Sky Creatures & Etheric Critters:
A Quick and Dirty Intro

By James Borges, BSRA

I watched a video of a Sky Serpent the other night, but it looked more like a giant butter-fly than anything reptilian. It looked like a floppy circle bending in half and flitting around like a fish out of water. "Things never seen seem familiar" is a paraphrase from an old Grateful Dead song, and this describes my experience pretty well as I instantly recognized it.

I have been familiar with “Etheric Critters” ever since a friend first brought my attention to Borderland Sciences Research Foundation. It was the Foundation which published some of the original photographs taken in the 50's and 60's by Dr. Trevor J. Constable in his book “The Cosmic Pulse of Life,” and the finest available versions of these photographs are in BSRF's 1990 revised edition, now out of print (though there are still a limited copies available); Dr. T. J. has himself reprinted with third generation photographs recently with another publisher.

These Sky Creatures, or “Etheric Critters”, live in the sky, in the ether. This “ether”, however, is not the same ether that was disproved by Einstein and Morley-Martin — it is, instead, an attempt to describe a energetic atmospheric phenomena that has been observed on the borderlands of perception, and, indeed, the word ether has been used many times to denote different ideas as pointed out in the 2001 Journal of Borderland Research (“Ether, Electricity and its Manifestations”). The idea of ether as used to describe the UFO phenomenon can be roughly described as a physical density level that is most clearly understood as the Quantum Vacuum in the physics underlying the theory of Free Energy.

Ether is Extra-dimensional. Meade Layne described the first Etheric UFOs as the 4D Ether Ship Mystery. Any discussion of the fourth dimension becomes quickly and hopelessly confused when we try to differentiate between various ideas of the fourth dimension (i.e. equating the fourth dimension with Time), and we are only interested in introducing the idea of extra dimensional theories of the UFO. For a detailed explanation, see Meade Layne's “Ether Ship Mystery (and Its Solution)”.

Can living creatures exist in this strange energy dimension? As hard as it is to picture anything living in this energy ocean, it was when borderland technology emerged that allowed us to perceive this living force that these creatures started being observed. The first Etherians were detected psychically in the 1940's; a startling “scientific” technique that begs a new look into consciousness, physics and the life force. It has been postulated that the intense neurological activity of the brain may directly interface with the Quantum Vacuum in ways that seem to verify the claims of magicians for hundreds of years, that the intention focused brain has an effect on environment in which it is physically embedded.

Wilhelm Reich was no ordinary kook. Reich studied directly under Sigmund Freud, the Father of Modern Psychology. Reich discovered a primary life-force similar to Ether that he called Orgone Energy. One of the amazing features of this energy is that it could be manipulated at great distances in the sky creating rain by altering the relationship of the electrical charge between the earth and the atmosphere using a simple arrangement of tubes that are grounded in running water. He discovered this energy first inside the human body when he was studying the expansion and contraction of the biological organism. Optimum mental and psychic health required the regular contraction and expansion of this vital force in the physical body. The Orgone Accumulator was one of several tools he had developed to help facilitate his research. Atmospheric research led to the development and perfection of the “cloud buster” which could change the potentials in the atmosphere at extreme distances resulting in the creation and dispertion of clouds and rain. It quickly attracted the attention of our Sky Creatures.

Not long after his lab assistants and visitors started reporting strange occurrences in the sky and he himself heard something buzz overhead he began noticing a strange pollution that was effecting the local environment. In his most suppressed book, “Contact With Space”, Dr. Reich describes the destructive effects UFOs have on our energetic enviornment. It was not more than 30 days after Reich aimed an experimental “cloud buster” at one of the many UFOs that were beginning to somewhat harass the pristine wilderness laboratories that the Federal government issued an order for his to cease research and publishing . . . not long after, he died in prison and his books and tools were literally burned to ashes like some scene out of the darkest Inquisition.

