Human Soul

Its Movements, Its Lights,

and the

Iconography of the Fluidic Invisible


Dr. H. Baraduc

Librairie Internationale de la Pensée Nouvelle
G. A. Mann, Éditeur, Rue du Louvre, 15
— 1913 —

Portrait of Dr. Hippolyte Baraduc (1850-1909).


Chapter I


The physical manifestations of the soul. — The vast world of the Invisible. — Solar light and visible objects. — The difference of study between the here-below and the hereafter. — How the fluidic invisible manifests itself. — The means employed to record the manifestation. — Second plane of life. — The two divisions of this work.

Chapter II

Movements of the human vital Soul

The author's triple point of view. — The registration of a movement of the soul. — How these were verified and classified. — The element of life. — The biometer and how it records the state of soul. — The realisation of Professor Lodge's desideratum. — First law of the vital fluidic body. — What constitutes our fluidic body. — The interpretation of the obtained formulae. — The behaviour of the needle of the biometer. — The formula of the normal state. — How neurasthenia is betrayed. — The oscillatory movement of the hysterical. — The double role of the soul. — Nature of the phenomenon. — Definition of vital force. — Its test of action across a vacuum. — Further experiments. — The proof that this force is not electricity. — What the biometrical formula expresses.

Chapter III

Technical and theoretical statement of Iconography

In what Iconography differs from Photography. — How the sensitive plate received the impressions. — The force wrested from the occult. — The former science of occultism. — The four factors in the production of images (icones). — The projections of the human spirit. — The attractive current of animation. — The best formula for a result.

Chapter IV

Lights of the vital soul. Seven luminous movements unveiled by iconography.

The soul as light. — The experimental proof of its existence — Self-consciousness of the Spirit. — First Light. — How the od arrives on the human body. — The formation of the individualised cosmic life. — The exteriorisation of sensibility. — The hypnogenous points. — Second Light. — The shower of life and of light. — The fluidic lymph of our organic cellules. — Definition of the Somod. — Its subordination to the soul. — Its relation to the cosmic forces. — The final manifestation of the vital cosmic force. — The rudiments of the first vitality. — Their composition. — The proof that they are extra-electric. — The form assumed by the exteriorised soul. — Third Light. — The meaning of the term "human soul". — The soul intelligence germ and the spiritual soul. — Of what the particular soul is a part. — The centre of the soul-circle. — Existence of soul germ after material-fluidic death. — Fourth Light. — The embryogeny of the Invisible. — The fertilization of the soul germ. — How the material body is formed around this union. — The moral atmosphere after corporeal death. — The ascension of the soul germ. — Fifth Light. — The complete adept. — The utilisation of the surrounding materials. — The evolution of the human mind. — How our fluidic forms are modulated. — The condensation of life around the spiritual soul. — The free-will of the human soul. — The power of the resolute spirit. — A means of obtaining the first two lights. — The projections of a mental image onto a plate. — What this luminous vibrations is. — How to aid the exteriorisation of the image. — The three necessary conditions for the expression of the spirit. — Hand as agent of transmission. — The movement of the soul without contact. — Sixth Light. — The luminous emanations of the soul. — When fluidic exteriorisation is remarked. — The reciprocal attraction of the projected scoriae. — The inconscious perspiration of the Somod. — Seventh Light. — The vital quintessence. — How the spirit in prayer luminously expressed. — The ascension of the spirit. — The demonstrable existence of the soul. — Relation between the spirit and its manifestations. — The seven states of the soul.

