Baron Reichenbach

Translated from the German


John S. Hittell.

New York
Published by Calvin Blanchard


Translator's Introduction
Do you believe in Ghosts?5
Are you a Spiritist?6
Were you ever Mesmerized?6
These Things not all a Humbug8
Necessity of an Explanatory Theory9
Newton Studying Chemistry9
The Student of Od compared to Newton11
Biographical Sketch of Reichenbach12
Reichenbach as Author and Scientific Investigator15
The Assailants of Od15
Reichenbach's Sensitives16
Author's Preface17
LETTER I. — Sensitive Persons.
Yellow-Haters and Blue-Lovers19
Dislike for Mirors20
Other Singularities21
Connection between those Singularities22
LETTER II. — Experiments with Crystals.
You have found a Sensitive?24
The Sensitive feels a breath from a Quartz Crystal?24
The Sensitive sees a Light from Quartz Crystal25
These Phenomena not caused by Heat or Electricity27
LETTER III. — The Od of Light.
Sunlight is Cold to the Sensitive28
Connection Between the Odic Sensations of Touch and Light29
Od Discovered by the Taste30
Od in Moonlight31
LETTER IV. —Magnetism.
Why these Letters are called Odic-Magnetic32
Magnets are Luminous in the Dark33
Distinctions between Od and Magnetism35
LETTER V. —Animal.
Animals and Plants visible in the Dark36
The Odic Light of Men37
The Right and Left Odic Sensations of Touch38
LETTER VI. —Man as a Producer of Od.
The Odic Sensations of Touch Continued39
Why the Post of Honor is at the Right41
LETTER VII. —Mesmerism.
Mesmerism, the Therapeutic Application of Od42
Experiment with Magnetic Passes43
The Value of Od as a Therapeutic Agent44
LETTER VIII. — Chemical Action.
The name Animal Magnetism Discarded46
The Od of Effervescing and Fermenting Fluids47
The Od from Decomposing Corpses49
LETTER IX. — Od Developed by Sound and Friction.
Experiments with Glasses and Bells51
Experiments with Friction52
Sourcier, the famous Water-Finder54
LETTER X. — The Od of Heat and Electricity.
The Sensitive gets cold before a Fire54
Experiments with Electricity55
The Odic Lights and Colors of Metals57
Od Pervades the whole Universe58
LETTER XI. — Common Odic Influences.
Disagreeable Effects of Mirrors and Pewter Spoons59
The Theory of Treasure-Seekers60
Importance of Od in Mining61
Sensitiveness Susceptible of Cultivation62
LETTER XII. — The Discharge and Transfer of Od.
Dischargibility of Od62
Od discharged with the Breath64
Conductibility of Od66
LETTER XIII. — Odic Dualism.
Dual Opposition throughout Nature67
The Od-Chemical Order67
Odic Polarity of Various Substances69
The Odic Polarity of Magnetism, Light Friction, &c, &c69
The Odic Polarity of the Animal Frame70
The Od-polar Opposition of the two Sexes71
LETTER XIV. — Odic Light and its Spectrum.
An Odic Rainbow72
Experiments with the Light from a Magnet73
Experiments with a Terrel75
LETTER XV. — Terrestrial Od.
Od and the Cardinal Points76
Why People sleep on their Right Sides77
The Odic Polarity of Man Lengthwise78
The Cause of Swooning in Church79
The Position of Furniture80
LETTER XVI. — Conduction, Radiation, and Conclusion.
The Speed of Odic Conduction81
Etymology of Od84
Had Nature but given us Sense for Od84
Supplementary Remarks by the Translator85

The Author

Karl von Reichenbach (1788-1869) deutscher Chemiker und Erfinder, lithograph by Rudolf Hoffmann.

Baron Karl von Reichenbach (1788-1869)

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