In the wake of this suppression that was impossible to ignore, T. J. Constable set aside his physic contacts with Ashtar Command and started building cloud busters out in the desert. His desire was to physically grasp the ether beyond the subjective impressions of the mind, to twist the invisible into scienifically observable forces that can be engineered. T. J. was able to extend the work of Reich by capturing images of the unidentified flying objects, amorphous blobs in man cases, with infrared filters on his camera. T. J. published his interpretation in The Cosmic Pulse of Life.

(Jose Escamilla using similar techniques as Mr. Constable was able to make similar photographs of atmospheric creatures he called “Rods”. His research can be found on the internet.)

These observations, although they take place consistently for the last 60 years of UFO reporting, have remained as a kook sideline to the more mainstream abduction conspiracy stories. The idea that some sort of sentient creatures live in the atmosphere or lives in the massively fluctuating energy in the atmosphere is exceedingly hard to conceptualize. This mental picture is becoming much easier to visualize with the images from NASA showing floppy blobs sporting around in outer space. “Critters” . . . some sort of atmospheric fish?

But why critters in space? There is no life in space . . . or is there? It is theorized by alternative scientists that Orgone Energy exists in space. There is a very important photo of the lunar landing where the astronauts are surrounded by a blue glow; this is thought to be an orgone charge luminescent in the vacuum of space.

Apollo 12 mission photo of astronaut Alan Bean on the lunar surface.

Orgone in Space? — Apollo 12 mission photo of astronaut Alan Bean on the lunar surface. [Image links: Standard (904x910)UHQ (3900x3900)]

The presence of humans and equipment in space is going to create the same energetic conditions as an Orgone Accumulator or a 'cloud buster'; an extreme potential of Orgone Energy is attracting these critters like they were moths to a flame. We have indeed seen many pictures of “critters” hanging around the space station and space shuttle. The latest video of these “Critters” is similar to observing sea life in its natural habitat. These elusive “Critters” seem most like dolphins that swim along side the crafts that journey beyond the shores into the deep borderlands of science and perception.

The Case for the Critters

Excerpts from Chapter 7 of “THE COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE
by Trevor James Constable.

. . . the mistakes and errors are the price for the great romance of doing something for the first time.

Sir Francis Chichester

The concept that certain UFOs could be living organisms not originate with me. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's story Horror of the Heights gives a startlingly prescient description of the “air jungle” and its denizens. Doyle makes other references to borderland residents in The Edge of the Unknown, published by Putnams in 1930. Charles Fort also speculated about critters in his Book of the Damned, available in several editions. The first modern theory encompassing this idea with specific reference to UFOs was probably the original “etheric interpretation” of the flying discs, formulated in 1946-47 by the late N. Meade Layne, MA.

Mr. Layne published his theory in a penetrating 1950 monograph The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution. He was founder and first director of the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Inc., in San Diego, California. A former university lecturer and an outstanding writer, Meade Layne produced one of the classics of ufology in his monograph. His achievement was to produce the only theoretical treatment of UFOs to survive the entire modern period. This document is still available today with added comments by Riley Crabb, second director of BSRF.

Mr. Layne's “etheric interpretation” is also readily extensible to cover new UFO facts, and is required reading for any person with a genuine desire to break out of the bondage of mechanistic thinking. There can be no doubt that Meade Layne was a generation ahead of his time with his mobile thinking. He also emerges as easily the greatest writer of ufology's break-in period.

The methods of obtaining advanced information that were employed by this pioneer, at a time when UFO data were sparse, will be dealt with later in proper context. A sample of his writings will illustrate that his work disqualifies with equal alacrity both the faint-hearted and the weak-minded:

“The aeroforms are thought-constructs, mind constructs. As such, they are, in effect, the vehicle of the actual entity who creates them. Just as our own terrestrial minds rule and become identified with our bodies, so does the entity of the Etheric world make for himself a body or vehicle out of etheric substance.

