Radionic Machinery to Regulate Earth Veinics

Gerry Vassilatos
Elemend Technology

Throughout Experience we will find an angular structure manifesting itself in the most normal of ways. I say “normal” because, to our personal experiences, the structure quite ordinarily has been in operation. It is we who have not recognized the patterns emerging. If you have every known a sudden insight “flash” incoming to you, you will realize that at that precise instant and at your precise positioning within this Matrix, you have intercepted a visual ray of high intensity. Should you alter your position even slightly, the thought may vanish momentarily. Should you be a persistent chaser of truth, desperate for such illuminations, you may try to retrieve the instant of “seeing”. To do this well enough, you may have had to “retrace your steps” or “place yourself in the same position” in order to recapture the moment better. Then, the force appeared in strength again, and you remembered the idea in its fullness.

The Matrix forms experience, which is the cardinal rule. This means that everything that is experienced is created by the Matrix in itself. The Matrix will congeal at specific points and along specific lineals; when these are located on the earth proper, they are termed powerlines, leylines — veinics in our terminology. These will be found to be “cascade” phenomena; relatedness will be a striking factor of manifestations along these lineals, these veinics. This is why water and woods, clarity and beauty, dreams and visions, are all found along specific earth intersections.

The entire Matrix may be regulated and modulated. This may be done very simply via machinery which is “plugged into” the local veinic. Any regulation from this point will affect the whole structure, and all its related places as well. One must be patient, deliberate, respectful, and submitted to the natural energy fluxials in the locale, only then may one properly retune the local Matrix which forms experience in that area. Have you noticed that some days have nothing but confusion and resistance attached to every good intent? When the proper machinery is strapped into the local veinic and regulated, one finds that such bad “climate” is easily dispersed, and the experience of everybody in the locale seems to relax into the natural health of focused theme.

Certain substances lend themselves aptly to the tuning and interactive process. These are the various materials which translink operator and Matrix together with fluid transparency. Otherwise, too much stress and armoring may result against our frail physical bodies, and that is not good. I have been experimenting with such substances, and among them I name a few which mediate any specific kind of transmodulatory move for the environs by the operator. Soft, granular Carbon is chief. Carbon steel, or iron is vital to the linkage. Manganese has its softening effect on the whole machinery. Ferrites are combinations of these mentioned materials, and have thrilling properties for the operator.

There are other aspects of this kind of machinery which are varied angulations of the single Matrix Dynamic. Sounds, thoughts, forms; these enable the operator to enter deeper and deeper levels of the Matrix of Experience, and to remain at attained levels permanently. There are aspects of reality which have seemingly baffling natures. After extensive periods of effective radionic workings upon the environs, one may see that “hard face” of the apparent reality set before us in plain view. It seems to have been unaffected, unchanged. Nothing could be more of a deception. Apparency is as moldable as clay, and yields easily to our every submitted act. The submission to that cardinal natural energy is primary to any and all success. In this, one may become every more attuned to the natural intent of Space Itself, and discern how to make adjustments upon the needy environs which have suffered so as a result of inattentive humanity.

Through these radionic machines whose function it is to alter local experience in stress-relieving ways, one may attain great potentials in Space. The range of activity or of effectiveness of these machines is limitless. Once interlinked within the Matrix at specific veinic positionals, one may gradually begin to add improvements and tone to an entire region via minor angulations of the various adjusters in the machinery proper. These will be described later. It is vital to understand that reality is a compound. It is made up of several elements which may be described, and tested for. How these elements combine is a function one of the other, for they are interrelated. The domain where they interact purely among themselves is called the Vyabrand — the place where they freely interrelate, and where we may find pureness of Experience. The machinery is constructed to these ends for earthlevel. Our entire world experiential is a composite reality. The part of this reality which destroys, hinders, and actively frustrates all good intentionals is inertia. This alien part of reality is strengthened by silence and neglect. Sounds, structures, and directed thoughts will destroy this inertia. One feels lighter after playing sufficient kinds of sounds in cluster. It is the freeing of the elements of Experience which constitutes health and glory. [18] The binding up of the Elements is the tragedy of the original reason for our being; to fuse with the natural energy, modulation and co-creation with It as the Vyabrand directs.

