Dear Friend:

From the letters I am receiving in response to the four booklets on "Etheric Healing", as I have chosen to call them in order to make them as acceptable to the general public as possible, I realize that some sort of appendix or resume of the entire program of the "Temples" is required for those who are aware of the fact that the booklets are somewhat similar to a Cook's Tour catalogue, but still contain a fertile field for further plowing.

The term "healing" should be understood in its broadest sense, and its application to our individual needs and affairs extended to include practically all those personal and private matters which we wish to improve to our advantage or desire. Whatever lacks that degree of perfection which we envisage for it, certainly comes under this general term "healing" which implies the improvement necessary to satisfy our standards for its highest efficiency. In other words, whatever is not right, good, agreeable or satisfactory -- is subject to the healing processes of whatever system of improvement we may be able to employ. Therefore, the entire globe and its people, and their multifarious activities, surely need a "healing."

This question of "healing", according to the Etherian Formulae given to me over the last four or five years, is essentially a mechanical activity. There is nothing "divine" or "spiritual" in it -- at least as we usually consider these terms. But of course, there is that remarkable stipulation They laid down for me long, long ago: All things, including the substance and energies within them, are divine, spiritual, astral, psychic, or cosmic; or, all substance and energies, and the things or forms in which they manifest, must be considered material, physical, human, mortal or natural.

When the wire to a spark-plug in our auto has fallen loose, the motor refuses to run properly. It requires a "healing" or a perfecting. One simply puts the loose wire under the screw of the plug and tightens it -- so that the contact is properly made. Is this a "divine healing?" It IS, if We regard all matter and force as divine or spiritual. In correcting the mechanical trouble suppose we cut our finger. We are upset, and we mumble a prayer for divine healing. In a minute or two the usual coagulation of the blood takes place, and the bleeding stops -- apparently by itself. Is this a divine healing? Or is it simply a "process of natural law"?


The point I am trying to make is this: All corrective (or healing) processes are to be considered as emanating from one and the same source, whether this source is called Life, Mind, or God. And this Source is immediately present and eternally active in our physical or material world as fully as so many believe it is in "heaven." The idea of waiting until we die to see or know God is absurd, according to the principles of the Etherians. The need for corrective, or healing, processes seems to exist throughout the universe, all universes and the galaxies themselves -- since it is largely a matter of an eternal balancing or adjusting of the very substance of the Cosmos which produces Life or Consciousness. Consequently, with such a situation existing everywhere in "God's Universe" (such a need for healing, I mean) there should be no such attitude of either "sin" or "guilt" which so constantly influences those who find themselves in need of healing, in whatever aspect of their life and affairs we can observe its apparent lack.

I have been advised to emphasize this idea of healing in the hope that it would make the Etherian Philosophy less caustic in its action on the average human mind; make it more soothing, though not so comforting as to permit a repetition of the farcical notions of "divine redemption" which Christianity loves so dearly.

But I started out with the hope of being able to give your readers something of a more comprehensive conception of the twelve potentialities, cosmic powers, or as I called them in the booklets, Temples of Healing, more comprehensive than I could present in the books themselves, since every sort of mind and emotional nature will read them.

The globe and all its life-forms are nothing more than combinations of the unknown elements, the chemicals of our laboratories. This we should understand, but we do not. Nor do we really understand that our own bodies are but combinations of the same universal elements and forces. But we shall have to understand it, and quite completely, if we are ever to approach the state of existence enjoyed by the Etherians.

All of us are living in a magic world that is surely as strange and fantastic as anything the Etherians tell us about. Radio, television, electronics, atombombs and all the other magical properties of our modern civilization are not a whit less extraordinary than the powers and principles used by these fascinating "People of Outer Space." And I do not understand the belligerence, the hostility I constantly experience whenever a "trained scientist" contacts my writings. Nor do I understand the fear and concern which I notice in the eyes of so many of my "ordinary listeners" as I attempt to explain the Science of Density or the Philosophy of Etheria to them, Oh, of course, I can rationalize it, if need be, but it seems tragically foolish if not outright stupid. Every hour of our daily lives we are all using forces [17] that are simply fabulous in their essential natures, in their significance to us as individuals. I am afraid the day of the robot is not yet to come --- it is already here, and has been here for generations. We are the robots, the inert, unconscious blobs of soft-matter, moving around automatically, like so many machines. And with scarcely more individuality than those toys one can wind up with a spring. This is not sarcasm, nor bitterness. It is a plain fact.