“This body may be of any shape or size, any one of a hundred mutants — such as the indefinite and changing shapes reported by observers of flying saucers throughout the world. The shapes may be a wheel, a globe, a fusiform or cigar shape, a fireball, vapor or gases. It may have any density, any rate of vibration desired. The impenetrable steel of landed discs, is, as it were, a sort of etheric isotope of our terrestrial steel, or we may call it 'etheric steel'. The shapes and vehicles and the entity operating them form one being, just as a human being is a psychophysical mind-body unity. The body of this Etherian entity is a thoughtform which can go anywhere, and penetrates our earth and sea as easily as our air.”

Etherian physics in all its significance for true ufology — the ufology of the Future — will be enlarged upon as this book proceeds. The important point for now is that I was not the originator of the theory that some UFOs could be living organisms, and that Meade Layne — and also John Bessor — preceded me by about ten years. When Meade Layne saw my collection of more than a hundred photographs of these mutants not long before his death, he was exuberant. He termed their capture on film “the death knell of the old order.”

Meade Layne's daring hypothesis — a brilliant synthesis of physics and metaphysics — was shown to be valid when I literally stumbled across these organisms in the summer of 1957. This experimental accident, and my subsequent photography of dozens of these critters in situ, merely confirmed the extant theories of far brighter minds than mine. This borderland breakthrough was crude, awkward and some at uncomprehending, but it nevertheless threw light immediately into the darker, previously impenetrable corners of history's greatest mystery.

Endless implications ensued. Technical, theoretical,cognitional, philosophical, psychological, methodological and scientific questions arose of staggering magnitude. Unraveling all this will take the best efforts of far better and younger, more functional minds than those that currently dominate world science. The response we found, outside the mall circle of friends and associates who understood our work, was essentially confined to fear and anxiety. We understood some of this only too well.

When these strange living forms burst into our ken, we found it essential to be light-hearted about our work — if only to diminish the psychological impact of unknown terrors. The sight of these queer, plasmatic fauna in photographs was sufficient to repel sensitive people otherwise interested in UFOs. Motion pictures of them sometimes caused psychically sensitive persons to bolt from the room during screening. Numerous persons today who have tampered chemically with their perceptions by ingesting LSD have become aware of these strange organisms. Back in 1957-58 however, few people were willing to attempt chemical extensions of perception, and prior knowledge of the critters was confined to learned and accomplished occultists, who knew only too well how real the things were that we had been able to capture on film.

We conceived of ourselves as children, struggling to stay upright by clinging to the side of a crib. Our falls and spills and mistakes were almost perpetual and often comical. Everything we touched was new, and there were no technical ~ texts to consult. Our ability to see the funny side of our adventures never left us, and was always a counterbalance to what might otherwise have become overwhelmingly serious.

Kidding in no way diminished our curiosity. We kept on after the critters. No one had ever done anything like this before, and it was a tremendous thrill. The laws of these etherain realms are essentially functional and biological, and they open themselves only to the researcher who, in his experimental work, has not lost his ability to play — to play like a child. The searching organism is almost always playful. A sense of humor is essential, for experience quickly teaches the field worker that the stupidity and cupidity of contemporary man must surely be the comedy of the gods.

From ORgasm to UFOs

Excerpts from Chapter 18 of “THE COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE
by Trevor James Constable.

No unimportant man is hated and persecuted as Reich was.

A. S. Neil

The following account of Wilhelm Reich's involvement with UFOs is drawn from Contact With Space. Supplementary and illuminatory material has been contributed by Robert McCullough, one of Reich's research assistants at the time. A student of Steiner's work in the interim, McCullough is better able on that account to evaluate what happened at Orgonon and in Tucson during those haunted days. My own interpretations and evaluations have been also added, based upon insights, findings and experiences already described in this book.

The discovery of the orgone energy is the practical, technical break-in to the UFO problem. Appropriately enough, therefore, we find Dr. Reich's theoretical involvement with the technical principles immanent in UFOs commencing right after he discovered the orgone in the atmosphere in 1939-40. During the WWII years he worked out a mass-free energy formula, and also a pendulum formula. Both these formulae, and the mathematics from which they are derived, are published in Contact With Space. These formulae anticipate enormous velocities in kreiselwelle functions, and anticipate mathematically the characteristic wobbling and swinging associated with UFOs since 1947. Developed long before that, the formulae ran parallel in the time of their calculation with the first radar sightings of UFOs made by military and naval units during WWII.

