Vril Compendium

Vol. I: White-Ray Conductors

by Gerry Vassilatos


1.1.    Origins of the Term Vril

The name "woivre" suggests waverings and weavings and is the ancient European reference to Vril energies. Vril is the thready, living, glowing, generative energy which projects experiential space and matter. Vril is found strongly densified in the ground. Vril permeates experiential space. Vril distribution is ordained. Vril threads, channels, and causeways flood and intermingle freely. Human artifice uses special material configurations to gain Vril contact. Vril gives viscero-eidetic experience. Vril is the living generator of the experiential universe.

CELT.Virol, Viria:arm, bracelet, woven
OE.wabem:to waver
ON.vafra:to hover about
 veifa:to wave
OE.waefre:restless, waver
 wefen:to weave
ME.VirlVirole   Virell   Verelle   Ferrule
 Weven:to move to and fro
F.Vrille:tendril, vine
 Viril:potent, enlivening

Vril does not have a singular appearance. Vril is all eidetic content and vision, experience, and consciousness. Vril filamentary presence is the experiential axis. Vril filamentary presence is the conscious anchor and ground. Vril threads provide the conscious firmaments. Vril is the reference structure of the experiential universe. The discovery of true deep eidetic content derives through the glowing black aura. The human organism translates easily through the glowing black aura.

Vril appears in thready channels which completely permeate the inertialized environment of the apparent world. Vril auras impact and dissolve inertial space in concentrated points of the environment.

White ray sheaths mark the inertia-dissolving trails of highly accelerated eidetic transactions. Eidetic transactions combine naturally in Vril sheath displays. Ground sourced white ray sheaths are observed. White ray sheaths mark Vril paths. White ray experience is experience of extreme Vril activity.

These are dangerous to organismic integrity. Bright ray-like eidetic transactions are seen passaging through aerial routes. Vril threads form the core of each such sheath. Aerial white ray sheaths mark Vril transactive paths.

The world is flooded with eidetic images. The apparent world is a Vril multi-juncture arrangement of eidetic terminals. Inertial dissolution, fracture, deformation, and distortion, follow Vril eidetic world transactions.

Vril eidetic worlds project the purity of experience which have been called "prana, aura, aether, atmosphere, eloptic, orgone". These are viscero-inertial manifestations of a deeper experience. Eidetic imagery and its experience is the fullness which these indirect descriptions represent.

Eidetic contact is the key to comprehending arcane knowledge in total context. The mystics knew that universal intelligence permeated every experiential thing. Things not known or permitted were relegated to the insensate Vril worlds: things forbidden because of our inability to engage them. Alchymy was totally dependent upon eidetics for its source and operative mode. Eidetic energies are surging in the Vril structure. We intersect with them through material contact. Eidetic worlds reveal select axial centres which concentrate distributed awareness across space axes.

Vril penetrates and collimates in organisms to release sudden eidetic experiences. Projective worlds exist independently in absence of projected forms. They may be located through their projected materials which respond to their presence.

All materials respond to some degree with the local Vril channels. All materials are viscero-eidetic when touched. Eidetic energies are surging in the Vril space-structure. We intersect with them through material contact. Eidetic worlds reveal select axial centres which concentrate distributed awareness across space axes.

Materials are needed for the interception of eidetic knowledge. Materials are the detectors by which eidetic knowledge is gleaned. Study of earth batteries, undersea communications, and aerial batteries, and lightning rods demanded study of the foundation of charge generation from a radionic view. To comprehend the differential behavior of metals in lightning rod patents one necessarily became engaged in the study from the radionic considerations.

Radionic study alone does not suffice since lightning rods and various materials exhibit specific behaviors not explained through rates. Auric studies also did not explain why magnetically charged lightning rods would shield from lightning strikes. Convoluted rod forms exhibited shielding ability equivalent to platinum. This equivalence was determined to be an alchymycal one (D.Winter) and necessary study toward that end was engaged.

