"The 'Rebels' (of Lucifer) would not create will-less irresponsible men, as the 'obedient' Angels (of Jehovah) did; nor could they endow human beings with even the temporary reflections of their own attributes; for the latter, belonging to another and a so much higher plane of consciousness, would leave man still irresponsible, hence interfere with any possibility of higher progress. No spiritual and psychic evolution is possible on Earth -- the lowest and most material plane -- for one who, on that plane at all events, is inherently perfect and cannot accumulate either merits or demerits. Had Man remained the pale Shadow of the inert, immutable and motionless Perfection, the one negative and passive attribute of the real I am that I am, he would have been doomed to pass through life on Earth as in a heavy dreamless sleep; hence a failure on this plane.

"The Beings, or Being, collectively called Elohim, who first pronounced -- if indeed they ever were pronounced -- the cruel words 'Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil, and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the Tree of Life, and eat and live forever . . . ' must indeed have been the Ida-baoth, the Demiurge of the Nazarenes, filled with rage and envy against his own creature, the reflection of which created Ophiomorphos.

"In this case it is but natural -- even from the dead-letter standpoint -- to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual Mankind. For it is he who was the Harbinger of Light, bright, radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged. And he who was the first to whisper 'in the day ye eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil', can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An Adversary to Jehovah, the 'personating spirit', he still remains in Esoteric Truth the ever-loving Messenger, the Angel, the Seraphim and Cherubim who both knew well and loved still more, and who conferred on us Spiritual, instead of Physical Immortality -- the latter is a kind of static immortality that would have transformed man into an undying 'Wandering Jew'." (Pages 245-246, Vol. 3, "The Secret Doctrine", Sixth (Olcott) Edition, 1952, Adyar, India.)


LA "Times", Feb. 9, 1984: "The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles and seven priests were sued for $15 million Wednesday by a young woman who claims she was drawn into sexual intercourse with the clerics as a teen-age parishioner and had a baby by one of them. In a Los Angeles Superior Court civil suit charging conspiracy, fraud and clergy malpractice, the woman, Rita Milla, said she gave birth to a daughter Oct. 12, 1982, in the Philippines, where the [22] priests had sent her to protect the secrecy of the relationship.

"Now 22, Milla lives with the child, Jacqeuline, and her parents in the South Bay area and is on welfare . . . Asked during the press conference (in her attorney's office) how she could be drawn into sex with the priests, Milla said, 'It was mostly like I understood their authority and felt that they would know, that they would know what is a sin.' She said she was told that sex was natural and that priests sometimes 'get lonely too' . . .

"At the Archdiocese, Father Joseph Battaglia, director of communications, said church officials will have no comment on the law-suit while it is in litigation. That decision was made by Cardinal Timothy Manning, archbishop of Los Angeles. Last July Milla met with Bishop John Ward in Los Angeles to inform him that the father of her baby was a priest and was told there was nothing he could do. Ward, who is not a defendant in the suit, could not be reached for comment. The woman said she had described her plight at different times to other priests but was given no solace, and was told by one that she was probably responsible for seducing the seven fathers and should repent . . . Her suit claims that a priest made sexual advances to her while she was in the confessional . . ."


LA "Times", March 10, 1984: "In a response filed late Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, John P. McNicholas, attorney for the archdiocese, contended there are no grounds for including the church in Rita Milla's $21 million damage suit. 'The Roman Catholic archbishop of Los Angeles may not be held liable for a priest's acts of a sexual nature, because such conduct is not within the course or scope (of the) priest's duties as a matter of law.' . . ."

The Church has always considered itself above sex, ever since the bishops created a state church for Constantine at the Council of Nicea, 325 A.D., and the little bastards created by celibate priests are the responsibility of the State, the doers -- that is, the Freemasons -- as explained by Max Heindel in the lead article in this issue of the Journal; for, as the "Times" reporter says, Rita Milla and her illegitimate daughter are on welfare; and the father, along with the other unchaste priests, has been transferred out of the archdiocese.