Dr. Reich was a practical man. Since he could not at the time confirm these formulae with actual observations and experiments, he deposited them in the Orgone Institute archives until such time as they could be empirically confirmed. His discovery of the orgone energy had obsoleted the old physics by filling the universe with a mass-free primordial energy. He recoiled from making the kind of abstruse mathematical gambits — factually unsupported — that had emptied out that same universe, divesting it even of ether. These notions had hamstrung physical research, blocked comprehension of the orgone energy and led to systematic biasing of the scientific mind against any conception of a living cosmos.

Dr. Reich decided to wait for factual developments. In 1947 he started his work on vacua that led to blue lumination of the orgone energy. He detailed this work in the first issue of the Orgone Energy Bulletin, published in 1949. This was contemporaneous with Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sighting in Washington state, and the subsequent early work and writing of Major Donald Keyhoe.

In the late 1940s and early '50s, Dr. Reich occasionally heard about UFOs through newspaper reports and news broadcasts. He was so immersed in his work in biophysics at this time that he paid these reports scant attention. Considering the scope of his research and inventions, the extent of his responsibilities in teaching and running Orgonon, and his artistic diversions into writing, painting and poetry, his brushing contact with the UFO subject is understandable.

Visitors saw UFOs around Orgonon in 1951. In August of 1952, standing on his front porch, Dr. Reich heard something whizz by from southwest to northeast in a few seconds. He did not see the object. Although the whole subject of UFOs was still largely ridiculed, Dr. Reich himself did not consider that there was anything particularly strange in the earth receiving visitors from outer space. These reverie conditions were soon banished, for in the post-Oranur period the alien invaders intruded upon Dr. Reich and his work — forcing themselves into his life with malefic intent.

This truth is far stranger than fiction. The presence of these malevolent aliens might have gone unnoticed, as it has in most of the world, had they not tackled a scientist of such phenomenal observational powers as Wilhelm Reich. His ability to single-handedly punch right through to the orgone discovery, on observation and experiment, is a matter of record. Those same observational powers rallied to his aid in 1953, when UFO attentions to Orgonon developed into an attack.

Visions of space ships shooting destructive rays into the ground, Hollywood-style, rise to mind at the use of the word attack. The assault on Reich and his work was on a far more subtle and clever scale. Again it aimed at keeping the presence and the purposes of the attackers concealed while the destructive work was done. In the spring of 1952, Dr. Reich noticed a strange black substance settling on the rocks from which his observatory was built. The black deposits also began to appear on other rock surfaces in the vicinity.

As Bob McCullough recalls, Reich's ability to detect such subtle processes was well-nigh incredible: “Dr. Reich's powers of observation were simply tremendous. I never found his equal among the scores of scientists I have worked with since. He was continually drawing my attention to things that had completely eluded me, even close up. His awareness was also astounding, as was the case with melanor, the black substance that we later connected with UFOs.”

Dr. Reich noticed the black substance gathering. He made time-lapse films over a period of several weeks. These films proved beyond doubt that the blackening was an ongoing process. Other similar substances Reich detected he named brownite and orite. McCullough made preliminary analyses of these materials in 1953, his findings being published in 1955 in CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering), a publication of the Orgone Institute Press.

Melanor attacked and destroyed rocks and dried up the atmosphere. The substance created excitation of the biological energy of workers at Orgonon, who were afflicted with cyanosis, nausea, thirst and miscellaneous pains. When McCullough scraped or hammered melanor off the rocks for analysis, pressure would quickly build up in his head and his face would flush and burn. Scraping seemed to excite the melanor, which caused a corresponding strong reaction of the biological energy of any human being nearby.