Chapter V

Science of Light and of Life

Present definition of light. — Calculations of the vibrations. — The scope of perception of the eye. — Its insufficiency as standard. — The range of receptivity of the sensitive plate. — How the different lights may be classified. — The metaphysical light now become objective. — The invisible revealed. — The luminosity of all movement. — The four planes of light. — Their demonstration by the plate. — The criterion of the movement of life. — The conception of the Spirit by its flash. — First Light.Visible. — The property of solar light. — Roentgen rays. — For what means these are employed. — The illumination of the intimate light of the fluidic body. — The link between physical and vital experiments. — How vibratory movement is propagated. — The amplitude and vibrations of sound, heat, light, invisible light. — Refraction and reflection. — Second Light.Invisible. — Visible demonstration of human electricity. — The experiments of Iodko. — Third Light.Iconographable occult invisible lights. — The unknown element which fills space. — Modern science and this element. — The deduction from the totality of known facts. — The primordial substances Force. — The two manifestations of movement. — The role of the third factor. — The constitution of creative light. — How the data of attraction and expansion of movement are furnished. — The coagulating and dissolving poles. — The demonstration of the two opposed forces. — Substance-Force. — Vital force before esoterism. — The Web of the Universe. — The interpretation of the hidden light. — The creator of all things. — The theory of the Cabalists. — The manifestation of the universal fluid. — Its various names. — How this current of fluid may be influenced. — The secret of the human omnipotence. — The double polarity of this force. — The expressions employed by the alchemists. — The genesis of matter and forms. — The astral light of Eliphas-Levi. — The universal magnetizing agent. — The true meaning of the term "illuminati". — The polarisation of light to produce a living being. — Light, the instrument of the spirit. — The perpetual movement of the forces. — The two snakes at the cradle of Hercules. — How to become master of these forces. — What movement and life is. — The exterior form of the spirit. — The invisible chain of souls. — The fluidic spectres and their mysteries. — The acquaintance of the ancients with them. — The abortions of vital light. — The elementary demons. — The first problem of the created spirit. — What becomes of the non-emancipated spirits. — The struggle of terrestrial and celestial life elements. — The final goal of man. — The single necessity of a determined will. — Fourth Light.Vital cosmic force, invisible, instinctive vital force, od. — The fourth planes of visible and invisible phenomena. — The exterior form of the spirit. — How universal vital force presents itself on a plate. — The dust of lived life. — The immortality and evolution of the spirit. — Cosmic vital force intelligentified and morphogenised. — Law of animistic form. — Law of adaptation of the human soul to the universal soul. — Law of Polarisation. — Schemas of invisible life. — Enchiridion of Pope Leo III. — The emblem of movement of the universal soul. — The direction of the breath of life. — Formula of vital movement. — Assimilation and disassimilation. — The direction of force in us for evolutive and involutive movement. — Formulae of these two movements. — The deductions therefrom. — The medication for the soul. — Fifth Light.Life word, vita verhum, psychod. — The living luminous veil. — The revelation of the hidden light. — The glimmering of the cosmic lights. — The two poles of moral life. — The emanation of thought. — When the word is replaced by love. — What the seventh sense is. — The revelation of this new sense. — The religious redemption of the soul. — Manifestation of one Being. — The property of the soul-germ. — To whom the word of life manifests itself. — The shadow of God. — Sixth Light.Universal Spirit. — The signature of prayer. — True creation. — The encompassing providence. — The human pessimism. — The power of prayer. — Seventh Light.Divine radiation, Psychic, projection Divine attraction, Providential transformism. — Interpretation of the iconographs. — The two poles of the Infinite. — Indivisibility of spirit and matter. — The chain of universal life. — The effect of desire. — Aspiration of souls. — The expression of the sign Vau. — A criterion for positive science. — The three planes for the human spirit. — The passage of thought. — Of what Iconography has given the signature. — The sudden appearance of the Idea. — The rehabilitation of ancient wisdom. — The capital consequences of this work on the human soul. — Second and third planes of the hierarchy. — The mystery of the One Being.

Chapter VI

Communion of the human Soul with cosmic extra-human forces corresponding to its own material, fluidic, pneumic divine planes.

Man, the mathematically defined point in space. — The intersection of the four lines of forces. — Communion of the soul with the Universal Soul. — The projected divine Ray. — The Universal Spirit Butthi. — The Manas of the Hindus. — The relationship of the physical body with the manifestations of life. — The psycho-spiritual and animo-material planes of the soul. — The Unity and Trinity of God. — The restlessness of man. — Hylic Soul. — The descent of the physical soul from the spiritualised regions. — The material excessive vital soul. — The instinctivo-sensitive soul. — The animo-organic sub-temperaments. — The created need. — The dependency of the nervous, gouty, etc. on their atmospheric conditions. — The life of the terrestrial being. — Pneumo-fluidic Soul. — The relation of the neurasthenic to the cosmic force. — Those in intimate communion with the fluidic invisible. — The carnal soul. — The pneumic soul sense of the invisible. — The influence of the animo-fluidic emanation. — The possession of fluidic souls. — Danger of these fluido-pneumic experiments. — The mephitic gases. — The phenomenon of obsession. — The force called mercurial. — Its iconograph. — The appeal to the magnetizing current. — The exterioration of the mercurial force. — Its icone and the exorcised larvae. — Fluido-spiritic Communion or study of fluidic spectral forms of the souls of the Disincarnate. — The remaining vitality after death. — The soul-spectre of the departed. — Positive plate of the hereafter. — Double psycho-physical form. — The formative physical material soul. — Spontaneous Iconography. — Auto-production of intentional forms. — The attraction at the North pole. — The three factors noted. — Act of determinism. — Iconography by the fluido-animistic magnetising current. — The double experiment of the electro-vital particles. — Artificial forehead of the hereafter. — Its manifestations. — The existence of the soul after death as movement. — Mathematical proof of the persistence of animistic life beyond the grave. — Psychic Soul. — Communion with the spirit of life of intelligence. — Union with the divine. — The words of St. John. — Aphorism of Maxwell. — The material proof of favourably received prayer. — The descent of the Spirit. — The halo of sacredness. — Universal love. — The divine on earth. — The life of the purified mystic spirit. — Divine Communion. — Reaction of soul and body. — The manifestation of God. — Sign of the intelligence uncreate. — Bond of all things. — The revelation of the invisible creation. — Synthesis of Universal Communion. — The example of Socrates. — His daily material requirements. — His self-mastery of soul. — His last words to Plato. — The function of our psychic soul. — The law of reproduction. — Fluidic contact. — The different names given to its various states. — The aspiration of the spirit. — Persistence of individuality after death. — The taedium vitae which comes to occultists. — The hour chosen for deliverance. — The return of the soul to its universal centre. — The real death of the soul. — Our duty here-below. — The communion of man with God. — Man's dependency on created nature. — The Spirit of Light. — The sub-multiples of divinity. — The great illusion of perversity. — Divine hierarchy. — Web of Life and of Love.

