Index of Vols. LVI, LVII & LVIII [2000-2004]

56012000FirstEditorial - Michael Theroux • THE SECRETS OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE THERAPEUTIC EXERCISES - Michael Theroux • THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE - Vic Tandy and Tony R. Lawrence • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Odic Observations - James Borges • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Magnetic Water— A Brief History - E.D. O'Brian • THE BELL TOLLS TWELVE ON 01-01-2000— AND ALL IS WELL - Michael Theroux • TOP SECRET: SCIENCE FICTION - John Vincent Sanders • RESEARCH ON CHARGE INTERACTION - Miroslav Provod • THE TRANSMUTATION OF LEAD TO MERCURY - Robert A. Nelson • WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OUR SUN? ARE HYSTERICAL CLAIMS REALLY TRUE? - Michael Theroux and James Borges
56022000SecondEditorial - James Borges • PHYSICAL MECHANISMS IN ASTROLOGY AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR - Buryl Payne, Ph.D. • TRANSMUTATIONS OF NUCLEAR WASTE - Robert A. Nelson • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Piezoelectricity of the Trinity Pac - James Borges • THE LANGUAGE OF RADIONIC RATES - Ina Manzoor, M.Rad.A. • TRANSMUTATION THROUGH THE WAVE FIELD - Rhetta Jacobson Baumgartner • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Irrational Stupidity Relating To "Vision" For The Blind - E.D. O'Brian • THE SABIANS OF THE HOUSE OF WISDOM— A HISTORY OF GNOSIS - Jonathan Sellers • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS
57012001AnnualEditorial - James Borges • THE EXISTENCE OF AN ETHER - C.F. Krafft • THE ETHER THEORIES OF ELECTRIFICATION - Professor Fernando Sanford • THE ELECTRICAL MECHANISM OF THE ETHER - A. Press, B.Sc. • AN EXCURSUS INTO ETHERIC TECHNOLOGY - Lindy Millard • ETHERIC ENERGY - G.W. de la Warr • CONCEPTS OF THE ETHER - Meade Layne • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Diamagnetic Levitation - Richard Hull • THE SUN-ETHER DISC - Albert Zock • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: An Antecedent of "Modern" Magnetic Healing - E.D. O'Brian • BEYOND THE ETHERIC VEIL - Vincent Gaddis • GOETHE'S SCIENTIFIC METHOD - James Borges • THE BREATHING OF THE EARTH ORGANISM - Guenther Wachsmuth • THE INVISIBLE WORLD OF NATURE - Kathryn Casternovia • ELECTRICAL SELF-POTENTIAL IN ROCKS - T. Townsend Brown • ARK OF THE COVENANT, OSIREION, AND MICA IN MEGALITHIC BUILDINGS - Miroslav Provad • TRANSMUTATION OF CARBON - Robert A. Nelson • THE PINEAL GLAND AND ITS RELATION TO THE LIFE FORCE - Ruth Drown • THE "AUTOMATIC" RADIONIC INSTRUMENT - James Borges • THEORY AND PHYSICS OF ABRAMS ELECTRONIC REACTION - Thomas Colson • BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Galvanic Electricity of the Vitic Device - James Borges • THE ROLE OF ELECTRICITY - George Van Tassel • WHO WAS ROYAL RIFE? - Edward F. Peck, M. Div., R.R.T. • A NEW LOOK AT THE FIVE RITES OF REJUVENATION - James Borges • EIDETIC SPACE: The Experiential Common Ground - Gerry Vassilatos • THE ROLE OF EIDETIC IMAGE IN ART & BORDERLAND SCIENCE - Duncan Laurie • TESLA'S TURBINE - Eddy Taylor • BENT TECHNOLOGY: A Rant - Al Fry • THE PHYSICS OF INSANITY - Interview with Alexandra Bruce by Jaye C. Beldo • WHERE TO? - Todd Brendan Fahey • ROOM 55, THE HOTEL VAN ONNA, AMSTERDAM - Todd Brendan Fahey • INDIAN INFLUENCES IN THE NEAR EAST - Jonathan Sellers • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Mike Masterson
58012004AnnualEditorial - James Borges • THE PROBLEM OF INSTINCT OR SPECIAL SENSE IN ANIMALS - Georges Lakhovsky • THE ROLE AND SCOPE OF RADIESTHETIC FACULTY IN THE MODERN WORLD - A.T. Westlake • SELECTIONS FROM "PHYSICAL RADIESTHESIE" - Pierre Beasse • THE BORDERLAND EXPERIMENTER: Expanding Perception - James Borges • THE SHADOW OF TESLA'S DEATH RAY GROWS LONGER - Gaston Burridge • MEDITATION AND RESONANCE EFFECTS - Richard Alan Miller • TOWARD A PHYSICAL FOUNDATION FOR PSI PHENOMENA - Ervin Lazlo • SUBTLE ENERGIES - Dr. William A. Tiller, Ph.D. • ENERGY FIELDS AND THE HUMAN BODY, Part II - Dr. William A. Tiller, Ph.D. • SUBTLE MAGNETISM, A FIFTH FORCE - Buryl Payne • NEW ASPECTS OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE - Melvin Erickson • THE UNDERGROUND RACES - Ramon Natalli • FROM ALCHEMY TO ECOTECHNOLOGY: A Comment on Victor Schauberger's "The Dethronement of Science" - James Borges • THE PUNDIT CURMUDGEON: Thoughts on the Non-Use of Borderland Knowledge - E.D. O'Brian • BOOK REVIEW: Ong's Hat, The Beginning • ANTIQUITIES OF THE ILLUMINATI: The Mandaeans - Jonathan Sellers • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Lucius Farish
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