Jehovah's religious fanatics of Lebanon are at it again. The Shia Muslims, the Druze Muslims and the Maronite Catholics show their devotion to their Gods by doing their damnedest to kill each other. While at a luxurious castle in Lausanne, Switzerland, the "godfathers" of these cults threaten each other with their pagan power. "There is no agreement on anything," Druze "godfather" Walid Jumblatt said Sunday night, bemoaning the fact that fighting in Beirut continues while no progress is being made here in the talks. "The fighting continues because there is no political will to arrive [23] at a compromise (in Lausanne), and there is no political will because the fighting continues. If we don't achieve anything, we will be liquidated by our own people. We can't just sit here in this luxurious castle!" (LA "Times", March 19, 1984)

There is another unseen but very real "godfather" at that conference in Lausanne and in Lebanon, the 10 Hertz ELF waves from huge Tesla Magnifying Transmitters in Russia. The Soviet Woodpecker is intended to cause riotous behavior and it goes through everything!


Xerographic copy of a painting attributed to Richard Holst, dated 1939.

The German artist and Nazi Party member, Richard Holst, painted this picture in 1939 when Hitler's legions were triumphantly invading Poland. This is the Nazi/Fascist Christ, of course, and beside Him is his prize pupil and admirer, Adolf Hitler, jack boots, comic moustache and all. This is an Associated Press photo of the painting, on display in the town of Muench.


Back in 1900 Nikola Tesla predicted that his TMTs (Tesla Magnifying Transmitters) suitably modified and tuned, could cause earthquakes anywhere in the world. Russian engineers and physicists took him at his word after World War II began the necessary research and development. The proof of their success, according to Tom Bearden and Andrija Puharich, is the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in the State [24] of Washington a couple of years ago, and the great Tangshan earthquake in north China, July 28, 1976, which killed a million people and leveled a city. The center for the R&D carried on by these Russian Dr. Fausts is Saryshagan, in southeastern Russia. They have sowed the wind, now their people are reaping the whirlwind, as indicated in this brief dispatch in the Los Angeles "Times" 3/16/84:

"A series of 1,500 earthquakes ripped through the Central Asian Soviet republic of Uzbekistan in the last two months, leaving 9,000 families homeless and reducing thousands of buildings to rubble, Soviet television said. The quakes were recorded in the region of Namangam, about 1,800 miles southeast of Moscow. No deaths or injuries were attributed to the quakes, although Soviet media rarely give casualty figures. One of the worst of the tremors, reportedly measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale, occurred on Tuesday."


"Jordanians voted for the first time in 17 years to fill vacancies in the lower house of Parliament. Results were not expected until today. More than 500,000 Jordanians, including women for the first time, were registered to vote. Police guarded each of the nation's 800 polling centers in anticipation of brawls between supporters of the 101 candidates, and Jordanians were barred from carrying firearms. The government declared election day a public holiday to encourage voting." (LA "Times", March 13, 1984)

Obviously, King Hussein is one of the more enlightened rulers in the Arab world. Equally obvious is the liberal influence of his American wife, Queen Elizabeth! For most Arab rulers we can't be sure they are married or, if married, how many wives they have! For they never appear in public. But on television the other day here was Queen Elizabeth of Jordan, bare headed and in Western clothes, welcoming the arrival of Queen Elizabeth of England and Prince Phillip to Jordan at the airport. This symbol of women's liberation is not lost on women in the Arab world. Isis will have Her way.


"Two women and a boy have sued the government for $20 million, alleging radiation exposure and other injuries in a brief encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object, federal court records showed yesterday. Vicki Landrum, 60, and her grandson, Colby, 10, of Dayton, Texas, and Betty Cash, 54, of Helena, Al., claim in the suit they were riding in a car on a rural highway near Houston, Texas when the encounter occurred the night of Sept. 2, 1983. 'I've never believed in UFOs,' Cash said in a telephone interview. 'I was the first one to laugh. I was terrified. Now I'm afraid to look up!' She said she believes the object was not from outer space but is a secret government device. She said it was surrounded by military helicopters." (San Francisco "Chronicle", January 21, 1984)

The three flabbergasted Texans suffered extreme radiation burns [25] when they got out of their stopped car and watched the huge, diamond-shaped object, glowing brightly, floating along over the highway with an escort of at least twenty helicopters. The next day the women were so sick they could not go to work and eventually had to close down their restaurant. Their doctors want to know, from the government, what kind of radiation the women got from the UFO so they can be properly treated -- also the boy. So far, from the government, only a thunderous silence on a subject which is even more secret then the Atomic Bomb project of World War II.


Xerographic illustration depicting an open robed man with long hair suffering an attack, hand clutching his chest, eyes closed, mouth open, tongue out.

