Dowsing and the Effects of Earth Radiation

Compiled from the book "Earthrays - The Silent Killer?" by Harald Tietze

Earth radiation is part of the natural environment and influences all living organisms. The civilizations of Africa, Asia, South America and Europe recognized Earth radiation and made allowances for it in their daily activities. In China, it is an old custom, dating back thousands of years, to determine suitable positions for new buildings by expert diviners. The ability of Earth rays to slow down the process of decomposition was used by Egyptians for mummification. Old Germanic and Scandinavian legends frequently mention the use of the divining rod. Then in the Middle Ages, the practice of divining for Earth radiation was rejected as superstition. Only since the beginning of this century have the far-reaching effects on health of this radiation been recognized again. Although Earth radiation is a contributing factor in disease, it also has positive effects. It stimulates and activates our physical and spiritual reserves. Our ancestors erected their places of worship over zones of radiation and this is a practice that is still followed today by more primitive people.

Geopathogenic: a term derived from geo, the earth, and pathogenic, to create illness, is the term used by science for these radiation zones. Under this umbrella term, there are various theories, for instance, magna rays, scatter rays, Earth faults, curry nets, Earth magnetic fields, cosmic energy shadows, etc. Best known is the water vein radiation.

Earth radiation causes a state of tension in the living organism which results in short-term improvements of performance but long-term exposure, particularly during sleep, results in a debilitating geopathogenic influence.

Earth radiation disturbs and interferes with the normal interaction between the hormonal and nervous system. The interplay of glands, hormones and nerves may, depending on the intensity of the radiation and the duration, lead to mutation of body cells. In the case of trees, it leads to a change in the structure of the wood.

Our body has a limited ability to deal with disturbances, but it cannot cope with continuous tension or stimulation. Much of our state of health is directly influenced by radiation, as for instance, cramps, depression, insomnia, bed-wetting, asthma, pains on the weak spots of the body etc. More problematic, however, are the illnesses which result in permanent damage, for instance cancer, where considerable statistical evidence between the direct correlation between geopathogenic radiation and cancer exist.

Very similar to the moon, and very likely caused by it, is the change in Earth radiation, and particularly in intensity. One experiences the highest radiation during periods of full moon, decreasing with a decreasing moon phase. Whilst radiation lines sometimes disappear totally, other new fields appear in different locations.

In Central Europe, certainly fluctuations are known, but they are relatively small and appear periodically. Water veins do change but only slightly or not at all in their width.

In Papua New Guinea, water vein radiation is similar to Europe, subject to minimal fluctuation although a common occurrence in the appearance and disappearance of huge water veins. The cause of this is likely to be found in the high local seismic activity.

Australia has a high incidence of continuous water veins. Fluctuations in the intensity, however, are some of the most extreme anywhere on the planet. The reason for these extremes is the ancient nature of the continent and the extreme climatic conditions. Long periods of drought are followed by periods of flood, resulting in the shrinking and re-activating of the subterranean watercourses.

The huge artesian basins are subject also to Earth radiation, making it very difficult in those areas to find a permanent, unradiated place of residence.

Plants cannot select their location nor can they avoid detrimental environmental change. Similarly to the animals, there are species which are not affected by Earth radiation or even seem to benefit from it. Plants by their growth habits and by their diseases, give much information about subterranean Earth radiation. Trees, with cancerous growth cannot escape the notice of even those least interested in nature.

The growth patterns of trees exactly indicate to us the alignment of water veins, even their direction. Radiation forces the trees into growth patterns that are unnatural to the species. Skillful dowsing depends on an ability to read the clear signs of nature and interpret them correctly.

Every person has this sixth sense frequently demonstrated by the behavior of children. When we become educated, this intuitive sense is replaced by a logical, numerical type of thinking. And so we come to the conclusion that when there are no instruments to measure Earth rays, there are no Earth rays.

The things we cannot prove don’t exist. For radioactivity, we have the Geiger counter or an electricity voltmeter; for the warning signals of Earth rays, only our subconscious. For our own protection, we have to re-discover this ability and perfect it. To find Earth radiation is simple, inexpensive and has nothing to do with supernatural abilities. Anybody with a wish to learn has succeeded, which has led me to the conviction that everyone can find these disturbing influences with the aid of the divining rod.

The most used and traditional rod is the willow branch. My father and my grandfather only used that type of rod. I only learned 15 years ago about the steel rod and only began to use the double-wire rod 5 years ago.

From my experience, beginners learn best with a double-wire rod. Often the attempts with the willow rod prove to be unsuccessful in the beginning, and once a wire rod is tried, the learner is successful. A drawback of the wire rod is that strong wind may affect the reading.

Willow rod and a pivoting steel rod should tilt slightly upwards, the back of the hand pointing towards the earth. When crossing the radiation lines, the rod turns powerfully downwards.

The double steel rod, on the other hand, is held very loosely in the hands. With most support given by the little finger, the thumb should not be crossing on the bend of the wires. The hands should not touch but should be at least 10 centimeters apart. Rods should be held slightly lower and when crossing veins, the rods will move upwards and cross. Surely, all beginning is difficult and, as already mentioned, you need to seek the [21] advice of an experienced dowser to check the readings. Both prepare a sketch for comparison.

