The Coming of The Guardians

Rolf Telano

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Dicated to BSR Associate R.T.


The Flying Saucers

by Rolf Telano, Tk. Com.

1.     There are very ancient laws which declare all intelligent entities, on every planet and plane, and of whatever form, to be brothers; and to make each responsible for his brother's welfare. Under this law, the higher races assume the obligation of aiding the material, mental, moral, and scientific development of all lesser races with whom they come in contact. The Adamic races of this planet have been under observation by, and have been receiving aid from, various of these higher races ever since their beginnings. Some members of their guardian races have been incarnated among them. Others have come here from other places, using for transport various craft which are now popularly, but incorrectly, grouped under the designation of "flying saucers".

2.     Just prior to World War II, it was noted that certain sinister forces were gaining considerable influence, and were likely to create a very dangerous unbalance between scientific and ethical progress. Scientific knowledge with a high potential of harm was being revealed and pushed rapidly forward before moral development had advanced to a point where such knowledge could be popularly employed. Observation and other activities were sharply stepped up to counter this trend.

3.     An even greater increase in activity was made with the premature discovery of nuclear fission, which represents a very great menace to all entities on all planes, and "flying saucers" began to be seen much more frequently than before. The results of the present uncontrolled heavy metals atomic explosions, while very annoying, are not particularly dangerous except from the standpoint of atmospheric contamination. It is possible, however, to employ methods which will react with certain constituents of this planet, and thus cause its destruction. The present band of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter are the remains of a former planet which was destroyed by this means. The result was catastrophic on all planets and planes. This particular formula has not yet been discovered on your planet, and it has been determined that it shall not be developed.

4.     Contrary to the dire warnings of certain cults and certain astral dwellers, however, there is no desire or intention [47] of destroying your planet. Neither is there any wish or intent to depopulate it. Not only is killing forbidden by laws, but also it is fully recognized that the discarnation of an undesirable entity affords only temporary relief at best, and may ultimately aggravate the problem. Once they have been re-oriented on another plane, they have even greater powers than before and hence, greater power for harm. Any individual discarnations of your people will be only as a last desperate temporary resort, after all other means have failed. Remember always that our aim is to aid you, not to harm you.

5.     The present situation might well be analogized by saying that, when a child reaches a certain age, it must be taught to employ such useful aids as fire and sharp-edged tools. It must be watched, however, and perhaps at times even forcibly restrained, to prevent it, in its ignorance, from cutting its own throat or burning the house down. At the moment, the child has just discovered some things far beyond its ability to understand or safely use. The situation is further complicated by the fact that some of its more demonic playmates are urging it to use its newfound knowledge in particularly dangerous ways. These consist both of entities on the lower astral, and persons of low intelligence who inhabit the cavern homes of the ancient Elder Races, and have use of electronic apparatus which was abandoned there.

6.     It is clearly recognized that the only safe solution for all concerned is education which will raise the mass intelligence and ethical level of the Adamic races. Restraints cannot be permanently effective, for some will eventually evade them. Taboos against the use of the things which have been prematurely learned are worse than useless. Previous experience indicates that, due to some psychological perversity of the Adamic races, this tends merely to glamorize the forbidden thing; and make them more determined than ever to do it. Even temporary restraints can be employed only with great discretion. One learns primarily by their own experience and error. These educational errors must be permitted, and restraints should be used only when they threaten to become major tragedies.

7.     In the final analysis, no one can "teach" another. One can merely place information before another, in proper sequence and in accord with the student's mental capacity and understanding, and then, by various psychological stratagems, attempt to secure its acceptance as fact. Fear is a powerful stimulus, [48] and frequently used to channel thought into some desired field. It too must be used with very great discretion. If a fear is permitted to become too widespread, or too intense, then the fearful ones may, by the unconscious use of the laws of thought, create the very thing which they fear. Some news suppressions have been the result of stupidity and/or lack of understanding on the part of your scientists and public officials. Others have been directed in order to reduce some fear which was getting out of control.

