What is the Ionospheric Research Instrument?

by Gerry Vassilatos

The HAARP array from the NE corner.

All photos from HAARP website [archive.org]: <http://www.haarp.alaska.edu:80/haarp>

MUCH concern has recently been focused upon the military project known as HAARP, a technological monstrosity which for some researchers seemingly resists all serious attempts at analyzing its true purpose. By its many morbid conspiratorial devotees, HAARP has been called the very apex of Twentieth Century military technology. Familiarity with technologies such as HAARP does not mean a simple survey of available conspiracy type publications. The recent release of military statements, largely disseminated to intellectual curiosity seekers through the INTERNET, is a thorough and full disclosure of the technology. Of course, one will read through these with a watchful eye. Nevertheless, the HAARP photographs reveal a startling and contradictory evidence to statements which habitually surround the topic. HAARP is a secret project, but it has nothing to do with those applications recently described in a popular bestseller. While discussing aspects of the scientific hardware, which have not to my knowledge been elucidated, my single most important theme focuses attention upon the deeply entrenched directives ruling the financial world.

Incomplete understanding has provoked such degrees of fear that many name HAARP as the very tool by which the world will be destroyed. Excessive sentiments of this kind evidence a growing hopelessness. Amid a world filled with the curious apathy which closely shadows affluence, there exist those whose only joy is found in morbid inspections of doom. Retrospective study reveals that previous episodes of the tumultuous Twentieth Century have released similar openly fearful expressions. Each new technological expression has had its attendant commentary of doom. The recent proliferation of fear and hysteria is perhaps the externalization of so many internal conflicts seeking expression. It is peculiar that, in so many similar historic episodes, fear of doom attaches itself so readily and so deceptively on the works of technology rather than on their true source. Technology is the projection of deeper principles. As regards the negative aspects of human consciousness, it is always easier to point blame at something external.

A populace whose innermost awarenesses are just being aroused to seek personal meaning comprise a formidable host. A society whose government has so striven to remove the natural drive for personal expression is now confronted with an army of citizens who operate in the intellectual spheres. The civilian recognizes why government actions are so ruthless. Those who dictate government policies are not politicians at all, they are old dynastic personalities. The super-privileged rule the land, government obeys their dictations to the stroke. Military is employed to enforce the commands which the money holders demand. Civilians become victims of merciless military actions when the truth is out. It is important for us to understand the restructured nature of our republic. Having been suborned to operate as a bureaucracy for the dictates of a few, we have been prevented from realizing the natural development of discovery and wonder, the providential gifts. Those who enjoy super privilege do so only at the expense of the entire populace. The dream of one or two becomes the servitude of one or two hundred million.


How proficient are the writers of conspiracy themes? Hysteria is the chaos of ignorance. HAARP and its other brethren projects are not recent developments. They are the most recent representatives in a research effort whose history stretches out [7] before the last Century. Before we presume to dissect and interpret HAARP, we require historical familiarity with the documented hardware, phenomena, and original rationale for the deployment of these projects. Containing statements and opinions which are mutually contradictory, technical conspiracy books are never the scientific reports which they so profess. They are hastily written, poorly organized, insufficiently researched, thematically underdeveloped, and consistently overpriced.

As a novel means for supplying any and every possible answer for a price, conspiracy writers have directed a new publications initiative. The typical conspiracy writer supplies an insufficient emollient to a painful social wound. People who ask questions want real answers. The confusion of fragmented facts presented in such publications does satisfy those whose inner-most need is contextual meaning. The unfortunate absence of such concise presentations becomes the lucrative potential of the new genre, as conspiracy writers keep their over-inflated texts moving through distributors.

One reads through several examples of these texts with a sense of growing amusement. Each new example verifies the often repeated observation that such books are made to be sold, not to convey facts. Filled as they are with turbid convolutions and nightmarish scenarios, this new publications assault has succeeded only in promoting a confused consciousness of concern. The factual fragments comprising conspiracy books, cassettes, or videos are designed to bait the reader into forming personal conclusions. These almost invariably satisfy the personal needs of readers who are actively seeking a conspiracy. The writers of these books carry no burden of proof. Theirs is the role of provocateur, irresponsible activators and promoters of social malaise without solution.

We are the unwitting witnesses of a rare manifestation which has not made its appearance since the period following World War II. Of the hysteria which has worked its way throughout our contemporary society, no undercurrents seem more energized than those which find nightmarish delight in uncovering the possible “monsters in the machines”. The deeper implications of these abnormal sublimations stir thoughts of the destructive principle in human consciousness, that which delights in seeking horrors. But what would so invert the normal life-seeking drives in social consciousness? The answer to this penetrating question exposes the workings of human consciousness both in alienating and being alienated. The principle which has no regard for human life is familiar to working class people alone.


Those who very clearly sense the divorce between military and citizenry know that military intentions do not include the best interest of the citizen. Alienation, separation, rejection, divorcement. These are the real foundations from which social fears emerge. The social fears remain latent, mere undercurrents and suspicions seeking a focal point. Distrust finds its vent when authority demonstrates its adamant rejection of extraordinary citizens. Technology often becomes the rip in the walls between social id and social conscience. The instability through which suspicion becomes conspiratorial hysteria can be the slightest imposture or gesture on the part of an authority figure. When once society has suspected its government, the hysteria rages in full.

Are there reasonable sources of social anger in this regard? The arrogant and often hostile separation existing between government, military, and civilian sectors is forever brushed aside as “the preservation of national security”. Maintaining certain secrets from the populace is a token not well received by an intellectual population. In this continual removal of knowledge from a supposed liberated society, government is demonstrating broken trust. Here we find the origins of social suspicion. When a military organization necessarily requires secrecy, personal alienations magnify the latent social fears. Nevertheless, it is hilarious to discover what government agencies consider to be threatening secrets. One perusal of the patent collection will prove this to anyone.


