Human Aura

and the Significance of Color

Three Lectures
by W. J. Colville

Occult Publishing Co.
Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.

Portrait of William Juvenal Colville, aged 26.

William Juvenal Colville (1862-1917).

Three intensely interesting Lectures by a Master in Spiritual Science and the New Thought. The use of various colors as healing agencies otherwise known as Chromopathy is also fully dealt with. This is unquestionably the completist exposition of this fascinating subject ever offered to the public at a nominal price.

Lecture 1 — Deals with Fundamental Statements; Defines the Human Aura in Contra-distinction to Personal Magnetism; The Human Aura Classified; How to Develop and Utilize a good and powerful Aura; Oval and Visual Treatment by Suggestion; The Successful Telepathist; The Practice of Mental Telephony; How Thoughts are Transmitted; Absent Mental Healing; The Exercise whereby the Aura is Developed; The Therapeutic Effects of Colors — Red, Blue, Yellow and Violet.

Lecture 2 — Specific Interpretations; The Philosophy of Color and its Significance; The Higher Octaves of Color; The Therapeutic Effects of Color Definitely Elucidated; The Seven Prismatic Hues and their connection with the Seven Vowels, and what each Vowel suggests; The Lower Octaves of Color; The Wearing of Gems, a Reasonable Practice; The Well-Developed Aura.

Lecture 3 — The Human Aura as an Indicator of Health and Character, with Reflections on the Aura of Habitation; Clairvoyance susceptible of Cultivation; Inherent Genius; Materialistic Christianity; Health Aura; The Aura of Buildings; The Divine Science of Health; How to Purify one's Aura; The Physic Aura; The Aura of a Telepathist; The Rash Expenditure of Auric Force; The Auric Belt; Heavens and Hells; Dissipated Aura; The True Philanthropist; Perfect Harmony.

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