What the Financial Newsletters Leave Out

by Trevor James Constable

Numerous readers of my Cosmic Pulse of Life (1976), have expressed their gratitude for the book's esoteric insights into world trends. Many orthodox analysts nowadays, mainly in the financial newsletters, are aware that the USA is being steadily and systematically destroyed from within. Politically, economically, spiritually and morally, the USA is being cut down through the actions of numerous eminent and influential Americans, most of them native born citizens. In all history, there has been no such treason.

Slowly the reality is sinking into the financial newsletter publishers that these malevolent operations are taking place on an almost inconceivably vast scale. As yet, there is little or no comprehension that the overall directing consciousness is not human, or that its scope and capacities dwarf the most brilliant human being into insignificance. This was dealt with in my Cosmic Pulse of Life, and warrants overview updating after a decade. Because of its very nature, nothing will appear concerning this kind of intelligence in the financial newsletters.

Illustration of a Persian king battling a monster that symbolizes Ahriman, a.k.a. Angra Mainyu.

The earth plane is under preparation for the incarnation in the mortal body of Ahriman -- the third member of the Cosmic triad involved in Earth evolution. The occult sequence is the incarnation of Lucifer in Asia four millennia ago; the incarnation of Christ in the Middle East two millennia ago; and the imminent incarnation in the West of Ahriman, the spiritual suzerain of the inferior forces, i.e. the forces standing beneath Man. Nothing can prevent this event, for it is Cosmic in design and integumented into the whole drama of evolution. As incarnate humans, what we do control is our individual orientation and reaction to the Ahrimanic event, to which current world trends are a sinister precursor.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner has stated that ahrimanic goals include total control of the Earth, the making of the world wholly Ahrimanic. Destruction, rigidification and enslavement characterize the advance toward ahrimanic control. Actions directed towards world control are all around us, cunningly masked by idealistic fronts, and we should be sharply aware that ahrimanic aims and agents always come to us as that which they are not. Those who are dismantling and undermining America purport to be impelled by common sense and idealism.

The secret orders and secret societies into which wealthy and influential Americans have been inducted, usually at leading universities, are for the most part ahrimanic organisms serving vast subversional goals in earth evolution. Highly educated men have to be led to believe that their clandestine activities are for the benefit of mankind, which is wholly in accord with the lying nature of the ahrimanic powers. Cultivated elitism runs strongly in such groups of men, and provides and avenue by which the ahrimanic powers access the individuals psychically. The greed and wealth of some of them places them under the control of those ahrimanic lieutenants commanding those spheres of action.

The secret activity has accelerated since World War I, synchronous with other preparations for the incarnation of Ahriman. Some of it has even peeped above the surface in the various "commissions" and "councils" such as those organized and [10] financed by the Rockefeller interests. These are typical ahrimanic fronts, carrying the clear ahrimanic signature of representing themselves as that which they are not. They have come to constitute a shadow government in America, by which the irritating impediment of elections may be circumvented. Diffusion of such unelected rulers into every significant level of government suffices to exert control, no matter who is elected by the public.

Ambitious political pushers quickly came to accept in America, that without the blessing and support of the shadow forces, they can wield no significant influence of any kind. Actual and direct control has passed in our time wholly to the shadow forces. Mere party politics and hoopla are part of the cunning duping of the populace, who fail to realize that the country is managed from the shadows no matter who stands in front of the TV cameras as president.

The heaviest shadow backing today lies behind the high-powered drive for World Government. Only one force in earth evolution stands to benefit from such an agency: Ahriman. To make the Earth wholly Ahrimanic requires political machinery, to manage the forthcoming attempt at enslavement of mankind. Ordinary citizens of rational mind are being systematically brainwashed to believe that "peace" can only come to Earth out of World Government. Institutions of higher learning support this goal, while their learned professors fail to discern that our present earthly governments are all run from the shadows and that World Government can be no different.

Avoided like a plague is the common sense reality: Earth has always been one world and is one world now. Within its diversity lies its unity. A World Government, bending all to a single authority, aims at the eradication of diversity.