Can we penetrate the secrecy? Can we indeed find answers to the HAARP “problem”? There are no secrets. Technological history is replete with instances of multiple simultaneous discoveries. The intelligence networks run over one another. Publications are instantaneous. But this statement does not refer to electronic mail. The history of science proves that ideas literally flow through space. Similar intense minds successfully communicate at unfathomable deep levels. What is learned in one laboratory soon appears spontaneously in many others. Study the literature and see this phenomenon repeated countless times. In this continual manifestation of intellectual fusion, only the sensitives have value. Those who demand and those who direct are helpless observers of processes which reveal the true heart of humanity. Those who exacerbate separations among societies are only forestalling their own obsolescence. In truth, there are no restrictions, no boundaries to the flow of such consciousness. Secrets cannot be kept. One can no more control the avalanche developments of technology than one can control the ocean. The absence of total secrecy is perhaps then the greatest secret.

Even the military projects which have so powerfully focused the writers of conspiracy essays have recently begun to “make utterance”. The recent release of “full disclosures” by the military is an equally curious modem manifestation. The great furor which HAARP has released has been successful enough to force military statements. One now finds that the military itself is declassifying patents and articles pertinent to the HAARP Project, an unprecedented willingness to quench the social spotlights which they have drawn. Why are they so willing in this opened disclosure policy? What are they trying to protect? And on whose behalf are they making these apologetic campaigns? Does the disclosure of hard data signal both the obsolescence of that data and the possession of superior technology?



The superficial world game is a vain exercise of Control itself, of Regulation. The controllers wish to maintain their poise and power over the populace. This is nothing new. Rome saw endless such struggles, and is no more. There are those who comprehend evidence of deliberate design in the adamant and ludicrous behavior of military against citizenry. One asks the motive behind such a poise. What agent is capable of demanding and establishing such a rift? There are but two principalities which rule the workings of the world. Of the nation. Control and Money. Domination, rule. Extending the permeating alienation which has so thoroughly characterized our time, one will always find grasping hands of greed at work.

Excessive control, excessive regulation indicates a demise of social integrity which no military might, however fascistic and demanding, can alter or change. Ideas remain. Ideas and Ideals. They are visitors, messages from a deeper reality. American Military has traditionally overestimated its own worth and misperceived its role. In truth, military is the workhorse of the Multinationals and nothing more. It is certainly not the right hand of Liberty with which the poster propaganda campaigns puts forth. Military has been, and will remain nothing more than the strong arm of American Big Business. Secret military projects do not begin in the military at all. Secret military projects begin in the boardrooms of the business world. These are the origins of the covert. Here we ind those who would control our destinies and those of our children for generations. Having developed systems for controlling the systems, multinationals rule by the scratch of a pen stroke. Money threatens depression, and the Laws legally fulfill the intent.

Business rules science and industry. Business rules military. Business rules government. One protocol rules all the others. Civilians find themselves under the most direct authorities, above which there exists a gantry of superior commanders. Imperialistic designs desire the acquisition of foreign resources. Outright war is politically impossible unless reasonably overt excuses exist. In the absence of these, conditions must be created. Central Intelligence “stimulate” numerous controlled circumstances. These are contrived to divert attention away from certain activities. Study the pattens whereby hollow regimes appear in resource-bordering nations. The threat of war is suddenly reported. Some new dictator has “risen to power”, the latest in a series of synthetic madmen. The president is concerned, and the Senate votes unanimously. Military forces swoop in, and presto! Nightly News reports a new victory for American troops. Props and setups all. The realistic result of these imperialistic ventures is that citizens pay for the expended weapons, while Big Business acquires a copper mine, an oil field, a uranium supply.

My advice to conspiracy writers is this: do your research better. Find out what resources every US occupied nation contains. And who did the dirty work? Military. But Military initiates nothing. Business initiates. Military is merely an effective and dictatorial agency for driving and directing otherwise disoriented academic researchers toward the achievement of realistic goals. When Business wants a job done, Military researchers devise means for achieving those goals. Military force executes commands which begin in private liaisons among bankers. Military “advisement” simply insures that research goals are achieved within the prerequisite time period. Those who accuse the Military of engaging in covert operations know nothing of the fundamental facts concerning a subject of which they claim such superior insight; Military takes its orders from the cliched frail white business men in brown round toed shoes, whose dispassionate gazes smack of old American families.


Historic examination of American policies reveals that the demands of a very few cartels consistently direct these superior commands. Manipulative control of military supremacy has continually achieved the questionable personal ends of the few. Keeping ahead of one’s adversaries gives technology the notion that government loves science. The lie is total. Cartels want those uranium mines in Africa, so military gets the funding to develop all sorts of new death devices for “testing”. But do not be deceived, throughout the process we observe that military is not in the position of initiation.

The military does not engage in such projects unless under superior command. The pure love of science or the pleasure of acquiring scientific data is not in their command-obedient agenda. For the military to desist from the study and development of new weaponry, a superior command of exceedingly high priority must be in effect. Military does nothing on its own, and cannot. After the governments themselves bow in homage to superior capital, military is the slave of cartels. Business directs. Business gives the orders. The Government issues commands. The Military executes.

When the battle smoke clears, medals are clipped on old Generals and Big Business lights up cigars all around the boardroom table where it all began. To achieve the various objectives which business demands, ever newer “measures and countermeasures” have been steadily developed since the Cold War. Non-nuclear weapons packages and other cunning technologies have continually facilitated various deceptions, conditions, and terminations which ordinary citizens fail to recognize as deliberate military actions. In brief, the military is well stocked with a reserve of surprising weapons and communications systems which enable the rapid acquisition of foreign resources when commanded.

We must also look behind the imperialistic forays in order to comprehend the rationale for the numerous little exercises which have so colorfully flooded our television screens for the past thirty years. The desire for foreign resources is no blind ambition. The desire for foreign resources is always predicated on the demands of new ventures. Wars are fought on many battlefronts. The most decisive wars are fought in study, where new ideas emerge. A single idea can alter the course of centuries. And none know when or where such an event may occur. While [9] the private military laboratories burst with unsuspected new technologies, monies for these “projects” arrive in unending rivers from demanding multinational bankers.


