EXPERIMENT: Making an Aura Compass

by Gerry Vassilatos

AURA studies provide the avid experimenter with many hours of edifying fascinations. The experiences gained in aura experiments always compels the reformation of scientific knowledge. Addressing the very foundations of existence, these experiments may serve as stimulants toward the redirection of personal philosophies. For those who hold a primarily mechanistic view of the world, aura studies will open a deeper and more qualitative perspective. Rediscovering the aura, and the behavior of the same in experimental inspections, holds immeasurable importance. One confronts “being and essence” on a far deeper level.

A few experimenters may have difficulty imagining it possible to actually measure or reveal the aura in its dynamic action. I believe the following series of experiments will prove otherwise, leading the Borderland Experimenter into new frontiers of consciousness.


A remarkable series of discoveries proved it possible to show both the presence and polarity differences of the human aura through mechanical means. Motor effects show that a distant energy can cause a motional influence in an appropriate receiver. Aura motors suggest that usable motive power can be gotten from an application of biological energy, and this has been our ultimate hope. Mechanical aura motors began appearing all over Europe from the middle to late Nineteenth Century. These devices took the form of delicate vanes and spinning wheels. In their best embodiments, these were usually poised on the frictionless jewelled bearings of the watch making trade. These experimental designs opened the discovery of many wonderful auric phenomena, not the least of which was the realization that auric fluctuations existed throughout whole regions of land.

The inventors of these aura motors may provide a familiar but elusive list to our readers. The names Thore, Boirac, Baraduc, Cazzamali, Joire, Tromelin, and Zollner are a small sample of inventors whose input in this fascinating study are noteworthy. But, we can attempt some of these experimental designs ourselves, and at such an insignificant cost that it becomes ridiculous for us not to begin right away. What we will see in the following installment is that the aura is a tangible presence; one capable of moving light objects around. In this series of experiments we will prove that psychokinetic phenomena are not only real, but that they are actually quite commonplace throughout our environment.



The first aura motor which we will construct is a design taken directly from the video “Aura Motors”. This is the simplest of all aura motors, and is extremely inexpensive in design. It consists of a simple aluminum vane which is carefully balanced on a sharp needle point. The design requires almost no experimental talent at all. It can be made in less than 5 minutes.

The first few experiments here will be a straightforward duplication of the primitive experiments on the “Aura Motors” video. A number of startling results were demonstrated in the video which have not been widely publicized. The foil vane motor provides us with a method for showing auric power at great indoor distances, and is so basic that dissenting arguments are quickly dispelled. You professionals who wish to keep your positions should try these experiments behind “closed doors”!

Our very first preparatory step is to establish a controlled situation. To perform these tests we must neutralize any electrostatic charges which will surely develop through frictive handling and through physical movement across a floor. Find a cold water faucet. The kitchen sink will do, since it also provides a smooth table surface on which to place the motor. Measure out two pieces of thin wire, each 15 feet in length. Be careful not to tangle these! Strip the insulation from each end. Take one wire and wrap one of its ends around the needle. Take the other end of this wire and tape it securely to the cold water faucet.

For an additional precaution, we will use the second 15 foot wire length as a “hand unit”, insuring that we ourselves are grounded as well. So take one end of this second wire length and tape it also to the cold water faucet. The other end will be held in your hand at all times when performing experiments with the vane. For now, just leave it on the floor. Our precautionary measure is complete. These twin wire links to a common ground effectively neutralizes any electrostatic charges which will be developed between ourselves and the vane.

No one can now accuse our results as “flawed, invalid, or self-deceived”, the common song of my detractors. With the “electrostatic effects” being removed, we will feel confident that our observations are relatively pure. The only other factor which may prove disheartening to you will be the possibility that room draughts and temperature differentials will produce motion in the milligram aluminum vane.


I have performed these tests with the vane under a thin-walled glass bell jar. The auric influence effects are considerably deadened by the non-conductive enclosure, but nonetheless persist. One must understand that glass enclosures must be tested for auric conductivity, and that certain kinds of colored (metal doped) glass do yield powerful effects. The typical lime glass of art store bell jars is a decidedly inferior grade, otherwise I would have suggested we perform all the experiments under glass. Despite this “weak point”, I will assure you that effects observed here will rule out the accusers who use draughts and temperature differentials. You will see that these effects cannot work instantaneously across a space of 30 feet!

