Haphazard Radionics

by Gerry Vassilatos
Elemend Technology

For those who are sufficiently sensitive and exercised in the various abilities of perceiving radionic emissions more or less directly, I have written this article. For several years now, I have become aware of the psychondic [1] powers found in certain locales. There are those which are, of course, the natural ones — those generated by natural sources in specific locations. These can be found to arise via arrangements purely of Nature, as in the particular orientations of rocks, shrubs, trees, streams, pools, wooded areas. Others are found to be very powerful “devices”, and are directing and focussing energies as a result of human interactions and placements.

Although I feel that the placements of certain rock-walls, iron railings, monuments, poles (wooden or metallic), electrical machines, power stations, are really guided by greater natural energies, there are some whose positional arrangements are haphazard. If one looks in older neighborhoods, one finds the more naturally conformant structures arising from days when people were more in tune with the natural neighborhoods. I take particular delight in those places which represent the first encounters of woods and people — how they blended naturally. One may see how that natural energies “accepted” the structures and arrangements of humankind so wonderfully — those old hearths and rockwalls beautifully covered by darkgreen moss, every whit vital and sparkling. And those little gardens, stone benches, evergreens and ivy verdant — the list goes on endlessly. The people who patiently and lovingly gendered that glorious time in our land were very aware of natural energies. I would place the time of such balance with our late 1800′s — a time of gardens spreading trees, lovely parks, open greens, natural diets, etheric science, respectful religion with an eye on other worlds and their grandeur.

Old neighborhoods often “flash” their whole-image to you as you enter certain locales. One may find impressions of the original landscape in the city’s midst. Today’s suburbs are a conglomerate of new and old, and one is particularly struck with the haphazard arrangements of very conductive structures. I refer to the conductivity or permittivity of structures and manmade objects with regard to the natural energies present in a locale. These arrangements are either helping to enhance or derange some of the natural energies, whose natural structure existed long before we settled the areas. More often than not, one realizes that planning and building is rarely handled with any regard to natural energy. Most likely it was whatever lots were available in order to build whatever house or building financially arranged. One senses strong natural aversion in such placings — they seem so forced and unwanted by the natural element. Cities, urban clusters, are terribly congested regions of manmade objects, otherwise intruding the natural order. Yet, we find those small settings within the city which seem so to have resisted any attack — as if the natural energy was preserving the place either by concealment or force. This latter aspect is wondrous, since it seems these placings attract the very people who have the power to destroy them for all the others. They know that a little bright park in the midst of the madness is a sweet refuge enough well-prized. And so, the natural forces have triumphed against their antagonists. One very easily can locate these within the city. Perhaps while reading this article, these places are making themselves known to you, presenting themselves as sudden “memory-flashes”.

Such preservation of natural waveguides and natural antennae is part of the mysterious economy and management of the surface energies indigenous within specific locales. In their various compounding together, they consolidate the “feel” of a city. If they are thoroughly thwarted, the city will begin exactly what we are seeing — it will die as the result of the submergence of the natural fluxions. How often have you watched a deep gorge being dug in some wooded area, and have felt the wild arcings of natural energy in its attempt to maintain its conduction pathworkings? Numerous and powerfully sharp outrayings may be released into the skies and across human pathways — the fractions of a total flux taking the spaceguide rather than the earthpath.

