The Mystery of the Flying Discs

Meade Layne, M.A., Director
Borderland Sciences Research Associates


This 43-page booklet was the original UFO mimeograph issued by BSRA, consisting of reprints of articles appearing in Round Robin and Flying Roll dealing with the subject of the mysterious Flying Discs. The contents were later expanded into the mimeograph "The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution" (1950), which included occult theory of the etheric planes, the Lokas and Talas, and related materials provided by associates.

* * *

Sheaf of paper

This is the introduction to the Ether Ship Mystery, examining everything from Ether Ship propulsion to the Air Force Inquiry, the Spiritual spheres of the Kabala to the curious work of Oahspe. Assembled by Meade Layne, revised by Riley Crabb, and featuring contributions from Associates John A. Hilliard, Ed Schultz, and Millen Cooke, and members of Mark Probert's Inner Circle. "The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution" remains available in classic BSRF xerographic format for all fans of the denser forms. Every purchase of print helps support the Foundation and allows us to provide our unique service to all seekers.

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