8.     The task of your guardian races is threefold. First and foremost is to accelerate the spiritual awakening, and the resulting ethical and moral development of the Adamic races. Second is to closely watch their scientific progress, aiding that which is beneficial, retarding that which is detrimental, and temporarily halting that which is disastrous. Third is to watch the evil influences which may prompt some to take harmful actions. Interference with these influences will come only if they threaten to cause very great harm. The Adamic races must learn to recognize and resist these influences on their own behalf. To this end, they must be permitted to make errors in judgment in these matters, and to suffer the natural consequences thereof, that they may learn by their own unpleasant experiences.

9.     These three different tasks are being handled by three different groups, each of which ordinarily restrict their activities to their own particular task. They work in close harmony and cooperation, however, and will promptly aid one another if the need arises. Each also receives valuable aid from many different groups and individuals on many different planes, including some of the more advanced thinkers of your own plane. These latter, either knowingly or unknowingly, often are of great assistance as the "eyes" and "hands" of those from other planes who cannot work directly on this one.

10.    Since the ethical and moral phases of the task involve the use of the mental sciences, they are directed by those who are the recognized masters of these sciences, namely: The Etheric Atlans and Lemurians. Both of these formerly dwelt on the material (a) plane of your planet, and are now on the etheric counterpart of your planet. On rare occasions they may use some form of mechanical transport, but usually function by non-mechanical means. Most of the "flying saucers" seen by you belong to others.


11.    The scientific phases are in the hands of the Etheric Nors, specifically a sub-branch known as the "Viknors". They are the recognized masters of the physical sciences, and for many ages past it has been the custom of the other races to call upon them for aid in scientific matters. One group of them also formerly inhabited the material plane of your planet, but for a much shorter period of time than the other two races. They are now on Mars and Venus Etheria, with the greater part of those who are engaged in the present operations corning from the latter place. Most of the "flying saucers" are operated by them.

12.    The third phase, that of coping with the evil influences, is handled by a mixed group. Actual direction is in the hands of the Lemurians, with the Nors functioning when anything of a mechanical nature is involved. Much work is also done by the more advanced groups in the caverns, and by groups on the various astral planes.

13.    Effective observation and action on any plane can be accomplished only on that plane. Thus the flying saucers of the Venusian Nors must be capable of both inter-planetary and inter-plane travel. They must be brought here from Venus, and converted to the vibrational level of this plane. Any of the various types of craft which you have seen could be transported here individually, if desired. Any of them could also be converted to your vibrational frequency individually, either by the use of their own mechanism, or by external influences. As a matter of operational convenience, however, they are usually brought here in large numbers on a carrier craft. These carriers, by the use of their own mechanism, can teleport themselves to this planet, and simultaneously convert to the desired vibrational level. They remain high above the surface of your planet, in order to prevent detection, and act as a base and coordinating center for their smaller fliers.

14.    In the teleportation method of transportation, the craft and everything on it are converted into pure energy, which is reconverted into its original form at the desired point an almost immeasurable instant later. The control is very delicate, and it is very difficult to exactly place the craft when working from a mobile control. Due to very slight errors, several carriers have been reconverted quite close to the surface of your planet, and it is believed that at least one of these was observed from the surface. To avoid such incidents in the future, the reconversion point is now a considerable distance from your [50] planet, and the carrier then comes in to the desired altitude by what you would term "normal space flight".

15.    There are several types of carriers, but the only one so far used in the present operations is known as the "Voku" class (b). It is about 7,000 feet long, and about 500 feet in diameter. It normally carries a crew of about 2,500, including the technicians and the pilots of the smaller fliers. They can use several different types of propulsion, according to circumstances. They are heavily armed.

16.    The smaller fliers use several different types of propulsion. A form of jet propulsion, although very ancient, is still extensively used. A very small "dis" ray, playing upon a stream of fuel in a closed chamber, atomically disintegrates it. The usual fuel is air, which is collected in scoops by the forward motion of the craft, and automatically compressed to injection pressure. Other fuels, including metals, can be used in airless locations. The end products of the process are radio-active, and can be detected by means of usual test apparatus. Since none of the heavy metals group is ever used for fuel, however, the radioactivity is very short-lived, and does not cause any permanent atmospheric contamination.

