Index of Vol. LIII [1997]

011997First QuarterMichael Theroux's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • AN INTRODUCTION TO THE MYSTERIES OF GROUND RADIO - Gerry Vassilatos • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Ground Antennas - Gerry Vassilatos and Michael Theroux • MY SISTER NORENE - Tracy Jones • OSCILLOCLAST ENERGIES - Thomas Colson • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Preliminary Reactions to Kaali Et Al., US Patents 5,139,684 & 5,188,738 - E.D. O'Brian • CREATION OF ENERGY AND COSMIC MATTER FROM THE UNIVERSAL SPACE SUBSTRATUM - Paramahamsa Tewari • YOUR BODY'S MANY CRIES FOR WATER by Feyedoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. - Book Review by Trevor James Constable • IN MEMORIAM: Wilhelm H. Lehr - Gerry Vassilatos
021997Second QuarterMichael Theroux's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • DRAWING USABLE ELECTRICAL POWER FROM THE AURORA BOREALIS - Gerry Vassilatos • COLLOIDAL SILVER: A CLOSER LOOK - Peter A. Lindemann • THE MYSTICAL PROPERTIES OF WATER - Haroldine • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Evoking Images - Meade Layne, from The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, September 1936 • COMMUNICATING WITH MARS: The Experiments of Tesla and Hodowanec - Robert A. Nelson • SHORTWAVE SIGNALS FROM INTERSTELLAR SPACE: Reprinted from the 1934 Official Short Wave Radio Manual • DETECTING BIODYNAMIC SIGNALS, Part III: Interstellar Communication - Michael Theroux • THE OZONE LAYER HOLE ILLUSION: A Re-Discovery of the Wheel - Joe Bartkowski • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Perpetual Motion = Perpetual Work - E.D. O'Brian
031997Third QuarterMichael Theroux's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • CHARLES HOY FORT — Bibliomancer Extraordinaire - Franklin Elsworth Clarke • BELIEVE IT OR NOT, PLANTS ARE CONSCIOUS BEINGS - Robert Goodman • TRANSMUTATION OF ORES - Robert A. Nelson • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: How To Measure High Potential Signals from the Ground - Charles Allon • INDUCED RADIOACTIVITY BY SOLAR LIGHT - Gerry Vassilatos • ADVANCED GEOBIOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATIONS - Michael Riversong • INTELLECTUALS AND VISIONARIES - Studies in the Enculturating Process - Marion L. Daye • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Controlling the Growth of Microorganisms with Magnets - E.D. O'Brian • "Contact" or 'CON'tact — A MOVIE REVIEW - Brian Butler • LUNAR INFLUENCE ON THE PRODUCTION OF ELECTROCHEMICAL COLLOIDAL SILVER - Michael Theroux
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