In testing minerals and metals for their conscious conductivity and content I discovered that consistent permeating viscero-eidetic impressions come both through free space and in direct physical contact. Special regard for the alignment, orientation, and disposition amid the stratified world revealed that minerals and metals may be Vril activated in excess of their native states. Vril junctures and local deep channels effect marked alterations in the viscero-eidetic content transacted through tested minerals and metals.

An arrangement of chemicals, minerals, metals, crystals, massive stones, jewels, precious metals, electrical componentry; stellar, planetary, solar, and lunar light was secured for empirical testing. I began by simply approaching each isolated form in order to sense all and any subjectively received impressions which might be projected from the minerals and metals. While in several instances sensate discharges from object to body provided some degree of impressional reception touch contacts worked best.

Touch contacts provided viscero-eidetic experiences of surprisingly consistent detail and content among tested minerals and metals. Charts were made for each experiment. Each eidetic world is living and active. Each gives differing [2] co-existent experience. These are each balanced and kept in withdrawn state by the alien presence of inertial space: until released again. The powerful transmelding of every potential Vril eidetic world will fulfill and complete the lost essential holism of our apparent world.

Ours is a world devoid of vital quality and essence; a pressured world experience where inertial space separate, distorts, binds, quenches, and limits the synaesthesial free-flow of eidetic worlds. Merging interpenetrating eidetic Vril worlds coexist. This is experientially ascertained through the use of various material contacts and material configurations. Minerals and metals are windows which transact with their parent Vril eidetic worlds. Vril eidetic experience alters considerably in various material configurations and geometries.

No progress is made until a detailed study of materials and material configurations begins. We must touch and handle materials in order to determine their eidetic contents. Eidetic imagery and absorptive experiences are never forced: they must proceed from the substance being examined.

Such transaction expand the mind only when experimentation is made with regard for the Vril channelry in one's own distinct. Alignment of experimental work space with these underground Vril channels is absolutely essential in making these empirical determinations. One must make provision for ground access. The use of a ground rod is highly recommended. Testing materials for eidetic content require Vril contact.

The experimental arrangement must engage materials and material configurations with Vril directly. Experimentation may also proceed in darkened rooms preferably. The "eyes-closed" method serve Vril sensory system well.

Numerous patents detailed anomalous activities when ground connected. These behaviors required a concise and thorough explanation. I believed that a mysterious foundational reality was responsible for all these systemological anomalous phenomena.

Rods, pole, and towers interconnect Vril concentrations in space and in the ground. Specific spatial poise is required to locate and connect space Vril energies. There are aerial Vril points as well as ground Vril points.

Minerals and metals give Vril eidetic transactions. Grounds effect special experiential transactions. Material configurations give Vril eidetic transaction. Relational material configurations transact Vril eidetic experience. Relational holisms transact Vril eidetic experiences.

Vril threads supply special ground connectivities. Vril threads supply special aerial connectivities. Vril ground is succession of subterranean material contacts. Vril aerial is succession of auri-celestial Vril thread contacts. Vril thread contact is ground. Vril contact is aerial space contact. Vril worlds transconnect via threadways.

Vril extensions transconnect Vril eidetic worlds. Vril extensions via material contacts engage regional Vril consciousness. Material contacts reveal unsuspected eidetic presence in local surroundings. Native minerals and metals (mineral, metal, crystal lode) permit first order eidetic experience. Vril tufted aurae are experiential.

Kilner observed auric striations but did not engage experiential translations through those aurae. Inertial glowing halos are non-dendritic and non-experiential. Vril designed appliances serve sensitives and ease translatory experiences among the eidetic worlds. Specific Vril thread discharges transact Vril eidetic worlds. Vril thread discharges display luminations through traversed regions. Vril thread discharges luminate with colorations when impacting inertial space.

White ray groupings are white ray sheaths which surround Vril thread discharges. Black ray groupings are black ray sheaths which surround Vril thread discharges. Vril eidetic world experience is participational sensory communion in meta-dimensional regions. Vril eidetic experience surpasses 5-sensory stimulation. Inertial appearance remain primitive 5-sensory stimulations devoid of eidetic content.

Inertial Technologies radiate excess inertia. Inertial technologies collimate inertial space. Extreme inertial technologies reveal Vril (Tesla).

