Gerry Vassilatos Research Collection

'Nuclear Lightning' from Secrets of Cold War Technology, p. 167

From the eighties through the nineties, Associate Gerry Vassilatos combed through libraries, patent records, and histories to amass a broad collection of research that was matchless in scope and ambition. His efforts to find and renew interest in the lost and ignored scientific discoveries of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have allowed an entire generation of new borderland researchers to retrace the steps and to make new leaps of their own. It is without question a remarkable effort and remains a crucial resource for any who have dared to take the first steps toward higher understanding of the world we live in.

This body of work is among of the most important that any associate has produced, and we are proud to do our part to keep it in continuous circulation and to introduce it to new researchers who have only begun their explorations out here in the borderlands.


Selected Journal Articles

Auroral Research.

Nikola Tesla.

Sir William Crookes.

Waves and Frequencies.

Telluric Currents.

Earth Energy.

Lost Science

To know the present, you must first know and understand the past.
Lost Science, cover

#B0387, 304pp, spiral ... $45.00 USD

Rediscover the legendary names of a suppressed scientific revolution — remarkable lives, astounding discoveries, and incredible inventions which would have produced a world of wonder.

How did the aura research of Baron Karl von Reichenbach prove the vitalistic theory and frighten the greatest minds of Germany?

How did the physiophone and wireless of Antonio Meucci predate both Bell and Marconi by decades? How does the earth battery technology of Nathan Stubblefield portend an unsuspected energy revolution? How did the geoætheric engines of Nikola Tesla threaten the establishment of a fuel-dependent America?

The microscopes and virus-destroying ray machines of Dr. Royal Rife provided the solution for every world-threatening disease. Why did the FDA and AMA together condemn this great man to Federal Prison?

The static crashes heard on telephone lines enabled Dr. Moray to discover the reality of radiant space energy. Was the mysterious "Swedish stone", the powerful mineral which T. Henry Moray discovered, the very first historical instance in which stellar power was recognized and secured on earth?

Why did the Air Force initially fund the gravitational warp research and warp-cloaking devices of T. T. Brown, and then reject it?

When the controlled fusion devices of Philo Farnsworth achieved the "break-even" point in 1967, the FUSOR project was abruptly canceled by ITT. What were the twisted intrigues which surrounded these deliberate convolutions of history?

Each chapter is a biographic treasure. Ours is a world living hundreds of years behind its intended stage of development. Only a complete knowledge of this loss is the key to recapturing this wonder technology.

Gerry Vassilatos's Lost Science is available
through our catalog as a spiral-bound research edition.

Secrets of Cold War Technology

Secrets of Cold War Technology, cover

#B0359, 250pp, spiral ... $45.00 USD

THE death knell has struck. Wave Radio is dead. How have 70 years of Military Research succeeded in producing a completely new and superior communications technology?

Radio History gives a stranger walk than paranoid writers ever tell! While citizens were watching television, military research was directed to create an amazing radiation technology far in advance of any system known. Currently and routinely utilized, it has remained a well guarded "open secret" for decades.

« Discover why is it obvious that neither military nor private developers have yet successfully duplicated Tesla technology.

« Who was John Hettinger, and how were his early beam power systems modified through radar technology into ray beam weapons?

« What was Project Argus? Project Teak? Project Orange? Learn about the frightful characteristics of EMP phenomena, and how these were employed in a strange and deadly technology. Why was a High Command request to employ EMP weaponry in the recent Gulf War denied?

« Not a weapon, not a psychotronics system, not a weather modifier, why is HAARP NOT the program which so many have claimed? Why can the IRI never achieve the objectives cited by a few authors? Learn about the real motivations so powerfully at work in Conspiracy Writers, and why they are not equipped to crack the secret of HAARP. Why are the Eastlund Patents not relevant to HAARP, and why has Raytheon continued to collect every HAARP relevant patent for several years? What is the "merchandise" which HAARP promises to yield?

« How were X-Rays used to detect underground movements? How were Gamma Rays routinely used in communicating from submarines to command headquarters via military satellites?

Facts quell hysteria, but Truth is stranger than fiction. Want the answers? This complete technical history of military projects will show the development of every relevant project preceding and exceeding HAARP. Only the facts. No hysteria. Complete with communications and weapons patent citations, this material will forever change your view of world events and technology.

Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond is available
through our catalog as a spiral-bound research edition.

Declassified Patents of the Cold War and SDI

#B0363, 666pp, spiral ... $65.00 USD

The companion reference volume to Secrets of Cold War Technology, this edition contains ALL of the relevant patents cited in the previous work, and more. Contains information on previously unrecognized weaponry and communications systems which are presently in place. Highly isolated orbital stations which can target any location with ease now patrol the skies...from above. Why would a government which owns and governs deep orbital space, waste time on the building of an easily targeted monstrosity such as HAARP if it were indeed a weapon? Find out about beam weapons, gamma ray collimators, the Mossbauer Effect, x-ray and gamma-ray communications systems, and more. Over 600 pages of patents and commentary conveniently spiral bound for ease of study.

Declassified Patents of the Cold War and SDI is available
through our catalog as a spiral-bound research edition.

The Ray of Discovery

Ray of Discovery, I: Nikola Tesla

Ray I: Nikola Tesla (video)

Written and produced by Gerry Vassilatos — available free at Vimeo

In ETHERIC PHYSICS we learn about the phenomenal discoveries which led to Tesla's great life-work. Revealed here is his conception of the ether and its relationship with our own innermost lives. We are also informed about the pathological resistance by the House of Morgan to his discoveries. Insight into the opposition of Morgan, whose daughter fell deeply in love with Tesla, reveals the formidable forces opposing all discoverers in the field of etheric energy.

ECHOES OF RADIANT SPACE recounts the way in which Tesla tapped into the vast etheric reservoirs of dynamic energies. We are told how Tesla's large designs actually yielded far more energy than they took to run. We are, finally, driven into the astonishing revelation concerning Tesla's involvement with what later was called psychotronics. Many of his claims are actually forerunners of a new technology — yet to be revealed.

Ray of Discovery II: Waves That Cure

Ray II: Dr. Royal R. Rife (video)

Written and produced by Gerry Vassilatos — available free at Vimeo
WAVES THAT CURE chronicles the work and life of Dr. Royal R. Rife, Californian pathologist and discoverer of the BX cancer virus. We follow the steps which led to his discovery of a powerful agent to selectively destroy any virus: The design and implementation of this tremendously powerful Universal Microscope is recounted; the only microscope capable of viewing viruses in the living state. The method and theory of resonant shattering is taught. This way of destroying a virus — while still in a patient's body— is described in great detail. A total disclosure of his methods, designs, and success is made in these two half-hour episodes.

Ray of Discovery III: Medical Radionics

Ray III: Medical Radionics (video)

Written and produced by Gerry Vassilatos — available free at Vimeo

Three great scientists, deleted from the establishment's history program, are chronicled in this trilogy. They are names you should remember, giants in complementary scientific lore — George Starr White, Albert Abrams, and Ruth Drown.

THE DELICATE REFLEX tells the tale of Dr. George Starr White, a truly gifted and original discoverer in the virtually unknown art of chroma-diagnosis. His development of color beams (to elicit responses in the iris of the eye or the body muscles) marked the first recorded radionic diagnosis of disease. These diagnoses gave pin-point accurate results— in the 1880s!

PULSES OF THE LIVING, deals with master radionics pioneer — Dr. Albert Abrams — and his remarkable methods for illustrating the etheric 'human energy' nature of health and disease. Unlike electricity, this 'human energy' could be stored in Leyden jars for up to 24 hours. These strange energies could be conducted, refracted, and tuned. His instrument, the Oscilloclast, is also described.

GATEWAY OF THE FUTURE describes the life and work of Dr. Ruth Drown. Dramatically, this wonderful woman' s researches and the utter suppression of her work are defined for the viewer. Learn how Dr. Drown developed her radionic tuning instruments. Discover her famed atlas of rates, her method of treating patients with their own energies, and her mystifying 'radio-vision' cameras — devices capable of photographing internal organs and tissue — even from a great distance.


The Vril Compendium is a series of eleven compilations by Gerry Vassilatos, including patents, articles, and histories, detailing at length a complete scientific outline of Vril energy and its potential applications. Totaling into the thousands of pages of documents and data, the series is one of the most comprehensive works of research into Vril ever produced.

