Index of Vol. XXXVIII [1982]

011982January & FebruaryBRING YOURSELF TO SEE THE ONENESS OF THINGS, by Lao Tse • MAGNETOTHERAPY, HEALING WITH MAGNETS, by Arjan Singh • " . . . AND NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET", by Ruthe Stein • SECOND INTERNATIONAL UFO CONGRESS, by Anders Liljegren • THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK AND THE GOLDEN AGE, by Haluk Egemon Sarikaya • ARCTURUS, THE ZODIACAL WAY STATION, by C.B. Wyniatt • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Shanghai's Nature Journal: "Ziran Zazhi", The One-Sided Chess Match In Merano, Italy, A Psychotronic Generator of Unlimited Reach, The Unbalanced Power of the Fanatic, The Abnormal Power of PLO's Arafat, the False Polarity of a Male-To-Male Relationship, Speaking of the MIddle East, Yes Virginia There Is a Santa Claus, The Disgruntled Father Moves On, Astrological Predictions For President Reagan, Prices Will Continue To Rise, Which World Leader Is Programmed?, The Dangerous Decade of the 1980s, The Prime Cause of Inflation, It Has Already Happened In France, A New Goal Beyond the Presidency or Prime Minister, Some Realize There Must Be a World Leader, The British All-Party Study Group, Literature
021982March & AprilVENUSIANS WALK OUR STREETS!, by Paul M. Vest • WHY I BELIEVE IN THE REALITY OF THE SPACECRAFT, by Wilbert B. Smith • THE PROBLEMS OF SPACE TRANSIT, by Ramon Natalli • THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR, by Raymond E. Fowler, with CQC and Review by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Sage Observations From A Chinese Sage, Great Troubles From Sudden Frequency Changes, "Walking" Into Another World, Is President Reagan Silenced On UFO Problems?, Hydrogen Peroxide the Poor Man's Glyoxylide, Tony Agpaoa Dead?, The Shift From Three-D to Five-D Is Easy, "Take Up Thy Cross and Follow Me", 1981 Annual Report, The Detroit-Dallas-Houston-Wall Street Axis Still In Control, Another Hopeful Heard From, BSRF Literature
031982May & JuneBE SURE YOUR DOCTOR IS HONEST, Part I - Dr. Mendelsohn Interview • USE OF CRYSTALS IN HEALING -Interview with Oh-Shinnah • CATHOLICS IN A QUANDARY, Pope or Reagan?, by John Dart, LA Times • TENS, THE ELECTRONIC WAY TO STOP PAIN-Adapted from "Changing Times" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Those Cavern World Connections, Meeting The Earth Gods Face To Face, Masters of Humbug and Deceit, What Says The Master?, Discord Means Eventual Disintegration, A Professional Discord Sower and Military Gangster Confesses, The Dilemma Of The Falklands, Voice Of Research and Prophecy From Down Under, Another Prophet Heard From On Fateful 1984, The Planned Military Takeover, The Monad "Magnapulse" ELF Wave Device, Skilling's TENS Body Pulse Unit, Radio Shack's Economy ELF Wave Metronome, Need Something Electronic?, By All Means, Professor, Spread The Borderland Word, The AF Keeps In Practice For 1984, and Borderland Sciences Research Foundation Literature
041982July & AugustTHE MASS MOVEMENT FOR TOTAL NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, JOIN IT-OR ELSE! • USING HYPNOSIS AS A PSYCHIC RESEARCH TOOL, by Gene Hurtienne • THE CORPORATE HEAD-HUNTERS APPEARED, by Lyle Ottinger • THE WITCH OF KONA, by Tom Donner • DISCOVERY OF THE SECOND LAW OF GRAVITATION, by Craig Gunnufson • BE SURE YOU DOCTOR IS HONEST, Part II, by Ron Kotulak • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Scum of the Galaxy, The "Lost Time" of Our Earth Scheme, One of the More Famous of the Maldekians-Lord Byron, On Being and Indian, Eternal Youth For Admirals Only, 1332 Protesters Arrested At Livermore, Give the Governor "A" For Effort, The Government of the People No Longer, The Rich Fall Into Temptation, The Revolution Predicted By Eisenhower, U.S. Psychotronic Conference, The Radionic Quarterly, and Literature
051982September & October"WHERE I COME FROM SOMEBODY IS WAITING", by John La Fontaine • SAUCER RESEARCH IN A TOTALITARIAN STATE, by Hakan Blomqvist • THEY CRAWL OUT OF THE WOODWORK, by Warren Smith, from "UFO Trek" • GEOMETRIC STRUCTURE OF DISEASE, by Malcolm Rae • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Thanks For Saving My Life!, Computer Malfunction at SRI, Psychic Self-Defense, She Came On A Dare, Call Off Your Dogs, David, Censorship Is A Fact, An Associate Speaks Of Her Psyche, Speaking Of The Pyramids, And Of ELF Wave Devices: The EM Sink, With Color and Schematic, Another Dowser Awakens to Reality, the Pioneer of the Aquarian Age, He Failed the Banker's Initiation, Recession Turns Banks Into Real Estate Salesmen, Crystals, Their Functions and Possibilities, Nuclear Power Too Cheap To Meter, Survival Is Illogical, and BSRF Literature
061982November & December"THOSE STONE BOOKS WITH THEIR SCULPTURED LETTERS", by Fulcanelli, Charpentier, Henry Adams, and with CQC by the Editor • THE PLANETARY GRID and CHARTRES, by the Editor • THE TYPICAL GEOMETRIC STRUCTURE OF DISEASE, Or HOMEOPATHY UP TO DATE, Part II, by Malcolm Rae • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The "Black Virgin" and Her Daughters On The March In USA, The Victory of MIRO Is Illusory, What Price Security? Asks Admiral La Rocque, Did We Get What We Paid For? No!, A Garden Grid Point and The Cathars, "Dangerously" Movie Only Too True For The Cast, Wisconsin For The Nuclear Freeze, "Files on UFOs Can Be Withheld, High Court Says", Plugged Up With Heavy Metals, Eeman Screens Just What Were Needed, This "Baptism" Took Ten Years, Jesus Separates Himself From Jehovah, Jesus Saves-Moses Invests, The Energy and Life Of A Previous System, The Second Coming? Don't Hold Your Breath, Vietnam All Over Again?, Surrounded By Good People, High Precision ELF Wave Generator, Tumor Destruction With Magnet and Metabolic Therapy, BSRF Literature
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