Making a rod: The traditional willow rod was cut fresh from the trees. Other types of wood may also be used. The ends should be pliable and the rod not too heavy. The steel rod may consist of one piece of wire, or of two pieces of similar length, bent so that one leg is 8 centimeters long and the other, at right angles to it, 30 to 60 centimeters long.

Different materials are suitable. I use coathangers, sometimes plastic coated. Old rusted fine fencing wire may be used. Some of the best dowsers I have come across had the simplest of instruments.

Most animals react strongly to the presence of water veins just as human beings do. The difference is that we dismiss the sense in our concentration on rationality.

The organs of the pig, as well as its alimentary tract, are similar to that of the human. Observation of domesticated pigs shows a high degree of sensitivity to Earth radiation. I observed the situation where 100 sows were put into a special stable in preparation for the arrival of the piglets. The mother pig would seek a position away from the Earth radiation, the piglets would also move there are a short warming-up under the heater. The rate of squashed piglets for this particular box was much higher than for any of the other boxes, whilst in the other boxes, the piglets spent a good deal of time under the heater or around the heater. The restless piglets in the box, subject to Earth radiation, had a higher incidence of sickness and a lower growth rate. Other influences, for instance draughts, were not affecting this particular observation.

Hens are also very sensitive to Earth radiation. Hens are kept to provide fresh, uncontaminated eggs. They should, therefore, be kept in a location which is comfortable for them. Often it can be found that hens avoid the quarters that are provided and do not use the perches but rather roost in other places. They spend the night on the floor in a corner though a comfortable perch exists. In such cases, the cause is undoubtedly the existence of Earth radiation.

There may be an explanation here for the use of cat skins in many countries of the world for the alleviation of rheumatic complaints. Are we perhaps here dealing with a type of homeopathic effect? Why aren’t warmer, softer furs of other animals used for that purpose?

In my work with the complex issues of Earth radiation, I find that many questions cannot be answered, and that any answer raised further questions. Several claims made by experienced dowsers have occupied me over many years. One of them is: Do primitive people understand the connection between Earth radiation, water veins and their negative effects on health? Papua, New Guinea seemed to me to be the best place to find answers to this question. The largest part of Papua New Guinea is untouched by our civilization. Houses and paths between the villages, as well as the location of villages, in the country at least, are not planned in some distant office but determined by the instinctive decisions of the natives.

It happens now and again that the entire population of a village, after having occupied the site for many generations, will abandon it for no apparent reason. An entire new village, sometimes only several kilometers away, is built in the thick jungle. Why do these people make this enormous effort of leaving and re-establishing a new village?

The history of the abandoned village, Garagassi-Gorendu, is well documented by the Russian explorer Nicolai Miloucho-Maclay. He lived for several years in Garagassi and visited many neighboring villages.

About 100 years ago, many people died here of various diseases. Some houses were more affected than others. The possibility of an epidemic was discounted in this case, because the tribe was in close contact with several other tribes and none of those had a record of such diseases. We checked the previously densely-populated site. A radiation belt, wider than the old village, was found criss-crossed by a series of smaller lines, and this appears to have been the causes of the disaster.

Many other abandoned villages are known in Papua, New Guinea, as well as in Fiji where I looked into this matter. These villages have an enigmatic story in common, told by the surviving elders. Suddenly people die of unexplained, different diseases, some very young. Premature births and infertility increase. The descriptions of the plight do not fit the typical pattern of an epidemic or pest plague which may have been a suspected reason for abandonment of the villages. Pigs are said to suffer problems in these situations; a further reason for the desertions, since pigs are highly valued by the native as a kind of currency.

The reason for the disaster overtaking these unfortunate villages seems to be the occurrence of Earth radiation alone. Seismic activity, common in New Guinea, could explain the sudden occurrence of the radiation in such breadth and intensity. No surprise then that the natives believed in curses by hostile tribes or revenging ancestor spirits.

Earth radiation assists, amplifies or triggers disease. Our body, to a certain degree, compensated for negative effects of Earth radiation, but it is only a matter of time before the weakest part of our system will succumb. This process is hastened by genetic disposition and other negative influences.

The most detailed statistical evidence in regard to earth radiation so far has been established for cancer. Over the years I have observed many cases who, according to my theory, should have enjoyed good health but were not. My assumption was based on their natural diet, sufficient exercise, emotional well-being and many were also living in a rural, coastal, relatively unpolluted environment along the East coast of Australia.

Medical investigations undertaken on my advice revealed cancer. In some cases, previous owners of the houses also suffered cancer.

Although I am aware of a series of other cancer-causing factors in today’s world, I have yet to find a cancer case (skin cancer excepted) without long term Earth radiation exposure in bed or at work.

Similar connections have been found for depression, bronchitis, insomnia, bed wetting and rheumatism.

We know Earth radiation mainly by its devastating outcomes, which logically increases our desire for solutions. Since we do not yet possess measuring instruments to demonstrate the radiation phenomenon and effects, we are depending on the sensitivity and behavioral indicators of plants, animals and man. This situation, understandably, creates a climate for misuse by charlatans. It is therefore particularly important that as many people as possible develop dowsing skills and experience.

EARTHRAYS - The Silent Killer? by Harald Tietze

EARTHRAYS: The Silent Killer? (1988)

by Harald Tietze

A 72-page book presenting an exploration of the earth energies that influence your spiritual and physical being, how these earthrays can be healthful or harmful depending on how you interact with them, and other matters of interest to students of radiesthesia.

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