penetrate anything and everything, the specially shielded Faraday cage, the ocean. Nothing stops or weakens these signals.

Dr. Puharich and Robert Beck designed receiving equipment which could measure these waves and their effects on the human brain. Their experiments proved that a signal of 6 Hertz easily penetrated the copper walls of a Faraday cage. So could a rate of 6.66 -- one of the rates being used by the Russians. This caused depression. 7.83 Hertz could make a person feel good. This is the so-called Schumann Resonance, the earth's pulse rate. 10.80 Hertz could cause riotous behavior. [3] As far as he could determine, the Soviets never sent out a signal in the 8 Hertz range that would be beneficial to people.


When Dr. Puharich presented this information to certain U.S. Military leaders they would not believe him! He then made up a secret report and had it hand delivered to President Carter, to the head of the French Intelligence Service, to Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, and to certain dignitaries of other Western nations. Heavy action was then taken by our government to shut him up. His home at Ossining, New York, containing the results of much of his research work, was burned to the ground. He fled for his life to Mexico. From there he continued to monitor the Russian ELF wave signals and the higher harmonics in the Megahertz range (5.340 Mhz).

Through his Washington contacts a group meeting was arranged with the CIA. A showdown ensued, an agreement reached, since then no trouble with the CIA -- except for the publication of his books! The government program is now called the ELF (for Extreme Low Frequency) and the Navy set up a research program on it, two years later! Puharich's secret report was expanded into a book, under contract to Dell publishing company, but publication has been blocked for the past four years, meanwhile the Russian attack goes on, unknown to the general public.

Whole populations can be controlled by ELF waves. Intensive research on such "behavior modification" is now being conducted by the United States government, to find out just what such waves do to people. This electro-magnetic research is similar to the secret drug experiments conducted on the unsuspecting populace in the 1950s. Dr. Puharich did identify one ELF wave as a cancer-causing agent in mice.


The 8 Hertz wave is an aid to concentration and can be reproduced in others for beneficial results. To prove that this could be done Dr. Puharich took the young lsraelite, Uri Geller, to 22 universities to demonstrate this power to the academic world. As a result of Geller's demonstration of the metal-bending power of the mind on British TV in November 1974, hundreds of English men and women, and children too, were encouraged to demonstrate this power to themselves and friends. Now metal-bending parties are becoming popular in the United States, and some are finding that this 8 Hertz wave can also be used to heal. Army and Navy experiments proved that many could develop this power and demonstrate it convincingly with only two hours of training.

Now, how can this work for peace? The sun radiates the same spread of ELF waves as the Russians, and others besides. It takes three days for these energies to reach the earth, filtering through the atmosphere, which is a cavity resonator of 7.83 Hertz between the ionosphere and the earth's surface. We are constantly bathed in these magnetic waves from the sun. Our bodies are 67% hydrogen, which oscillates at 8 Hertz as the plants wave in the sea. The source of the magnetic waves of the [4] sun is hydrogen, too. When you get your brain oscillating at 8 Hertz, you are tuned in to and can communicate with the sun. 8 Hertz waves can be used in meditation.


One country, not ours, has learned that directed meditation can be used to bring down missiles from the sky. Increase the rate to 11 Hertz and one can bring on a storm. The resonating rate of the core of the earth is 6 Hertz. Generate this signal properly and one can bring on an earthquake, as the Soviets proved with earthquakes they caused in Iran and China, according to the monitoring done by Dr. Puharich. But he assured his audience at Astara, "We can do with our minds what the Soviets are doing with mechanical equipment! One hundred people, with synchronized thinking, can do incredible things. The Kahunas of Hawaii, or the Indian Rain Dancers, channeling this energy from their brains."

To generate 8 Hertz waves in the brain one must get rid of all body noise -- aches, itches, every disturbance. "Imagine that you are looking at a circle of light in your mind. This circle leads into a tunnel of light. Imagine you are travelling to the Sun and entering it. It is not hot and there are Beings there. When you have entered the Sun you have locked onto great power. Using this energy in a group -- one cant do it alone -- with mutual reinforcement, aligned, one could dematerialize nuclear bombs. Things can be made to disappear. This is the way to peace.


"There must be absolute centerdness to oscillate our brains in tune with the Sun at 8 Hertz. These waves can be used for healing, to calm animals, to help the world. Other governments know about this and are going to use it for war. The Kahunas knew how to use this with the negative vibration. The CIA is approaching psychics to use this to get rid of enemies, to get rid of people. We must develop this power in ourselves, connect with the Sun and send out waves of peace.

"These waves cannot be jammed. The lower frequency Hertz waves are as long as 300,000 miles. The government has built huge transmitters in South Africa, Australia and other places to beam ELF waves back at Russia. There is no shield that will stop these signals. Only the brain stops it enough to cancel it. There is no chemical protection yet to stop the hydrogen atom from reacting with a magnetic field. These only interact with the brain, nothing else.

Dr. Puharich revealed that the Soviets used ELF waves to experiment with weather control in 1976 and 1977, using an 11 Hertz wave sent round the world; but even when they stopped their transmitters, they couldn't stop the waves! It took a year for the 11 Hertz wave to diminish in strength, causing a terrible winter. Since the Russians turned on this signal, they have had three crop failures in a row, as well as great floods. America had great heat and drought. [5] About 1980 they began to realize more fully what they were doing; so they built more transmitters, in Siberia and in Latvia, to send beams around the world. They created a great arc over Canada to Cape Cod, 42 miles in width. Soviet attaches, from the embassy in Ottawa, were going out to villages to determine the effects.


