In the early days of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates, Meade Layne worked closely with the scholar of Polynesian mysticism (and sometime BSRA co-director) Max Freedom Long, dedicating extensive Round Robin coverage to Long's pamphlets and articles on Huna. One of the first featured pamphlets, reproduced in an abridged format across four or five issues in 1946, was called "Huna - The Workable Psycho-Religious System of the Polynesians", and it offers a simple introduction to the studies of Max Long and his colleagues, explaining "in fairly general terms a part of the basic theory [of Huna] and its methods of application." In the pamphlet (and in later books), Long claimed to have uncovered the ancient knowledge of the na kahuna, clues to which had "come largely through a study of the meanings of the roots of the Hawaiian words", and proposed that by using the knowledge, he could now link the kahuna's powers of fire-walking, healing by touch, and other sacred wisdoms to the psycho-spiritual model of the day - "Huna worked for na kahuna. It should work for us."

Journal Articles

Huna: the Workable Magic of Polynesia (I)02041946April
Summary of Max Freedom Long's pamphlet by the editor Meade Layne, beginning with the origins of Huna research, Fire-walking, and the Triune consciousness.
Huna: the Workable Magic of Polynesia (II)02051946May
Continuing summary, looking at Huna understanding of Force (electro-vitalism) and Matter (Hyle), the relationship to the High Self.
Huna: the Workable Magic of Polynesia (III)02061946June
Continuing summary, expanding on the nature of the High Self (Superconsciousness, Aukuma) with the Low (Subconscious) and Middle (Conscious) Self.
Fire-Walking and the Huna Instances02061946June
Philip Rasch responds to some early Huna claims with comments and questions.
In Defense of Huna02061946June
Max Freedom Long rebutts some criticism of the efforts of Huna research and offers a message for hope for future study.
Huna: the Workable Magic of Polynesia (IV)02071946July
Conclusion of pamphlet summary, examining how the Middle Self attains the aid and communion of the High Self.
The Pioneer Fringe02081946August
Max Freedom Long deals with the theory and practical applications of Huna (the Secret), beginning with origins of study, linking it to psychology and psychic research.
Of the Voice of Aumuka02091946September
Jon Sonall offers a brief comment on his own experiments with Long's Huna.
The Three Unit Consciousness of Man02091946September
Max Freedom Long examines a psychological theory of mind (Unconscious, Conscious, Superconscious) and their similiarities to the Huna triad, proposes Huna explains and expands existing Christian and New Thought ideas of the trinity.
Huna: It's Fortean Problems and Partial Answers02101946October
Max Freedom Long talks on tales of ghostly processions of Hawaiian warriors, how Huna explains spiritual manifestations.
Side-Lights on the Huna02111946November
Max Freedom Long on problems and criticisms faced by Huna researchers.
Hawaiian Kuehu Treatment - the Healing Prayer02121946December
Theodore Kelsey's translation and interpretation of a kahuna healing rite (with variorum-style supplemental comments from Max Freedom Long).
Wai-ha, Wai-pa (Word-Treasures of the Huna Rituals)03011947January
MFL on the practical Huna method of prayer to the Aumuka, the aka thread, and the unknowns of Kahunaism.
The Finding of the Beloved03021947February
MFL on the idea of the soul mate from the point-of-view of Huna.
Notes on Huna03031947March
Jon Sonall returns with quotes on the High Self as found outside of Huna practice.
The Three Salvations of Huna03041947April
MFL on human spiritual nature, how Huna allows you to evolve and grow, and the laws of karma.
MALAMALA: the Meaning of the RR Scholium03061947July & August
A Huna etymology of the word Malamala.
What was a Kahuna?03061947July & August
MFL answers a newspaper article on kahunas with his ideas as to what ancient Kahunaism was all about.
Some Problems and Missing Data03081947November & December
MFL on the state of Huna research at the end of 1947.
The Three Great Answers to the Injustice of the Gods04021948February
MFL on the laws of karma and the Huna response to ideals of cosmic justice.
Kahuna Ideas04031948March
Quotes from "The Secret Science Behind Miracles" concerning psychological complexes and their overcoming.
MALAMALA: Circular & Bulletin on Huna Research04041948April & May
Announcement of the first bulletin of the Huna Fellowship and the basic ideas of Huna.
The Kahuna's Magic (A Review of "Secret Science")04061948August
Review by H.F. Prevost Battersby for LIGHT.
For What May We Pray05011949February
MFL on the function of prayer across traditions and in Huna (reprint from Flying Roll).
Huna and the Telepathic Experiments05031949May
MFL reports on a Huna Research experiment on group telepathy and its results.
The Implications of Fire-Immunity05051949August
Progress in Huna Studies &
HOO-HI-KI, a Layman's Huna Prayer
A Huna Experimental Project06011950January
"VITIC -- WATER COMPASS" (HRA Bulletin 65)07041951November & December
An overview of BSRA understanding on the Vitic in response to Max Freedom Long's Huna Bulletin article on the subject.
The Huna Code in Religions21051965July & August
Announcement of the new book by Max Freedom Long.
Cleaning Fire of Rhythmic Breathing21061965September
From "Huna Vistas".
Bible Kahunas in Hawaii22071966October
An extended excerpt from editor Riley Crabb's lecture "Psychic Surgery in the Philippines, Pagan Healing Magic in Hawaii and New Age Healing in California", with reference to Max Freedom Long's work.
La'au Kahea, Spiritual or Power Healing27011971January & February
Article by Lanakila Brandt, Kahu.
The Hawaiian Tree of Life27011971January & February
An brief look at Melville's "Children of the Rainbow" and examination of similiarities with Golden Dawn Kabalism.
The Kahuna Magick of Hawaii35041979July & August
Reprinting of a 1948 report of a Probert communication with a Polynesian Kahuna.

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