Title Summary
White Ray Conductors An astounding assortment of arcane designs and remarkable inventions is presented in the first volume. Aerial batteries were designs which made practical use of the energies which celestial currents and rays brought to earth. Patents of Ward, Vion, Palenscar and others. Earth currents and earth resonance are discussed extensively in this volume.
Vril Telegraphy Telegraphy began with a truly radionic basis. Maps show that the telegraph system was literally generated along VRIL paths as railroad personnel followed their own intuitions while laying track.
Vril Linkage The manner in which VRIL radiance has been apprehended through "aqua-video", photographs, and photochemical means is thoroughly documented here in remarkable depth. Introducing telegraphic patents which made direct use of ancient geomantic means for communicating intent: non-electric pendulum telegraph systems, and VRIL impression recording systems.
Vril Archeforms A remarkable assortment of earth battery patents. A primer course in VRIL genesis of metal lodes and placer deposits is found here. How ancient architecture managed to accumulate, intercept, and modulate VRIL was only the first step of a science which has yet to reach its perfection. The use of radionic tuners (made to entune VRIL and raise virtual structures) is discussed throughout this section of photographs and illustrations.
Vril Connection The discovery of nerve-induction telephony by Antonio Meucci in 1849 marked the true birth of telephony. In these documents, patents, and articles we read of developments whereby deaf persons could hear directly through the nerve-works of the body. These early attempts to approach true empathic transmission are the basis of systems which Tesla would later advance to a wary scientific public.
Vril Telephony A presentation of nearly every pertinent VRIL transducer of which telephony was comprised. How the human aura and its VRIL threads dendritically merge with the natural VRIL is the central theme here. Every kind of transducer is shown. Presents systems which intensified the VRIL content of telephone lines with no need for electrical power!
Vril Dendritic Ground Systems A presentation on the earliest unknown wireless researchers: Mahlon Loomis, Nathan Stubblefield, & Dr. Amos Dolbear. This volume chronicles the discovery of natural VRIL power in the earth ... usable power for communications of signal, word, & intent.
Vril and Ground Radio The early trans-aqueous systems of Steinheil (1838) and others. Complete patent collections: ground signaling systems of J. Murgas, Tesla, Rogers, etc. Static-free reception for shortwave aficionado! Forgotten commercial underground antennas. Magnified radio transmission through geological formations.
Vril and Aerial Radio Aerials not Antennas. Learn the relationship between electro-impulses and VRIL currents. Capacitative systems of enormous size and anomalous operation. Space rays and Ground rays meeting in transmitter components. VLF waveguides, valleys as radio-chutes. Oil-filled tanks as VLF radiators. Electrical architecture and VRIL articulations. Bent-L, Split-T, Split-Y and other huge systems. Tesla, Fessenden, Lodge, Conrad, Butcher, Alexanderson, Squier, Thompson, Hughes, Fortesque, and many now-unknown designers.
Vril and Electric Ray Projectors Anomalous radiant phenomena. Visual and infrared photo-phones and radiophony. Rays and VRIL propagation through space! The original, forgotten, and unquoted Tesla paper (1892) describing radiant electric rays. Teslan "light-like rays"! Tesla multi-component detecting system employing Selenium. Heittinger and the aerial skybeam power transmitters. Each working radio aerial system impossible to comprehend or rationalize from ordinary radio convention. Black radiance between white electroshocks. McCullough directive detecting tubes (related in operation to Moray listening detectors), Ulivi's strange explosive ray, Grindell-Matthews and his now-secret beam projectors, and many more.
Vril and ELF Devices Dangerous VRIL magnifications by electrical impulses. ELF and Project Sanguine articles. Modifying human behavior by ELF brain wave entrainment. HAARP Project patents! Includes large radio power installations of the early Radio Age. Impulse Power Generators of Shoemaker, Reisz, Vreeland, Farnsworth, Chubb, Piggot, and more. Rare period photographs and articles. Huge plasma arc oscillators of Lesh, Fritz Lowenstein (Tesla's assistant), and Valdemar Poulsen. A complete research thesis!

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