Certain arrangements of mankind offer us the unique opportunity of learning what kinds of arrangements may produce the most powerfully active radionic clarifiers, amplifiers, transmitters and receptors. I found it an impossible thing to stand next to a large wooden telephone pole. Juxtaposed to it was a very sharp angle of bricks which formed part of a wall. Only after moving over to that angled stonework was I able to feel comfortable again. The [2] amount of natural emission coursing up that pole was terrific. Somehow, the stonework was actually conducting the energy and sending it into and up the pole, where it was arcing upwards into some unknown plexus in Space. I have often seen those rayings which dart from towers of every sort — in fact, any vertical projection of sufficient conductivity and material permittivity will emit such an angulated raying. On various days, one will find that the ray-angles will vary in their upward path. Perhaps someone will discover the exact relationships involved in these nutations. Tesla’s drawings of ray-towers seem to show similar kinds of rays; and judging from the fact that they do not show turrets in a true sense, I have to conclude that he was already making progress in the modulations of these natural energies. Tesla was a very perceptive soul, and most likely discovered that his own visionary powers are greatly amplified by his coils and towers when the power was off. Such constructions as his “Wheatstone Bridge” most likely was a primitive Abrams waveguide and tuner assembly. What we have needed for so long is a substance (solidstate) whose qualities of amplification make the notion of psychondic machinery a greater reality. As a culture, and at such a time, we merely utilizing the inertiality of otherwise etherically formed fluxes. Our power systems and devices make use of the crude inertiae of objects which require spinning, swinging, pushing, changings (accelerations). Radionics needs to move out into the public-works in order to maintain the vitality of our land. Such transmitters would radiate all the virtues which make for a better world. And warfare would be amply threatened; but if hostile forces were ranged against us, then psychotronics would deal specifically with whoever was projecting those kinds of thoughts. Radionic generators utilize static sources of flux; structured in tense, strained, solidstate. Their output is endless, and they promise (as progress will prove) better systems of lighting, heating, teletransmissions, transcommunications, recording and storage of information (telechronicles) all directly applied from point to point instantly.

Certain of the telephone company’s devices seem to emit strange rays into the surrounds, particularly the elevated transformers. Transformers of any kind seem to emit strongly in specific directions. They do so even when they are disconnected. Take, for example, any trainyard with its large assemblages of rails, transformer-spares, engines, stonewalls, gravel piles — a wealth of study material in more or less randomized form. All this, material for the designer’s mind to test and transcribe into consolidated form in the laboratory.

Homes are fascinating radionic machines, with their numerous hallways, stairwells, and systems of activating the ether within their confines. Ordinary household lighting, specifically the incandescent variety, seem to so effect the etheric flow through a house. The simple lighting of a lamp outside the house will cause a vital flux of energy to begin to move through the dwelling. This flux is further enhanced when lamps are lit at the top of the stairwell (energy will flow up into the rooms adjacent to the lamp). Even when the sunlight is strong, I have seen that a lowpower incandescent lamp will effect a local coloration. This usually appears as a purplish-pink cast in the room which disappears when the lamp is off. At dawn and dusk, any windowpane so illuminated, will apply such a lovely sharp color cast upon the skies. The curious thing is that it appears to be coming from the glowing sky. The glow, in fact, ceases when the lamp is turned off. A great surge of vitality is in this glow, and tensions of all sorts are eliminated as the lamp remains on.

Hydraulic assemblages — those found in pool sites, washing areas, air conditioners, fans — all these will emit strong signals of vital energies. It is curious that such a simple device as an ordinary fan will cause a perceptible ether strain in any room. Water in swirling motion is a wealth of energetic transforms, and pool-pumps are no exception. The hoseworks and circulating chambers, along with the filtration chambers are a radionic engineer’s wonderland. Even the shaping of the hosework has a particularly emissive quality, and serves as a modelground for new designs of needed radionic machinery.

Railings, either of trains or fencing, all seem to conduct pulsatory emissions of natural energies. They also definitely display a pulse rate, seen as a tendency for the eye to drift along the structure, or up and down the object repeatedly. Realize that, the eye being a condenser or sorts, it also responds organically to the fluxions. Watch flagpoles during any kind of weather, and discover the amazingly stable nature of the pulse rate for any structure, whether it be a building, pole, tee, monument. You may even begin to discern the various lateral emissions as well. The geometry and material of all these structures plays a vital role in the kind of emissions and their energetic levels and classes — more material for the designer to visually experience and freely test. During one severe thunderstorm, the experience was a bit more than visually distinct — I was actually feeling the powerful surges within my body…the energy was rampant. These pulses are very slow (1 per second or less).

