Gerry Vassilatos'

Vril Compendium

Volume VI

Vril Telephony

Table of Contents


Vril Transducers

Vril Intensifiers

Vril Rate Tuners

Distributing Signal with Meaning

Sheaf of paper

Vril Telephony (1992) — Vril Transducers, Vril Intensifiers, Vril Rate Tuners, Distributing Signal with Meaning. Nearly every pertinent VRIL transducer of which telephony was comprised. How the human aura and its VRIL threads dendritically merge with the natural VRIL. Systems which intensified the VRIL content of telephone lines with no need for electrical power. The sixth installment in Gerry Vassilatos's Borderland compendium of Vril technology, offering a direct psychic conduit to the telluric and esoteric powers that shape our world - available in our BSRF xerographic edition. Every purchase of print helps support the Foundation and allows us to provide our unique service to all seekers.

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