17.    Electro-magnetic drive operates by cutting the natural magnetic lines of force produced by a planetary body, and can be used only relatively near the surface of some planet. When used at low altitudes, it has the effect of "blanking out" radio apparatus, and causing variations in magnetic compasses and other magnetic apparatus in the vicinity.

18.    "Primary drive" is a true space drive and, although it can be used on a planet, it is ordinarily used only when it is desired to travel at a very high rate of speed for a long distance. Control mechanism on the craft is placed in synchronous frequency with the universal energy flows which exist in all space, but slightly out of phase with them. Either "lagging" or "leading" phase can be used, depending upon whether it is desired to travel with the flows, or against them. The speed depends on the degree of phase angle which, in turn, depends on the amount of "shading power" which the control apparatus can apply. The maximum potential speed is never realized, since practical navigation and control problems usually limit the top usable speed to about 27,000 miles per hour. A few exceptionally skilled pilots have exceeded this.


19.    In addition to the three types of propulsion listed, all craft have means of hovering motionless when desired. One piece of apparatus produces a cone-shaped electrical field which diverts the flow of "gravity" around the craft; much as an umbrella diverts rain, thus cancelling most of the "weight". Another produces a downward electron beam jet which compensates for the slight remaining "weight". It is quite common to use the diversion field while in flight, in order to reduce the effective mass of the craft, thus making it more maneuverable and reducing the amount of power required to maintain flight. This field will, under certain conditions, produce a corona discharge which will give the craft the appearance of being surrounded by a luminous or fiery envelope. A similar corona effect is also quite common on craft using the electro-magnetic form of propulsion.

20.    The Viknors have, to date, used seven different types of fliers:

(1). "Suza" class. These are "doughnut" shaped, about 125 feet outside diameter, with a "hole" about 25 feet in diameter, and about 30 feet thick. They are sometimes referred to as "flying laboratories", because of the large amount of test equipment which they carry. They are an observation craft, and used only when very involved technical observations are required, Normal crew: 50. Electro-magnetic drive.

(2). "Tonton" class. Cigar-shaped, about 100 feet long by 25 feet maximum diameter. Primarily an escort and fighter craft. Used only if circumstances require protection for the other craft. Normal crew: 20. Uses both jet and primary drive.

(3). "Fakle" type. Spherical, about 100 feet in diameter. A transport craft, used to carry both passengers and cargo. Normal crew: 25 or 30. Electro-magnetic drive.

(4). "Olan" type. Crescent or rubber heel shaped, about 45 feet across by 18 feet thick. Reconnaissance craft. Normal crew: 5. Uses jet drive, one jet being placed in a universal mounting at each of the points of the crescent. Control is by changing the direction of these jets; no external control surfaces being used. This is a very ancient type of flier, but well suited to the requirements of the present task and, therefore, the type most frequently seen.

(5). "Oloner" type. Similar in shape and construction to the "Olon" type, but much smaller, being only about 14 feet across. A "single place" flier, but can carry two when required.


(6). "Pomid" type. Spherical, about 5 or 6 feet in diameter. Robot and remote controlled from some other craft. Used for visual observation where larger craft would attract too much attention. Electro-magnetic drive.

(7). "Pomider" type. A smaller version of the "Pomid", being only about one foot in diameter. Frequently mistaken for a "fireball".

21.    Aside from the Viknor craft described, various other types are seen at very infrequent intervals. Some groups on your planet and plane have found and reactivated very ancient fliers which were left here by the old "Elder Races". These are mostly predecessors of the "Olon" class. Visitors from other solar systems occasionally come to this one for various purposes. If their purpose is not malicious, they are permitted to proceed. Otherwise they are usually intercepted and turned back in the outer limits of this solar system.

22.    The craft most deserving of the name "flying saucers" were brought to this planet in 1949 by a midget race from your moon (c). These were slightly less than 100 feet in diameter, but much of this area was areo-dynamic surface, the actual cabin being only about 16 feet in diameter. They used an electro-magnetic, or "earth induction" drive, but different in construction than that used by the Nor craft. It was their first inter-planetary flight, and their purpose was peaceable exploration. They became stranded here, without base or supervisory control, when the carrier craft became disabled. The small fliers were unable to return to Luna, because they were incapable of space flight.

