The Coming of The Guardians

- Foreword -

In this Foreword we shall try to be as concise as possible, on a subject of such complexity, and do little more than state the present situation, the basic ideas involved, the reasons why many people find it difficult to accept these, and the sources of the information offered in the main part of the text. The situation in brief is simply that the whole of our modern civilization is confronted with certain disquieting and inexplicable happenings, involving both a great danger and a great hope - and that there is little in our contemporary culture, in science or religion or philosophy, which enables us to think about these facts intelligently, or even accept them as objective and as of crucial importance.

The incursion of the Aeroforms and the Space People began its present phase some eight years ago - though similar events are now believed to have occurred more than once in centuries past. Perhaps some future historian (if any) will devote a volume to a Brief History of Human Stupidity in the 20th Century, and elect these eight or ten years as the incredible high-water mark of his subject. There is no need to detail the ignorance, the puerility, the pseudo-scientific flubdub, the cackling silliness of the press and radio, and the bigotry and incompetence of authorities. The record is in millions of words of print and nauseating to reflect upon. This phase of attempted preparation on the part of the Guardians is fast nearing its close, and has been, on the whole, a failure. A rough guess might be that out of 160 million people in the United States, less than a million accept the existence of the "saucers" and other aeroforms as factual and objective. And it is not likely that a tenth of these are mentally prepared for the events which are probably impending. Apart from a pitiful handful there has been no one to prepare them - and all the accumulated stupidities of our century conspire to bog them down.

The same reasons which result in this 'bog-down' of the human intelligence will obviously hinder the present acceptance of this booklet, and they may be summarized somewhat as follows: (1) There are metaphysical and philosophical ideas involved in any real understanding of the Aeroforms, and the Western mind is strongly preconditioned against importing such ideas into what is called 'science' - even though speculative science and mathematics always end in metaphysics unless arbitrarily delimited. (2) The purely scientific ideas and concepts touched on in these pages have no text-book status and are regarded as too speculative for serious consideration (by technical science, at least). (3) The explanations of the Aeroforms and other phenomena given here, are sanctioned and expounded by excarnate human beings, who can and do communicate with here-living people in various ways as well as by etheric beings themselves, who are not excarnate humans. This, of course, raises a huge question-mark in the minds of millions of the [2] prejudiced and uninformed.

Nothing can be done for or with people of that type, at least not in any prompt and urgent way; thus the contents of these pages will profit them nothing. (4) The so-called etheric or "4-D" explanation will be regarded with hostility by orthodox religionists, and very dubiously even by most Western occultists - who perhaps should know better but do not. One of the most appalling aspects of this whole cultural impasse is the near-hopeless inadequacy of occult knowledge in both East and West, about facts of such immense importance. (5) Finally, the visitation of the aeroforms and all that it implies demands an effort to think in new terms, in new ways about new facts, and a rejection of old and cherished ideas, than which nothing is more repugnant to the average human mind.

Those of us who have given a near-decade of study to the Aeroforms and their related phenomena, are well aware that a sizable handful of people throughout the world have correct basic information, some of whom hold positions of high authority in civil government, in the armed services, and in the world of science. These people know, they are deeply apprehensive, but nearly helpless in the face of problems of such character and magnitude.

This brings us to another obvious remark, that everything in this booklet can be no more than a sketch and outline of the planetary situation. Out of a thousand possible questions, two or three are answered - yet these two or three are basic, vital, and of primary importance. Also implied are several good reasons why, unless you are unusually receptive and well informed, you should not read these pages, or talk too much about them if you do, nor try to overturn any more of the already alarmed hives of orthodoxy, in science, government, and religion. [*]

About the communications quoted in the following pages, here I shall say only, that the "etheric" or "4-D" explanation was first announced in the fall of 1946 - and that all the data accumulated since then can be logically subsumed under it - that no later data contradict it - and that no other explanation as yet has been offered anywhere which is in any way adequate, nor in fact worth the paper it is written on when it attempts to cover all aspects of the phenomena. Nor have the Controls (the Communicators) ever retracted or basically altered any statements as first given by them - though these have been expanded by application to new happenings. What you are about to read are stenographic and tape recordings of deep trance mediumship, given through the non-professional medium Mark Probert, now widely known for his [3] remarkable gifts. These communications have been under intensive study for some eight years past, and we have found our invisible friends to be learned and honorable persons, and in every way well disposed and anxious to help.

