The Borderland Experimenter

This is a select collection of submitted articles that have not made a print edition of the journal, but which are nevertheless important and worthwhile reading for any student pursuing the borderland path or experimenter on the fringe of science. If you have a submission of your own, or if you simply want to share your insights on any of the articles from the journal, drop us an email

Voltage Changes in Hand-Held Dipoles Resulting From Variable Electromagnetic Radiation2012
John Janks furthers his experimental evidence for the efficacy of dowsing rods (dipoles).
Dowsing Rods: Empirical Evidence and Applications for Charting the Subsurface2010
John Janks presents his experimental evidence for the efficacy of dowsing, focusing on efforts to locate buried objects such as landmines and tripwires, and the potential military applications.
The Tesla Mystique: Nikola Tesla, The Philadelphia Experiment, HAARP and Other Folklore2008
George B. Trinkaus discusses the storied mythology of Nikola Tesla, debunking the legends to reveal the true man behind the fabled curtain.
Sky Creatures and Etheric Critters: A Quick and Dirty Intro2008
James Borges compiles some clips, quotes, and comments on the nature of the unusual beings that may dwell in our skies.