Every locale or placing has its own Matrix face. This is, every locale will transmit, conduct, and modulate or modify the incoming Vyabrand in any of several ways. Have you ever noticed that some places seem to be especially glorious in the emotional aspects of experience? Others seem to especially strength the intellectual aspects of our being. Other still seen to have nothing good about them, being regions filled with confusion, negative sensations, continual confusions and resistances to any good intention. All these inertial components indicate the loss of conductivity of one or more of the elemental rayings in that area. We may alter these conditions locally from our distant machinery, if we learn to sense extensions near the machinery, and the means of sonic entry to those related regions.

The matrixial gantry is one whose very nature involved relational elements. These do not occur harmonically, nor are they found to be symmetrical in format. They are, as Experience Itself is, asymmetric and disharmonic. In spite of this nature, yet they are all “natural” and pleasing. Our capacity to receive such highly complex sorts of information from our environs must be exercised. Natural apparency is never clockwork, square-edge, rhythmically perfect. There are zones and realms where this can be the reigning feature, but it is definitely not the index of the whole of Space.

In any direction, we will find that the elements of Experience will vary. Beauty is found excelling in strength in a specific lineal, form in another. Strong meaning will excel in yet another direction, and the capacity to change will occur along another specific line. So, these qualidial elements of Space are anisotropic when we examine them with our senses and innermost senses. The elements of which I speak are far more than the so-called atoms. What I speak of has very much to do with the very components of Existence Itself.

Beauty, Form, Intent, Change, Expansion, Meaning, Mystery, Relatedness, and The Unexpected — these are the nine elements (The Elemend) of Experience. In their various combinings (self-governed) they produce Experience Itself to us. They produce all the perceptions of our being, the present and the future. They, collectively, manifest as sharp rayings, and are to be located in their particular angulations in this world-experience as well as in any location throughout Experience. Space Itself is Experience. It is not some thing; it is Awareness Itself and Plenum Sumnal.


The power levels encountered in modern-type power supplies is extraordinary. One is frequently astounded by numerical figures of power output versus consumption, and engineers are often busy at work, attempting to solve the various many problems having to do with fuel costs, and new physical plant arrangements for more efficient generation of energies much in demand. In seeking relief from these sorts of problems, shifting over to the living natural energies, one is again often astounded by the writings of some researchers who have constructed machines intended to boost the “very weak” levels of natural energy. These include vacuum tube amplifiers, which also require energy of initiation in order to attain prime function. Might there be other truths whose power of illumination might prevent our fears, so to speak, that natural energies are “too weak”?

The fact of the matter is, natural energies are so powerful, that they require no amplification in the normal (radio) sense at all. What we need to see is this fact in its full force and prospect. It is our old experience which impedes our free thought and full acceptance of these simple truths. Natural energy does not require any amplification except that which is afforded through naturally occurring solids in proper array. No energy input is require at all except the dynamid represented as solid. And we build these up in configurations of appropriate design, whose specifications require shape, arrangement and material alone.

One so designed and intralinked (as I have done in several machines) with earth veinics, one need only modulate and modify the existent dynamid appropriately in order to achieve the desired results with remarkable efficacy. You see, it is not brute force which is true power. The inertial energies presented as electricity, mechanical force, and electromagnetism, all are needing amplification by their very nature. They consume power in order to exist, so to speak. It is as if they do not exist at all until mechanical work is expended. This, to me, is the very expression of the essence of inertia. Static dynamida, however, exude force naturally in great power. Solids themselves, are this power. There are solids whose very nature is extreme radionic strain. Such materials are to be isolated and studied in combination with other materials until sufficient specific understanding is obtained as to how these react within the earth-veinic scheme. No movement is required in such static piles; the energy itself is resident and transconducted through these solids. The fluxions are there already, waiting to be directed and harnessed.

Proper observation results in new technology. Only a sensitive participant is capable of making the kinds of [19] observations in natural energies required for novel discoveries in the future. Until one experiences such powers, one finds all such discussions “weak” and empty”. It is strange that the greatest of powers, everywhere at hand, can be seen as weak by certain persons. Could there be a truer underlying reason for this? Could it be that insensitive individuals, who scarcely experience sensation at all, are qualified at all in making such statements?