Television sets, radios — all powerful emitters of various energies. Even the cabinets along with the metallic contents serve somewhat aggregate functions of directing and passing certain energies. One must separate the perception of the electromagnetics within from the purely [3] natural energies being stimulated by them. The natural energy will swirl within the circuitry and metalworks of the set in specific ways, choosing certain elements to pass through, avoiding others — even when unconnected elements or connected elements are examined. One will easily realize that the rules of flux are very different in this region of natural energies. With shortwave sets, one will receive definitely heightened extraspatial sensations, reaching out along the conduction paths being stimulated and amplified by the minor pulsings of current. I have often received flash-impressions of the person I am hearing, or of the locale being received. Such impressions are not random chances. The very thought of telecommunications is powerful enough to cause this extraspatial sight to begin to manifest. I have even received visionary flashes of undetermined stations in space — as if seeing the earth from a distant locale — while the radio is operating. The effect lasts for a while after the set is turned off, and represents the conduction path persistence. Try it. The key is to realize that every subjective impression is vitally part of the experimental observation, albeit of a deeper sensory nature. These impressions need to be made conscious and verbal in order for progress to be made in radionic engineering. We need to secure the stability of certain repeatable effects, to learn and peruse the hugeness of the possibilities afforded us in this seemingly endless field of study. Intradimensional perspective may be obtained via radionic visuators; in fact true intracommunications may be standardized by such research. By this, I refer to true communications — those which cause the personalities involved to communicate directly and thoroughly into certain depths of consciousness, rather than the mere perusal of lighted images in separation one from the other on a screen of glass.

There are certain locations which have steadily affected the local weather because the construction parties built cloudbuster-like machines by accident. Take for example the newly dug ravine in any suburb. Surrounded by woods, ample sources of concentrated living energies, and fenced around by a series of hollow skyward pointing steel pipes; all linked together by chainfencing and often flooded by swirling waters which run into the pit. What are we describing in primitive format? Why is this area so unbelievably active in vital energies at any time of the day, night and year? Why is there that clear spot in the midst of the wildly swirling clouds in this region? The entire land surrounding this place is an absolute vortex of energy one may feel within the inner parts of the body.

I especially love watching old science-fiction movies whose sets and props actually did operate radionically. The designers who created these marvels of unleashed imagination were actually designing machinery to yield some fraction of whatever they figuratively represented. Go and see the powerful emissions in the old films. These props were actually built in those days, not mere computer-generated ideations. Because they were constructed, they really operated along certain modes of radionic principles; specifically ideations. Those movie set props were marvels of geometry from the radionic perspective. Use of segmented cylinders, cones, segmented cones interspersed with metal discs, large standing insulators surmounted by spheres, spheres of glass mounted on metallic bases — all extremely beautiful and capable of emitting specific rays of beauty, imaginations, ideations, extravisionaries, sudden flashes of devices. Such are the radionic transmissions pouring out of these machines.

The world of childhood is a rich panoply of multisensual energies — all of which are natural and supernatural. The machines which children make — the very firstdevices we all have constructed — are, by natural instinct and first choice, radionic machines. Defying the logic of modern textbook engineering, having features which seem to be mere “imagination”, these childhood machines did work. They amplified the imagination out into greater and greater realms. Hopefully, these machines will leave a lasting enough imprint of data before the educators manage to attempt its derangement. No wonder, they do this with natural energy on the ground surface, why shouldn’t they go for the mark itself? The machines of children have every feature of a radionic assemblage: the circuitry is hyperspatial, frequently unconnected segments of components are related together by thought alone. Care in realizing exactly what is creating those thought connections must be taken, for it is the manifestation of natural energy which is acting as formant prestructure. And these machines do work, as you and I may well reflect upon and remember. Take care to realize exactly what it was they were collecting, amplifying, and conferring. You will not be disappointed to look back at these marvels of radionic engineering. Children should be encouraged to make such constructions wherever possible.