23. One of the Lunar fliers was shot down over northern Mexico by the over-anxious pilot of a Nor patrol craft, when it failed to respond to signals, or otherwise identify itself. Several others were caused to crash by radar, to which they were particularly susceptible because of insufficient shielding of their drive and control apparatus. As soon as it became apparent that the return of their carrier would be indefinitely delayed, and that the craft and pilots were unable to cope with conditions on this planet, they were rounded up and returned to Luna by a Viknor carrier. Of the original 37 fliers, 26 were safely returned to their home base. Eight are known to have crashed. It is assumed that the remaining 3 went down unnoticed.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


Note (a). The word "material" is used as a matter of convenience to indicate your particular vibrational plane. It is, of course, technically incorrect, since all other planes are also "material", usually more so than this one, but merely on a different frequency.

Note (b). The class names of the various craft listed are the nearest English spellings of the actual phonetic names.

Note (c). "The atmosphere and water on Luna and, consequently, the life, is mainly concentrated on the far side, which is never seen from your planet. The condition is analogous to a bucket of water being whirled at the end of a rope, with the water being held at the far end by the action of centrifugal force. Expeditions have come to the near side to attempt to signal Earth on several occasions. In several instances the signals were seen by your astronomers, but were ignored because of their firm belief that Luna was lifeless."

- Rolf Telano.


The Intermediary or 'Receiver' of the foregoing material, 'Rolf Telano', is an electronics engineer by profession and a resident of the Middle West. He has never publicized or exploited his psychic gifts. The above material was received by a kind of inner dictation or clairaudience, with partial control of the hands on the typewriter. I have found no reason, during my near-decade of contact with him, to question his integrity or the authentic nature of the psychism involved.



Comments of the Yada Di Shi'ite

(Mark Probert Trance Control)

On January 24, 1952, the document received through 'Rolf Telano', and printed on preceding pages, was read to the Tibetan control Yada di Shi'Ite, Mark Probert being in deep trance at the time. The object, of course, was to obtain the comments, either pro or contra, of this highly respected communicator, with whom we have been in almost weekly contact for nearly five years. Since there has always been a basic agreement among the fifteen communicators of this group, we feel reasonably certain that statements by the Yada have the support of other members of the group as well. We quote the substance of his comments only:

Comment by
the Yada:

'I see no reason why this communication from your Associate known as Rolf Telano, should not be made public, since a few will profit by it and others will not be harmed, It should, however, be presented with the utmost circumspection.

'First of all, your readers should bear in mind that the situation and events with which the R.T. communication deals are highly complex and relate not only to your planet but in various ways to the entire solar system. Precise and exact statements concerning matters of such magnitude are almost impossible and should be taken with reserve - not as being wrong, but as necessarily inadequate.

'Approaching with this attitude of mind, I find no serious errors in the document you have read to me.

Concerning the "Etheric Atlans and Lemurians . . . both of whom formerly dwelt on your planet and are now on the etheric counterpart of your planet" (Para. 10). Do not take this as implying that entire races enter the etheric directly after leaving earth life. But many individuals can and do enter the etheric worlds, according to their personal status and destiny. The statement about the etheric NORS is correct, again with reference to a group.

'I have no knowledge of any construction work in the caverns or of any craft issuing from that source.' (Para. 12). (Note: this is the sole point on which the Yada showed pronounced skepticism. M.L.)


'The data about the carrier craft is essentially correct (Para. 13-15). And the reconversion mentioned, of these craft, to the vibrational level of your plane, is one important cause of the explosions in the atmosphere and ethers.

'The expression "heavily armed" should not be taken as meaning, against yourselves. -- Yes, it is true that there is something like a policing of your planet and of the entire solar system. -- Yes, the statement about 'guardian races', their purposes, duties, and so on, (Para. 1-9) is essentially correct. Your visitors truly wish you well and desire to help and protect you. Is it wise to meet them with fear and with hostility?

'Well, 27,000 miles an hour is not very fast!' (Note: that this speed refers to our vibrational level, not to crossing interplanetary distances, which is accomplished by other means. M.L.)