Now we will construct the vane motor itself. Take a sewing needle and tape it (point up) to the side of a drinking glass. Please be careful with this point, since it poses a hazard! I have too often been “spiked” by the design. Now cut a 6 inch long piece of aluminum foil with your shears. It need not be more than 3 inches in width. Cut this strip into a long diamond shape, about 1 inch across at the center. Fold this long diamond shape on its long axis. I usually find a sharp formica table and crease the foil sharply on its edge. Then I spread out the “flaps” somewhat, and balance it on the needle point. Once you have done all this, make sure the room is relatively free of draughts. Now step back and be amazed!



Hold the personal grounding wire in your left hand. Now hold your breath! I mean, hold your breath literally. We do not want any draughts to influence the vane. Just stand near the vane. Did the vane turn toward you? The vane will stay in that position, pointing directly at you. Why this attraction? The vane is lining up with a flow-line which leads directly into your solar plexus, the main auric entry point of the whole body. Turn slightly to the left or right of the vane. Watch the vane follow you with uncanny speed. Wait each time before turning slightly. Wait for the vane to “settle down”. In other words, allow any stray air currents caused by your physical motion to cease. Some imagine all of these movements to be the result of air currents. This is why we will perform this test (and all of our tests) at greater distances from the vane. The sudden motions which one sees when simply pointing a finger at the vane will prove that auric force is real. Move back and perform the same tests at greater and greater distances, until you too are completely convinced that air currents cannot be the motive cause.


Now we will test the auric flow which projects from the hands. Bring the pointing finger of one hand near the vane. It does not matter which hand you use, so you may decide this variable. Do you see any vane motion? You will observe either an attraction or a repulsion. This depends on the auric polarization of the vane. Play with these attractions and repulsions a good long while; the more you gain experience with the auric flow, the more you will be able to discern differences between it and electrostatic action.

Notice the gap between your finger and the vane. Do you see any discernible “glow”? I have persistently watched this space, and have always noted that a whitish auric glow fills the gap before the motion occurs. This effect works with every electrostatic precaution. If the action is electrostatic, there cannot be any such arbitrary repulsion and attraction on opposed sides of the vane.

In fact, aluminum vanes cannot become electrostatically polarized. They do not and cannot act as dielectrics, and will simply distribute their charge across the whole of their metal volume whenever accidentally influenced. Being some 6 inches long (25 centimeters), the charge is distributed in 0.8 nanoseconds! In the act of moving under auric influence, we often observe a constant undulation of the vane from repulsion to attraction. Some may see in this undulating phenomenon some ionic “charge-discharge” action, a hypothesis which does not hold up in grounded situations. Thankfully, our preparation has eliminated all of these possibilities. The effect is clearly anomalous, and is the result of a distinct energy proceeding from your tight hand.


Dr. Walter Kilner observed the action of electrostatic charge on the aura. Charged persons actually became weak and sluggish. Their auric emanation appeared to shrink. Until they were discharged, these persons felt ill. When discharge occurred, Kilner observed that the aura became extremely stressed and expanded. Constriction of the aura in the prophase, expansion in the anaphase. This effect was unfortunately employed in a great many medical applications of the day. The dangerous application of high voltage electrostatic energy was believed to effect a beneficial auric state. This falsity is yet being used by a great many peddlers of experimental medical devices.

I have purposely applied electrostatic charges to my body without holding the personal grounding wire. In these conditions, I have felt the sudden loss of energy. The lassitude appears immediately in the vane. You can easily see that electrostatic charges will inhibit the otherwise lively vane movements. Try this experiment and see it for yourself. Let go of the personal grounding wire. Now, scuffle your feet against the floor, or rub your hands briskly across a counter top. Place your hand near the vane. Do you see that these charges cause the vane to suddenly become sluggish and lethargic? In some extreme cases, you will see that the application of electrostatic charge will actually “deaden” the vane for a good long while.

Grab the grounding wire, and let the electrostatic charges gradually leak into the earth. The body is not a perfect conductor. The charges must drift over and across your skin to ground. You should observe the passage of a few seconds while this discharge occurs. When the process is complete, you will see an amazing recovery! Watch the vane suddenly spring back to life, an amazing verification of the Reich Rule concerning vital and antagonistic (irritating) forces. As long as your aura was loaded with charge, its vitality was masked.