"A few weeks ago a middle-aged Ukrainian man with a history of long years of schizophrenia was brought to me in the hospital by the police. At times he would babble incoherently while rolling his tongue around repeatedly and jerking his head around. At other times, however, he would pull himself together enough to tell me he could actually hear in his head the incessant Woodpecker flapping of the Soviet ELF waves. However, he said that although these 'radio' waves were originating in Russia, they were quite strong within the hospital itself because the waves were 'coming from the hospital basement'. By this I speculated that the ELF waves were somehow resonating within the heavy machinery in the subterranean floors of the hospital. He said the Russian radio waves were driving him crazy!"

Dr. R.S., British Columbia, Canada

Sounds like a tough combination for any physician to handle, Doc. The Ukrainian is an obvious case of possession by an earthbound spirit, but a successful exorcism still would not shut off the Russian Woodpecker broadcasts, a 10 Hertz signal riding a 5.340 Megahertz carrier and augmented by the Low Frequency beat of air conditioning or other equipment in the hospital basement. And your patient may welcome the suffering because of a deeply buried guilt complex -- or a desperate need for attention. If so, cure for either symptom would only be temporary. Nevertheless, a pocket-sized ELF wave generator, oscillating steadily at 8 Hertz night and day, might make the obsessing spirit so uncomfortable as to drive him or it out, and entrain the aura enough to neutralize the Russian Woodpecker signal -- IF the patient could be convinced of the necessity for carrying it. Good luck!

Effectiveness of pocket-sized ELF wave devices has been verified by the medical authorities in Australia. They have notified Tom Dunn of New Zealand, who manufactures and sells the ELF wave "Harmopulse" that if he ships any more Harmopulses into their country, the devices [26] will be confiscated. This has already happened to some of Dunn's orders, including one paid for and shipped to an Associate here in Southern California. It hasn't arrived, neither has Dunn's warning letter to us. The schematic for his Harmopulse was in the Jan-Feb 1983 Journal, page 22. Schematics and parts lists for other ELF wave devices are in the May-June 1982 Journal and in BSRF 19-A, "ELF Waves, Psychotronic Warfare and Welfare", $5.50.


"Many Thanks for the suggestion. We have placed two crystals on the fuse box where the electric power line comes into the house and have already noticed a more pleasant atmosphere and feeling in the home."

E.C., Gresham, Oregon

In his talk on Psychotronic Warfare at the U.S. Psychotronic Association convention in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978, Bob Beck pointed out that the Russian Woodpecker and carrier waves are higher harmonics of our 60 cycle, alternating house current. This makes the electric wiring system of every American home an antenna for the Russian broadcasts. A borderlander in this area of Southern California has been experimenting with small chunks of local granite as natural rock crystals for healing and other positive vibes. He depends on the psychic sensitivity of his 12-year old son to monitor clairvoyantly the effects he is seeking. When a small piece of granite was accidentally placed near the fuse box of their home, the son said the aura of the house wires changed from red to green! This significant piece of information was passed on to the Oregon Associate who had complained of negative vibes in his home.


Word from Chicago is that the 1984 convention dates have been set, June 27th through July 1st, and it is back to Atlanta, Georgia and the campus of Oglethorpe University. Write to Bob Beutlich, 3459 Montrose Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60618 for registration costs, presentation of papers and other details.

The USPA made the April 1984 issue of "Omni" Magazine, in an article on "Psychic Warriors" by Ronald M. McRae. The author claims that a member of our Psychotronic Association has been engaged by the government to create "psychic shields for its missile crewmen, the shields, produced by a member of the USPA, would be activated by a drop of blood or a lock of hair from the bearer". Of course the term "psychic" is "verboten" in government and orthodox science circles, so they use a translation of the term originated by the Russians, "Novel Biological Information Transfer-Systems". I remember dowser Verne Cameron telling us of being invited by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) at San Diego, back in the 1960s, to come there and try to locate Navy submarines in the north Pacific, using his dowsing instrument, the Aurameter, to indicate points on the map given him. Position of the Navy subs was known to the [27] observing officers but there was no indication from them as to whether or not Cameron was successful. He was thanked, given some kind of a fee for his services, and dismissed.


"In Russia the (telepathic) effort is to receive. This is sometimes being called 'being nosey', poking into where you do not belong. It is sometimes known as picking minds. You do it here, your Service peoples practice all the time, getting telepathic messages, not only from Russian minds but from every mind everywhere. Then these are mounted on papers and the choice ones are taken and run through a machine -- what you call -- ?" said the Yada di Shi'ite.

