Gerry Vassilatos'

Vril Compendium

Volume III

Vril Linkage

Table of Contents


Formative Radiance

Vril Motors

Vrillic Impression Recorders

Entuning Vril

Multiple Rate Loads

Vril Diffractors

Sheaf of paper

Vril Linkage (1992) — Formative Radiance, Vril Motors, Vril Impression Recorders, Entuning Vril, Multiple Rate Loads, Vril Diffractors. The manner in which VRIL radiance has been apprehended through "aqua-video", photographs, and photochemical means is thoroughly documented here in remarkable depth. Introducing telegraphic patents which made direct use of ancient geomantic means for communicating intent: non-electric pendulum telegraph systems, and VRIL impression recording systems. The third installment in Gerry Vassilatos's Borderland compendium of Vril technology, offering a direct psychic conduit to the telluric and esoteric powers that shape our world - available in our BSRF xerographic edition. Every purchase of print helps support the Foundation and allows us to provide our unique service to all seekers.

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