Gerry Vassilatos'

Vril Compendium

Volume IX

Vril and
Aerial Radio

Table of Contents


Early Aerial Radio

Capacity Aerials

Articulate Aerials

Vril and
World Communications

Sheaf of paper

Vril and Aerial Radio (1995) — Early Aerial Radio, Capacity Aerials, Articulate Aerials, Vril and World Communications. Aerials not Antennas. Learn the relationship between electro-impulses and VRIL currents. Capacitative systems of enormous size and anomalous operation. Space rays and Ground rays meeting in transmitter components. VLF waveguides, valleys as radio-chutes. Oil-filled tanks as VLF radiators. Electrical architecture and VRIL articulations. Bent-L, Split-T, Split-Y and other huge systems. Tesla, Fessenden, Lodge, Conrad, Butcher, Alexanderson, Squier, Thompson, Hughes, Fortesque, and many now-unknown designers. The ninth installment in Gerry Vassilatos's Borderland compendium of Vril technology, offering a direct psychic conduit to the telluric and esoteric powers that shape our world - available in our BSRF xerographic edition. Every purchase of print helps support the Foundation and allows us to provide our unique service to all seekers.

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