"Computer?" replied a class member.

"Computer," agreed the Yada. "And the computer makes a declaration of their value. Isn't that wonderful? Isn't that remarkable? You see, you must learn to get along. Everybody must learn to get along with one another, or you'll have to get along without one another -- not even yourselves! You wanting, surely to come to the right conclusions; but you must co-exist; or you'll have no existence.

"Russia has been delving into the Mystical Arts for the last 20 years. You here, perhaps for the last 10 years, maybe 12 -- but no more. Your scientists for so long made the mistake of believing only what they could see and measure; so they became your authority when they had no authority in themselves . . ." (The Yada di Shi'ite, head of the Inner Circle, the Powerhouse behind BSRF, channeling through Mark Probert at a Closed Class, No. 6, in San Diego, California, August 18, 1967. BSRF 10-R, Class No. 6, $3.00 postpaid.)


McRae, in his article in the April 1984 "Omni" writes: "In the Seventies the Navy signed a $50,703 contract with the California think tank SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) to determine whether psychics could detect remote electromagnetic sources. If psychics could detect flashing lights in another room, the thinking went, perhaps they could also detect very weak electromagnetic emanations from submerged submarines . . . The lengthy report never once mentions the word psychic, although the researchers, SRI's Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ are perhaps the world's best known physicists in the field of psychic research. SRI delivered the final report for the contract in 1978, claiming success with several psychics. But the Navy isn't bragging about its apparent success. In response to congressional inquiries about the contract in 1982, Navy spokesmen refused to characterize the study as psychic.


"By far the weirdest project ever funded by any government agency was the 'multispectral image analyzer station', which the Navy bought in 1977 from Virginia chiropractor and psychic Charles Whitehouse. He [28] is a board member of the United States Psychotronics Association, Inc, an organization producing electronic devices that supposedly amplify psychic energies. Whitehouse assured the head of the photographic research and development for the Navy, Captain Robert Skillen (now retired) that the Navy could locate a Soviet submarine simply by inserting a photograph of the sub into his machine.

"'It is possible to detect a submarine this way,' Skillen still asserts. Whitehouse trained several persons from Skillen's department and from the CIA to operate the device, and the Navy shelled out a grand total of $5,111 for the little black box. 'The work that Whitehouse did was creditable,' Skillen maintains.

"For his part, Whitehouse still proudly displays the check stub and the receipt for 'One Multispectral Image Analyzer Station'. He has also used the same machine to treat cancer patients at his chiropractic clinic, correcting 'holes' and 'imbalances' in the patient's auras -- an invisible psychic halo -- by shining various combinations of colored lights on their bodies. Any malady can be cured by the proper combination of lights, Whitehouse claims, and the analyzer's technical manual even lists a cure for 'Bombs (A and Hydrogen)'.

"Other government agencies, like Civil Defense and the Air Force showed no interest in a machine that could 'cure' the A-bomb, but the Virginia board of medical ethics did. Board investigators accused the doctor of defrauding patients, and Whitehouse has migrated to Thailand where he hopes life will be more leisurely'.


"Equally astounding however," continues McRae, "were the conclusions of a 1972 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) study, originally classified top secret but released in 1978. 'Soviet efforts in the field of (psychic) research sooner or later might enable the Russians to do some of the following:

"A. Know the contents of top-secret U.S. documents, the deployment of our troops and ships, and the location and nature of our military installations.

"B. Mold the thoughts of key U.S. military and civilian leaders at a distance.

"C. Cause the instant death of any U.S. official at a distance.

"D. Disable, at a distance, U.S. equipment of all types, including spacecraft.

"These apocalyptic predictions, incredible as they seem, have been voiced repeatedly in intelligence evaluations. According to another DIA study released in 1978, Soviet psychotronic weapons 'would pose a severe threat to enemy military, embassy, or security functions'. The DIA also suggested that telepathic hypnosis could be 'targeted against U.S. or allied personnel in nuclear missile silos'. So in 1981 the Air Force seriously considered buying the 'psychic shields' . . ." Based on the proven principle of the [29] "witness" of the Radionic practitioner or the "bait" of the Kahuna.