This is the Developmental Prototype of the HAARP Ionospheric Research Instrument. It consists of 48 antenna elements arranged as 8 rows by 6 columns. The array is being used to evaluate the engineering design for the HAARP IRI. Initial testing of the Developmental Prototype began in December 1994 and has occurred intermittently since that time.

Cartels employ active research staffs to scope the science world for potentially destabilizing expressions and designs. While unable to stop the progressive emergence of such inspirations, they can and do manage the efficient eradication of perceived threats. Scholars and patent bibliographers well know that working technologies, now well beyond their third stage of development, have already rendered the much-discussed “covert” military technologies obsolescent. No single statement can be more important than this one. In rarely mentioned reports, military research successfully developed sophisticated ray-beam systems which exceed the optical laser in coherent penetrability and lethal power.

NASA, as a military adjunct organization, has continually enabled and maintained deployment of a worldwide military satellite exchange. The heavy schedule of NASA Space Shuttle launches evidenced the deployment of highly secretive military packages in predetermined orbits throughout its decade long history. These systems have replaced radiowave technology in both communications and reconnaissance operations. Coupled with space technologies, these optical and paraoptical technologies now best represent the true and classified military state of the art. For this reason it is strongly believed that ELF projects such as SEAFARER will shortly he decommissioned. Radiowave technology has been rendered obsolescent by better and more dependable technologies, the nature of which has never been discussed in the open. I have retrieved the patents which prove my assertions.

In this confusion is discovered the inestimable value of conspiracy writers to military security. Declassified military patents signal the deploying of complete highly advanced systems. Military declassification is a diversion for the intellectuals who are easily fascinated by technological baubles. Remember, the modus operandi are completely opposed. The military is not intrigued or concerned with the wonders of nature! But why was the military so absolutely empowered to develop superweapons at all? Both during and after World War II, certain multinationals sought security in trade. Capitalistic security. For this reason alone, Allied military was given the wherewithal to develop weaponry. When Japan threatened Pacific free trade, an invincible weapon was sought. Funds for the Manhattan Project did not come from the American tax-payer. The Government was already in debt to the Federal Bank lenders. Cash flow for this weaponry came from privateers. The Atomic Energy Commission managed the ancillary Industry on behalf of the original investors. This conglomerate is also reaching its logical conclusion, a startling outcome which we will shortly discuss. Nevertheless, the many levels in which multinational organizations seemingly coexist reveals that they themselves are in devious competitions.

Many continually cite Communism as the trigger for the rapid proliferation of nuclear stockpiles. Communism only threatened capitalists who were themselves divorced from the innermost circles of multinational business. Communism was not an accidental revolution. Neither was it an economic “experiment”, as some have suggested. Communism was a business weapon, aimed at those who were not invested. Communism was a privately owned system which used the totalitarian government as a permanent deterrent to all other potential investors. The central mystery figure in this high level domination was Armand Hamer, whose continual private inspections of both Soviet Government and Industry are unquestionably financial. Hamer reaped unmentionable capital profits from Soviet Industries, while consorting with Allied cartels.

World business is a game of simple causes and effects. The only variables are those which technology brings into the game. Besides these new variables, human nature and human reactions remain unaltered throughout history. “Outsider” cartels recognized the inherent weakness in the otherwise dominating strong-hold which Hamer had devised and executed. Fixed in a political arena, it was possible to threaten that fortress with the new weaponry. The mere suggestion that outsiders could destroy the totalitarian “arrangement” would perhaps sufficiently serve to bring Hamer into dialogue. Hamer himself was the only individual permitted to enter Moscow airspace without question. Met by personal limousine, Hamer was secretly escorted to his Russian estate, a huge property maintained in his absence by a privately hired workforce. When he so desired, Soviet military [10] brass and the Premier himself would arrive at the estate. Clearly, from its inception Hamer was underwriting the Soviet regime.

Toward breaking this strategy of domination, the numerous outsider cartels directed the unprecedented deployment of atomic weaponry. When the initial threat was matched with a Soviet duplicate of atomic weaponry, the game was locked in “cheque”. Seeing that this maneuver did not succeed in bringing Hamer to the consortium, the AEC was directed toward developing more powerful weaponry. Thermonuclear devices were the frightening result, an unexpected and horrifying outcome of the unleashed scientific consortium. There being no theoretical limit to the effective destructive extent of such weaponry, the development and deployment of novel weapons became a prime objective throughout the “Cold War”. In the face of “Mutual Assured Destruction” scenarios, priority was eventually revised in the development of tactical weapons which permitted post-war occupation. Neutron bombs were tested to satisfaction during this time period, a small spin off of patented devices whose descriptions have been recently unearthed.


The unfortunate mention of a few misunderstood military technologies has flooded society with conspiratorial issues, suspicions and rumors having no real foundation. In such a fear-ruled atmosphere there can be no true objectivity, no serious scientific discussion. In order to allay the fundamental fears which have been incited by all too numerous and over enthused writers, this article on HAARP has been composed. What we require is factual clarification.

Patent retrieval requires historical scope, otherwise an over-excited response will produce convoluted misinterpretations. This is precisely what has happened in discussing HAARP. Therefore, a brief summary of military achievements in the high-tech realm may be fitting, The large-scale demonstrations of plutonium and hydrogen bombs brought the discovery of a new and unexpected phenomenon. Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP phenomena, became the focal point of intense military interest. Remember who was directing the military progress in these endeavors. Though we have deep interests in the natural phenomena which attended such experimentation, please recall the patronage behind these tests.

The EMP phenomenon suggested a new weapons potential which could be used in a limited strike scenario. The technique would not require large yield nuclear weapons, and seemed a plausible route to pursue. Stimulating a powerful and decisively destructive EMP across any military opposition, EMP’s reaching several thousand amperes were powerful and penetrating enough to bum out electronics packages and power grids in a single instant. EMP potentials were derived from ground induced ring currents beneath the rising plasma of any small nuclear blast. The essential feature was that EMPs could not be blocked. In this, military recognized a new weaponry.