To those who regard it as sheer effrontery, we present an explanation of the Aeroforms given by those on 'the other side of life', we have only one request to make: Will you not disregard the alleged sources of the information and consider the material on its own merits, as science and as metaphysics, and as the only explanation offered which 'saves' all phases of the phenomena. What do you care whence it comes, IF it answers your questions rationally and with reasonable completeness? Or, try to say something rational and intelligible yourself - remembering that many millions of people accept "transcendental" communications as often valid and authentic.

There are also those who say: "We believe in survival and communication - and there are thousands of 'seances' held every night in the year. Why was not the whole matter cleared up long ago?" Without depreciating the psychic contributions of spiritism, this is too important a question to be handled with over-nice diplomacy. The average excarnate human knows nothing of the etheric worlds. He does not linger in them after death, was taught nothing about them here, and enters and dwells in the vibratory rates of astral worlds and substance. The universe swarms with life in every part, and each of us goes to his own place by his own physical-and-mental 'gravitational' compulsion, as truly as iron sinks or cork floats or gas rises. A few humans do enter the etheric regions at times, through some karmic conditions (as may be the case with some of the Rolf Telano Communicators.) We are told that the Etherians die on their own plane, and usually reincarnate there after a very short time. Let us always remember, in trying to explain and understand these phenomena of the Visitation, that they are enormously complex, complex as the universe itself, that there is no simplified explanation possible, and for our thinking there are only hints and clues and 'lines of probability'. No, 'spirit communication' in the broad and usual sense has not been helpful during these last eight years of puzzles and complexities. And the great occult Orders, as previously hinted, have hardly been in better case so far as any worthwhile pronouncement is concerned. But the Mark Probert Controls, at least the 16 or more who compose the "Inner Circle", have long shown themselves to be persons of a very high level of intelligence. They have personally studied various aspects of the Etheric worlds and have access to them - which is possible, like all other things, to those who have persistent will and desire. Here and there, of course, there are others of similar caliber, both on our plane and on astral and etheric levels, who also have the knowledge and desire to serve humanity. To them, as to the Mark Probert Controls, we acknowledge a great and unpayable debt.

Perhaps this is the best place to remind our readers that what is reported here is in the nature of informal conversation - not lectures or scientific essays or treatises. The same ideas are restated from [4] different angles, and some expressions at first glance seem contradictory, but these will usually clear up with a little reflection. And the lack of any scientific training and vocabulary on the part of the intermediary (Mark Probert) makes it difficult for the Controls to be precise and accurate. Such matters will be easily understood by readers familiar with psychism and mediumship generally. It seems advisable, also, to take a few pages more for a summary of the Etheric Explanation, or "4-D" theory, to facilitate understanding of the talk of the Controls.

The Etheric or
"4-D" Explanation
of the Aeroforms:

The Aeroforms (flying discs, etc.) are for the most part EMERGENTS; that is, they emerge onto our plane of perception from a space-time frame of reference which is different from our own. The process can be described as a conversion of energy and a change of vibratory rate. When this change is effected, the disc or saucer becomes visible and tangible. It appears to be, and IS what we call solid substance, until the energy rate is reconverted. It amounts to a process of materialization and dematerialization (mat and demat). Energy is forever changing its forms. Invisible steam becomes visible vapor, the vapor becomes a liquid and the liquid becomes a solid (ice). This solid "dematerializes" under a blast of heat. Electricity, the "flow" of invisible electrons, can be produced by radiant energy, but it appears to our senses as light, heat, color, sound, and motion. There are colors we cannot see (below the red and above the violet), and sounds we cannot hear. We live in a sea of waves, radiations, emanations, vibrations, but our senses can respond directly to only a few of these, our instruments to only a few more. All this is the commonplace of science - and has been known equally well to metaphysical and occult thought for thousands of years.