To melanor was added the compounding problem of DOR — Deadly Orgone Radiation. DOR is orgone energy that has become sequestered, and resultantly stagnant and stale. DOR clouds surrounded Orgonon and deadened the light. The landscape in the magnificent splendor of rural Maine turned bleak and somber. Trees and shrubs blackened and withered.

An enterprise dynamically devoted to life thus became surrounded by and infected with death processes. There can be little doubt today — and McCullough for one has none — that a new kind of warfare was being waged against Dr. Reich's scientific oasis. Had these processes not been rapidly detected by Dr. Reich's phenomenal observational powers, they might well have advanced to the point where this malefic engineering would have extinguished Orgonon, Wilhelm Reich and everything to which his discoveries have led us. There are very few people able to tolerate for long — biophysically and biopsychiatrically — the kind of conditions that the malevolent aliens subtly imposed on Orgonon.

Dr. Reich, McCullough and others at Orgonon became aware as events proceeded that their energy was being drawn out of them. In November of 1953, Dr. Reich read Keyhoe's Flying Saucers Are Real, and began to put two and two together. Minus any knowledge of orgone energy, Major Keyhoe had set down facts in his book that could not have failed to connect with Dr. Reich's pioneering in the borderland of etherian physics. Reich could relate the noiselessness of most UFOs to the near-noiselessness of his own orgone energy motor. The bluish lights often reported around UFOs and as UFOs were functionally related to the blue lumination of orgone energy in vacor tubes. The spinning rotating discs with their oft-noted swinging motions in the heavens were fully compatible with the spinning wave motion of orgone energy, and the mathematical formulae that Reich had worked out during World War II.

UFOs hung in the night sky around the laboratory. Occasionally they moved and shifted their positions. Dr. Reich took time exposures to objectify their presence. Such photographs proved that UFOs concealed themselves among the stars, a stratagem that I reported from personal experience in "They Live in the Sky". Dr. Reich's photographs demonstrated the ability of UFOs to materialize and dematerialize. Objects appeared during time exposures and disappeared before the exposures were terminated.

Dr. Reich and his facilities were getting a great deal of attention from UFOs. This attention was unwelcome, unwanted, disruptive, damaging and dangerous. On many nights, Reich himself was unable to sleep in the quarters at Orgonon, and drove from place to place in a station wagon, snatching fitful catnaps. McCullough has said of this baleful time: “It was as though the energy — or something — was following him around and you could see him becoming slowly exhausted by the strain.”

What was actually going on is not too difficult to deduce, given the reality of invisible entities of vast technical skill in those matters to which Wilhelm Reich had broken through. There could be no more effective way to deal with this gifted, brilliant man than to drive him crazy, cause him to break down and to lose his mind and otherwise formidable reasoning powers. To reduce his laboratory with ray guns would only raise endless questions and investigations. Drive him crazy however and every armored nincompoop of high academic qualification would stand vindicated when saying: “I told you Reich was nuts.”

The shutters could be drawn on etherian physics for another century.

Dr. Reich decided to fight back. His weapon was his own Invention, the cloudbuster. Designed and developed to control the weather, the cloudbuster was an obvious tool to use against anything operating in the heavens and employing orgone energy functions. Dr. Reich demonstrated weather control with these devices, reported his findings fully in his journals and bulletins, and also made the information available to the U.S. government.

Others have carried on this work since Dr. Reich's death, including myself. As one who has personally worked for many years with cloudbusters, designing, building and operating them experimentally, I have no doubt whatever that they work. In 1974, because of my concern over the spurious expanding use of these devices by amateur experimenters, I personally produced and financed a 75-page survey of orgone energy weather engineering and circulated it to the relevant Federal agencies. The reader will recognize that such a heavy expenditure is not made unless there is both genuine concern over the matters involved and conviction as to the power of the device. This is mentioned here to emphasize that in dealing with Dr. Reich's use of the cloudbuster as a weapon, I can once again write as a participant, having myself used cloudbusters to provoke the appearance of certain types of UFOs.