These machines, called human-beings, and numbering about 2000 millions in 1954, are made up of twelve essential parts, or organs. They are basically electrical, or magnetic, in their operation. Now, the power, or currents, for these twelve parts comes from twelve magnetic dynamos located in certain parts of the globe itself. This power is properly called electrical, but it is derived or produced by the interaction of 144 elements or chemicals (about 100 of which are known and studied by us). These power-stations I am calling "Temples" or "Shrines" and I am doing so in order to make our life seem less mechanical and more "spiritual" and "divine", since temples are traditionally connected with deities of some sort and "God" of a definite degree. I have learned, rather painfully, that knowledge of such a superior or superlative character as we are now receiving, from our Etheric Teachers, will not be accepted unless it is presented in the proper atmosphere of spiritual sublimity and cosmic grandeur. So, our power-stations become "Temples!"

The Twelve Cosmic Vibrations of our system are collected by the twelve storage-houses, from which they (the Vibrations) are projected into the human-bodies, called people, which populate the earth. (These 'inferior' bodies called "animals" receive similar forces.) Each of the Twelve Cosmic Vibrations is composed of the combination of twelve sub-vibrations. Or, each Basic Chemical-Compound is made up of its twelve separate parts. So, in our human machines we have these same 144 chemicals in more or less perfect combinations. (Our lack of "health" determines how much these combinations are out of order, or balance.)

The twelve Temples are located in those parts of our planet where a special concentration of the twelve chemical-combinations exists in great measure. Hence, their location has nothing to do with an arbitrary selection of "ashrams" or center by "The Great White Brotherhood." The chemical deposits existed there before the White Brotherhood, The Masters, etc., began their ministrations for a bewildered humanity.

To be about as explicit as I can, there is a certain area in our planet where the chemical we call "Salt" is more densely concentrated than any other spot on the globe. The other eleven "Sacred Elements" or chemicals also have their special areas of concentration.


There is a considerable speculation as to whether or not "Masters" actually exist. This is especially true in connection with the various "Masters" that have been presented to the world as founding a number of occult societies and metaphysical groups. There can be no doubt, however, absolutely no question about the existence of such men as Albertus Magnus, Paracelsus, Flamel, Cagliostro, St. Germain and similar students of the Occult or mystic Path. Nor can there be any possible doubt that such men as these worked constantly with what we know today as chemical compounds. These were the men of al-chemy (Arabian derivative) or the Magic Fiats, the alchemists who fathered what so many are proud to call modern chemistry. These early al-chemists made frequent journeys to various lands, ostensibly in search of the secret of making gold from base metals. The Etherian Records state that such men visited the twelve major storehouses of chemical power, as well as the 144 minor or secondary laboratories of our cosmic system, in order to better understand the nature of the elements with which they were working. Most of them understood the relatively primitive process of transforming lead or iron into gold or silver. (There are a few mystics today who perform this same "miracle" with ease. In India alone I witnessed this manifestation at least twenty-five times. Every good Spiritualist believes in the elementary process of "apports", and thousands of people right here in America possess a gold object given them "from Spirit.")

Speaking of India, may I refer you to Sir Bose, an extraordinary Hindu who made so many important discoveries in various fields of science as to be far more revered by the Orientals than any other known scientists. This wonderful, Christian, man was endowed with a completely unorthodox attitude which made it possible for him to prove that metals, minerals and hard, apparently lifeless stone, were actually influenced and conditioned by such familiar human qualities as fatigue, irritation, anger, even love! This sounds like so much nonsense until one learns that the great steel companies of Europe seriously respected his opinion to the point of investing millions of dollars in his technical ideas. The experiments of Sir Bose with flowers and plants is something right out of the Arabian Nights, and may be regarded as inconsequential by modern science. But it is a matter of record that the papers of Sir Bose, explaining the principle of the "wireless-set" were received in London by the Royal Academy of Science at the same time similar ideas were presented by Marconi. Sir Bose, being a dark-skinned oriental lost his legitimate honors to the equally dark-skinned man from Italy, lest white supremacy be seriously endangered.

I have often sat enthralled in the garden of Sir Bose as he read verse after verse from the ancient epics of India, Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc., pointing out how these very ancient peoples actually possessed hundreds of chemical formulae. I remember one illustration in particular: the story of an extremely well-loved god who ruled a court made up of twelve priests, twenty-two dancers and eleven warriors. This [19] Sir Bose was convinced, was the formula for sugar, 0-12, H-22, O-11. And I am convinced that he was completely correct in his deductions -- for after all, there is overwhelming evidence that the Ancients possessed aeroplanes and other mechanical marvels. No doubt, had this benign Hindu lived in medieval days he would be known to us now as one of the Alchemists, and given the respect his great knowledge merited.