Just as there is a spectrum of sound and color, there is also a spectrum of tangibility. This is a little more difficult to understand. What one might call the upper end of this spectrum is familiar enough; vapors, gases, the air itself, radiations of all kinds cannot be detected by touch. Any solid can be vaporized, and so disappear from our perception. But the important point here is, that matter can also be too dense to be touched. What we call solid matter is really a wide-open mesh, with immense distances between the 'particles' within the atoms - as every schoolboy knows. Lead is supposed to be a very dense metal, but a cubic inch of it (say) could in theory be compressed to pin-point size, and beyond that to invisibility, and there would still be plenty of 'room' between the atoms and the parts of them. This lead particle would then be invisible and untouchable - and would pass through other substances, such as wood or cork or steel, as easily as a rifle bullet through the air. It is easy to see that there may be (and indeed there are) material worlds - worlds of dense substance all about us, which we are unable to touch because they are too dense, not too rarefied. And some of these objects may at times be touchable but still invisible (colors we cannot see) and make all kinds of sounds which we can't hear. [5] These worlds can interpenetrate with ours, and in turn be interpenetrated by others of still higher density, and our normal senses would never report any of them. If the Aeroforms are to be understood in their true nature, as Emergents, it is essential that those elementary ideas be clear in our minds.

This extremely dense matter of the invisible worlds equates with the Ethers, and also with Space. Space is not nothingness. "Empty space" is not even an idea, but merely a vocal sound to replace thinking. It is probable that there is an "infinite" series of ethers, i.e., of vibratory rates of extremely dense substance [*] - and this substance responds to the play of the finer forces, including the "energy" [**] of mind or thought. Any shape can be thought into existence in etheric matter, and if its vibration rate can then be lowered to the right point (decrease of density) the shape or object can be seen and touched on our plane. If the vibratory rate is increased again, the object will disappear. If we were to vaporize and then recondense a brick, keeping the vapor-form within the same original volume, the operation would be an analogous one.

The importance of this matter of density, to our present inquiry, stems largely from the repeated assertion by the Controls, that the Discs "come out of worlds of substance a hundred thousand times more dense than the matter you perceive by your senses." We cannot defend or explore here the concepts involved in such a statement, but we shall have to get some glimpse of them if we are to have even the most remote understanding of the true nature of the aeroforms. Our remarks about density so far may have seemed very naive to the physicist, and it may be useful to quote briefly from the mathematician, Lindy Millard:

"In scientific literature -- i.e., technical journals -- more than one kind of density is mentioned. The terms most frequently used are electron density (number of electrons per unit volume) and energy density, besides the mass density. The meaning of grain density seems self-evident. Vibration density, though seldom mentioned as such, can be expressed by associating together in a common region two other kinds of density: a high grain density with a low mass density.

"All discussions in which the word density is used should specify what kind of density is meant. Is it mass density, or grain density, or some other such as energy density or power density. Power being the same as work divided by the time during which the work is done, it would seem that power density may in some instances mean work multiplied by the frequency density, and in some other instances, energy-density per vibrational cycle period . . . .


Lindy Millard, by reasoning from electrical analogues, has also made a rigorous mathematical derivation of the following generalized basic formula for the ether itself where optical waves are being propagated.

Frequency at resonance  =V
Square root of pressure over 
K × sq. root of mass density K×V

where K is a constant that may depend on the material substance saturated with the ether. Frequency depends on the inverse square root of mass-density of the ether itself.

Relativists who feel convinced that the concept of the ether has been abandoned and wholly displaced by the contemporary mathematical approach, should examine the studies of R. Wussow, C. F. Krafft, and Hermann Fricke.