Military researchers quickly developed controlled EMP devices and techniques throughout the years between 1960 and 1970, the details of which are given in my forthcoming book, “Secrets of Cold War Technology – Project HAARP and Beyond”. Special techniques for enhancing EMP action were investigated. Military deployed new non-nuclear devices in identical research themes, dispersing ionizable chemicals through high aerial detonations. Experiments performed with these artificial plasma clouds were designed to test a variety of weapons objectives. These techniques were discarded with the development and deployment of satellites, ineffective “over the horizon” and other such “back-scatter” RADAR techniques being replaced by optical reconnaissance.

Discovering that aerial plasma clouds could destroy short-wave reception for hours and days if necessary, military experimenters experimented with ionospheric “heaters” for a time. These were found capable of delivering controlled shortwave blackouts for sustained periods. Military frowned upon the monstrous station required in supporting such techniques. As weapons, their excessive expense and size rendered them easy “first strike” targets. These too fell into obsolescent disuse with the deployment of several satellite deployed beam weapons. During the SDI period, military was given command to launch weapons-ready orbital platforms, and deployed surveillance and reconnaissance satellites in a continual volley of private missile launches.

Please recognize that the technical bibliographic reservoir gives us the only reasonable basis for assessing and evaluating projects such as HAARP. Technological developments of this magnitude are attended by a great host of research reports and ancillary experimental proceedings. Historically released publications represent those thousands who have had empirical knowledge of real equipment. The difficulty of tampering with such a densified bibliography is inestimable. Deliberate eradication of such bibliographies by intelligence agencies has never been completely successful, the indolence and relative apathy of the populace being a dependable enough deterrent to possible security leaks.

No single intelligence agency can exercise manipulations to the degree that every single report may be altered or eradicated. Freedom of expression rules in the older bibliographies, provided you are able to yet obtain them at all, It is through the bibliographic manifold of visionary tunnels that the astute analyst discerns the razor edge of truth. In addition, the examination of numerous military funded technical reports always places the private analyst on alert. Those agencies who prepare and publish their official reports are as dubious as those who compile conspiracy theories. And writers who doubt both groups are held opened to the very same accusations! Seeking the balance, one strikes a curious pose. Tethered on a jeweled pivot between military releases and conspiracy theories, one seeks a clear image of sunlight in a hall of mirrors. But one fact is clear and remains. All publications serve as markers ad points on which we may focus discussion. In this, we have a lever which can indeed move the world of secrecy.

Having anticipated the social turbulence which surrounds [11] projects such as HAARP, military journalists have been hard a work carefully selecting certain hard technical data for publication. Hundreds of declassified pages have been dispatched through the INTERNET. It is a simple and effective means for powerfully silencing potentially irascible intellectuals. Curiously it is the military who are again in position to step in and act as the “voice of reason”. Yes, amid the oceans of fear and suspicion which highly classified projects have stimulated, the military itself emerging as the very epitome of honesty and beneficent authority. The military prose writers have succeeded in using the social paranoia which they themselves have triggered to their own best advantage.

But the real direction toward which military advisement has progressed is no hideous covert plot to mind-manipulate the nation. What lies at the root of HAARP is a mundane business arrangement which the all too elaborate paranoia has typically and completely misinterpreted. The great and monstrous fear which has been evoked among the intellectuals actually centers around a business foray which the military has been commanded to develop by executive command. It is therefore in this light that we will unravel the HAARP issue. What conspiratorialists so fear and suspect is delusional. Hysteria is not the atmosphere proper to the deliberation and extrication of facts. Hysteria blocks the pursuit of clear thinking. HAARP is about Power, Control, and Money. Nothing more. One must break through the fear which conspiratorialists are weaving. Get the facts.


Why have discussions on HAARP become so redundant and convoluted that the entire discussion has been rendered incomprehensible? The writers of sensational conspiracy books have very ignorantly admixed a great number of completely unrelated patents together. The basic assumption that all of these separate and distinct patents have been combined to form HAARP began as the erroneous conception of a single researcher.

Pulsed RADAR, Beam Weapons, ELF, Subsurface Tomography, over the horizon RADAR, Gamma Ray detectors: only a complete incompetent would ever assume that these patents are vaguely related. Further idiocy is required to believe that any single system could deliver such a menagerie of potentials. Even P.T. Barnum would have blushed before presenting such an outlandish set of promises. The fact that certain writers of the conspiracy camp have so admixed these indicates the degree to which the absurdity has been expanded. HAARP has nothing to do with any of the conspiratorial topics whatsoever, as a precursory examination of the photographic evidence should teach. What is required of scholars entails a proper and thorough classification of each of the distinct patents relevant to HAARP. Unfortunately we do not have the entire series of patents which have been collected and collated in these regards, so we can never agree with those who claim to have alone so. But I have found better than the patents which support the HAARP thesis which so many acclaim. I have found patents which prove that HAARP cannot possibly be any kind of weapon, a diagnostic device, a surveillance system, or a superior communications technology.

Look at the photographs. Examine the evidence before your eyes. None of the cited patents on various radar systems apply here at all. Look at the array! See what is before your eyes. Radar heaters? HAARP does not include such features. There are no SHF structures anywhere in sight. Eliminate the hysteria, block out the conspiratorial noise which blinds your eyes. What do you see? Perhaps you do not see because the writers of the more hysterical accounts concerning HAARP, symbolists and story-tellers of the subconscious, have no real information to share. One needs an historical, not an hysterical continuity to gain the single overwhelming evidence concerning the IRI. Competent technical libraries contain much of the data which precedes each of the separate radio technologies. The bibliography dealing with radio technology is replete with examples of projects like HAARP. Indeed, one finds a bibliography so well documented that to make such otherwise blundering commentary bewilders the imagination. This HAARP has no strings.

Most of the systems relevant toward gaining such understanding were developed prior to World War II. Projects exactly like HAARP have already been established and discarded before 1930! Texts on EMP, ELF, and RADAR flood the technical shelves. The information, opened and declassified, is waiting to be read. I have recently finalized an immense file on such topics as to completely revolutionize all serious subsequent discussion on HAARP and other secret technologies. This title will comprise a second, more technically oriented publication on topics which reach far beyond HAARP.