Next on our list of consideration are those people who never stopped making their radionic machines, albeit of a specific kind and for a special purpose — sculptors, painters, architects, musicians (although these form a distinct class of realizers along with theatricians of all kinds). What sculptors do is to create extremely simple radionic machines. Each work of art radiates its specific kind of natural energy to its surrounds, so that even in the absence of watchers, any work of art is transducting and pulsing out emissions to a neighborhood and its related sectors. As reality itself seems to be a magnificent agglomeration of [4] artworks, and having many related places which thought and association seem so to link as if by design (even distant, loosely related times, places, scenes, sensations are held together along specific lines of connection), it is fitting that simple and beautiful artifacts should radiate such meaning. Art may act as a matrixing plane (paintings) for distant associations, and may relay information between dimensions more directly than we realize. The very direct nature of its mode of contact is very reminiscent of the longitudinal wave concepts. In fact, it so very much like “direct contact” one wonders if Tesla began to realize the truth behind direct currents, and what it was which so drove Edison’s originally benign thoughts. When I was a child, I believed that radio and television was a transmission of current between antennae. When I was told about waves in space of transverse nature, I was as confused as the very visualizing of these waves may make us at times. For such reasons and on such considerations, I become instinctively very suspicious. My suspicions are based on the belief that simplicity, even in sublimely new and unexpected energies, must eventually be the rule. Simplicity is grandeur more often than not. Complexity is a fabrication of inert minds who move ever into inert regions. The simple observations of subjective kind are ever the most penetrating. We have them delivered into us from without, needing only the realization of them — their strangeness and meaning. Although they seem to come automatically and ultranaturally, and though we may even overlook them for the same reason, we must realize exactly what they represent. They are the natural and spontaneous emissions of Space Itself, which is Awareness. Being such a very natural kind of experience, we tend to overlook the profound glory of these ever present manifestations. We need to realize these and verbal them with others, for in doing this, we are releasing new avenues of the very energy we are studying. Writers have the very expressed privilege of being the receivers and tranductors of distant and intradimensional chronicles. When the writer creates a “fantasy” I believe very strongly that they are realities in near dimensions which have the characters of our “stories” as their real populations. Poets and descriptive realists write of beauty or harshness as it is, and actually use metaphors of reality in connected ways. Their words bring to us those very qualities which they intend for us to share, even those of randomized variant images. So, whether of beauty or pain, they manage to link interrelated associations whose reality in Space is firm, nevertheless which are brought into a fluxual point. Poems, stories, songs — are machines of transcending ability. Through the most minor of stimulations such pure wonder pours through. Words in print are ever awash in the many relateds which they interplex. Examine the written word and see this glorious phenomenon at work. And it is a constant activity, as Space Itself is Constant and Mighty.

Architects, musicians, artisans of every kind, all are radionic engineers. Whether they consciously realize these facts or not, they are making machinery whose total effect we cannot tell. Beauty is a radiant phenomenon. Ideas are a radiant phenomenon. Machines seem to trigger new “machine ideas”. Songs and music utilize sonic clusters in order to transflux Space and release qualities intended. It seems that such gloriously simple means of achieving this have been delivered to us — just uttering musical notes and affecting distant locales directly. More will be spoken about these matters in subsequent articles, but suffice it to say that nearby articles of everyday experience serves, for the sensitive individual, a wealth of data in radionic matters.

Ordinary household furniture has a specific and openly powerful effect upon the whole of the dwelling filled by it. Wood is a very conductive material for natural energies whose passage through it is effortless. Its vesicular nature gives it a particularly unidirectional character in natural energy conduction. The mineral content in wood serves as an excellent focus for kinds of energies, and different woodtypes will transduct differing energies. The emissions from these varieties of materials will also become apparent upon experiential examination. Remember. Radionic examinations are subjective in quality. For each person who examines a particular object or arrangement, there may be very different specific — it may be a different geometric, coloration, angulation, or association. Each being represents an extremely variant set of past experiences, settings, dispositions, and the like, so it is expected that their perceptions will also vary. Nevertheless, the miracle is that varying individuals will agree upon certain constants in the perception process. We must, however, recall that many varying pieces of data do not necessitate skepticism’s hasty conclusions of fraud. They simply imply the multiplexial nature of this experience in which we dwell. If there be variants in observation, then it must be Space Itself which is potentially enabling and conducting the many variations. Furniture is simple and profound sculpture, and wood is preferred. Metal objects have their placing in the household. Too much brass seems to adversely affect organisms, along with the danger of aluminum rays. Cabinets of television sets are particularly interesting objects when well made of fine woods. They seem to enhance the perception of the signal in a specific manner, and different sets have a different quality of reception. The glaring fact that there are many haphazard elements in our homes need not overwhelm us. It seems that the very [5] wealthy are able to “get what they want” in these matters. This fact seems to point to a single objective of a very personal nature which I will begin to share very soon. This deals with a series of devices whose aim it is to circumvent the deranging effects of improperly made household items, while modulating the deepest possible matrix of energy via specifically constructed designs. It is worthwhile to study how natural energies will swirl around in wood-whorls. Look at doors whose cut is across the grain, and sense the power of the vortices at play there. A deeper energy matrix would govern all these topical effects.