In his "Psychic Warriors" article in the April "Omni" Magazine Ronald McRae reveals the Navy's suspicions that magickal operations may have been directed against some of its vessels operating in Vietnam waters, and confirms your editor's thoughts about such matters back in the 1960s. "During the Vietnam War the Navy suspected that 'psychic mishandling' may have triggered a rash of mysterious bomb explosions on carriers operating in the Gulf of Tonkin. Could excited launch-control officers in a missile silo inadvertently disturb the navigation computers and destroy Washington instead of Moscow? Do silos need psychic shields? The Pentagon would certainly like to know."

When the Admirals turned to the occult scientists of the Office of Naval Intelligence the answer was yes! But the moral question is, should a trained psychic lend his God-given abilities to protect an atomic missile -- and its silo operators -- so they can launch a doomsday weapon that will kill a million Russians at one blast?

And then there is the kindly warning of the Yada di Shi'ite to that San Diego class in 1967: "Everybody must learn to get along with one another, or you'll have to get along without one another -- not even yourselves!"


"In 1977 Samuel Koslov, the Navy's Assistant Secretary for Reasearch and Development learned that the Navy had a contract with the Stanford Research Institute to study 'ELF Waves and Mind Control'. Because the human brain generates extremely low frequency electrical signals scientists speculate that transmitting strong signals in these frequencies might interfere with the natural brain activity of people nearby, producing effects ranging from hypertension to sudden death, but the mind-control label upset Koslov. He ordered all Navy funded psi research stopped."

And this was only a year after the Soviets started their ELF wave broadcasts from giant Tesla Magnifying Transmitters at Gomel, Kiev and Riga! I think McRae missed the boat on this one; for this appears to be a perfect example of Point B of the DIA report of 1972: "Mold the thoughts of key U.S. military and civilian leaders at a distance."

"'This sort of talk encourages people to take off on wild-goose chases,' Koslov says. 'If the Soviets are really wasting money on this nonsense they are doing so because their newspapers reported that we had opened a psychic arms gap. I can show you the clippings.'  . . . The SRI contract was cancelled but other projects were spared. Currently research on the effects of ELF on the human brain is well funded and highly classified . . ."

And there are other examples of mind-manipulation since then.



The Military Services aren't the only government agencies engaged in mind-control research; and when Senator Proxmire, of Wisconsin, learned of another such program carried on by Putoff and Targ, he was dismayed at such frivolous waste of taxpayer's money; so this political flathead decided to award the agency his Golden Fleece. Learning of Proxmire's proposed action, the head of the government agency cancelled the contract!

But Putoff and Targ had already proved to their own satisfaction that Remote Viewing can give one a vision of the past and the future -- as well as the present -- the location of Russian submarines, for instance. So they sequestered themselves in a California mountain hideaway, computerized their data and selected the Silver Futures market as a pragmatic test of their system -- and cleaned up a million dollars in a week!

This is a brief summary of the story told by Bob Beck at the February meeting of Vince Wiberg's dowsers' group at Plummer's Park in Hollywood, and relayed to your editor by Ed Skilling. Furthermore, Beck says, the man who puts on the Spoon-bending parties, Jack Houck, is involved in Remote Viewing of market trends with the other two, and they have put their program on a Floppy Disc for computer use.

Wait, there's more! Beck said that Targ was invited to participate in a gathering of psychotronics experts in Russia. While there one of the Soviet physicists boasted that they had succeeded in filtering out of the "noise" coming out of the brain of the successful Remote Viewer -- galvanic skin response -- the brain rate. It is 2,000 cycles per second, not an ELF wave. So we got out our Olson Radio Store audio signal generator ($29.95 in 1968!), and set it at 2,000 Hertz, next to our piano. That note is three octaves above Middle C, but closer to B.

Plate 61, "Orachnebuahgalah", from Oahspe.


Yes, there is a chapter in Oahspe, "The Book Of Cosmogony and Prophecy", which gives instructions and illustrations on picking up the cycles and rhythms of life. If the would-be prophet sees truly, he or she can then predict accurately the course of that rhythm or cycle and Putoff and Targ have apparently uncovered the basic secret.

The unnamed writer of Oahspe -- John Newbrough was only the channel -- tells the reader that the would-be prophet "must find the cause of causes . . . The prophets of old divided time into cycles of three thousand years, with slight variations. And they found that at such periods of time, some certain impulse came upon the [31] people, causing them to try to be better and wiser. Even as the same feeling is this day manifesting itself in many nations . . . There are positive and negative forces forever going to and escaping from the earth. Without these no creature could live on earth. The negative imparteth to man his corporeal growth, and corporeal desires, passions, and so on.