Critical comprehension of HAARP does not require examination of the Eastlund patents. That supposed base on which Project HAARP was framed has little to do with the actual device in Gakona, Alaska. The Eastlund patents present such a confusing assortment of components and proposals that serious scholars are immediately suspicious. The device demanded by Dr. Eastlund boasts several completely contradictory applications. One reads that the fully operational system will “modify weather patterns . . . derange incoming missiles . . . focus sunlight on distant areas . . . lift enormous sections of atmosphere to unprecedented heights . . . create strong updrafts . . . evacuate atmospheric regions . . . target specific locales to produce drought . . . stimulate ELF signals in the Schumann natural waveguide . . . a duplication of Tesla techniques”.

By this description, HAARP seems to be the greatest and most prolific technological work of the Twentieth Century, the wonder and acme of modern covert science! Yes, the Eastlund patents must be the marvel of this age, since so many additional attributes have been daily appearing under the topic headline. In actually reading this patent description, one would imagine that Dr. Eastlund has found the very Lamp of Aladdin. The conspiratorialists have inferred that this patent group is made to produce regional mind-manipulation techniques, resonant disturbance of biorhythms, artificially driven circadian cycles, [12] induced insomnia and neuroses, and paranoia and terror psychotronics. I will not disallow that such weapons exist. But I will not allow readers to imagine that the Eastlund claims have any ability to achieve these objectives. In fact, HAARP has nothing to do with these patents.

In point of fact, the Eastlund patents were a series of grant proposals written during the waning days of SDI. Designed to attract any potential Military or Energy Industry attention, this patent series aimed only at finding a patron. To be blunt, the Eastlund patents lack both utility and merit. The author did nothing more, than quote the achievements of several past geophysical researchers, claiming that his design could do all that and more. The Eastlund patents are comprised of a textual slurry which a brief reading clearly reveals. The whole of his patent wrapper is a shameful multiplication of contradictions. The outlandish and self-aggrandizing nature of claims made by Dr. Eastlund provoked an honest patent examiner to refuse the granting of license on first sight. The reason for rejecting the application was straightforward. “The invention as disclosed is inoperative and therefore lacks utility”. Our consistent opinion remains in agreement with this assessment; HAARP can achieve none of the proposed claims which conspiracy texts so freely assert.

Furthermore, if these hysterical writers would only learn their material better, they would realize that HAARP has nothing at all to do with Tesla Technology. HAARP employs technology which Tesla continually berated! HAARP is the very antithesis of systems developed by Tesla, and only uses the Tesla name as a very effective publicity buzzword.

If HAARP has indeed achieved any of its aims, it certainly has achieved the original goal for which it was drafted. Dr. Eastlund successfully attracted several communities with very different agendas. I do not for a moment believe that he expected to ever implement the plans which he so bombastically outlined in his texts. Indeed, one must congratulate the public relations work which preceded the acquisition of these patents. Based on engineering finesse and scientific soundness, no such good fortune should have followed. Patents such as these never merit more than a critical few paragraphs in the journals. Are any of these claims original and new? No, not one. Each of his claims has already been made by a great number of other geophysicists throughout the previous decades. Is there anything about his system which is creatively different or somehow original? Again, each component of the Eastlund proposal represents a great number of patents already in existence. These are patents which are singularly uninteresting. When compared with the newly uncovered files, the IRI actually appears quite bland and ineffective!

In fact a precursory survey of many other patents is sufficient to reveal working systems and tested experimental hardware capable of totally outstripping the Eastlund proposal on several fronts. We emphasize the term “proposal” because nowhere does the Eastlund device exist in model form. A proposal parading as a patent! Never has such a precedent been set in American patent history. One therefore questions the means by which such a fait accompli has been so successfully managed. Dr. Eastlund made his mark, and won his grant!

One issue must be made crystal clear before my discussion continues. The assumption that the Eastlund patent group forms the very heart of HAARP is completely unfounded. Other patents support my assertion. Claiming this single group of patents to be the pivotal technology on which HAARP is based, especially after reading the textual descriptions and claims, is obscenely embarrassing. Worse than this initial mess of misinformation are those who lump the Eastlund patents together with a host of completely different applications. Compounding error upon error, it is then assumed that the Eastlund claims are the sole contributors to the HAARP Project, which is an outright lie and misrepresentation. But these misgivings are useful in the search concerning HAARP. They lead us to penetrating and more deeply hidden truths.

Casual examination of the advisory committees surrounding the HAARP Project does not give us adequate additional information. On the surface it appears that military, academic, and commercial interests have together merged their interests in the Project. Because of this tripartite structure, many have inferred the several usually mentioned possibilities in connection with HAARP. Why would such a huge and thoroughly connected conglomerate as Raytheon be suddenly moved to buy out the Eastlund patents at all? What real “merit” did Raytheon see in these ill-conceived and all too erudite sounding proposals? Furthermore, was this small representative package the only group which Raytheon acquired in its very obvious survey?


As with so many other designs, Raytheon acquired the rights to the Eastlund patents for a singular developmental purpose. The Eastlund patent collection certainly does not represent a system capable of achieving any of its proposed applications. Previous geophysics research teams achieved what Dr. Eastlund claimed as original. Surely Raytheon did not wish to simply reproduce the list of previous geophysical achievements! But perhaps Raytheon was interested in buying out all the relevant Eastlund-like patents that year simply because it had already decided to develop an original system for other purposes. Very [13] lucrative purposes. In such a case, we would then assume that Raytheon’s act of purchasing the complete Eastlund patent series was an unintentional disclosure of intent! We would therefore never expect the Eastlund patent to appear at all in the Raytheon HAARP project. In fact, photographic evidence proves this assertion to be correct. Neither diagrammatically nor descriptively, the IRI has nothing at all in common with the Eastlund disclosures. Whose design then is the IRI? And why is it such an overtly poor example of engineering design?

