Index of Vol. LII [1996]

011996First QuarterMichael Theroux's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • THE RAY-X RESEARCH PROJECT: Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis Of Altering The Effects Of EMF Radiations - Michael Theroux • ULTRA MICROSCOPES AND CURE RAYS: Dr. Royal R. Rife - Gerry Vassilatos • INTERSTELLAR COMMUNICATIONS SIGNALS - L.G. Lawrence (reprint of July-Aug 1973 iss.) • WINDMILLS OF LIGHT: A Short History of the Radiometer - Franklin Ellsworth Clarke • MIND, FIRE, AND THERMODYNAMICS - Marion L. Daye • BOOK REVIEWS - Michael Riversong • THE FOUR ELEMENTS IN MEDICAL ASTROLOGY - Judith A. Hill • IN MEMORIAM — A New Assignment for a BSRF Old-Timer - Trevor James Constable • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON - VERBAL MEANDERINGS - Including a Discussion of the International Tesla Society's 1995 "Extraordinary Science" Conference - E.D. O'Brian • MUSIC AND NATURAL RESONANCE - Michael Riversong
021996Second QuarterMichael Theroux's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • WHITHER WEATHER ENGINEERING - Trevor James Constable • HOMEOPATHY: THE NEW KNOWLEDGE - Randolph Fabian Directo • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Plants As Sensitive Agents - Charles Allon • RESONANT FREQUENCY THERAPY: Building The Rife Beam Ray Device by Dr. James Bare, D.C. - Book Review by Peter Lindemann • SOME OBSERVATIONS ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LIGHT AND ELECTRICITY - Thomas Brown • DIRECTIONAL ANOMALIES - Michael Riversong • THE BROADCAST POWER OF NIKOLA TESLA, Part I - Gerry Vassilatos • ETHER DYNAMICS OF THE "DOME FIRE" - Peter A. Lindemann • EARTH-CHI (LIFE FORCE) ENERGIES IN MOTION: Dowsing with the Original Cameron Aurameter - Bill Cox • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Specialized Factors Relating To Subtle Energy Patent Applications in the U.S. - E.D. O'Brian • INFRASOUND - John D. Cody
031996Third QuarterMichael Theroux's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • HAARP WITH NO STRINGS: What Is The Ionospheric Research Project? - Gerry Vassilatos • BREAKTHROUGHS IN HOME HEALTHCARE - Peter A. Lindemann • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Plants and Radionic Currents - Charles Allon • CROSSE'S ACARI from the book ODDITIES - A BOOK OF UNEXPLAINED FACTS, Lieut.-Commander Rupert T. Gould, R.N. (Ret.), 1928 • ASTROLOGICAL HEREDITY: New Evidence, New Thoughts - Judith A. Hill • DETECTING BIODYNAMIC SIGNALS, Part I - Michael Theroux • THE BROADCAST POWER OF NIKOLA TESLA, Part II - Gerry Vassilatos • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Pundit Curmudgeon Vs. Arthritis - E.D. O'Brian
041996Fourth QuarterMichael Theroux's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • LIVING WATER IN AMERICA - Dr. Joseph Lancaster • NOCTURNAL DISTURBANCES AND THE INFRASONIC "HUM" - Gerry Vassilatos • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: The Cameron Cones and "VRIL STICK" - Verne Cameron • DETECTING BIODYNAMIC SIGNALS, Part II: REMOTE BIOLOGICAL SENSING - Michael Theroux • THE SONIC DOOM OF VLADIMIR GAVREAU - Gerry Vassilatos • DESIGN ECOLOGY: Our Invisible Environment (Part II from the book DESIGN ECOLOGY) - Michael Riversong • VISIONARY PERSPECTIVES: An Interview with John Major Jenkins - R.F. Paul • HYDROGEN POWER: Science Fact or Science Fiction? - Patrick Armstrong • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Thoughts Caused By Attending Two Conferences - E.D. O'Brian
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