"That man may begin to comprehend these things, and learn to classify them so as to rise in wisdom and virtue, and thus overcome these epidemic seasons of cycles, these revelations are chiefly made.


"It is an error to say that while the corporeal worlds are organized, with fixed orbits and uses, the unseen worlds are nothing or at best unorganized. They are organized, with orbits, places, forms, figures and so on, as definitely as are the corporeal worlds. Their times and seasons are regular and well provided.

"In the passage of the earth in its own roadway, it goeth amongst these etherean and atmospherean worlds regularly; so that the periods inspiration and periods of darkness are not hap-hazard.

"It is not the purpose of these revelations to work out prophecies, leaving nothing for man to do. But to call his attention to the unseen forces that rule on the earth, and show him the way to make the prophecies himself . . .

"Prophecy is not guesswork. Absolute rules govern at all times, and all things. A few individuals in a nation, or of a people, are a small matter. Nor must the prophet swerve one jot or tittle by the pretensions of a people. As for example: the Brahmans, the Buddhists, the Mohammedans and the Christians, all profess faith in their respective Gods and Saviors; but their professions are false. Their faith is in soldiers and standing armies, and in implements of destruction. The prophet must not, therefore, suffer himself to hearken to individual explanations. He must grade them in their entirety; whether they manifest below thirty-three, or above sixty-six, without regard to pretensions.

"When the student hath completed his tables of orachnebuahgalah, with the history of the period, and taken the measure of the grades of the different nations and peeples of the earth, he will find that he cannot only foretell the future, but he can discover the past history for an equally long period of time. And when he hath thus completed two cycles, he can find a third, and then a fourth, and so on until all the past history of the earth is delivered up to his understanding . . ." (From the Wing Anderson edition of Oahspe, 1942)



"When we met in July last year my particular interest was the material on the Earth Grid and the ELF waves. By October I had made my own version of Ed Skilling's 'L'il ELF-TENS' and have used it many times with excellent results. My project was to calculate all Earth Grid Points a la John Sinkiewicz, plus the frequencies thereof on a computer. It took me until January to get the basic version on my Commodore Pet. So far I can duplicate Sinkiewicz's coordinates with a simple Right Ascension routine borrowed from my Astrology studies. These can then be rotated through a Cartesian coordinate routine to allow for pyramid location, and get back degrees of longitude and latitude.

"I am still aiming for a computer printout of the information, but there would only be a need if I intend to market the program. The next step would be to generate tables of fixed points on the globe for anybody interested in Grid research. My program is in Commodore Basic and can be rewritten to any machine using Basic. I understand you have knowledge of a new book on Grid lines by Capt. Bruce Cathie. Please let me have the details so I can get a copy. Enclosed is a check for subscription and catalog."

B.C., Sun Valley, California


"Thanks for your interest in my research and for spreading information about me and my publications in your magazine. The opposition is trying hard but they have not closed me up yet. My discoveries are continuing and have almost enough material for another book. I have approached one of the largest world-wide paperback book companies to see if they have any interest in this new information. If not my wife and I will have to go it alone once again.

"In answer to your query about the bases on the moon. Evidence I have gathered so far indicates to me that America, Russia, the British and possibly France have already established manned bases on the moon. If the information I have published in my latest book, 'The Bridge to Infinity', can be proven correct, then it stands to reason that the scientific community of the larger nations is well ahead of me, many years in fact. This means that the rocket programs have been obsolete for many years also, and that a new, secret research has taken over.

"Anti-gravity machines are now a fact and I believe that our people are using these machines to set up a secret research program and laboratories on the moon. I call these man-made UFO-type vehicles Model-T UFOs. Our first steps in space. The Philadelphia Experiment was the start of all this. See the evidence in my latest book.

"Do you really believe that America, after getting to the moon, would suddenly stop the program and let the Russians win the race by default? No way! I am 99% sure of this by adding up all the mathematical evidence I have so far. When I get 100% concrete proof you [33] will be one of the first to know. We have also had word of activity in the Antarctic but are not sure yet of the reliability of the source. I am most interested to see your comments on 'Bridge to Infinity' and to see your articles on the Power Grid."