All of the Great Alchemists knew of the Twelve Temples which hourly feed and sustain the life within every created form visible to us, and every form unseen by us. And many of these highly individualistic modern experimenters, or alchemists, know or believe in the Temples of Cosmic Energy. Dr. Oscar Brunler, whose brilliant experiments in the field of radiation eventually cost him his life, publicly stated his belief in these legendary areas of Cosmic Power. And his successful experimentation surely pointed to a personal source of power which eclipsed most of his contemporaries. I am certain that he frequently "tuned in" to the Radiations of the various "power-houses" as he called them, in order to be able to achieve the extraordinary results that made him unique.

Sir Bose, Dr. Brunler, Paracelsus, St. Germain, etc., believed that the known chemical elements were actually particles of substance radiated from the literal bodies of Beings of’a cosmic character and dimension. And they believed these particles to be capable of almost limitless responses when approached with the simple powers of the human mind and will. Paracelsus is said to have "talked" to his chemicals -- and to have learned many things of their nature by what they "said" back to him. And, of course, we have the familiar example of the yogic instructions to meditate upon something in order to learn about it -- but usually the thing was only a channel which we were to use in order to find "god within" or behind it. What a pity we didn't have sense enough to guess that its visible or tangible form possessed ample divinity to work wonders for us without trying to "get in touch with the absolute", and ignoring the form, the absolute form!

Someone has called our human body "a bag of chemicals". We accept such comparisons with amusement, and agree that we are nothing more than chemicals "from the material standpoint, of course". But from any other standpoint can we claim ourselves to be anything but chemicals? (The galleries are now ringing with denunciations because I am attempting to "materialize" the children of God; to debase the dignity of Man by inferring that he is nothing more than a bag of chemicals. Away with such a Darwinian reminder: To the stake with 'im!) But seriously, ARE we anything BUT chemicals??????

Perhaps, before we square off to do battle unto the death, it might be helpful to see just what Sir Chemical and his combinations actually do mean to us. I can think of a few helpful quotes from the Book, "From the dust of the earth God made Man," etc. And also the poet's plea: [20] -- "Dust thou art, to dust returneth -- was not spoken of the Soul", etc. But then, again, maybe it WAS spoken of the soul. Could it be, with abject apologies to the CS'ers, that there is nothing BUT matter? That Matter is the One supreme Element of the Universe of Universes, the God of Gods, the Heavenly Absolute of Absolutes??? The Etherians say --- Yes! They of Outer Space declare Matter to be the All of All. The magnificently superior Beings streaking through our skies insist that "beyond matter there is nothing". They also insist it is foolish for us to seek refuge from "earthly matter" by devising our fantastic systems of religious paradises, mental, emotional or otherwise. They point out that we die only because we deliberately reject our material natures.

At this place I could spend many paragraphs pointing out that most of us must plead guilty to this charge. But think it over, now and then, and you will be amazed how frequently, and how intensely, you often reject your "material nature". You may not deliberately wish to die, but certainly our every day is highlighted by the realization, or belief or hope, that it won't always be this way, etc. Death, the dissolution of the chemical body, is the single and paramount aspect of life that confronts every human creature, day after day. Is it strange then, that, sooner or later, we all DO lose this precious instrument of God?

Why do we lose our chemical instruments, when the mountains, the seas endure "forever?" Because, The Etherian Friends tell us, because we have no conscious awareness of the "divine" or eternal nature of our chemically-compounded bodies. Why is this true? Largely because we simply choose to ignore the reactions of these chemicalized organs as we live our daily hours through.

For example: Who has not experienced the reaction of too much salt in the soup? Yet who ever pauses to observe, actually notice, what is going on, when we have too much salt in our food? Possibly a trained medical student could write an impressive account of the physiological processes that are set into operation when we have too much salt in food. Some of these we would understand; most of them would be beyond our field of knowledge.

However, there is a reaction we can all understand, if we watch it. When we have too much sodium-chloride in our blood stream (from too much salt in our soup) we are having a deep psychological, or emotional, reaction. Precisely, we will be more fearful, more unhappy, more "nervous" when we have too much salt in our blood. And if we do not have enough, we die!

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