Vane motors will show you the flow which comes from each of your hands. But between the hands, there is a directed auric flow. This flow differs with the sexes. For men, the flow usually comes out of the right hand and into the left. It is reversed for women, a beautiful and sublime fact concerning our very different physiologies. This experiment will show you that the aura flows in specific directions across the body.

You may want to wrap the stripped end of your personal ground wire around a finger. This frees up your hand movements. Hold your breath again, and place your opened hands on opposite sides of the vane. Let the palms of each hand face inward, toward the vane. Did you see that sudden motion? The effect is strongest with the hands on opposite sides of the vane. Now the vane acts like a real aura motor. Watch the vane following every movement of the two hands! The vane lines up with the auric flow between your hands.


Not convinced? Is this motion due to draughts? Distance will always serve as our crude means for separating the action of draughts from those of the aura. Move your two hands apart to a greater distance, even to full arms length. Keep your palms facing the vane at all times. The vane continues to pursue!

What is happening here? The action cannot be electrostatic. You and the vane are connected to a common ground. So what is occurring? Why the mystifying movements? The explanation is found in the aura. The auric field flows out of your body. It also has a basic symmetry which has been well corroborated by legendary qualitative researchers. We know that the auric field flows from one hand to the other. The vane is caught in this flow, and seeks to conform its position with the flow-lines. It therefore will change from a transverse position in order to assume a polarization which points from hand to hand. The vane will point into any single hand at right angles to the opened palm.


Water seems to be a most important substance for the amplification of these effects. You have not been directed to use a water glass for the principle support of the vane. You have seen the strength of results obtained without water in the glass. Now try filling the glass with cold water. Do not wet the vane! It becomes useless after becoming soaked. Take the vane off its needlepoint and fill the glass halfway up to the brim. Now replace the vane again, balancing it ever so carefully.

Repeat the experiments now and determine whether or not water has amplified the response of the vane to your presence. I have found this so in every repetition of the experiments. You can leave the water in the glass for every subsequent experiment in this series.

Remember to always hold the personal ground wire in your hand throughout the trials.


Once again, hold the personal grounding wire in your left hand. Carefully pull the wire along as you move around. From a 1 yard distance, point your finger at the vane and wait. If nothing happens, take the vane off its needle point and slowly refold it with your hands. In other words “crease” the vane slowly, so that you make a slow sweep of the aluminum vane. The effect of this manipulation is to “repolarize” the vane to your body aura. Excessive handling of the vane better serves to polarize this vane to you alone. It will then bear your “signature”, or auric pattern.

Rebalance the vane again on the needle and step back. Point your finger at the vane, and watch it slowly move around. It will conform to the auric flow-line from your finger. Step to the far wall of your kitchen, as far as your available room will permit. Now move back and position the vane at right angles to yourself. Step back slowly to the furthest distance and point at the vane. Wait. It should “seek you out”.

You have determined the range of your aura. Test this range from day to day. I find that it drops down to surprising minimums whenever the weather is poor. It drops to surprising low values when the moon is full, giving very “dull” response. Auric range diminishes whenever you are feeling weak or ill, a good indicator of personal vitality. No, this is not the result of electrostatic action. If you have followed my instructions exactly, both you and the vane are grounded to a common pole. As a result, there can be no net induced charge and no net electrostatic accelerations. Draughts and temperature differentials will not produce these quick vane movements, especially at the distances to which you may observe them. It becomes clear that these movements are not the results of anything less than an auric flow from your body.


Whenever an auric flow is directed across a space, a “polarization” is produced. Auric polarizations are formed when your aura finds a suitable “reception” point in space. Place the vane motor between yourself and a small plant. Let there be a 1 yard distance between plant and vane. Step back to a good distance with the ground wire in your hand. Now look intently at the plant. Did the vane turn toward you?

Any object which seems to attract your attention is absorbing some portion of your auric output. This receptivity forms an auric couple. The degree to which your attention is powerfully drawn will determine how strong the couple is. The vane motor can best reveal these effects. By lining up with the flow-lines, the vane motor can show the strength of an auric polarization state in any space. Interpose the vane between yourself and any art object which you like looking at. You will see strong reactions when strong auric couples are formed.

These aura motions are each demonstrations similar to that of psychokinesis. They prove that matter moves under an auric influence. The motion is a result of physiological auric flow, not of bio-electric fields. Please also realize that willpower is never required in producing these effects. In fact, you may find that all attempts at forcing the vane to turn by “willpower” actually causes the vane to hesitate and cease.