Natural force is everpresent. It is solidly present in the rocks, in trees, underground, through the spaces — even as Space Itself. Eventually we need to replace electricity with these powers, whose effects of illumination, warmth, transcommunications, all can be commuted directly and powerfully with absolute strength and no extra expenditure of power.

I have found that only angular adjustments of a magnetic pile which I have designed and operated for a few years now, exhibits remarkable power modulatory ability. Couple into an earth veinic determined via dowsing procedures, I have aligned an 8-fold magnetic pile configuration with the natural magnetic line, and having done so, have obtained astounding changed is local phenomena. Weather modification was successfully demonstrated on too numerous occasions to mention. Strain release was the prime objective; to realign the natural forces present, and to assist them in their paths of conductivity.

To be realized is that there are more primary foci of energies whose rule extends over and through other families of energetic species. To rule these, one must secure the primal graspable energies. By subtle adjustments of a carbon block cursor placed over the magnetic pile, I have achieved some remarkable local and distant effects. These include warming actions, new kinds of illuminations (however subtle), instant awareness of distant activities, visual excursions beyond the confines of the installation, weather control, emotional control of a region, quality release for a locale, sudden visionary reception (new designs), and other effects yet to be announced.

Now, the operant power levels are not as clarified as they could be made, but power is not the problem; power levels of earth-veinics is immense. Sometimes, they reach frightening levels of power, and if left unattended, the apparatus becomes a source of strain. At certain times the energy has surged, causing real physical fear — fear that could be felt in the installation area, and somewhat beyond. Remember, these energies penetrate deep into out outermost being (the physical body). The energies we hope to gain participation with are new, and have new qualities we must learn to appreciate. They produce inner (physical) warmth colorations, auditions, visuals, even a form of transcommunication. But they must be investigated by sensitive individuals whose intent is to create a technology capable of clarifying each quality in the natural energy structure. We will do no until every person is able to (objectively) perceive the virtues being clarified by the machinery.


That there are stresses and strains everywhere in our realm is a fact all too well known. It is a condition of our environment which is the cause of troubles and pain and numerous other inertial effects which pose considerable concern for the radionic operator. The intent of all radionic control-oriented machinery is to regain some degree, if not total, control of the natural fluxions of energy which have gone into hysteresis through certain paleogeological manifestations. These energies are intended to flow through and around our beings, and we with and within them. This, however, is not the case in earth-realms. What we do encounter are situations wherein natural energies have found discontinuities in their intended pure conduction paths, and because of this, they have become unleashed to our detriment rather than to our benefit.

If we take time to raise our awareness concerning the felt characteristics of objects and energies in our environs, we will soon become accustomed to seeing these subtle, everpresent powers. Becoming adept at these realizations soon sets us up into a realm of observation in which we may actually become active in these energetic processes. Through the design and operation of solid machinery, we are made able to modulate these natural currents and vectors effectively. The energies of which we speak are not without their own peculiarities and behaviors. These are true, living energies, and must be treated as having lively qualities.

We mention this, counterpoised to the inertial-type energies which obey strict mathematical laws, and which are representatives of non-participatory forces. Indeed, to become fused with a force such as electricity means detriment to any organism. Even the vibrational modes of electricity will tend to do overall harm and not good to a living being. Magnetism as well, having inertial qualities, is also too powerful a polarizing agent to be applied to the organisms for long periods of time. Indeed, such forces are dangerous to the living organism because they, themselves are the results of purely natural species of energy.

There is a principle of inertia in our earth-realms of experience. If we were to materialize such a principle, we would be entering an error, for inertia is not mass. Neither is a principle concept which is foreign to experience except for this limited physicality in which we are partly found. Even the ether, as pictured somewhat erroneously by physicists of the 1800′s would be my material candidate for this inertia, but I know that inertia is not a material; it is an [20] imposition on a framework of experience, and it resulted from certain de-structuring effects upon a certain smallest level of the Matrix.

