Index of Vols. LIV & LV [1998-1999]

54011998FirstEditorial - Michael Theroux • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • RADIO ARCHAEOLOGY — And the Life and Death of the Marconi Wireless - Eric P. Dollard • BORDERLAND VISIONARY: The Life of Sir William Crookes - Gerry Vassilatos • THE OHSAWA-KUSHI TRANSMUTATIONS - Robert A. Nelson • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Making An Aura Compass - Gerry Vassilatos • DINSHAH P. GHADIALI: An Unknown Genius - Robert Goodman • INTRODUCING ISOTOPE OXYGEN-18 - Haroldine • FIRECRAFT, METAPHOR, AND THE TECHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Marion L. Daye • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: "Oligodynamic" An Almost Forgotten Word - E.D. O'Brian
54021998SecondEditorial - Michael Theroux • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • HIV IS NOT THE CAUSE OF AIDS: A Summary of Current Research Findings - James DeMeo, Ph.D. • THE MILLENNIUM BUG AND THE NEW INDUSTRY OF HYSTERIA - Michael Theroux • BARON VON REICHENBACH'S EXPERIMENTS - from Chamber's Journals, No. 115, Vol. V., New Series, March 14, 1846 • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Golden Ratio Multiple Wave Oscillator Antenna - Thomas Brown • TRANSMUTATIONS OF SILVER TO GOLD - Robert A. Nelson • THE COMPLEX NATURE OF NUMBER - Brian Butler • THE END OF FOSSIL FUELS - Thomas J. Brown • REVIEWS - Michael Theroux • HIDDEN TREASURES OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE - Alison Davidson • IN MEMORIAM: Bruce Eldridge DePalma - Peter A. Lindemann • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Magnetically Enhanced Chelating Theory Pertaining To At Least Some Degenerative Ailments - E.D. O'Brian
55011999AnnualEditorial - Michael Theroux • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS • CONDENSING ATMOSPHERIC HUMIDITY - Robert A. Nelson • BATMAN'S MEDICAL H-BOMB - Trevor James Constable • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Magnetic Levitation Using Permanent Magnetic Repulsion & The Definition of Work - E.D. O'Brian • GLOBAL WARMING OR URBAN HEATING? - Michael Theroux • RECENT STUDIES ON CLIMATE CHANGE - John L. Daly • Y2K, SATELLITES, AND SOLAR ACTIVITY - Michael Theroux • THE SHIP THAT DIED OF SHAME? - Roy Bainton • THE WIRELESS OF NATHAN B. STUBBLEFIELD - Aldrich Daimler • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: The Orgone Scope — A Way to See Unknown Energies - Vicente Jose Ramos Orenga • TRANSMUTATIONS OF MERCURY TO GOLD - Robert A. Nelson • REVIEWS - Michael Theroux • TESLA'S TRUE WIRELESS AND HAARP: Everything You Know Is Wrong - Michael Theroux
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