'Concerning the Moon, etc. (Para. 22): There is no race which permanently inhabits the Moon. But the Moon has been used for ages (on its "dark side") as a meeting ground, for scientific work, and for many meetings of occult or secret Orders. Yes, signals have been sent to your earth from the Moon. The incidents described (accidents to the Lunar flight, the help by the Viknor carrier, etc.) actually occurred.

'The huge craft called Kareeta' (Fall of 1946) over San Diego, came from the Moon."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

(The following additional material has been received subsequent to the Comments by the Yada just quoted. It was given to Associate Rolf Telano, and is by way of reply to inquiries sent him by the BSR Director. The communicator is "Borealis Telano", and she begins by telling her earth friend that --

'These matters are much too complicated to be dealt with on a part-time basis. You had best stick to your own job and not bother your head too much with such affairs. However . . .'

Borealis Telano

(a) The words "planes", "Earthians", "Etherians" and so on, are rather ill-advised although they are occasionally used as a [56] matter of convenience. In the minds of most people, however, they build up too much of a picture of definite places, with fixed boundaries - and perhaps even a customs and immigration service.

(b) All planes are actually one. There is merely a continuously increasing vibrational frequency, beginning with the "sub-physical" and rising through the "physical", "Astral", and "Etheric" to the final and original Source. Entities simply gravitate to some particular height on the scale, according to their individual desires and mental abilities. The lower ranges, from and to which the dwellers successively incarnate and discarnate to and from the "physical" are usually called the "Astral" planes. The upper ranges, where such return to the lower physical is rare, are commonly referred to as the "Etherics". All divisions are arbitrary. None can say where the upper Astral stops and the lower Etheric begins. All names and designations are artificial inventions, and have only as much meaning as the individual user assigns to them.

(c) All entities on all planes were probably on the physical of some planet or other, at some time, though it may have been countless eons ago in some cases. Therefore, all are probably former "Earthians" in the strict technical sense. The higher one rises on the vibrational scale, the thinner becomes the cord which binds them to earthy or physical things. Eventually they reach a point where all connection with the "physical" is, for all practical purposes, broken. Their thoughts and interests are along entirely different lines, and they have no desire to return to the physical. There is no actual reason why they could not return, if they wished to do so, and there have been cases where some have done so. Perhaps after a few millions or billions of years one can become bored even on Heavi'n.

(d) The particular group which dictated the "Flying Saucer" report dwelt on the Etheric, but not on the highest levels. The number who incarnate to the physical is very small as compared to the total, and even these volunteer for such incarnation mainly from a sense of obligation rather than any personal preference. Their sole motive is to aid the Adamic races of your planet and plane. They can, to a certain degree, function by merely materializing, or converting to the frequency of your plane. Such requires constant mental effort to maintain the proper vibrational frequency, however, and hampers effective total thought to that degree. Therefore a certain number are actually incarnated into earth-born physical bodies, and live out a normal lifetime.


(e) Aside from their obligations under certain cosmic laws, the groups are tied to the Adamic races by the fact that they created them, and are therefore particularly responsible for them. When these groups first came to the physical plane of your planet, they found that their physical bodies were not entirely to its environment. In an effort to improve the situation they began, by selective breeding and cross-breeding, to develop a better adapted physical body. The final choice was the ancestor race of the present Adamic races, which was a cross between the Elder Races themselves and a certain man-like animal native to your planet. This ancestor animal is now extinct. During experimentation these physical forms were inhabited by the KUIS ("spirits") of some of the lower ones among the Elder Races, and certain animal life forms. This is not recognized by your theologies, but every living thing has a KUI (what you would call "soul" or "spirit"), and these Kuis differ only in the degree of their advancement. They can and do evolve in successive incarnations, and can and do ultimately inhabit physical bodies of human form. It would not be advisable to publicize this statement as it would create too much opposition at present.

(f) The intention to incarnate into the bodies of the Adams was abandoned long before they had been developed to a satisfactory point, because the Elder Races had in the meantime learned how to advance themselves to a more suitable vibrational level. The Adams were left behind in their imperfect state, but the members of the former parent races still recognize a special obligation to aid them in their development".