I would urge you to refrain from these exercises. The desire to demonstrate some personal power over matter is a strong temptation in all of us. It is the ancient desire for mastery over the world, the theme of all great mythic tragedies. If you feel the tug, and want to know real pain then this kind of “willpower” exercise is just for you! You should be prepared for some of the negative consequences of this activity. You should also be armed with some basic methods for alleviating the annoying after-effects of the attempt.


Whenever the vane seems to “lock”, or become unresponsive, it is important to gaze away. I also find that it is critical that your gaze falls upon a grounded object (the sink) while working with the vane motor. Try this even if you find there is no “lock” on the vane. While working with the personal ground in hand, gaze intently at the faucet. Watch the vane move!

There is power in a mere glance of the eye. The visual ray is a projection of the aura. When your eye “touches” the faucet, you are literally achieving a grounding of the aura in absence of any physical (wired) connection. The effect demonstrates the reality of auric connectivity. The psychokinetic motor of Pavlita required repetitive sweeping motion of the “visual ray” across its different components. Without this sweeping eye contact, his aura motor would not rotate. While the functions seem different in each of these examples, the principle remains the same. Visual ray effects are real, and are routinely used by dowsers. In his classic work “The Cosmic Pulse of Life”, Mr. T. J. Constable describes a personal experiment in which your visual ray can be felt. Hold your hand up in front of you, and sweep back and forth across the back half. Note the peculiar sensation? Feel the warmth? Feel an irritation? Do you now understand why it is possible to literally “feel someone” watching you? Try making the vane move by looking at it, and then looking toward a grounded site.



What you have just observed is a classic example of auric coupling. We can test for many kinds of auric coupling with the vane as an indicator. The vane registers any directed flow of aura current, and will show auric polarizations. Have you observed how the vane turns and remains fixed in an auric flow-line? Does this mean that auric current is static, or somehow rigid? Not in the least. The vane behaves only as a flow-line indicator. It is not designed to spin when auric currents flow through space. The vane motor is simply a indicator of auric current flow.

The vane works especially well when a strong aura source is absorbed. The vane also reveals spaces in which two or more auras blend. Any mutual attraction be tween two different auras will produce a net flow in space. This will be revealed as an auric polarization.

The simplest type of auric polarization is that which involves a strong auric source and a grounded object. Auras will seek out grounds, forming a couple which has already been demonstrated to you. Your experience with the vane has shown you that your own auric flow is projective. This projective flow has some potential! The manner in which your aura presses out into space can be used to discover differences in the absorptivity of that space. For example, strong vane responses will denote more highly absorptive grounds.

Because there are so many natural auric sources and sinks, the space within your home will not be uniformly absorptive in all directions. The vane will, however, reveal every distortion in space. It is a very basic indicator of “auric topography”. Plants, animals, people, and natural geological locations all project their own auras into space. How they blend and repel is a fascinating study which we can undertake in a very rudimentary way.


The vane motor is a compass which assumes its axial orientation whenever any auric polarizations are found. The vane can measure the polarity of plants, persons, rocks, and (at certain times) the moon and sun. I have noticed a strange effect which occurs whenever the vane is left to turn on its own. In the general absence of any strong auric source (people, animals, strong celestial events), the vane will always assume a fixed compass orientation. The effect is neither of magnetic, nor of electrostatic origin. After watching this wonderful phenomenon in several experiments, I decided that it had to simply be the result of a regional auric flow. This polarization had to be one, derived from the local earth conditions.

When I lived in a house further down near a more highly wooded area, this strange polarization caused the vane to orient itself along a NE-SW line. In our new home, no more than 1/4 mile distant from the former, I find that the natural auric flow is identical. I do not have reason to believe that earth-relative orientations are necessarily continuous across the face of the land, and rather tend to believe that these aura lines are local effects which shift greatly from region to region. But you will now determine this for yourself.

Just leave the vane unattended for several minutes. Make sure that you note its orientation. Watch the vane from a distance. You can best do this through a doorway. Do not approach the vane at all, since this will throw it back into forced action. Watching through a doorway tends to block auric flow to the vane. Carefully notice the manner of automatic movements which the vane executes. The vane will spontaneously start, swing, and reverse directions. We can speak of this automatic swinging effect much later. For now, watch the way the vane reaches its “rest state”. When it does, please note the orientation.