Bruce Cathie, Quark Enterprises Ltd.
158 Shaw Road, Oratia, Auckland,
New Zealand, phone 818-4291

Cathie's "Bridge To Infinity" is a full-sized hardcover book, $19.95 plus $2.40 surface postage or $7.00 airmail. It's a good combination of borderland information from all over the world, technical analysis and discussion with plenty of math, and illustrations.

As for the probability or possibility of manned bases on the Moon. This is a contradiction of the first principle of the "Powers, Thrones and Principalities" that dominate this planet, to keep mankind imprisoned on the earth! So, if the governments named by Cathie do have manned bases on the Moon the implications are sinister; it could only be with the connivance of the Lunar Mafia and all that festering evil stands for in our consciousness. The last word we had from the Guardians on this was that man-made Flying Saucers are still not capable of cis-lunar flight. When we leave the confines of the earth we come under Solar System Law, not Earth Law; and when the flight of Apollo 12 was aborted the power of the Guardians was well illustrated. Apollo 12 was forced to circle the Moon and bring its cargo of nuclear material back to earth; nor do They want the cash register and the confessional brought to the Moon! The Cash-Landrum UFO case and the resulting suit against the government are a significant indication of the limitations of our man-made UFOs.


Mr. Peter A. Gersten
Gagliardi, Tongs and Gersten
27 North Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591

Re: Appeal of Personal Injury Claims of Betty Cash, Vicki Landrum and Colby Landrum

Dear Mr. Gersten:

The appeals of your client's claims for personal injuries allegedly caused by an overflight of an unidentified flying object and unidentified helicopters on 29 December 1980 have been considered under 10 U.S.C. 2733 and are denied.

The reason for this decision is that the facts as alleged by the claimants fail to establish that their injuries were caused in any way by the United States Government or any of its agencies or instrumentalities. You should not consider the acceptance and subsequent denial of this claim as an admission of the truth of any facts alleged by your clients. Our investigation has revealed no evidence of involvement by any military personnel, equipment or aircraft in this [34] alleged incident. The arguments you presented to establish liability of the government are not supported by any case or statutory law.

This is the final administration action that can be taken on your clients' claims. This denial also satisfies the administrative filing requirements of the Federal Tort Claims Act. Based on this denial, your clients have the right to file suit against the government in an appropriate United States District Court not later than six months from the date of the mailing of this letter of denial.

Colonel USAF
Director of Civil Law
Office of The Judge Advocate General

From UFO Contact Center International's "Missing Link", 9425 12th Ave. SW, Seattle, Washington, Dan & Aileen Edwards, Directors.


"Get a copy of 'Healing', Vol. 2, No. 1, 1982, $2 from the Gerson Institute, PO Box 430, Bonita, CA 92002. It has an article with photos and diagrams on the Field Focusing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Machine that analyzes the body by magnetism. It detects very small cancers. It quickly shows any treatment results and numerical deviation of tissue from normal. Also there is an article on Cellular Biology that will undermine pharmaceutical giants and invalidate the work of some Nobel prize winner. Plus an exposure of the '60 Minute' TV show that ridiculed the Gerson treatment and other proven cancer therapies, with lies. They included a Seattle coroner who saw the Gerson book on the bedside table of a dead person and, without even examining the body or learning the past history of the deceased, put down on the Death Certificate that the person died of 'coffee enemas' -- an important part of Gerson cancer therapy. Yet the Merck Manual of the American Medical Association authorizes coffee enemas! When the family had an autopsy performed, which revealed that the person did indeed die of cancer, the Coroner refused to change the death certificate!"

Albert Fry, Bloomington, California


"Let me say that I was associated with Wendelle Stevens as co-author of the book 'Contact From Reticulum', detailing my own UFO experience/contact incident . . . The very nature of the action against Stevens indicates a sad and tragic destruction of his credibility and credentiality -- a self-destructive one at that. Col. Stevens sacrificed his research affiliations by getting arrested, and in fact indulging in sexual perversions. However, Stevens needs qualified Mental Health counseling, not scathing condemnation from those he knew, or knew him.

"But, more realistically, Stevens is guilty of misrepresentation of UFO cases, gross exploitation of UFO case histories -- mine included -- and attempting to factualize the most elaborate hoax in [35] UFO research -- the Swiss case of Billy Meir. That case will go down in UFO research as the best 'special effects' since Steven Spielberg filmed 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.