Chapter VII

General Conclusions

The real existence of the soul. — Its different modes of manifestation. — Intelligence in movement. — The second and third planes. — The bridge between the material and the invisible. — Matter and Force. — The phenomenon of the vital fluidic force. — The successive stages of Nature. — The characterisation of the creature. — How the material body is formed. — The link binding the creature to the Creator. — The intelligence soul germ. — Antiquity and the personal soul. — The photo-chemical power of the soul. — The forces of cohesion and subtilisation. — Law of signature. — Law of fluid sympneuma. — The mediator between the body and spirit. — The immutable will. — The eternal consciousness of the spirit-ray. — The evolution towards God. — Tests of synthesy of evolutive phenomenonism of the soul before Science, Ecstasy, Prophecy. — The growth of consciousness. — The reality of the notion of life and of intelligence. — The revelation of the inspired idea. — The ecstasy of prayer. — The scientific training of the memory. — State of purity. — Telepathic apparitions of the dead. — The new conception of post-corporeal life. — The divine origin of the human spirit. — Man, the sub-multiplication of the Unity. — The evolution and finality of the soul. — The physical creation. — The veiling of the Spirit. — Man's act of determinism. — The emanation of God the spirit — Its function in the universe. — The reascension of humanity. — What existence is for the soul. — The ultimate line of division between the souls. — Re-establishment of integral existence. — The end of the cycle. — The manifestation of the Word. — The Absolute Being.

Lights of the Human Soul

Collection of photographs and accompanying descriptions.

  1. Photograph of Od.
  2. Individualisation of the Cosmic Force.
  3. Life-animules in movement.
  4. Particles of Vital Force.
  5. Spectre of sensitive soul.
  6. Somod, fluidic frame of nutritive soul.
  7. (Negative VII missing from original text.)
  8. (Negative VIII missing from original text.)
  9. Figuration of fluidic shower.
  10. Iconograph of a hand.
  11. Electro-vital particles, globularised by tension.
  12. Electro-vital particles drawn from artificial forehead.
  13. Soul germ and shadow.
  14. Attraction of a form by magnet. All Souls Day.
  15. Signature of spiritualised soul.
  16. Signature of odic somod body.
  17. Condensation of vital fluid.
  18. Psychicone exploded by tension.
  19. Projection of state of soul.
  20. Experimental demonstration of the lights of the psychicones.
  21. Images projected in the dark.
  22. Iconograph of state of soul.
  23. Projection of special state of soul.
  24. Psychicone without aid of hand.
    a. Telepathic Psychicone.
  25. Emanation of the Somod.
    a. Emanation of the OB.
  26. Voluntary Psychob.
  27. Signature of prayer.
  28. Fluidic spectre of the body.
  29. Concomitant invisible movement.
  30. Electro-static light.
  31. Clusters and emanations of human fluid.
  32. Psycho-electric fluid. Electrography.
  33. Black points of subtilising force.
  34. White points of volatilising force.
  35. Web of vitality.
  36. Graphy of the Cosmic Od.
  37. Vital force, instinctively produced.
  38. Equilibrium and fusion of two fluidic forms.
  39. Electric iconograph of invisible life.
  40. Iconograph of the hereafter.
  41. Signature of mental sadness.
  42. Direction of vital movement.
  43. Od and psychod, vital force.
  44. Movement of cosmic vital force.
  45. Light life of the Word.
  46. Tissue of Light and of intelligence.
  47. Appeal to the Universal Spirit.
  48. Iconograph of the form of the spirit of light and of intelligence.
  49. Manifestation of the spirit of Light.
  50. Iconograph of the god called Mercedes.
  51. Plate of the invisible.
  52. Icone of the hereafter.
  53. Spontaneous iconograph.
  54. Icone of a form, hands clasped in prayer.
  55. Differentiation of phenomenon at the two poles.
  56. Groupings of cosmic Od.
  57. Form of a dead person.
  58. The vital particles.
  59. Iconograph of bulb of light and of intelligence.
  60. Light life of the Word.
  61. The descent of the Spirit.

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