Inertial luminations represent no meaningful signal. Vril luminations are true holistic light. Vril Light generation requires only Vril configurational amplifiers.

True Vril aurae engage meaningful eidetic focus of consciousness. Vril Science seeks the dissolution and dispersal of inertio-auric detritus.

Vril Science selects and studies only eidetic meaningful experiential engagements. Careful observation of inertio-aurae during Vril transactions the contractile response of inertial detritus. Inertial detritus is contractile during Vril transaction. Vril transaction intensifies and extends Vril striated aurae. Vril engagements magnify and expand Vril striations.

Vril threads tunnels through space and ground. Vril threads travel along the ground surface. Vril energy is focused along specific points of the ground surface. Vril threadways appear glowing eidetic when passaging in and through the pound. The eidetic glowing threadways were erroneously equated with subterranean water by dowsers.

Vril threadways are surrounded in eidetic transactions of experience. Vril is the very generative source of consciousness. To peer into Vril is to experience translations of mind and experience. Vril eidetic transactions are not merely the articles of sensation. To develop Vril Technology is to rediscover the connective linkage of the universe. To develop Vril Technology is to rediscover the deepest experiential communion craved by all sentient beings.

Vril phenomena explain eidetic conditions observed in nature. Vril is conducted by all materials which it generates. Substances each manifest a specific eidetic node which surrounds their enclosed eidetic glowing Vril threadline. The enclosed Vril threadline is the generative source and support of the material being studied. Vril pro-creates upon the basic existential eidetic which it fundamentally generates. Vril inflects, permutes, and surmounts its own foundations. Each such stage is a Vril Template.

Eidetic contents are spontaneously transmitted through Vril articulations. Humanly arranged artistic channels transduce Vril modulations directly. With Vril the need for [3] excessive human code is eliminated. Code free channels are found in singularly sustained ultra-harmonic sounds. Innate eidetic contents and evidence for space-distributed intelligence is revealed when monitoring telluric and aerial sounds. The need for excessive articulations of code is eradicated through Vril modulation. Vril designs its own hieroglyphs.

Eidetic contents are directly transmitted to recipients through Vril articulated designs. Vril culture consists in absorbing and communing with pure Vril eidetic contents. Departures from the immediacy of the apparent world are easily achieved through Vril articulations. Vril threads guide the human organism into deepest eidetic contents of the Vril World. The Vril World is the true World of eidetic content Auras are translatory agencies.

Vril power points are sensed throughout the experiential space. Fixed Vril power points are ordained. Fixed Vril power points are found throughout experiential space. Vril points can be located in aerial space and ground Vril power points can be interpenetrated by material imposition. Tremendous empathic and unexpected energetic manifestations are conducted through such material inter-positions. Vril reactions define all mysteries. Vril presence generates all unexpected conscious activities. Vril Science explains all scientifically observed anomalies.

Vril is self-determinate. Vril expresses the sensate qualities of experience. Vril expresses the insensate realities which exceed our immediate experience. Vril is natural intent. Vril inflects into new expressions. Vril spontaneously permutes into unexpected qualities. Vril is self-generative and self-sustaining. Vril generates and permutes itself from nothingness. Vril threads generate hieroglyphic connective terminals. Eidetic experience translates the human organism by direct conduction with Vril dendritic threads. Vril threads establish conductive forms in the human organism. Auras extend feathery vril inflectional threads.

Ground Vril concentrations provide the most potent interactions yet known. Ground Vril densities achieve dramatic effects in both human matched conductions and energetic displays of power. Regional climate is Vril-resonant. Regional climate is a complex range of empathic and metaphysical transformations. Empathic experience includes the unexpected activities of arcane universal worlds. Vril ground concentrations represent boundaries between metaphysical and inertial spaces.

Human involvement with specific elements represent the civilizing activity of Vril. Vril is most powerfully conveyed through iron deposits. Vril conduction through carbon represents another major human resonant axis. The human organism is largely composed of both elements. Carbon and Iron are the major human resonant elements. Most technological systemologies employ these very materials at their core.