Your vane is showing you the general flow of the earth aura through your home. What a wonderful tool for geomancers! Match the natural inclination of the vane against the stellar headings of north and south. This auric axis offers us new quantitative evidence that the world is ruled by deeper, more permeating influences. A complete correlation of many readings such as this will teach us all about the auric flow across any tract of land. Perhaps you could write us and let us know what compass headings your vane assumes in its “rest state”.


How do materials shape and modify your aura? How does matter modify the pulsations and the patterns of your auric flow? Now you are ready to perform a series of tests with some hand held “wands”. Obtain a collection of different metals (copper wire, iron rod, zinc, nickel, tin, silverware, gold pieces), some non-metals (carbon rod, solid sulfur, glass rod), and possibly some crystals (quartz, topaz, amethyst) and minerals. While holding the personal grounding wire securely in one hand, and standing at a some distance from the vane, extend each of these materials. Watch as the vane responds to each material. Yes, you will see a definite difference in responses.

Auric flow is a pulsating current. In your hand, each substance effectively filters your auric current. It is not difficult to understand that different materials will filter certain portions of this auric current in a special way. Others will resist the current. Yet others may add some new component of their own to your fundamental pulsations and patterns. Therefore you should see differences in the response of the vane when each substance is held in the outstretched hand. It is a fascinating study.

Of all the substances I have studied, I found mat carbon was the most powerful. It seems to amplify auric currents. With a carbon rod in my right hand, my vane moved with great strength. You should try as many different materials as you can obtain. This experiment opens the door to a great many other forms of research.


Who has ever stood in room filled with people and has never “felt the vibes”? The unmistakable sense that a space is joyous and energetic is only matched by those social settings which, in complete contrast, seem dull and depressing. The total population of individuals in one setting can either magnify or deplete personal energy. In making such an assessment, anyone can accuse us of being far too subjective and superstitious. The vane motor, nevertheless, can prove these subjective senses as objective facts. Tools such as the aura vane convert this qualitative awareness into quantitative verity.

Yes, the varying degrees of personal vitality can be assessed by use of the vane motor. Comparisons between persons of high and low vitality can be easily shown. We especially note these differences when two or more people stand near the vane. Each aura projects into space, and therefore “loads” that space with a pressure potential. But different persons project very different auric pressures, and this is the degree of vital potential which some seek to measure. The vane motor provides a means for making such measurements.

But health is far more than just an exuberance of potential. There is also a degree of detail which defines the overall auric integrity of a [30] person. The auric current not only pulsates, but reveals trace patterns in its passage through a space. These patterns reveal the degree of auric detail, the degree of auric integrity which is projected from a person. Health and vitality are indicated by a combination of auric pressure and auric pattern integrity. Other designs must be made to answer this need. since the vane motor will not measure that degree of pattern detail.


We can make a crude measurement of vital states with our simple vane motor. When different persons enter the experimental space, they project their different patterns and pressure potentials. The complex structure of auric states becomes evident in highly populated spaces. You will be able to measure the auric structure of any space with your simple vane motor.

I have found that the vane motor exhibits complex movements when several people are in a room. Persons whose vital force is strong will supervene in your experiments. I often find it quite impossible to achieve the same kinds of liberal effects in lecture halls. Rooms filled with adults and some children are extremely dense with a wide variety of auric patterns and intensities. In such instances, the vane serves as a remarkable kind of biological potential detector, a real revelation.

The vane usually seeks out certain sectors of the room in which vitality is excessive. The auras of small children are so vibrant and projective that, despite my excessive handling of the parts, theirs become the “master imprint”! I have had amazing experiences especially when children are watching the experimental procedures. Their auras quickly and effortlessly become the dominant influence on each of my experimental demonstrations.

I have not been a little shocked to watch certain young children “turn the vane” from a 40 or 50 foot distance. On one occasion, there was one particularly precocious child whose aura was especially potent. He was able to cause the vane to swing toward himself by simply glancing at the apparatus, an effect which especially pleased his aunt!

Please do not accept my words. Try them yourself. Make comparisons of vital states among several persons. Set up the experiment in stages. Invite one person into the room, and learn how the vane responds to that one. See whose aura assumes the primary role. Then try two, then more. With a great many persons in your presence, you will see the “self-structuring” auric effect which I have described. You will find that I have given you as accurate a description as can be evaluated by any researcher.