(end of dictation by Borealis Telano)

On the evening of February 4, 1952, the BSR Director made inquiry of the trance Control LO SUN YAT (a Tibetan), speaking through the mediumship of Mark Probert. The questions referred chiefly to the subject matter of paragraphs c) and d) above, and the substance of the replies was an follows:


Yes, there are such Guardian Races, and their responsibility stems from the facts described. This cross-breeding actually took place, in the dim past, but the race resulting from this union came to an end with Lemuria ... The "man-like animal native to your planet" was originally created by the Etheric "colonizers" ... The 'cross' was not a true ancestor race, it was a kind of ancestral pattern resembling man in form. Man originated from a later experiment ....


In one of their experiments to become one with the material world, some forms. that were made resembled the anthropoid apes ... Yes, there was actual mating between the Etherians and these earth-animals. "Sons of God mating with daughters of men" - a fine rhetorical statement but not a pretty thing by any means - if you could only see what they looked like ... About the KUIS - these are the "servient spirits" of your Huna. Yes, they are a kind of fragmentation of a human entity. The Higher Mind may for various reasons leave the Low Self in control of the body. Many KUIS are now in human bodies. Very many indeed in Asia, Africa, India. They possess animal instincts only. Those who seem to have no aura possess the chemical-radiation aura only. One may say that the KUIS are the lower or the lowest part of the mind. They are a dissociated part.

Yes, certainly, there are races of Etheric people who are not excarnate humans and have never lived on earth. Some of the "discs" and other sky-craft are truly operated by excarnate earth people , but some are operated by the "true" Etherians. They will be in your skies until there is no more threat of world-war .... I do not want to appear to speak for them, but if they have to attack it may well be by great sheets of flame out of the sky and by great concussions .... Your globe is like an atom in the cosmos, but every atom has its contacts, its effects. Perhaps you must be protected from yourselves and perhaps the solar system must be protected from you.

(end of communication by Lo Sun Yat)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Concerning the Rolf Telano Communications

A Corrective Memorandum, by Rolf Telano and the Communicators

(Some of the most remarkable and instructive material we have ever received concerning the aeroforms and the entities using them, has come via our Associate Rolf Telano. R.T. is a qualified technician or engineer in radio-electronics, and has never employed his psychic gifts for profit or in a public manner. In October, 1952, he sent us material from which we compiled an 11-page brochure (Release "1-B-52") which had a third printing in January, 1954. The prefatory page to this states that the principal thesis was that "the disc-shaped craft are operated by excarnate humans now living on the Etheric Venus (not on the astral)".

The trance control Yada Di Shi'Ite advised us that the brochure could be released "but with the utmost circumspection". He added that the subject was so complex that any information received by us would be inadequate, though not necessarily wrong. Later, in August, 1952, he stated that "none of the Discs were operated by excarnate humans". He did not impugn the veracity of Rolf Telano but felt that there was a misunderstanding somewhere. This acute insight on the part of the Yada has now been substantiated by the R. T. Communicators themselves, as the following document bears witness. The whole episode is instructive and profitable, and we are greatly indebted to the etheric communicators, to the Inner Circle of the M. P. Controls, and to our Associate Rolf Telano, whose singular gifts and painstaking accuracy have made this information available. *

* Note: Release (brochure) "1-B-52" is still available at BSR Headquarters. It contains six pages from the etheric communicators, comments by the Yada, a letter from Rolf Telano, a "further note on humans in Etheria", a letter from "Borealis Telano", and a short commentary by the M. P. Control Lo Sun Yat. (12 pages, 8½×11 - $1.00).



"........ Regarding the 'excarnate humans' -- it would now appear that they did not describe themselves as such but, rather, that I so described them -- and that the description is in error. This was partially due to misunderstanding on my part, and partially due to my incorrect use of certain words in my article. The corrected version is as follows:

They did not originate on Earth, or on any planet with a similar vibrational level. They have always been high plane dwellers. They have never used the word "etheria" in any communication, although I assumed (and still assume) that the place they describe is what you term "etheria". Their own name for their dwelling place has always been "heavi'n".

"Heavi", like our "heavy", means "dense". "'N" is the abbreviation of a source concept. The free translation into English would be: "A place of great density, from which we originated." Since great density would also be high vibrational frequency, it would seem to me that this would be "Etheria", or something very close to it. It seems that the same places and planes have several different names in some cases.