Iron lines composed all early telegraph systems. Vril conducting iron lines transmit exceptional degrees of clarified eidetic contents along with encoded signals. Powerful empathic communications through iron telegraph lines continue despite removal of artificial activations and signal applications.

Ground connected artifice necessarily conducts Vril. Ground connected artifice and component necessarily be comes Vril transactive. Vril threads manifest directionality. Vril threads arrive at ground surface from the depth of ground or space.

Ground surface is the major experiential interactive zone. Eidetic manifestations at ground level resemble fountains of sensual experience. Emplacing ground plates or aerial plates forms conductive linkages within the incoming auras. Vril eidetic transaction may then become strengthened. Strengthened eidetic transactions may become more sensate through time. Space is an a Vril-glowing black dendritic mass. The ground surface is traversed with horizontal and vertical Vril threads. Sentient experience is derived in and among these Vril-ganglial interconnections.

Vril inflection sites release eidetic transactions. Such sites become Vril thread connections through human aid. Vril technology is participation with Vril itself. Human agency cooperates and co-structures with Vril intent. Vril responds to human need. Vril generates and sustains human consciousness.

Vril points release special permutative and generative powers. Vril power is released to human benefit when properly detected and joined to appropriate artifice. Cooperation between human agency and Vril generates civilization. Vril activations are achieved through Vril Technology. Vril Technological artifices are driven into Vril active points. Access to Vril points releases Vril to the needs of the surface.

Vril eidetic transactions are experiential spaces. The glowing black Vril eidetic node is the fundamental conscious state. There are endless Vril Eidetics in the black glowing Vril eidetic transactions. Black glowing spaces are the ultimate resonant Vril nodes. Certain arrangement provoke the spontaneous discharge of eidetic transactions. These discharges shudder and pulse into grounded materials. The degree and order of eidetic pulsations depends upon the grounded mate rials. Eidetic transactions display differentiation when conducted through material boundaries. These differentiations spontaneously blend, pulsate, discharge, and interact.

The interplay of Vril amid natural transactive cavities, chambers, vaults, halls, shafts, caverns, ribbings, arches, cellars, and crypts exceed the Vril active potential of free space. Vril labyrinthine arrays are necessary to Vril activations. Eidetic attention must be forever upon the natural spaces: geology and space. Composite conductors differentiate Vril through each section. Differentiation represents Vril spontaneous self-generation.

Eidetic transactions are glowing spaces. Eidetic transactions are not particulate or gaseous. Sensation and awareness comes from Vril. Vril eidetic is not inertial eidetic. Vril Eidetic projection is experience.

Vril reactions are seen in every material configuration. Vril reaction first alter and influence the mind. Overlands are Vril activated, each land is known by the qualities which Vril emanates through their material composition. Ground material determines subterranean Vril differentiations. Vril activates all overlying materials, arrangements, and design composites.

Lamps activate and direct pole eidetic transactions. Vril differentiation becomes the predominant feature of material [4] configurations. Vril is self-sufficient. Vril is spontaneously self-generating. There is no need to supply artificial interruptions in Vril systems. No correlated activities or extra power is required in Vril Technology.

The eidetic transactions of grounded metal reservoirs self-expand. Vril supplies the self-generative process. Spontaneous accumulation and discharge of eidetic transactions from grounded metal reservoirs is the result of Vril presence. Vril can provide impulses and motance. Vril is the natural and pure energy of the Universe. Vril requires no extra applications to express qualities.

Certain materials are highly eidetic node ray active. The chief joy of Vril sensitive individuals is the experiential quality of Vril reactions. Eidetic transactions are active experiential space. Vril emanates space. The experiential Vril Eidetics in which sentient beings exist are Vril-generated.