We have seen that our excessive physical handling of the vane has preconditioned it to our specific aura, evidence that matter can be permeated and permanently imprinted with any auric pattern. In these experiments, the available pattern happens to be yours simply because you have handled the parts. But if the vane was repeatedly rubbed on a plant, the vane would respond to the plant itself; a possible series of experiments for someone to pioneer.

There is another aspect of this pattern-imprint effect which is even more mystifying than that produced through physical handling. It has been long asserted that the voice alone is a sufficient patterning source to cause polarization in matter. But this is a reality which can now be tested. The vane reveals that your voice can literally replace the polarizing effect of excessive physical handling. The experimenter’s voice can be so directed at the vane that it will “recognize” and “respond” to every instance of that voice. But words alone are not sufficient proof, are they?

To test the response of a vane to your voice is a fascinating demonstration in auric science. We will now make another vane. Take a sheet of aluminum foil again. Sing any song you like into this foil. While cutting and folding a new vane, keep singing into the foil. Sing at the vane while balancing it on the needle. Perhaps you would want to perform this process with a moderate amount of “privacy”, or run the “social risks” which I have braved. It will not be the first time that I have experienced the raising of eyebrows!

Set the vane again on its needlepoint and hold the personal ground wire. Carefully and silently step back. Move to a position where you stand at right angles to the vane. Do not make a sound. You may see the vane “wandering”, searching for its target. Now make aloud sound, and watch the vane respond! It should suddenly tum toward your voice, a remarkable display of auric discharge.

Keep the personal ground wire in your hand, and maintain the greatest possible distance. Each time you make a sharp sound, the vane will tum toward you. Try this and satisfy yourself that the effect is real. It seems that only experience can best convince and teach the soul. Yes, you can reproduce these remarkable effects! I have been able to make the vane follow the sound of my voice around a room for nearly half an hour. In these experiments I perceive something of the work of John W. Keely. In addition, this vane motor effect can be used to literally “track” specific persons by their voices alone.


After having performed the last experiment, you believe that you have learned the power of song. You sang into the aluminum vane for a sufficient time, and saw the resultant polarization by which the vane “recognized your voice” enough to track it. In singing, you effected a strong auric polarization in the aluminum foil. The effect was real enough, but confused with the nature of sound and of aura. Perhaps we need to separate these two in order to better comprehend what is actually responsible for polarizing the vane.

I am going to suggest a strange experiment now. If you follow the steps as indicated, you will produce an effect which has not previously been demonstrated. The auric pattern of each individual is succinct, and reaches the material targets of that voice. But the discharge of sound does not carry this auric pattern. The voice has its true source in the auric anatomy, and is the chief means by which certain auric fractions may be outwardly projected. The sound we hear when a person speaks or yells is the result of an auric discharge but is not itself the aura.

How can such an outrageous statement ever be tested? We will now try a truly strange experiment which will prove the truth of these equally strange notions. Have you ever feigned yelling at someone, but withheld your voice in a comic manner? Prepare another vane. This time, withhold your voice while continually feigning a “yell” at the vane. If you do this enough you recognize that a certain kind of “emotional” flux literally pours out of your mouth and face. Therefore, in absence of the voice itself your very intention is strong enough to polarize the vane.

Carefully rebalance the vane on its pivot once again. With the personal ground wire in your hand, quietly step back from the new vane. This time do not speak or point at the vane. Feign a yell, and [31] withhold your voice. Are you able to make the vane turn toward you? I have found it possible to make the vane turn by this method alone, an amazing proof that aura and voice are two separate things.


The reality of auric energy is thus practically realized. Each of these unique demonstrations will stand as a powerful quantitative proof of the most fundamental qualitative postulates. The vane motor reveals the sharp antagonism between electrostatic charges and auric energy. It is a simple and effective means by which we may differentiate between thermal (draught) waves and auric flow. The vane motor can serve us as a crude measuring instrument for the study of auric currents and auric polarizations. Auric potentials can be evaluated. The vital states of individuals can be ascertained. The vane motor is a crude quantitative tool for determining the modifying power of metals, chemicals, minerals, plants, animals, and geological structures. One can determine the auric polarization of an area or region. The condition of space can be mapped with the vane motor.


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