Human Aura.

A Study


A. Marques, S. D.,

President Aloha Branch T.S.

Assisted by M. McElroy.

"My Doctrine is Not Mine But His That Sent Me."— John vii:16.

San Francisco:
Office of Mercury, Native Sons' Building, 414 Mason Street.

Portrait of Dr. Auguste Jean Baptiste Marques.

Dr. Auguste Jean Baptiste Marques (1841-1929).


Preface, by Miss M. A. Walsh, v;
Author's Preface, vii.

Chapter I. — Introductory.

Purpose of the Work, 1; Aura Common to all Things, even of Human Manufacture, 2; Definition of the Aura, 3; Known to Antiquity, 4; Auras of Roman Catholic Pictures and of Hindu Divinities, 4; Lost through the Dark Ages, 5; Modern Increase of Psychic Faculties, 6; Aura as Seen by Ordinary Seers, 7; Very Complex in Its Composition, 8; General Enumeration of Twenty-one Auric Subdivisions, 9; The Aura in Connection with the Human Principles, 11; Man a Decade, not only a Septenary, 12; Classification of Human Principles, Koshas or Sheaths, 14; Agreement with St. Paul's Division, 15.

Chapter II. — Description.

Present Description Based on Direct Higher Optic Vision, Corroborated by Psychic and Scientific Observation, 16.

§ 1. Material Portion.

I. — Emanations and Manifestations from the Body, Exhaled Prana, 18; 1st. Tatwic Currents Corroborating the Tatwa Theory, 19; Aura of Plants 19;

a) Chromatic, Five Colored Lines Corresponding to the Elements, 20;

b) Geometrical Forms Traceable to the Vibrations of Elements, 22; Periodical Changes, 23; Exceptions, 25; Theory of the Pulse, 25; Secret of Disease, 26;

2d. Magnetic Aura, 27;

3d. Caloric Aura, 29;

4th. Electric or Health Aura, 30; Protective against Disease, 30;

All Lower Auras Combine to Give a Luminous Appearance to the Body, 31; Are Affected by State of Health, 31.

  II. — Etheric Body or Double, 32;

III. — Pranic Aura, or Inhaled Prana, 33;

§ 2. Psychic or Soul Portions.

IV. — Kamic Aura, 34; Thought Forms, 36;

V. — Psychic Aura, Lower Manas, 38; Auric Colors and Their Import, 40; Aura of Adepts, 44, 46;

VI. — Manasic Aura, 45;

§ 3. Spiritual Portions.

VII.— Buddhic Aura, 47;

VIII. — Atmic Aura or Auric Egg, 48;

§ 4. Miscellaneous.

Shapes of Auras, 50; Aura of Perfected Man, 51; Various Other Manifestations, Sheaves and Volutes, 51; Gold Dust, 52; Influence of the World Thought-Currents 52; Auras in Sleep and Trance, 53; Importance of Last Thought before Sleep, 55; Aura after Death, 55.

Chapter III. — Conclusion.

Usefulness of the Study of the Aura, 57; Opinion of Paracelsus, 58; of Zoroastrianism 58; of Mr. Sinnett, 58; Intermingling of Auras, 58; Transmission of Diseases through the Auras, 59; Mesmerism, 59; Knowledge of the Aura Useful for Self-Protection, 60: 1. Socially, 60; 2. Morally; 60; 3. Physically: (a) against Disease Germs, 61; (b) against Contacts, 61; (c) after Death, against Premature Burial, 62.


S. I. — Aura of Plants, 63;
S. II. — Aura of the Magnet, 68;
S. III. — Practical Instruction for Sight Training, 71;
S VI. — Bibliography, 75.

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