Some transmitter designs projected incoming Vril threadways deep into the ground. These threadways caused response in the deep Vril causeways through which regions are referenced and joined. The resulting modulation of potent Vril channels produced highly directed transmissions of eidetic intent. Baron Karl von Reichenbach studied the spontaneous luminations of all materials in eidetic space conditions. Inter-eidetic transactions produce luminations. Tesla studied the spontaneous appearance and disappearance of electro-detrital charges in materials. Such detrital formation is constant. Eidetic transactions transact with the very Vril space in which they are generated. Such pro-creative activities evidence the Vril attribute of eidetic surmontage. Radionics studies resistive rates and auric interactions.

Geomancy studied the earth-line matrix of sacred spots and leylines. These empirical sciences were both largely confined to surficial examination of phenomena.

Vril science reveals the deep experiential potentials releases in minerals and metals, material aurae, and local space alignments. Vril science is experiential empirical science. Vril boundaries are impenetrable.

Sentient beings access Vril hegemenous related regions via material windows.

The appearance of material substances and the qualities and attributes of materials derive from Vril eidetic projections. Vril worlds project the elements. Substance attributes are projections of Vril resonant eidetic worlds. Self-modifying Vril world permutations alter all elements. Permutations in one Vril world may alter materials in many Vril worlds.

Neurological sensitivity precedes magneto-electric detritral discovery (Galvani).

Vril eidetic worlds generate specific extraordinary minerals. Minerals, metals, jewels, and crystals differ in their degree of eidetic experience. Vril axial contact is required for eidetic transactions. Off-angle contacts yield inertially contaminated experiences.

These Vril points suffuse and sustain vitality in the devoid apparent world infra-structure. Vril revelations provide shortcuts through which we achieve futural science. Vril eidetic messagings direct and re-structure human consciousness into its deepest potentials. Vril eidetic consciousness breaks the inertial bondage to the 5-sensory degenerate perceptive mode.

Vril thread dynamics seem to proceed in deranged and mysterious expressions. The observation of this strange Vril thread language does not enjoin the examiner with an eidetic experience. Touch contact may quench the activity of certain Vril transactors: gaps are required. Vril energy in gaps often increases with increasing distance from a design.

Conscious reference determines experiential content Vril Science recognizes only eidetic experience achieved through material contacts as accurate experiential reference. Vril Science gives an experiential world-view which necessarily differs from objective models presented during the last 500 years.

The reality of eidetic transactions through material contacts annihilates the validity of our excessive reliance upon open-eyed information. The deep Structure of experiential reality is eidetic and Vrillic in nature: differing from the 5-sensory experience of the apparent world.

Eidetic experiences are whole world experiences. Specific groups and families of elements reveal specific range and quality of eidetic experience and can be selectively used. Specific groupings and families of elements provide needed hardware for Vril Technology.

Vril eidetic transference is achieved through material contact. Vril eidetic experience is entuned through material configurations and arrangements. Vril eidetic experience in most material configurations requires contact. Vril ground thread interaction intensities near specific natural materials. Vril Technology arranges specific strong Vril conductors for Vril eidetic experience.

Materials are natural Vril World connectors. Specific materials permit Vril eidetic experiential correspondence. Questing for new Vril high-conductive materials brings new experience. Vril eidetic material conductors must be carefully entuned through special designs. Eidetic entuning devices utilize specific human Vril-sensitive matter. Vril directs awareness.

Vril insensate threads are sensed as prickling sensations when contact is not well-designed. These actions were called "electrical" because of certain physiological sensations encountered when absorbing them. Vril may release inertial detritus (charges) in the flesh because of absorbed inertial space. Vril eidetic absorption expands consciousness in Vril eidetic worlds. Vril eidetic absorption eradicates simple inertia-sensory blocks. Vril Science is discovered via Vril eidetic connection. Minerals and metals, material configurations, and configurational alignment must be eidetically experienced, tested, and utilized. Clustered material structures effect inertia-sensory constrictions.

Vril Science is not mechanistic. Vril Science is empirical and experiential. Vril Science discoveries experiential meanings through eidetic contacts.

Vril Technology designs and arranges experientially derived componentry. Vril ganglial threadways remain in participating organisms. Vril experiences require place-visitation. Vril experience exalt consciousness and virtue. Vril threads are indivisible portions of their parent eidetic worlds. Vril threads give trans-regional experience.

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