Flying Saucers


Our selection of titles related to the earliest UFO (flying saucer, aeroform, ether ship) reporting, as conducted by Borderland Sciences Research Associates beginning in 1946. Review our Project ETHERIA site for further materials of interest.

Further Case Files

The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution


This book is an antidote to the purely materialistic view of UFOs so fashionable today. This is the introduction to the Ether Ship Mystery, examining everything from Ether Ship propulsion to the Air Force Inquiry, the Spiritual spheres of the Kabala to the curious work of Oahspe. Assembled by Meade Layne, revised by Riley Crabb, and featuring contributions from Associates John A. Hilliard, Ed Schultz, and Millen Cooke, and members of Mark Probert’s Inner Circle.

Section I: The beginnings in 1946 – Air Force Inquiry – What are the Discs or Flying Saucers – Etheria and the Etherians – Nature of Space – Interplanetary Travel

Section II; The Technical Explanation: Imperceptible Sounds and Colors – Limits of Tangibility – Speed, Velocity, and Mass – Ether and Space

Section III: Philosophical Considerations: Etheria known to the Ancients – Esoteric teachings, Ethers and the Lokas

Section IV: The Flying Saucer or Ether Ship Propulsion Problem, by Associate John A. Hilliard

Section V: Comments by Associates Ed Schultz, Millen Cooke, and Rama Ka Lo: Ether planes, Etherian science, Propulsion, Investigation, Power source, Government Obligation, Chemical matter, Space, the Menehunes or Little People, Max Freedom Long’s conclusions

Section VI: References to Ether Craft in Oahspe, by Associates Wing Anderson and H.M. Wagner

Section VII: Conclusion and final summation by Director Meade Layne

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Coming of the Guardians


This is the text described by Riley Crabb as the “the inspired ‘bible’ of the BSRF”: “An Interpretation of the Flying Saucers as Given from the Other Side of Life” Originally assembled by Meade Layne from the channelings of Rolf Telano and Mark Probert as part of the first BSRA investigations of the Ether Ship Mystery, and re-issued in its final form by Riley Crabb in 1978, the BSRF xerographic edition that remains available today.

Foreword, Introductory Remarks, The Etheric or “4-D” explanation of the Aeroforms — Biographical notes on the Communicators.

Communications from the Inner Circle — Mediumship of Mark Probert — The Inner Circle – Charles Lingford – Thos. A. Edison – Laotse – Lo Sun Yat – Professor Alfred Luntz – Ramond Natalli – Arakashi – Rama-Ka-Lao – The Yada di Shi’ite.

Communications received through Rolf Telano


Notes on the Mark Probert Mediumship

Chart of the Etheric Zones of Terra – As given to Dr. Gerald Light

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Flying Saucers at Edwards Air Force Base, 1954

Flying Saucers at Edwards Air Force Base

A compilation of all BSRF documents about the secret landing of UFOs at the Air Force Base, Muroc Dry Lake, California high desert. Includes a reproduction of Gerald Light’s original letter to Meade Layne on the UFO landing, received April 16, 1954, It is quite likely that similar landings, and warnings, were made at secret military bases in China and Russia at the same time.

Stapled: 44 pp
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The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power behind UFOs

The Cosmic Pulse of Life

Awesome scientific discoveries that have been suppressed, an advanced technology for the future: radionics, etheric forces, orgone energy, and the history of spiritual science. Etheric Forces…. Cosmic Energies which regulate and shape life on earth. Discover how to tap into this universal stream. Orgone Energy…. A mass-free, all pervading energy, one aspect of the Etheric Forces. Free energy awaiting humanity’s enlightened advancements. Cosmic Electronics…. Simple geometric arrangements of materials which can detect and distribute living energies anywhere in the universe — without any physical connection!! Living UFOs…. Plasmatic inhabitants of our atmosphere… hidden from ordinary view but visible to anyone using the simple photographic techniques described in this book! A real cult classic. Includes 40 pages of illustrations!

NOTE: Extremely limited quantities of this edition remain in our hands, and those we have may suffer slight damage from long-term storage.

Paperback: 473 pp
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Flying Saucers on the Moon

Starts with the premise that the moon is inhabited and is a UFO base, backed up with an analysis of 200 years of astronomical observations on the moon. Illustrations include drawings of moon craters which show the layout of inhabited communities, and the movement of landed spaceships. We are in the midst of this revolution now and Riley gives some hints as to who will be most hurt and who most helped by this radical change in understanding.

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M.K. Jessup & The Allende Letters

The BSRF Philadelphia Experiment File. In this most extraordinary experiement a Navy destroyer and its entire crew were allegedly dematerialized in the fall of 1943-44. Complied from the BSRF files, this paper imcludes copies of Gypsy Carlos Allende’s startling letters to M.K. Jessup about the disappearing ship, along with a description of the disasterous effects of a powerful antigravity field on the Navy men involved. Jessup, as a Borderland Sciences correspondent, was instrumental in exposing this information in the first place.

Xerographic format.
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The Case for the UFO

by Morris K. Jessup (Author)

Perhaps the best UFO book ever written… first published in 1955 this book is even more timely today. Jessup was a trained scientist with a clear mind, able to see beyond orthodox world concepts and the misinformation floating in UFO circles during his day. Jessup’s strange death in 1959 was attributed to his knowing too much. Introduction by Frank Edwards, who also died under mysterious circumstances. Read what they knew!

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How To Build Your Own Flying Saucer

by Jorge Resines

Field Propulsion Basics: Electrogravitic experiments (in the 1920s) made by the late Dr T.T. Brown; an electrogravitic experiment by Dr Le Bon carried on by about 1907. Adamski’s Flying Saucers; the Schauberger Torus and its application to electrogravitic light; Moray Schauberger power tubes applied to the “Model T” flying saucer. Motherships; a proposed power source for the mothership that can be built on Earth with publicly available technology. Analysis of two formulas from the book “100,000 kilometers behind the UFOs”, one formula is on field propulsion and the other on interstellar flight.

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Secret of the Schauberger Saucers

by Jorge Resines

Secret of the Schauberger Saucers

An in depth consideration of the secret of implosion power as applied to Flying Saucer research in the 1940s. Jorge provides some excellent research leads into levitational power sources based on egg-shaped implosion turbines. Includes a discussion of the electrical potential in water and how to demonstrate it using Lord Kelvin’s Water Thread Experiment.

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The Reality of the Underground Cavern World

by Riley Crabb

Is the planet Earth hollow? Scientists ridicule the idea but their molten core theory has never been proven either. Whether solid or hollow, there are mysterious networks of tunnels and caverns penetrating much of the earth’s outer shell. Here, stories of the Inner Earth and its bizarre denizens are analyzed, a Guided Tour of the Earth’s Interior.

Stapled: 33 pp
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Center of the Vortex

by W. F. Hamilton

Language: English
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