"I worked closely with Stevens for well over five years of my life. I thought he was up front with me totally. I thought he was trustworthy. I thought that my UFO research relationship was on the up and up. Now I learn that APRO never gave him consent to take over my case, and that Jim Lorenzen never said, 'Work with Herrmann exclusively.' Now I learn that there are improprieties in regards to the percentages on the book venture. Now I learn that he was not arrested for a UFO research case, but was arrested, tried and convicted on child molestation charges and KiddiePorn allegations. I was lied to in three letters since his arrest. He told me it was a frameup and that he was arrested because he got too close to the truth on a UFO case. Imagine my surprise when, in seeking to get bail for his arrest on the UFO case, I found out the truth!

"I have therefore severed and completely cut off my research relationship with him and have turned my case data over to APRO and aspects of the data to Harry Lebelson of Florida. In my association with Stevens I turned down research opportunities with many UFOlogists. Perhaps many of them are on your mailing list for Saucer Smear'. If they want to reaffirm research on my case, they can contact Harry Lebelson or APRO. Thank you for allowing me this chance to reaffirm my own feelings in regard to one of the saddest incidents in UFO research history. I wasted five years of my life. Maybe I shouldn't have said a word about my UFO experience to anyone."

The above is from James Moseley's "Saucer Smear" Non-Scheduled Newsletter of Oct. 10 1983. PO Box 163, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. Jim reminds his readers: "One point of order concerning the above. Wendelle Stevens did not stand trial (in Tucson, Arizona) but entered a plea-bargaining agreement instead. Herrmann can be reached at 5045 Ozark St., Lot 1, North Charleston, South Carolina 29418."


We have an invitation to attend the Fifth General Assembly and Exposition of the WORLD FUTURE SOCIETY in Washington D.C., June 10 - 14, 1984 at the Hilton, and to make a presentation on the Reality of Flying Saucers in the "Space and Other Frontiers" panel. This is a good opportunity to share ideas with forward-looking people who are already turning their attention from the ineptitude of the Piscean Age and are planning and working toward the promise of the Aquarian Age. New pressures are upon us as the Earth and the Solar system move forward through space, into new regions, at the dizzying speed of 1,000 miles per second!

Kenneth W. Hunter is the general chairman of the Assembly and Exposition. Write to him for details at the World Future Society, 4916 St. Elmo Ave., Bethesda, Maryland 20814, phone 301-656—8274. Attendance at the Assembly is expected to above four thousand.



Associate Warren Williams, 11, 3019 W 72nd St., Apt. 1, Davenport, Iowa 52806 is arranging a Space Age seminar on Psychotronics, Psychokinetics, Flying Saucers, etc., and has your Editor, Uri Geller, Dr. Galen Hieronymous, Gary Fleck, Dr. Leo Sprinkle lined up for speakers. There will be others, of course. Write to Mr. Williams for details.


The 1984 Conference is to be held in Atlanta, Georgia this year on the campus of Oglethorpe University. How Psychotronics (Radionics) has come to the fore since Gallimore organized the first conference in the 1970s. Not only has it become respectable but it is now a tactical weapon in the arsenal of Democracy! So, if you want more info on the cutting edge of borderland research, join the "gathering of the faithful" in Atlanta in June. Write to Sec'y-Treas Robert Beutlich, 3459 Montrose Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60618 for details, or to Peter J. Kelly, PO Box 167, Lakemont, Georgia 30552.


Mary Lee Satterlee, President, San Jose Chapter, American Society of Dowsers, informs us that this year's meet will be in the Porter College section of the campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz again, a most charming and appropriate setting to study locating water, oil, gas, minerals, treasure, missing persons, lost objects and ancient civilizations and the use of dowsing, color and crystals in holistic health applications. There will be classes in map dowsing, information dowsing at well site (field dowsing) remote viewing, use of instruments: bobber, Y-rod, L-rod, pendulum, and dowsing without instruments. We've offered to give a class on Psychic Self-Defense for those who have attracted the malevolent I attention of Earthbounds in their attempts to pierce the Veil, and don't know how to drive the spooks off and keep them off. For details on this symposium on the practical applications of borderland science, Satterlee's address: 6062 Montgomery Bend, San Jose, Calif. 95135, (408) 238-1188.

The JOURNAL of BORDERLAND RESEARCH, A Publication of: Borderland Sciences Research Foundation PO Box 549, Vista, California USA 92083 - Bulk Rate U.S. POSTAGE PAID, Vista, Calif. Permit No. 42


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