Musical instruments are a treasure house of radionic studies. Their wooden bodies and magnetic pickups must surely require a volume to describe the details of natural energetic fluxions. Suffice it for now to realize that instrument makers have been radionically designing these objects of sound for centuries. What is truly marvelous to me is the manner in which they seemingly possess the ability to sing out before they are played — how we are drawn to them very easily — how children are drawn to them unhindered and without any concern for the opinions of what sounds are being made. In fact, the primal sounds which children make upon any instrument should be the course of study in the world’s universities. Perhaps then these fixated, servile institutions would become liberated to make the true sounds of our times — for the Space Environs and not for the bourgeoisie who seem to so need the feedings of “tempered musick”.

Instruments breathe and vibrate within the natural environs by design. Press the sustain pedal of any piano down and strike out a series of random cluster chords. Let the sound ring out and feel the pulse and power connecting throughout the environs. Perhaps you received several mindflashes through the vibrancy of those glorious freed tones. Fingerpainting with sound is personal freeflow with the natural environs and their lovingly multivarious qualities. Sound is extension. Instruments are transformers of energy. They open paths for potential qualities to enter into their chambers. There, they are blended and released out into our realm. Even certain static objects may resonate tones. Large boulders do, often with several harmonics associated. At specifically low vibration levels, there appears to be a nexus of “radionic” sounds with “acoustic” sounds. This area of study must prove fruitful. Steel streetlamp posts often emit sounds spontaneously in both realms. I have often seen energies pulsing along railway tracks several powerful times. The area will hush, as if anticipating the next occurrence, as the train then appears down further along a section of track. The entire environs seem to respond in a totally living manner. The sounds we sense before the train appears is particularly to be noted. I have been particularly intrigued for a great long while with the phenomena associated with the directions which sounds, thoughts, memories, visions, flash-impressions, all seem to take both in their manifestations (their flux into us and through our bodies). If we be sufficiently versed and associated out into the Space gantry — the castlery of the Mind, then rays whose paths traverse those higher other realms may affect us directly without so much as passing through our bodies, but this will remain for future papers. It seems that sounds emitted by special instruments seem to travel along angular paths through the environs. I have also noted that special clusterings of sound can radically affect the entire environs, but these too require time to describe, and are of a special nature associated with the very foundational nature of the experiential matrix proper. Of a true cause for wonder is the manner in which analog recordings have the amazing capacity of selecting their own sonic terraces in a room — they seem to fill the room with a true warmth, while arranging themselves spatially in a form perceived as a complex definition within the hearing space. At times, this “cavitation” is most defined and detailed, and seems actually to penetrate the room in an extraspatial way, so that it seems the walls can be seen through. Old Victorolas seem to maintain their powers of acoustic transduction, behaving as acoustic instruments are designed to do. Analog recordings maintain their warmth and feel. One senses direct contact with a living persona upon hearing and experiencing analog recordings.

Our most sincere hope is that you, the reader, will apply and undertake these notions of radionic examination in order to better stimulate and organize materials intended for design and more formal construction of devices which operate in natural energetic fluxions. Go out for a walk and enjoy this free multisensory “haphazard” experience in radiesthetic machinery. Perhaps it will be you who discover a means of better amplifying the natural energies — even as Nature is right now doing the same at some unknown locales. Perhaps you may discover the means of building the machinery of the newer, better world after such an excursion. Search your mind. Surely you remember such places of local energy. Perhaps now you will realize what it is about the manner in which the locales were naturally arranged, what materials (living or inorganic) make them to so emit their energies. We need to learn how to cooperate with these energies and utilize their glories best. They often so totally relate us to many other placings elsewhere that we feel more vitally ourselves; and so we need to pursue them most ardently toward our goal.

Out now! Build that new world!


  1. Psychodonic is a term coined by the author to designate gateways for energies dealing with the psyche.