The Ether Ship Mystery
and Its Solution

Flying Discs

Meade Layne, M.A., Director
Borderland Sciences Research Associates


Prepared by Meade Layne, M.A., Co-Director of Borderland Sciences Research Associates, with cooperation of Associates Millen Cooke, John A. Hilliard, Edward S. Schultz, Co-Director Max Freedom Long, F.H.F., and other observers and investigators of the Association.


Section I.

The beginnings in 1946 - Air Force Inquiry - What are the Discs or Flying Saucers - Etheria and the Etherians - Nature of Space - Interplanetary Travel

pages 1-6
Section II.

The Technical Explanation: Imperceptible Sounds and Colors - Limits of Tangibility - Speed, Velocity, and Mass - Ether and Space

pages 7-12
Section III.

Philosophical Considerations: Etheria known to the Ancients - Esoteric teachings, Ethers and the Lokas.

pages 13-17
Section IV.

The Flying Saucer or Ether Ship Propulsion Problem, by Associate John A. Hilliard

pages 18-22
Section V.

Comments by Associates Ed Schultz, Millen Cooke, and Rama Ka Lo: Ether planes, Etherian science, Propulsion, Investigation, Power source, Government Obligation, Chemical matter, Space, the Menehunes or Little People, Max Freedom Long's conclusions

pages 23-35
Section VI.

References to Ether Craft in Oahspe, by Associates Wing Anderson and H.M. Wagner

page  36
Section VII.

Conclusion and final summation by Director Meade Layne

pages 37-40

** ** ** ** **

No attempt is made in the following pages to prove the objective and factual existence of the Flying Discs and other strange sky craft, since on this point there is no longer any doubt. On account of the great variety in shape, color and behavior of these flying objects, a generic name is needed. The term Ether Ships or Ether Craft has been adopted, since it indicates the true nature and origin of all these diversified phenomena.

Borderland Sciences Research Associates do not constitute or represent any cult, organization or special interest. They are freeā€lance investigators of phenomena with which official science, for one reason or another, does not deal. The material contained in this booklet is believed to be of great importance and is presented as a public service, and the Associates welcome the cooperation of persons sympathetic with their attitude and objectives.

* * *

Sheaf of paper

This is the introduction to the Ether Ship Mystery, examining everything from Ether Ship propulsion to the Air Force Inquiry, the Spiritual spheres of the Kabala to the curious work of Oahspe. Assembled by Meade Layne, revised by Riley Crabb, and featuring contributions from Associates John A. Hilliard, Ed Schultz, and Millen Cooke, and members of Mark Probert's Inner Circle. "The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution" remains available in classic BSRF xerographic format for all fans of the denser forms. Every purchase of print helps support the Foundation and allows us to provide our unique service to all seekers.

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