The Eastlund patent group was certainly not the only such representative which Raytheon acquired when it “swept the patent floor”. This is common practice in business when one wishes to eradicate potentially threatening technologies. The concomitant fact that Raytheon directed the actual building of HAARP has eliminated that scenario. Why then did Raytheon buy up all of these patents on ionospheric heaters? Because it wishes to deploy a weapon? How ridiculous. Weapons are deployed with no permissions or requests. Infringement suits do not occur when military directed projects are concerned. But why did Raytheon, megalithic defense contractor, acquire such patents at all? Furthermore, why did Raytheon form separate management groups for the development of its HAARP Project? The intense military involvement surrounding HAARP is always equated with weapons research. Indeed, many inexperienced analysts conclude that HAARP is a weapons project on this basis alone. But it is no such thing. One must examine the scenario in question before jumping to such prejudicial conclusions. Why is the military overseeing a commercial venture? On whose behalf are such strict research directives being enforced?

Those who read the military involvement in HAARP as proof of a secret weapons program have not logged in the adequate research time. Had they done so, they would never have arrived at these pedantic and embarrassing conclusions. After multinational business initiates high-tech projects, the military is employed to organize and complete the project. Business commands, military obeys. Military advisement necessarily forms the heart of every such project, whether it be toward the development of weapons or pipelines. The military keeps active files on all science professionals in the nation.

Paramilitary Intelligence studies the progressive development of specific individuals. Military leadership oversees every aspect of such technical projects until completion for good reasons, recruiting specific kinds of professional researchers from the academic world. Such recruits are not always the highest and most exemplary representatives of their profession. They are often “green” to the military-academic system, often young graduates with no prior experience in the trade. The pay is too good to refuse. Military convention has long learned how to successfully choose its professional liaisons, rejecting those highly intelligent individuals whom they perceive as unmanageable security risks. Professionals who eventually recognize what they are developing also realize that they themselves hold the high card in a multinational game plan. Such persons are never desired.

For this reason, a large number of technically adept persons, usually military trained, are massed together in any one facility. Low level academic representatives are carefully placed among this mass of military technicians. Professionals who work well in this quasi-military structure become familiar faces in multinational initiatives. No one such professional is ever permitted to know too much of what the others are doing. Academic involvement in large-scale projects equates with endless expenditures in time and money. In addition, professionals who are absolutely needed place personal demands on groups who have temporarily forsaken all civilian pleasantries. The eccentricities of professorial employees have traditionally been quashed at the moment of their expression by military leadership. This has produced legendary separations between military and academia. Military leadership drives each such project to its conclusion, clipping the otherwise endless applications of useless fascinations so typical of professorial researchers.

Neither business nor military are in love with the wonders of nature, the marvels of science, or the beauty of technology. Theirs is not an appreciation of the sublime, They want domination. Rulership. Preeminence in the world. Because of this predilection, military is given monies with which to devise “tactical means”. Cartels demand sureties for their investment. In order to maintain the imperial upper hand on behalf of its multinational employers, military requires new weaponry. International adversaries, political amalgamation, are funded by warring cartels. The hierarchy of business exchanges and strategies rises the populace as a slurry pit for the movement, extraction, and multiplication of profit. Nothing more. Being the commodity in this cruel use of our lives is the true source of our deepest sentiments of fear, distrust, and hopelessness.

Commercial involvements simply equate with lucrative contracts and government funded weapons ventures. And there are of course those who admix each of these involvement in varied proportions, obtaining conclusions which never reach resolution. And so the conspiracy theories continue spinning their intrigues, all the while missing the obvious. The fact that all of these inferences comprise an incoherent pattern, one designed to misdirect the imagination, is strangely never itself examined.

While several writers have made much mention of the military in strict connection with HAARP, it is not the military which directs or pursues projects such as HAARP at all. For all its weaponry, its steely severity, its polished poise, its stripes and banners, the military is but a tool in the hands of its masters. The military is a task oriented hierarchy, made to obey the commands of a highly bureaucratic legislative branch, themselves receiving dictatorial command from the multinationals. There is no other way to interpret the otherwise irrational military conflicts of our time.

How many times has the gloved hand been wielded for the superlative goals of altruism? How much more has it not been wielded in the selfish brutality of imperialistic control? The military hand is now simply a tool to effect possession of foreign resources. To cover this function, elaborate intelligence operations [14] set up the game board for public witness. One cannot occupy a nation which does not appear to be a threat, in order to seize and use its resources. Indeed, every war since World War II has had only financial objectives first in mind. Wealth, power, control, regulation, and technology. These are the ruling principalities in the bureaucratic hierarchate. Agencies bow in homage to these stone idols. If there is money and power to be gained in a potential market technology, then any outlandish project will be entertained, funded, and deployed. The United States Government has traditionally employed their military hierarchy when desperate to achieve a technological objective. Military in turn implements its stern might in both seeking potential projects, recruiting the very best researchers, and deploying the most expensive experimental apparatus.


HAARP is a project whose Staff and advisement council having been determined by Phillips Laboratories (Air Force) and the NRL directly. Built on the Alaskan North Slope near Gakona, the “Ionospheric Research Instrument” is built on land which is owned by the Department of Defense. For this reason alone many inexperienced scholars have concluded that the IRI is a weapons project. Nothing can be further from the truth. When one is developing a revolutionary technology, having potential entanglements and infringements from commercial and private sectors, one sweeps the patent floor. Were Raytheon operating on behalf of a military weapons project, they would never have called attention to themselves in purchasing these rights. Therefore, Raytheon’s involvement in HAARP is a mystifying commercial venture. The seemingly sizable payments paid out when acquiring potential contestants is infinitesimal when compared with the projected profits of a revolutionary new commercial technology.

