Living Water... in America by Dr. Joseph Lancaster

ON a cold winter evening several years ago, a knock on my Country door in the foothills outside of Santa Fe began an adventure I truly believe will never end. The knocking hand belonged to a lost traveler. After spending considerable time trying to unravel the mysteries causing the separation of the traveler from her appointed destination, all was revealed and she happily found her way. Interestingly enough, the next night produced a return visit from the again lost traveler, who this time was rapidly dispatched to the correct location.

Several nights later the traveler appeared again at my door, this time to share some information as a “gift” for my patience and aid earlier in the week. She produced a small cylindrical object of respectable weight, and announced its purpose was to normalize and re-energize water. Although mildly amused, having researched numerous technologies over twenty-five years that never lived up to their claims, my still naturally curious mind opened to challenge. As I held the object in my hand, the enviable weight steered my senses to another level of activity within. My blood began to race, my respiration increased, a heat began to rise in my system that was always an indication that I was face to face with something important. I poured some of my tap water (from a pure source 350 deep well) through the unit and drank it. It was indeed different cleaner, wetter, stronger. I took samples of straight tap water, “altered” tap water, bottled drinking water, “altered” bottled drinking water, distilled water, and “altered” distilled water, randomly coded them, and presented them to my then partner, one of the world’s finest medical dowsers. The results were definitive. The “altered” samples of water were dramatically higher in vitality. The highest readings were from the “altered” well water, followed by the bottled water, and thirdly the distilled water. My curiosity was soundly aroused. After some discussion about the origin of this technology, called “Grander Living Water”, my visitor gave me a contact number in Reno, Nevada, and left.

Early the next morning I made contact with the U.S. distribution center for the Grander products (now defunct). I asked them to send me everything they had on the technology, and a list of everyone in North America dealing with the products. I ordered a 3/4″ household unit, and signed a contract to be a major distributor in the U.S.

I became consumed with the search for information and experiences with the Grander units, and compiled several coiled books, one on the philosophy and explanation of the technology, and another on testimonials personal and commercial. Although excessively time-consuming, this project was essential, for there was no real information to be had from the manufacturer or the distribution center. A call to the manufacturer in Austria produced the reply in halting English: “You will have to find out for yourself what it can do.” That enterprise is ongoing and gathering steam at this writing, considerably aided by a European best seller book, On the Track of Water’s Secrets, which has an initial few chapters on Viktor Schauberger and the rest on the work of Johann Grander.

What then is the story on this “Living Water” technology, and what are its implications for our environment? Much of the story is available in the afore-mentioned book, On the Track of Water’s Secrets, as well as in a booklet produced by the Austrian manufacturer, entitled UVO: Living Water by the Grander Technology (UVO being the European marketing agent for the Grander products). However, for our present readers, a brief outline is of value.

It has long been known to students of nature that water is more than the approximate 2/3 of our human makeup, the [9] 90% of some animals and plants, and the 70% of the earth itself. It is the mediator between the etheric and physical worlds. It is a tremendous communicator. It picks up information through vibration from everything it comes in contact with. It is further supplied with information from our solar system. When “healthy”, water has the capacity to self-cleanse, to supply energy for living things, and to assist in removing waste products, even from the cellular level. Our more observant physicians over the centuries have advocated the use of water as one of our greatest healers. Readers may be acquainted with the recent work of Dr. Batmanghelidj, the Iranian physician who has developed a medical practice based on the curative powers of water.

What has happened to this wonderful life-affirming element that Lao-tsu in the 6th Century B.C. called “the emblem of supreme virtue”? Simply put, we have desecrated it. We have forced it out of the ground before it is “ripe”. We have confined it under pressure through miles of pipe. We have exposed it to staggering environmental pollution, and then added grand quantities of harmful substances to it to “clean it up” for human consumption again. Those who follow the purification of water past its surface theoretics know that the unfortunate truth is that although we may achieve chemically “pure” water, the vibrational frequencies of the contaminants and discordant activities that the water has been put through YET REMAIN IN THE WATER and negatively influence all living functions! It was to this very problem that the Austrian naturalist and inventor, Johann Grander, turned his attention over a decade ago. It is his honor to have found a way to “restore the information water needs to reconstruct all the energy it has lost”, to replace the accumulated negative vibrations with a higher, life-affirming vibration. This he has done through the implementation of Implosion technology. The “energized” fluid that he put in his water units, (as well as in his pendants for wearing, penergizers for stirring fluids, and his rods for wells, manure lagoons, ponds and lakes), transmits vibrational information (not energy itself) to the water around it. The implications and applications are profound. The Living Water units have not diminished in effectiveness over the past ten years. They are used throughout Europe and more recently in the U.S. and Canada. They are used in residential, commercial, agricultural, and natural settings with intriguing results.

My own passionate interest is in the revitalization of lakes and ponds. This past July I had the opportunity to experiment with a 1-2 acre pond in northern Indiana. The fish had all died (despite restocking). The pH was 10.8. The pond was filled with 3 main types of algae, which had suffocated it. The pond had been subjected to years of agricultural run-off, and sediment had accumulated to the depth of 3 feet or more. It was my estimation after installing the rods and a commercial-sized unit through which we pumped the pond water 24 hours/day, that it would take a month or so to see any improvement. And yet, within hours of beginning the project, we began to see results. Great swirls of white foam began to form in the center of the pond. Testing indicated that the pH was already dropping. Five days later I received a call notifying me that the pond was clear to the bottom! The pH was 7.6, the algae had disintegrated and was all gone except for a small ring around the edge of the pond, and people were swimming in it! I have since seen other similar responses with Grander Living Water technology, and am at present negotiating with several municipalities throughout the U.S. to conduct formal research scenarios in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources. The sky is the limit in the potential of this technology, and the application is just in its infancy.

Perhaps further articles might speak more about the profound effect these units have on household and commercial water use. Until then, let me say that out of the myriad of water “treatment” approaches being investigated, I have found the Grander technology to be the most profound to date. The fact that every gallon of “revitalized” water helps to turn over at least 10 gallons of distorted water it comes into contact with, has encouraging implications for our environment.

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