The original Reich cloudbuster consisted of an array of parallel, hollow, metal tubes. One end of the array is grounded into water. The tubes, or pipes, are mounted on a turntable or similar pivoting assembly so that the free ends of the pipes may be directed into the atmosphere at any elevation and on any bearing like a battery of Oerlikon guns. Dr. Reich theorized that the hollow metal pipes “drew” orgone energy into the water, thereby permitting manipulation of the orgone energy potentials in the atmosphere. Through such manipulations, control of the weather may be exercised.

The cloudbuster gets its name simply. The device will dissipate, i.e. “bust”, any discrete cloud at which it is precisely aimed. Since Dr. Reich felt that he was being drawn upon by the UFOs around Orgonon, and that the whole environment was being sucked to death by such drawing, he decided to draw upon the UFOs with his cloudbuster. There have been writers and commentators with no practical knowledge whatever of these matters who have elected to refer snidely to Dr. Reich's use of the cloudbuster in this way. He used it as a spacegun because he had no option. He was within his rights to defend his own life, his laboratory and his work against the entities who deliberately set out to harm him.

On 12 May 1954, between 9:40 p.m, and 10:45 p.m., Dr. Reich turned the cloudbuster on luminous UFOs hanging in the nearby sky. Two UFOs to the west of Orgonon were made to fade out several times by training the cloudbuster on them. This proved that Dr. Reich's invention could technically reach the strange aerial objects whose presence was associated with the overall deterioration of the environment at Orgonon. Perhaps it was possible to impair or even disable the propulsion systems of these weird craft. The scenario was that of a battle.

This experience of causing UFOs to dim out shocked Dr. Reich deeply. He feared that if he attempted further to mitigate UFO mischief upon his scientific center at Orgonon, he might precipitate an interplanetary war — something General MacArthur had inferred might lie in the near future. Accordingly, Dr. Reich took no further action against UFOs with the cloudbuster until much later that same year. Nor should it be forgotten, in understanding the terrible burdens borne by Dr. Reich at this time, that he was under simultaneous attack by the unholy alliance of Big Medicine and Big Government. Like the UFOs around Orgonon, they too wished to see Wilhelm Reich and his work extirpated.

An order dated 19 March 1954 directed Dr. Reich to halt all research activity in orgone energy, including publications and publishing. This action hampered his work at Orgonon because revenues that sustained the center came largely from accumulator rentals. Seldom if ever has scientific work of such vital moment been so mindlessly harassed in the name of the law.

There can be little doubt, with the perspective of the years since these happenings and an understanding of the New Knowledge, that the whole destructive scenario was conceived and executed by the Boys Downstairs. Psychic control of officials who are spiritually inert is about as difficult for alien technology as making a telephone call is for us. The aim of the whole venture was to bring Reich down and bury his work.

The measure of Wilhelm Reich's striking clarity of mind is his ability to keep plowing ahead despite all this engineered adversity. The advancing desolation of the area around Orgonon was associated with the incursion of these big, yellow and “stars” after the Oranur Experiment. Melanor, orite and brownite appeared pursuant to the UFO onslaught. Dryness and discomfort ensued in man, animals and vegetation.

Dr. Reich began to transfer this picture to a world canvas. He began to see the connection between the withdrawal of life energy from Orgonon — the world center of thought and work on life energy — and a similar sapping of life energy from the planet as a whole. He could readily relate, with his functional mode of thought, the world-wide expansion of desert conditions to the local conditions at Orgonon. He began to see the drying up of the planet and the planetary problem of DOR as engineered conditions rather than natural developments.

Dr. Reich began to suspect that UFOs were undermining earth life, subtly, silently, steadily and secretly. He thus became the first scientist to anticipate from knowledge and experience the unpleasant truth about the Boys Downstairs that has been delineated in this book. All of it was based, in his case, upon observation and experiment and without any study whatever of what Dr. Steiner has said about these same matters.

The years since Dr. Reich's death have served to confirm his well-grounded suspicion of what he called the COREmen (for Cosmic ORgone Engineering).

reddish pulsating

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