Open your eyes and see what the photographs tell. The first impression reminds the trained eye of a power grid. Look at the intertangled array of HF structures. The IRI as presently established consists of a primary HF transmitter field, an assemblage of HF antennas, and a host of sophisticated diagnostic equipment. The IRI itself is owned by Raytheon, managed through E-Systems, and constructed by Power Technologies Incorporated (APTI). Examination of the photographic evidence is thoroughly disappointing. The HAARP site is not the monstrous multi-gabled structure which befits the hysterical claims. A pitiful assemblage of frail uprights and cross wires, the scene resembles those monstrous arrays of Marconi Wave Radio. Nothing appears novel or inspired. A total of 180 towers will comprise the IRI. Each tower stands 72 feet high; the lot on which this fastidious assembly stands covers a 33 acre field, having dimensions 1000 by 1200 feet. Each tower is founded on a 12 by 15 foot rectangular base, spaced 80 feet apart. So much for the physical dimensions. Tesla achieved much more with less space.

In its current phase, the IRI is unfinished – the Developmental Prototype (DP) consists of 48 antenna elements, of which only 18 are currently active. Each of the towers support a double crossed dipole. One dipole set operates from 2.8 to 7 Megacycles, the other set operates from 7 to l0 Megacycles. Beneath the entire vertical array of the proposed IRI will be a 33 acre copper screen. Poised on insulators 15 feet above the ground, vehicle access to the various shelters is facilitated, Prime electric power for the IRI is provided by six diesel driven 2.5 Megawatt generators. Radio energy for the huge assembly is derived from transmitters which are housed in 30 separate shelters spread across the acreage. Each shelter contains 6 pairs of 10 Kilowatt transmitters. Even in its completed phase the IRI will be bombastic and ineffectual.

Vertical radiations from this array are phased controlled to produce circular polarizations. The vertical beam can be skewed and therefore aimed toward various compass headings, a process which diminishes the effective energetic cross-section at the target site. The IRI can focus its radiant energy to a tight point in various selected ionospheric strata. Concentrated radio energy from the IRI is frequency directed into these specified strata. There the energy is absorbed in a layer a few hundred meters thick, a process which requires deeper examination. But more fundamental and immediate questions need be asked here. What is the IRI, and why was it built?

The time for extensive expenditures on new weapons projects commenced with SDI in 1983 and was discontinued by the end of the same decade. While the divergent applications of the IRI have been mentioned, it is rather obvious that this huge test facility is no weapon. Citing functions by which the IRI can effect controlled conjugate auroral storms along longitude lines (poised so close to magnetic north), the IRI can conceivably trigger such storms as far as the south pole! The mirror effect binds energized particles between fixed magnetic reflection points. As a potential means for effecting auroral storms, the IRI is an unlikely candidate for a functioning weapons system of any dependability. But considering the IRI to be a beam weapons system is part of the repertoire of paranoia, an anachronistic and foolhardy evaluation. Why would the military spend billions on so large and unwieldy a target as the IRI if it were a weapon? The IRI cannot achieve weapons objectives. Neither can it launch clustered particle beams along the geomagnetic field lines to specific targets. To be sure, the IRI is no weapons project.

In a more benign function, military releases have mentioned the IRI in conjunction with surveillance technology. But the IRI is no mere military listening post. The overwhelming number of military satellites can do far better in the surveillance arena. Those who claim that “deep earth tomography” is a possible application of the IRI have much to learn in basic physics. Recall that ELF wavelengths literally span continents. How are such waves to be employed in a technique which would seek out the detail of “subterranean`tunnels”? Such tomography requires the projection of waves very much more minute than infrared. Those who cite ELF methods in this respect simply do not understand the nature of ELF and its inability to reveal such detail. Waves this large can define nothing smaller than their [15] own dimensions. How then can they resolve small subterranean tunnels beneath an equally small geographic section? Only X-Ray or Gamma Ray technologies can achieve these objectives with highest efficiency.

Conclusions such as these are evidence of unfortunate misdirected and unschooled zeal among those who are easily dissuaded from observing the obvious. Deep earth tomography can be accomplished by orbital means with far greater definition and access. All surface, submerged, or entrenched installations require the penetrating gaze of more powerful emissions. But the well documented and patented techniques of X-Ray and Gamma Ray technology will have been discussed, and will be available along with my forthcoming patent collection (“Secrets of Cold War Technology II: Declassified Patents of the Cold War and SDI”). Besides opening a great many debates on the obsolescence of every residual radiowave technology, we are left with a clear path through which to understand HAARP, a design which is by no means the most ultimate representation of its class. It is in fact a very poorly designed example of large-scale influence-type transmitters.

While the IRI is an expensive experimental station whose data can be used toward the development of several distinct systems in the future, it is clearly an attempt in a singular direction. The IRI has been recently hailed as a “diagnostic tool” having multiple experimental applications. But what is the chief application of the IRI? What do our evaluations finally conclude? The one military release which attracts my attention is the least mentioned throughout the literature of hysteria. It is the one description which accurately matches the existing structure in Gakona. I am surprised that so few of the more prolifically verbal researchers have focused their more scholarly attentions thereto.


Issues of the game become more complicated as efforts to achieve domination of world resources intensify. In this regime of weapons proliferation between warring cartels, both the United States and the Soviet Union were driven to the point of economic failure. Amid the proliferation of high-tech weapons systems and erudite scientific research, an ever present and obsolescent commodity was elevated to the level of demigod. Oil became the world central focus, in a most curious manner, fixing all eyes on the ancient heart of civilization. Oil drove every sophisticated personality back to a desert where descendants of shepherds became self-style royalty. The charades were ludicrous. Roads in deserts built in circles so that sheiks could be chauffeured in air conditioned Austin-Martins. Cartels patiently endured the frivolities of this masque, while deliberating their own means for undoing the unexpected new game players.

Hamer had already outbalanced this new variable with his own oil fields in the North Atlantic. Having funded a new deep well offshore technology, Hamer himself had become the major opposition to OPEC. How curious that, with his death, both the Berlin wall and the Soviet Regime very swiftly came to an end. The world was suddenly not a one-sided game board where imperialistic ideologies could exist unchallenged. There are many others who came to play the game, and played it very well. In all of this, Technology emerged as the singular decisive means for achieving dominations in world markets. Business makes its demands. Military organizes. Technology produces.

