"Vril is the thready, living, glowing, generative energy which projects experiential space and matter... [It] is the living generator of the experiential universe."

— Gerry Vassilatos, "Origins of the Term Vril"
(Vril Comp. I: White-Ray Conductors)

    Vril Compendium

  1. White Ray Conductors (1992) — Lightning Rods, Aerial Batteries, Vrillic Detrius
  2. Vril Telegraphy (1992) — Telegraphy, Linkage, Magneto-Electric Telegraphy, Vril Maps, Earth Rods and Loads
  3. Vril Linkage (1992) — Formative Radiance, Vril Motors, Vril Impression Recorders, Entuning Vril, Multiple Rate Loads, Vril Diffractors
  4. Vril Archeforms (1992) — Vril Receivers, Regional Linkage, Vril Structures, Subterranean Halls
  5. Vril Connection (1992) — Vril Connection, Antonio Meucci
  6. Vril Telephony (1992) — Vril Transducers, Vril Intensifiers, Vril Rate Tuners, Distributing Signal with Meaning
  7. Vril Dendritic Ground Systems (1992) — Mahlon Loomis, Nathan Stubblefield, Amos Dolbear
  8. Vril and Ground Radio (1995) — Leakage Telegraphy, Double Ground Systems, Double Ground with Aerial Capacity, Vril and Subterranean Electricity
  9. Vril and Aerial Radio (1995) — Early Aerial Radio, Capacity Aerials, Articulate Aerials, Vril and World Communications
  10. Vril and Electric Ray Projectors (1995) — Photophones & Radiophones, Ray Generators & Transmitters, Vril Signals & Rays
  11. Vril and ELF Devices (1995) — Vril Generators, VLF Antennas, Military ELF