The Martians Come in Peace

By an Austrian Believer

"The border line between Austria and Styria is composed of an ancient massive rock formation, having an altitude of about 4600 feet. The name of the vast mountain range is 'Change' or 'High-change' because the weather there is always changing. On one side you will see the sun shining and on the other side it will be raining.

"On this mountain there stand, separated at great distances, only three tourist homes. The tourists keep very much to the beaten paths and seldom. wander off along on the paths that lead to the Alp meadows. Therefore the territory around this region is very lonely and you could spend weeks without ever seeing a human being.

"About a month ago I was up there under the dwarf pines and that particular evening after I ate the supper I had brought with me, I used the last rays of the sun to make some notes in my diary and then wrapped myself in my tent blanket. I lie relaxed and still in the great stillness about me and await the appearance of the stars. The deep gazing into the starry heavens makes one realise the smallness of man and keeps one humble and thoughtful . . . Twilight set in and nature was enveloping itself in an opalescent veil. I could still make out the trees and the first stars were just appearing.

"Then it happened. Slowly and absolutely without the slightest noise a strange object lowered itself gently towards the earth and landed about 150 feet away from me.

"It was a strangely beautiful thing that had the shape of one of these circular, luminous balls one hands on Christmas trees, but of gigantic size. It was about 20 feet across and silvery in color. As the twilight deepened its luminosity increased. At first it had been quite dim.

"I jumped up staring in wonder as one transfixed. Its reality could not be doubted . . . there was a mysterious flying machine from another world . . . all of a sudden the lid of this strange machine was lifted, and a luminous being issued forth. Slowly and carefully he stepped from his machine, which grew more luminous. His entire body was enveloped by an aura which radiated a deep and most beautiful shade of blue. This color had a most soothing effect on my eyes and my whole being, so that I opened my hands and with outstretched arms proceeded to approach this wondrous being with slow and measured steps.

"Then I began to see his face. It was a human face similar to [18] ours, but in expression like that of an angel and of a strange but mild beauty. The eyes were larger than those of us humans, but they radiated power, kindness and goodness simultaneously. The nose was smaller and the mouth seemed barely indicated. On the forehead I could see a round and very luminous dot, which seemed to grow larger and take on the shape of an antenna, somewhat like that of a giant snail.


"Actually this luminous feeler seemed to grow larger and larger and moved about as though seeking in the air in the direction in which I now stood, motionless. Then he too remained still and thus we stood, as though hypnotized.

"He wore a tight garment, closely adhering to his body, that enveloped head, hands and feet. Only the face was uncovered and free. The material of the suit seemed as though made of spun glass. His legs were very thin and the arms like our own. His hands and fingers seemed to be very muscular. Suddenly the figure came to life. Slowly he approached me, lifted his arms high and laid his hands upon my head. Thus we remained standing a long time. Then I felt his feeling organ touch my forehead between the eyes. It was as though a new sense awakened in me. I could comprehend the messages his mouth perhaps could not. I understood immediately as long as he touched me with his antenna, perceived as of extraordinary delicacy and pleasantness. His thoughts were as a stream of fire pouring through me.

"'I sense that you are differently constituted from your fellowmen. Therefore I will reveal to you, who we are and what our purpose is on earth. Yes, we come from the star that you call Mars. Who do you name our planet after the God of War? Why do you fear that we will bring disaster and new wars? Yes, it is true that our planet is older than yours and more highly evolved. We have progressed further in science, but also further in our inmost being. We love peace above all things and know vaguely that in the hoary past there was such a thing as war, in which human beings, for the sake of unimportant and worthless things, wound and dismember each other -- and only because a few so-called Supermen have willed it.

"'I am astonished to learn that you are still living in this most primitive condition and that this most unholy and sinful thing is clothed in words of virtue, so that men and women may more quickly become excited about it. You speak of honor, of necessary sacrifice on the battlefield. You speak of love to your rulers and tyrants who kill those who do not and cannot understand. But he who makes the sacrifices demanded by war and loses his all -- he is forthright forgotten after the war has ended.

"'I feel the question in your heart, 'How have we come to know all this?' Surely you know that we have been coming to earth for a long time, that we encircle the earth, and we do not have to learn the various languages of men. We have evolved to the point where [19] we can read thoughts and this is due to the fact that we possess an organ which you also possess but have neglected until it has atrophied. It is the Third Eye.