Wars need not involve the rumble of military might at all. A new technology may emerge, threatening the stability of some cartel. In such scenarios it has been convenient to assassinate the potential new technological dictator and undo the technology. In other cases, the reverse may actually occur. On the surface, the condition is simply determined by those who hold the capital. If there are factions whose domination of a resource has wearied other cartels, then a new venture will be sought to undo those dominations.

Technological creation of new markets has not always been pursued by world major cartels. Stability and status quo has been the theme of all investors for nearly a century. Investments are made and secured. They are not tested in the fields of venture. But technology is the “wild card”. Technology destabilizes the status quo. Irrepressible technological progress has not been permitted to fulfill its expression in the world. Those who demanded a halt to progress managed to silence the wonder for a time. Nevertheless, a situation has now presented itself where even the cartels have demanded a world revolution in technology.

Let us suppose there existed a cartel whose total domination of a resource had grown so uncontrollable that it threatened every other existing business. Now suppose that the other cartels have realized that the essential dominating resource itself supplies an obsolescent technology. Realizing that the dissolution of the obsolescent technology spells defeat for the dominating supplier, all the threatened cartels will band together to develop [16] a new and superior substitute. Oil is the resource whose revenues have given an underdeveloped handful such total dominating power in the world. The powerful enemies of this dominating influence have recognized the essential weakness in this resource as a fuel. Perhaps the eradication of revolutionary technology is no longer profitable. Other world cartels have had enough of OPEC, its flowing white robes, its intolerance, its sneering voices, and world-ruling policies. The attendant terrorist activities do not endear these persons to European multinationals. The other world cartels have found a new venture which will dethrone oil and make untold wealth for themselves. HAARP is their Project. But exactly what is the Project, and what are its real capabilities?

Since the official termination of SDI, new energy projects have had far greater levels of classification and importance. In the past, patent examiners were directed by privateers to screen all energy devices. The motive during that purge was elimination. The continual rejection of energy devices forced the nation to accept an inferior technology and a subordinated science. The privately viewed wonders of those powerful early energy devices taught a far superior science to a few. From that period onward, internal struggles among warring bureaucratic factions has prompted a new search. For energy devices to have bureaucratic utility, the heart of control and regulation must be satisfied.

Installations must be large, costly, and distant. The secrets of such a science need not be too erudite, just physically unfeasible and inaccessible. As previously emphasized, in its present form the IRI has nothing in common with the Eastlund patents. Nothing whatsoever. Judging from the patents alone, the Eastlund thesis has not been achieved in Gakona. It is in fact quite obvious that others have taken this proposal and made it into a thing which no longer resembles the original. So where is the merit? What compels the government to cover itself with the military, while investing such heavy fortunes in the Eastlund proposal? What do certain agencies see in the Eastlund patents? What is it about this system which so enamors the several jointly engaged parties?

Fuel and energy themes have historically proven themselves to be the central focus of power and control during this latter half of the Twentieth Century. Abundant proof of this is found in the opened forum which the media have granted us. Displaying every fuel imperializing military maneuver, we have recently witnessed countless over-indulgent occupations of underdeveloped oil-rich nations. If this is not true, then why is such a propaganda campaign over-emphasizing the danger of minuscule and insignificant sheikdoms which till the Middle East? The love of Liberty? Fuel and Energy drive the relentless wheels and maintain the precious Control. Energy is the demand. Energy is the single most valuable commodity. And of all energy supply, the generation of electricity is the most profitable.

It is obvious that the IRI has been deployed in the northlands to achieve a very specific and tantalizing objective. If it were not so, then the present design which we see would never have been given funding. The Caribbean Arecibo facility could certainly have been outfitted with more powerful radar transmitters, and could have focused more heat on the ionosphere than the IRI can ever hope to produce. In this light, the very construction of the IRI was a needless expense. But Arecibo does not have the northern access for which the IRI has been specifically based. In the words of the releases, the IRI “stimulates and controls plasma processes” in the northern auroral zone. This is the most clarified comment made by the military press releases – the very one least favored by the popular writers. It is the very item upon which they continually stumble, the one which they reject.

Look at the sheer size of the IRI. Why the enormous surface area? What has Raytheon already proven, and what are they hoping to perfect? Examine the evidence. Why is the IRI so close to magnetic north? The answer to this question is the secret, the very heart of the HAARP Project: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Why build so vast a station beneath the auroral ring? And what does Raytheon want from the Aurora Borealis?


Knowing the facts is neither concession nor willingness to accept HAARP technology. Of this, make no mistake. We do not endorse, approve, or applaud this infernal deployment. Knowing the facts is not affirming the right of military engineers to continue deploying such projects. But knowing the facts empowers our confidence in relinquishing concern over a technology which, it will be learned, cannot wreak the environmental destructions which certain production crews are using to best lucrative advantage. Do not allow yourself to be used by conspiracy writers. They rely on your hysterical response for their success. You need facts. And only historical facts will clear the issues. Our science teaches that HAARP is not the threat which natural forces themselves represent. The fury of vulcanism and the monstrous potentials innate to solar flares so dwarves HAARP and the IRI as to banish all concern in the hysterical claims made by uninformed others. A well supplied bibliography informs me that qualitative science has answers to questions germane to the discussion of HAARP and the environment.

Finally, concern is tempered by knowledge. It is an item which does not easily become common hysteria. The loss of discipline in research slips into hysteria. Statements made in ignorance cannot be accepted with the gravity and concern so vehemently projected by the hysterical conspiratorial writers. There is nothing covert in HAARP which cannot be clearly affirmed through careful and meticulous study of the recently acquired patents. The historical bibliography provides every clear developmental path which led to these present designs. A treasure-house filled with innumerable gem-studded ravines, we find the repetitive patterns crossing and recrossing in continual affirmations. These kinds of illuminated studies alone reveal the empirically discerned truths regarding both super high power microwave projectors and high power ELF devices.

HAARP - Overhead view of the 180 element array
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - Overhead view of the 180 element array.