Index of Vol. XLV [1989]

011989January & FebruaryVORTEX NOTES - Patrick and Gael Flanagan • WEATHER ENGINEERING ON THE HIGH PLAINS - Michael Theroux • THE GREATEST HOAX EVER SOLD - Tom Pawels • SPECTRO-VIBRATORY IMAGING - Donald R. Beans • RECONNECTING WITH THE COSMIC BEARINGS OF LIFE THROUGH THE RIGHT USE OF SOUND, Interview with Michael Heleus, Astrosonics Pioneer - Joe Landwehr • Tom Brown's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS: Biocircuits - The UFO Enigma - This Journal • B.S.R.F. BULLETIN BOARD - Letters, Reviews, Contacts, Publications
021989March & AprilTHE CRYSTAL VORTEX - Patrick & Gael Flanagan • I ONCE WAS A LAWBREAKER - Vivien Morris, D.C. • AIDS, Inc. by Jon Rappoport - Reviewed by Alison Davidson • COSMIC WEATHER REPORT - A. Davidson & T. Brown • ETHER AND REALITY - By Sir Oliver Lodge, Reviewed by Blair Michael Cleveland • NIKOLA TESLA & HIS ACHEIVEMENTS - Samuel Cohen • BSRF BULLETIN BOARD: R. Murray Denning * Water Of Life * Lithium * Hendershot * Biefeld- Brown Effect * Argon Bulbs * Received * Contacts * BSRF Business * Grant * 1988 BSRF Financial Report * Publications
031989May & JuneBREAD FROM STONES - Dr. Raymond Bernard • NEW BREED AUTO IMMUNE UPDATE - Donald C. Hosier • MEDITATION EDUCATION AS EFFICIENT MEANS OF SOLVING GLOBAL PROBLEMS - Constantin L. Ivanenko • THE POWER OF THOUGHT TO INFLUENCE THE SUN - Academy for Peace Research • PRECISION IN MEDICINE - Wallace Finne MacNaughton, M.D. • COSMIC WEATHER REPORT - A. Davidson & T. Brown • FIZIX KORNER - Peter Lindemann • Tom Brown's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • BSRF BULLETIN BOARD - Letters, Reviews, Contacts
041989July & AugustSOUND OF THE SIREN - Eugenia Macer-Story • THE ASTROSONIC GENERIC TAPES - Michael C. Heleus • PROOF WE LIVE INSIDE OF GLOBE - Chicago Times-Herald, July 25, 1897 • UFOS: We Have The Technology - Michael Potter • WARMTH COURSE, by Rudolf Steiner - Book Review by Jorge Resines • DOWSING & THE EFFECTS OF EARTH RADIATION - Harald Tietze • AIDS: Biological Warfare, by Thomas Bearden - Book Review by Michael Urban, Ph.D. • FIZIX KORNER - Peter Lindemann • BSRF BULLETIN BOARD - Letters, Reviews, Contacts
051989September & OctoberPROJECT TANGO, Rain Engineering in the Singapore Dry Season - Trevor James Constable • VIOLATION OF LAW OF CONSERVATION OF CHARGE IN SPACE POWER GENERATION - Paramahamsa Tewari • BOTTLED VORTICES And Keely’s Secret Explained - Jorge Resines • VORTEX & IMPLOSION WORKSHOP - With Walter & Rhetta Baumgartner • GOLD - THE METAL OF THE SUN - Alison Davidson • 1989 BSRF DESERT EXPEDITION - Tom Brown • DISNEYLAND OF THE GODS, by John Keel - Reviewed by Vincent Gaddis • CATASTROPHISM & THE OLD TESTAMENT - Reviewed by R.G. Williscroft • POWER, RESONANCE & NATURE - Michael Riversong • FIZIX KORNER - Peter Lindemann • Tom Brown's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • BSRF BULLETIN BOARD - Letters, Reviews, Contacts
061989November & DecemberHAPHAZARD RADIONICS - Gerry Vassilatos • ON TERRESTRIAL MAGNETISM and SPIRAL NEBULAE - Jorge Resines • REMINERALIZING THE SOIL • CANCER AND EARTHLY EMANATIONS - Albert Zock • EINSTEIN AND RELATIVITY - Noel Huntley • DRIVING WHIRL WINDS - Robert Morison • IONS AND ORGONE - Herman Meinke • COSMIC WEATHER REPORT - Tom Brown & Alison Davidson • THE QUANTUM MECHANICAL STATE OF DNA - Mark B. Rodin • Report on the 7th GLOBAL SCIENCES CONGRESS - Peter Lindemann • FIZIX KORNER - Peter Lindemann • Tom Brown's VIEW FROM THE BORDERLANDS • BSRF BULLETIN BOARD - Letters, Reviews, Contacts
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