They came to Earth before there were any native Earthlings on it. In fact, they came for the purpose of bringing life, including human, to Earth, and guiding it until it was able to shift for itself. To do this, they had to bring themselves to the Earth-plane level. I regarded this as "incarnating", but they have since corrected me, and said that it was not an "incarnation" as the word is used here, since they did not enter Earth-born bodies. Their bodies were the same high-plane bodies which they had always had, only converted down to this level for the time being, much as is done with the Aeroforms at present. The "time being", as I understand it, was several thousand years, which is a "long time" to us, but only a brief interlude in their time-concept.

There were a few cases where some of their number actually left their high-plane bodies for a time, and entered Earth-born bodies. These were the "surface observers", who lived among the Earthlings. It seems that it is more difficult for an isolated individual to maintain himself on this level than [61] it is for a group. He must constantly exert mental power to keep "tuned in", which diverts considerable mental power away from other uses. In these cases it was formerly the custom to actually incarnate these few.

However, they point out that this did not make him an "Earthling". The material body is not the individual, and the real entity who was temporarily wearing the body would still be a high-plane dweller, and would return to a high-plane body upon his return.

As I said, this was occasionally done formerly. In comparatively recent times ("recent" again in their time concept) they have constructed a mechanism at their Lunar base which transmits a simulated mental ray, which they call the "master pulse wave". This is the proper frequency to convert them to this level or plane. All the Aeroforms, and surface observers, have a simple mechanism which will enable them to "lock in to synchronism" with the master pulse. This will automatically keep them at this vibrational level without any further thought on their part. They can, at any desired time, cut out the mechanism, and assume mental control over their vibrational level.

My contacts corrected me on this point some time ago but, since it required a rather lengthy explanation, and I was rather busy, I did not pass it along. As a matter of fact, I regarded it as a very minor point. Recently, however, I have received some correspondence from people who seem to feel that this is a basic difference, and that it impugns the B.S.R.A. Etherian hypothesis - so I haste to pass it along. As I see it, the corrected explanation is quite compatible, and would tend to confirm the Etherian hypothesis, rather than attack it.

To sum up, they regard themselves as "humans", but apparently in a much broader sense than it is ordinarily used, because they were never Earthians, but have always been high-plane dwellers. To them, a "human" is a being on any plane who employs a thinking and reasoning process similar to our own.

They have also pointed out to me recently that their appearance, in most cases, is not a "materialization" and "dematerialization", in their definition of the words. They regard "materialization" as creating matter from pure energy. Teleportation does actually employ a "dematerialization-materialization" process -- but they regard your term of "emergence" as more correctly describing the process in [62] ordinary cases. That is, they are "there"; all the time -- they are quite "solid" all the time (to themselves). They described it with a quite simple analogy, which might be of some use to you in describing it to others:

If you travel from New York to Washington, your reality has ceased to "exist", so far as the New York range of perception is concerned. Yet, you are the same "you" as you have always been, and you are quite "real" to yourself, and to anyone else on the Washington range of perception. It is exactly the same with the Aeroforms, except that, instead of travelling on the horizontal surface, they are travelling up and down the vibrational scale.

Since they have a much wider range of perception than we, it is possible for them to raise their level just slightly above the upper limit of our range, but still stay within their range. Thus they can observe without being observed, if desired. The Aeroforms over Washington, which went out of visual sight, but remained within "sight" of the radar, was an example of this. The radar has a much higher range than our eyes. I would assume that these relatively slow mutations which some have observed might be some Aeroform occupant sort of "fishing around" for this marginal level.

(signed)   Associate R. T.

Sheaf of paper

This is the text described by Riley Crabb as the "the inspired 'bible' of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation": "The Coming of the Guardians: An Interpretation of the Flying Saucers as Given from the Other Side of Life". Originally assembled by Meade Layne from the channelings of Ralph Holland and Mark Probert as part of the first BSRA investigations of the Ether Ship Mystery, and re-issued in its final form by Riley Crabb in 1978, the BSRF xerographic edition that remains available today. Every purchase of print helps support the Foundation and allows us to provide our unique service to all seekers.

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