One of the communicators quoted, the Yada di Shi'ite, gives us a very helpful illustration. Consider, he says, a nest of ten balls all free to move within each other, such as are often carved out by oriental craftsmen. For any point on, say, the inside of the outermost ball, there will be a corresponding point on its outside, and on the outside and inside of the second ball, and of the third and so on, through all the ten concentric spheres. Any object on any sphere can emerge at its corresponding point on any other; and since there is no "empty space" to be crossed, but the massive continuity of the ethers fills everything, the 'crossing' will not require time. What does take place is, once again, a conversion of energy, or a change of vibratory rates, or action appearing in change of form. The illustration, of course, cannot be pushed too far, but it is difficult to do without some degree of picture-thinking, and it often helps to simplify matters. This same picture of concentric spheres is useful in understanding the "Fortean falls", of all kinds of stuff 'from the skies' -- a well-attested phenomenon. It fits in, too, with the remarkable graph or sketch of the earth and the proximate etheric zones, given by Etheric communicators to Dr. Gerald Light, and reproduced at the end of this booklet.

There is a very profound occult saying, that "you are where your consciousness is" (for if not, where are you?). It is just as true to say, that a disc or ethership IS wherever its vibration race puts it, on Venus or Mars or on our earth or within it, or five miles deep undersea. Etheric matter can be 'tuned in', and here and there are matters of frequencies, densities, wave lengths - not of spacial position in, a three-dimensional void!! Of course there is no end to the metaphysical subtleties involved in all this, or to speculative scientific thinking either - or to our ignorance. But the human race en masse now seems to be getting its ABC instruction - and perhaps a few of us may get as far as D and E - which, at any rate, should bespeak an intelligent [7] hearing for our "4-D" explanations.

Science is only now beginning its exploration of sub-atomic matter; along with this must go new concepts of space, time, the ether(s), tele- or apportation, the energic character of thinking - and also of high importance, the reality of communication with etheric peoples, the Star-Wanderers and Guardians, and with wise and good people of our own race, who are in the regions of the so-called dead but indeed very much alive - far more alive than we are here, cloistered in self-conceit and ignorance.

It may also facilitate a sympathetic understanding of the "Communications" if we supply a brief biographical data concerning the Controls. As to the meetings themselves, they are always held in full light, without any formalities or special restrictions; the intermediary (medium) sits behind a small table and simply 'goes to sleep', and one Control after another talks through him, with free exchange of questions and answers. The personalities are very distinct and fully integrated, and have been extensively questioned by scientists, linguists and research workers. There are no physical phenomena in the usual meaning of that expression. Meetings have been held at least once a week for some eight years past, and in all the large cities of the Pacific Slope.


Biographical Notes Concerning
the Mark Probert Controls

Lingford, Charles: One of the earliest Controls. 'Passed over' at turn of the present century and while still a young man. At one time a dancer and entertainer. Unmarried. He has a clever and active intelligence and a fine sense of humor. Occupies himself with music and painting and also with scientific and philosophic matters - as his quoted remarks indicate.

Edison, Thomas: Too well known to call for comment here. He has communicated through many different mediums and keeps up his scientific interest and work.

Lao-Tse or Lao-Tzu: b. 604 B.C. (encyc.), but "lived between 550-600 B.C. in a town called K'uhsien. He belonged to a wealthy and educated family, and had no need to work for the Imperial Library, yet spent much time there poring over the books. He later became a roaming sage. Actually did no writing at all, but his sayings were compiled by his disciples. Had a wife and seven children; and according to custom several concubines. At about fifty years of age he abandoned his family and followers and was taken into the mystical school of the White Brotherhood. He died smiling happily at the age of eighty-two."[*] (an extraordinary intellect and a truly great philosopher; a central figure in Taoism. ml)

Lo Sun Yat: "In the year 1650 A.D. a boy child was born to a very poor family by the name of Chui Fu Yang. He was of such delicate build it was thought he should have been a girl, until it was discovered his body contained both sexes. This was thought to be an ill omen and his father intended to drown him, but his mother secreted him. One day while wandering about the countryside with him, she encountered a kindly priest who offered to take good care of him. At the age of ten years he was taken to Tibet, where he stayed until he was twenty, becoming a lama of the Yellow Robe. Unable to tolerate the corruption of the lamaseries, he fled to India, where he was taken into the mystery School of the Light, and where he died sixty years later, a venerated and much-loved Master of the Order."