The USA stood as a prototype of unity in diversity, with all the tribes of the earth brought under one banner, yet protected from each other's excesses by Constitutional government. The individual became the sovereign amid the mass. Failure of American government has not been due to its forms, but rather to corruption of individual humans who ensoul those forms: representatives, judges, leading elective and appointive officials. The Money Power has been the major earthly agency of this corruption, but it is absolutely essential to grasp that the corruptive impulse, the corruptive will, reside in the same extra-human source as is now illegally manipulating the whole world. The Money Power is the worldly instrument of the ahrimanic will.

Men who have surrendered the USA to dishonesty and corruption, now seek behind a veil of fake altruism, to bring the entire world under the control of international finance capitalism, which has replaced the obsolescent nationally-based capitalism of the past. With its sophisticated modern communications and unimaginable financial power wielded at the tap of a computer key, international finance capitalism is the ultimate ahrimanic instrument. Sovereignty and governments get in its way, impede its maneuvers and frustrate its appetites.

Nothing of these machinations appears in the full light of day, which is what you would expect of the powers of darkness. Control of informational media is central to the main ahrimanic design, and the limitation and rigidification of thought in America today strangely coincides with the so-called "information age", wherein the brightest people have not an inkling of what is really happening. Media control is responsible. Media clones intone about the "tides of history" as one impeding government after another is destabilized and swept out of the way of the ahrimanic powers.


Always these invasions of other people's lives, nations and affairs take place behind phoney protestation about violated human rights, fake moral outrage and synthetic morality. A free man aware of ahrimanic workings sees only one dominant tide in the material world: the tide of financial debt. Here is bondage for mankind on an unprecedented scale. Woe betide that nation or people that finds its way to solvency. Geopolitical targeting will ensue, and if need be, the entire life of that people will be convulsed with ahrimanic ruthlessness behind a moralistic facade.

Who issues the debt that results in international serfdom? The same forces that now back the lofty-sounding commissions and councils and clubs, all of them driven by their obsession for World Government. They really know not "whence cometh" their conscious thoughts about all this. The excarnate ahrimanic beings access them through subconscious actions, and we can expect that sophisticated developments of what exists on earth as radionics, exercise such control. By this means, the will of the ahrimanic powers is driven up into our world -- through these men of earthly financial and political power. Subversion of earth evolution requires earth plane action by earthly incarnates, who become literally the hands and feet of those spirit beings who are unable to function in this density.

Greed is the impelling motive that leads controlled human beings to distort and monopolize commerce, control natural resources, misuse technology and despoil the natural beauty of the Earth that is essential to the well-being of its inhabitants. Worst of all their crimes against mankind is the special corruption of education, so that each incoming generation is shaped to accept world corruption. The revivifying power of youth is thereby diverted into a frantic youthful scramble for a share of the spoils.

Men come and go from this plane. The scale and sequencing of the mighty events that are now climaxing, bespeak a superintending intelligence not afflicted with mortality. The periodic irruption of secret societies into the open at various points in history, at times when incarnates were needed to implement earth plane action, further supports the extra-human surveillance and supervision of anti-evolutionary machinations.

The moral, social, economic, industrial, political and emotional disintegration of the USA have all attained the kind of momentum that tends to be self-reinforcing. The ultimate ahrimanic obscenity is meanwhile being clandestinely prepared: political merger of the USA into the ahrimanic stronghold of the USSR. World Government can eventuate no other way. The ahrimanic minions who have worked for the destruction of the USA as a prerequisite for this merger, may not ever see the day when they will rule it all in the way they dream -- without being elected.

Most of these misguided and greedy men are into their 70's. No matter what secret societies they belong to and regardless of their earthly eminence, they all face the inexorable democracy of the grave. Nobody ever plotted their way around that. These vain and deceitful men have pursued the enslavement of their fellows under false banners of friendship and service. There is solace for the victims of their wickedness in the grinding wheels of the Lords of Karma.

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