"'Just as you can expand your vision by means of optical instruments and thus can see into immense distances, so we also have tools and instruments by means of which we can see immense distances. But we also have the Third Eye, and this single eye is not merely useful for seeing, and with it we can also hear, or rather, we can become aware of everything that transpires in men's hearts -- whether it be joy, happiness, irritation, dissatisfaction or anger.


"'We do not come as your enemies. We want to help you to ban these unholy crises on earth that occur again and again, so that you poor human beings shall at last attain to that lasting peace and happiness which we possess.

"'You have remained backward in science to such an extent that you use it mainly to destroy mankind. And this is not the fault of humanity, but solely the fault of a few human beings who enslave you and feed you with false words and concepts, and who do not live in Truth. They give you great ideals and systems of religions, but none of these so-called lords live according to these ideals. On the contrary, they sneer at them and drag them around in the mud. But woe unto you if you do likewise, for then you shall stand before the tribunal and you shall be burnt like living torches for having desecrated a God. And the judges themselves do not believe in a God. They know only the dead letter of their law books.

"'O how unhappy you are because your so-called free will is forever being shackled with new speeches and high sounding words while being derided. And so that you shall more easily succumb to this disgrace they give you alcohol and tobacco, which are taxed by these high lords, so that you have to earn and pay for your shame and disgrace.

"'My friend, all this have we became aware of by witnessing the radiations or vibrations that issue forth from the hearts of men. We know everything that is transpiring on this earth, and we often have to go back into our own past in order to understand these horrors, which devour the tiny bit of happiness you have here, just as ants eat up what is strewn in their path.

"'We Will help you. And in the near future you will stand face to face with events that shall fill you with wonder, but which you will greet with joy as soon as you comprehend their true significance. And so that you may do so, we will help you. And now, goodbye! That which I have made known to you in my own way, that freely give out to others after what you call a month. God bless you.'

"He lowered his hands, remained motionless for a short time, placed his right hand over my heart, then turned away, stepped into [20] his wondrous flying machine which slowly arose, then disappeared quickly before my eyes.

"This was the greatest experience that I have ever had in this life. The following day -- and I remained in this self-same spot two days longer for I had brought food with me -- I wrote down my observations in my diary, and now a few personal comments.


"What would happen if such a Flying Saucer should land in a city or village? First of all the police would come running and ask the being for his passport. If he does not have any to show, he would be arrested. And since one cannot speak with him, he would be delivered to the ones in high positions who will have him measured and lock him up in a cage, feed him by force, and when he dies, they will preserve his body in alcohol to be dissected at a later date. Thirdly, if he is not immediately taken away by the authorities, he would be surrounded by people who would treat him like an animal in a zoo.

"I have also made some other notes that I would rather not tell you about! In short, when the man from mars approaches us in peace and love, then he is lost. The political parties -- if all goes well -- would seek to make use of him, and each would try to make some kind of deal with him to find out if it were possible to have military outposts on Mars from which they might shoot at their enemies.

"Yet perhaps -- and this I believe -- perhaps we do not yet know all the possible powers that these men from Mars may make use of. They will know how to protect themselves -- otherwise they would have landed long ago and would have shown themselves to the people."

Quoted from a 53-page brochure by the late Franklin Thomas, "We Come In Peace", New Age Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California, 1955. The above observations by the Austrian writer -- who preferred to remain nameless -- are as pertinent today as they were 29 years ago when he made them; but, as we have said and written elsewhere, there is one place on earth where, presumably, an advanced being from outer space could be received openly and treated honorably and that is the United Nations headquarters in New York. This must be the crowning achievement of our civilization, to pass on to the ones which are to follow, peaceful interchange with advanced civilizations of other planets. This must be one of the great milestones of a human life-wave on any planet, to develop to where interplanetary commerce and fellowship are a fact of life -- as dramatized for millions and millions of earthians in the Star Trek television series. Those images are in our consciousness. They will manifest some day as a physical reality. Why not now?

Surely this must be one of the major goals of the Christ whose birth we celebrate at this time of year: Brotherhood at the interplanetary level. As World Teacher it had to be His influence which guided and inspired the writers of the scripts and producers of the Star Trek series to prepare us for interplanetary responsibilities.


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