Professor (Dr.) Alfred Luntz:

"This personality was born in 1812 and died in 1893. He was of English and German parentage and was born in North London. After completing his secondary education at Eton he enrolled at the University of Heidelberg, where he studied philosophy and comparative religion, and [9] Oxford, where he received his Ph.D. degree. He was ordained a priest at the age of about 40 into the Anglican communion. He was not surprised to find that he had survived death, but was stunned by the realization that there was no heaven or hell as he had so eloquently taught and believed. He became a member of the Inner Circle of the Mark Probert controls in the year 1946."

Ramond Natalli:

This personality was born in 1598 and died in 1652. He was an astronomer and belonged to the Royal House of Astronomy at Rome, Italy." (Astronomer Royal? m.) "He was a student of law, a close friend of the famous Galileo, and secretly fought the bloody hand of the Inquisition. He was himself an agnostic. He was pleasantly surprised to discover he had survived physical death, and continued to pursue his astronomical studies on the astral. After being in the astral for about two years he discovered two things of great interest: (1) that sun spots were atomic storms and that (2) atoms consist of photons of varied frequency levels moving in a series of quantum arcs."

Arakashi: Very little seems to be known about this personality. All that the Inner Circle can or will say, is that he was a Guru (holy man), who lived and died in the Punjab district of India c. 1320-98 A.D. - teachings were Buddhistic.

Rama Kaloha: Very little information has been given about this personality, apart from the fact that he was a Guru and a Hindu of great age, who appeared from time to time in the Indian Parliament when critical issues were at stake. His first noticeable appearance was in the latter half of the 17th c., and the last when Mahatma Gandhi was killed and Nehru came into power.

The Yada di Shi'ite: The title of Yada means High Priest, and also "spirit life"; Shi'ite means clan, also "mystic Order". "This personality was born in the city of Kaoti (City of Temples) in a civilization called YU (or Yuga, Vast Body), consisting of some 180 million people, and existing in the Himalayan Mountains a half-million years ago. The Yada was taken from his mother as a baby and reared in the temple to become a Kata (Priest) and later a Yada. He was killed in a violent quake that destroyed the YU civilization and 80 millions of its people. Yada was then about 34 years old and the YU civilization was 1024 years old."

The Maharajah Natcha Tramalaki: "The story concerning this personality is that he was born of an English mother and an Indian father, in the year 1848, in Dacca, India. His parents were wealthy and owned a large estate, and the son was sent to study medicine at Oxford University. But he was a poet and philosopher, and after taking his final degree in medicine (to please his father) he suddenly disappeared. He is said to have spent some ten years in travels in remote regions of the world, and died in his home in Bombay about 1915."


'All questions pose more questions' (says the Rajah) - 'and all answers are personal opinions - and the only sound rule and reply to life's problems is to question nothing, but to face all situations with detachment . . .'

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

It has been repeatedly pointed out by the Controls, that complete and perfect identification of any communicator is impossible, in the nature of the case. It involves the concept of what constitutes identity, and even on our own plane the best that can be done is to establish a 'reasonable conviction'. The Controls assert that it is within the power of every individual's Higher Self to reproduce "every trait, memory, and characteristic" of any deceased person, and though the probabilities may be overwhelming, they must still, in theory at least, fall short of final and unquestionable 'proof'.


Footnotes for Foreword

  1. Note: At the time of this third printing (May, 1956) the etheric interpretation is receiving much favorable attention, especially among the English investigators. Comments in the United States also show increasing interest and approval. ML
  2. Bertrand Russell defines an electron as "a wave of probability with nothing to wave in".
  3. "Energy" of mind in quotes because it does not conform to the physics-definition; does not obey the "law of inverse squares."
  4. NOTE: Sentences in quotation marks were recently dictated to Mark Probert for purposes of this book. All of the data, however, has come from the Controls at one time or another. ml

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