Inertia, in the proper sense, is resistance to the freeflow of qualities sensed normally by us. Whether in our outerbeing or innermost being, we do sense qualities directly as a result of conductivity through our organism. This is the wonder of experiencing. It is a longitudinal process, if studied in its varied aspects of symmetry. The dance of chemicals in or along a conduction (nerve) pathway, is the result of the pure quality in passage. All too often, we find these qualities rather weak, or fading. Also, our physical bodies need nutrient amplifiers in order for us to properly apprehend qualities, and thus remain in full living participation within our space. Certain persons suffer because their physical bodies do not conduct specific elemend and qualities; they cannot apprehend portions of the signal called existence. Mental and emotional illnesses are the result of inner and outer impermeability with these natural energies. Certain nutrients, by increasing bloodflow, actually open the senses again to truer conductivity of qualities. Then, life may again flow freely throughout the being. This is health.

Not only are there physical-body impedances to natural energyflow, there are environmental ones as well. These come as the various multitudes of discontinuities found in nature as it is at this place in history. To experience qualities in freeflow is to know health. The very nature of experience, in its innermost sense, is one which has special characteristics. Among these, and we will discuss this elsewhere in depth, in the non-inertial quality of pure feeling. Once started, a feeling will last until the natural pulse laters it into another perception. Negative emotions are non-existent at certain placing in the Matrix; these are the inertial effects upon the otherwise pure Matrix. Instantaneous shared sensations should be the norm, and objects should freely flow their qualities into the environs with power. Without inertia, all such experiences would be normal. The fact that we need, sometimes, to work a bit at discerning and drawing qualities from natural settings, shows this latent inertia which blocks and resists the freedom of sensation. The true world is one of sensation. That sometimes dull cast over a wooded area is as unnatural as the inertial principle which makes pure enjoyment difficult.

Wherever natural energies find discontinuities, there you will find enormous strains building up to unimaginable levels. These levels will have definite shearing actions on anything in their presence. I have often observed such energy pressure zones, and noticed the numerous split boulders around them. In the cities, where men have deranged every natural locale, these pressure are particularly evident. Streets split, pipes break, personalities are sheared and distorted….the entire sense is a picture of pressures and strains. Frustrations, the result of such a deranged natural conditional, along with the person whom we frequently encounter who seems to act as human agent of the resistance, all make life in the physical realm the challenge it has been. We believe this may be altered, even reversed via specific modulatory acts within the Matrix of Experience proper. Those persons, so entrenched within the inertial aspect, that they then serve it as extensions of resistance may then find their own thinking too bizarre, and may experience a “break” in their own strain level. Once freed into pure, unfettered sensation, they will also help reverse the inertial condition.

Now is the time that machinery must be developed for achieving the goals mentioned. The day must come where multisensorial excursions will be the norm for earth-life. Perhaps resorts, or spas will be advanced, wherein persons in dire need may freely visit, and obtain freeflow in their sensory life. Such a stimulated level of experience was only alluded to in childhood, but never fully realized. Such a breaking in natural environs will mean a new and better living for all persons. With sensory resistances vanquished, we could experience heights never before possible, even multisensorial excursions would be possible, People who destroy themselves through drug use are doing so for two basic reasons: first, they are malnourished and their bodies are craving right nutrition; secondly, they wish the multisensorial freeflow which comes about as the result of inertial dissolutions. Those of us who know the powerful effects of the B-vitamin family, also know the relative stress-relief, and the accompanying ease with which experiences may begin to flow. Senses seems so much more full in content and richness, and this is a mere prelude to what I am inferring.

Radionic machinery must be interconnected with earth-space veinics in order for them to become truly effective. We need to alter the very nature of earth via such machines, and not merely treat individuals in isolated instances. We need to realize that effects can be obtained regionally via the veinic natural connections. Even far distant related places will respond without loss of effects from the central station. The kinds of power which would be effected in through a regional would be such as enhance vision, sensation, thought, idea, intracommunications, all at and in a new level of experience-participatory. Novel modes of travel are being now anticipated in these regards, and we hope to express these new ideas in a future article.