The great Pyramid of Giza near Cairo, Egypt is an ELF wave generator resonating at 8 Hertz. The Priests there kept the planet healthy with sound-tuning chambers in the Pyramid. One could energize the whole planet for peace using the Pyramid to get into contact with the center of the Sun.

* * *

Dr. Puharich apparently agrees with Russian researchers that the Great Pyramid of Giza is a major source of ELF waves on the planet. They have labeled it No. 1 on their World Power Grid. Take a good look again at our reproduction of the Russian Grid on page 13 of the Nov-Dec 1982 Journal. The best description we have seen yet of the Great Pyramid as an ELF Wave generator is in T. B. Pawlicki's "How To Build a Flying Saucer and Other Proposals in Speculative Engineering", a paperback published at $5.95 by Prentice-Hall (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632) in 1981.

Pyramid - Chokmah-Yang

Pyramid - Binah-Yin

The Wave of Electro-Magnetic energy sweeps out in all directions from the four sides of the Pyramid, its circle expanding to a maximum diameter of 25,000 miles half way round the earth then contracting to a point on the opposite side of the planet at the antipodes. This is the Male, Chokmah or Yang half of the sine wave. Pawlicki claims that underwater pyramids have been discovered in the South Pacific, referring specifically to Easter Island, Rapa Nui, as their approximate location; but Rapa Iti, a thousand miles further west, is closer to the antipodal point of Giza. There the wave peaks against itself and races back -- at the speed of light? -- in the Female, Binah or Yin half of the cycle, to the Great Pyramid, in time for the next cycle. The rate of pulsatlon is 7.8 Hertz or cycles per second and is called the Schumann Resonance. A great Chinese pyramid has been discovered [6] in the south China jungles, a thousand feet to the side, thought to be a natural mountain, until its man-made form was uncovered. This pyramid is 90° or one-quarter of the way around the world from Giza. The American pyramids, Teotihuacan in Mexico and Guzco in Peru, are 120° or one-third of the way around the world from Giza. Pawlicki believes that these placements are not accidental, even if the builders were no aware of the harmonic relationship.

Pyramid - diagrams 3 & 4

"The fundamental electromagnetic resonance between the earth and its surrounding Ionosphere creates a voltage loop oscillating from one side of the world to the other (as shown in the diagrams on the preceding page [above])," writes Pawlicki. "The great pyramid of Giza and the pyramids of the south Pacific are located where the natural global voltage established the highest electrical potential."

Pyramid - diagram 5

"As the voltage loop oscillates between the Nile Delta and the south Pacific island at the Antipodes, an equatorial loop is established between the two poles. The Chinese pyramids (above left) are found where the equatorial loop established the highest electrical potential. The American pyramid civilization is found where the loop of the third harmonic established the highest electrical potential (above right).

"When the fundamental resonance is superimposed with the secondary, tertiary and quaternary harmonic, a standing-wave voltage structure is established [7] (left), surrounding the earth with the electrical voltage pattern shown in the diagram. Although the electromagnetic waves flow around the world the standing wave pattern remains static."

Russian ELF wave transmitters have been pin-pointed at three locations -- Riga, Gomel and Kiev -- and are considered to have created the atmospheric standing waves which affected weather so severely here in the United States in the late 1970s. Pawlicki's diagram for the pyramids suggests a way in which the Russian standing waves could be sketched and calculated, from their transmitters.

To quote Pawlicki again: "Although the Soviet system is inefficient in delivering consumer goods to its people, Communists are more receptive to revolutionary engineering. So while American authorities deny Tesla's discoveries, Soviet engineers have built a complex of Tesla towers in Karelia. Independent amateurs in America have found that the Soviets are using them to alter the natural pattern of electromagnetic standing waves surrounding the earth. Because the atmosphere carries electrical charge, air currents tend to follow geoelectromagnetic flow patterns. When the natural standing wave pattern is changed, the climate changes accordingly. Have you noticed?

"Independent researchers, comparing the locations of the exceptional number of severe earthquakes during the past decade with the report of Soviet nuclear tests, conjecture that the Red are using seismic waves to plot the pattern of standing waves defining the interior of the earth. They give the planet a concentrated shock at a fault line and wait to see where the impulse emerges on the other side of the world. As long as local authorities deny the existence of this technology, how can the victims prove their earthquake was not a natural event?"

And again, from his chapter "Beyond Velikovsky": "The military-industrial-(and Religious?) establishment published the first release of atomic energy from uranium in 1945. Would you like to guess when Einstein's equations were used to prove the release the energy contained in the sun's gravitational field? According to information available to me, Nikola Tesla gained insight into spacic energy an the beginning of this century, before petroleum was used for much except kerosene lamps; by 1925 he was ready with experimental proofs. Reports have reached me of about a dozen private parties making similar discoveries in their own way. The latest word is that a party in the Northeast calling itself X-Tec, is trying to get into the consumer market by generating spacic energy from the Sun's gravitational field; we'll see if it survives any longer than its predecessors.

"In the meantime, the Soviet military-industrial establishment has managed to secure a monopoly on the free air their citizens are allowed to breathe; so it has no reservations about implementing Tesla's theories for generating electric power from the energy of empty space, and they are proceeding apace while Americans are building windmills to get the same energy the hard way." Pawlicki then reminds us of Dr. T. Henry Moray's success in developing a Free Energy device in Salt Lake City, Utah before World War I, and of its suppression!


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